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Official Profile[edit]

Npc f 3030006000 01.jpg Io
Age 11 years old
Height 131 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Fashion
Likes Her teacher (Tzaka the Great)
Dislikes Creepy old men
A young lass who loathes being treated like a child, Io encounters and eventually joins you while in search of her master, who vanished in the Valtz Duchy. Io is persistent and refuses to give up in the face of adversity, but she's a little inflexible, too. As you might guess from the way she bristles at being treated like a child, she can't wait until she's all grown up.
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030006000 01.jpg Io
Age 11歳
Height 131 cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies おしゃれ
Likes 師匠(ザカ大公
Dislikes おっさん

Npc f 3040065000 01.jpg Io (Grand)
Age 11 years old
Height 131 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Fashion
Likes Her teacher (Tzaka the Great)
Dislikes Creepy old men
Following release of her summer version, magical girl Io appears again as SSR. Dressed like a magical girl and showing face of self-satisfaction... mhm, this really is something. Base version was of Water attribute, summer was Fire, and this version, that's part of the grand series, is Light.
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040065000 01.jpg Io (Grand)
Age 11歳
Height 131 cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies おしゃれ
Likes 師匠(ザカ大公
Dislikes おっさん

Source [1] [2]


Journal Entry[edit]

Io NPC.png

RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game. Label Race Human.png
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Female
Voice Actor Yukari Tamura
Chapter 7 Quest: More Than Before

ID 3991169000
Char ID
Voice ActorJP
Release Date 2018-08-30

Refusing to be broken by the cruel hand fate dealt her as a child, this young mage continues pressing forward, holding fast to the belief that her magic will bring joy to people far and wide.



  • Her JP title (蒼心の少女) literally translates as "Girl of the Blue Heart" or "Blue-Hearted Idiom", but can also be translated as "Girl of Inexperienced Heart", which is shortened without loss of meaning as "Immature Girl".

Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday!
I wish I could be grown up like you! I want to be a beautiful lady!
Just you wait, I'm gonna catch up to you before you know it!


Hey, (Captain)! Happy Birthday!
Grr. Just when I thought I was catching up to you, you've moved another year ahead.
Don't laugh! You were just born a little soon, that's all!
You just wait. I'm going to become a beautiful lady before you know it!
Hehe. We better stick together until your next birthday so you can see me grow up!


How do you feel? You're a year older now; do you feel like a grown-up?
I can't wait till I'm all grown up...
I know I'm already a lady, but I want to be a grown-up lady.
Ah! But today's not about me. You're the star today, (Captain).
Say, how much longer till we reach Estalucia, do you think?
I hope we'll always be together! You, me, the crew, and everyone!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
I bet your dad would be blown away by how well you've turned out!
I wonder how much farther it is to Estalucia.
I'm sure we'll be able to reunite you with your dad really soon!
Ah... Ahaha... I kinda welled up just imagining that reunion...
But it's a really great thing to have someone in your life important enough to miss.
Thinking about that really makes me wanna see Master again...


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Wow, it's already been a year since we celebrated your last one, huh...
Feels like it went by in a flash. But I guess that's just how much we're enjoying every single day!
A whole lot of stuff goes on in the skies, but I know I'll be okay with you and the others by my side.
Now I'm looking forward to spending another year with everyone! Let's have some fun times together, (Captain)!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year!
Can I get my New Year's presents now?


Ugh... I was up all night last night, so I'm really sleepy.
This happens to me every year, but I can't possibly stay in bed on New Year's Eve.
Oh, I shouldn't be complaining like this! It's not very lady-like.
So let me just say, happy New Year, (Captain)!


Wow! Is that for me? For New Year's? Thanks, (Captain)!
Oh, wait,
I'm supposed to be a full-grown lady now...
I should be the one giving out gifts.
Wait here! I'll be right back with presents for all the little ones!
Hehe! Of course! What else would you expect from a grown-up like me!


Hey, (Captain)! How would you say I've changed since last year?
I'd say I'm becoming more of a refined lady with every passing day, wouldn't you?
Hey... Why'd you go silent? Say something!
Ah. Nope, nope. Settle down, Io. What's that thing Rosetta always says? "Anger and haste hinder good counsel"?
You've taught me something important today, (Captain). Heh heh! First day of the new year, and already I'm taking another step on the staircase of refinement!


Wow, just look at that! I'm still a little sleepy, but I'm glad I made the effort to wake up early and catch the first sunrise of the year.
Um, how's that saying go? "Decisions made on New Year's Day are the key to a successful year," or something? I should decide on my New Year's resolution soon...
Hmm, but what should it be?
What about you? Have you already decided on yours?
As for me... I guess I have something, but it's more like a life goal than a resolution.
One day I'll be an adult that everyone looks up to! Yeah, it has to be that.
It's going to be a long journey there, but I'll do my best this year too!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Okay, here they are! Hmm... I think they turned out all right.
I've never made any fancy Valentine's chocolates until this year!
Can you try them for me? I'm not sure if they're any good...
Oh, just have a little bit, won't you? They probably taste great!
Huh? Why are you grinning like that?
Whatever! Here, just take them already!
I hope they're good... If they're gonna be eaten, I want them to be enjoyable after all.
Ah! I was talking about Master! I want him to enjoy them. Don't think of it like that!


What do you want, (Captain)? Do you... Do you want some chocolate?
No? Are you sure?
Come on! Quit teasing me, already!
If you want chocolate that bad, then here, just take it!
I'm just trying to say thanks for everything! That's it!
Ugh! Be quiet and take your chocolate!


Here... This is for you...
Wh-what? It's just a little box of chocolates... Nothing to get excited about.
S-stop it, you're gonna make me...
No, I'm not blushing! Nngh... (Captain), you meanie...


Here ya go, (Captain). You've been waiting for this, right? I made lots of chocolate for everyone, so I might as well let you have some.
If I made enough for everyone, why'd I bother to ask you here on your own?
W-well, I... That is...
Yours is special...
I mean! Don't read anything weird into it! It's just a thank you because you always look out for me!
Now take your dumb chocolate and get out!


Now wait just a minute! Why are you holding your hands out already?
I didn't say I was going to give you anything, did I? Not that I didn't make you chocolate, but...
Come on, shouldn't you at least try to be a little more subtle during these occasions?
I-I'm not embarrassed about giving it to you! I just want you to... you know, really treasure it.
Hmph! It's a little too late to be making a face like that!
You're a real handful... But here, I went all out when I made this, so you better take your time and savor it!

Io's Chocolate square.jpg Io's Chocolate

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

What? What do you want me for all of a sudden?
You have a present for me? Oh, thank you! That's very thoughtful... But what's the occasion?
It's not even my birthday... Huh? It's for White Day?
Oh, right! It's White Day!
So then... This is a present from you for White Day...
Hehe. Thank you! I'll be sure to cherish it!


Aah! What're you doing here, (Captain)?
Huh? It's White Day, right? So what?
What is that? Are you gonna give that to me?
You're giving these to other people too, right? I'm sure they'll be happy to get them. Off you go now!
Heh heh heh. I got a present from (Captain)!


N-nothing! I just happened to be looking your way is all!
(Did (Captain) forget today's White Day?)
(Well, it wouldn't be right for me to demand a present anyway...)
(I should act like I'm not expecting anything. That's what a grown-up would do.)
Wh-what're you grinning about!
What do you want? Huh? This is for me? But I thought you forgot...
You were just teasing me? (Captain), you big bully!
Hehe. But I'll let you off this time.
You gave me such a nice present after all!


Wh-what do you want? Why'd you ask me to come see you?
(Urgh... You can't arrange a meeting then just clam up like this!)
Huh? You dropped my White Day present somewhere?
(Captain)! How could you lose something so important!
Ah... Wait, is that it over there?
Oh, thank goodness we found it! You went through all the trouble of making it, after all.


Wow! What's this? Homemade sweets for me?
It looks really good! Thanks, (Captain)!
Hey, why are you grinning like that?
You're happy that I'm happy?
What? You can't just drop a line like that on me! Geez...
Y-you have to give me some warning before you say those things, or else I'm going to overheat...
Anyway, what do you say I steep us some tea, and we can eat these sweets together?
N-now's a good chance to spend a bit of time together, that's all!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat!
Give me some candy, or else!
Huh? You don't have any? Hehe. Well then, looks like you get a trick!


Hey, (Captain)! Trick or treat!
Gimme candy or get pranked!
Hmm... You gave away too much, and now you're all out of candy?
You're getting tricked for sure then! Hope you're ready for my special Halloween magic!
You can run, but you can't hide! Terror tag! You're it!


Trick or treat!
Hehe, got you, (Captain)! You've got nowhere to run!
Now give up and hand over the candy. Unless... you'd prefer a trick?
Hm? I'm the one with nowhere to run? What're you laughing for?
...! I hear footsteps!
D-don't tell me this is a trap!
Aaah! Wait, wait! I'll give you all the candy you want! Just spare me!


This year, I'm not gonna run around like a kid. I'm just gonna hand out candy, 'cause I'm a lady!
Here, (Captain), hold out your hand! I've got some for you!
Huh? What're you looking at me like that for?
You wanted to celebrate Halloween together?
Ohhh, fine. Fine! Just knock it off with those puppy dog eyes!
All right. Just because you twisted my arm, I'm gonna prank it up this year too!


Hey, (Captain)! Can you give me a hand?
I was getting treats ready for Halloween...
But it looks like someone came and ate some of it!
Yeah! The pumpkin-flavored cream puffs filled with delicious—
Wait a second! How'd you know what kinda treat it was!
Huh? Vyrn? You saw him happily snacking on some cream puffs just now? Hm... I see.
Oh, Vyrn! When I find him, he's gonna get a lot more than just a trick from me!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays!
Come on! Let's go get some cake!


There really are all kinds of great things to do this time of year.
You can spend time with your friends. You can eat great food. And you can even get presents from Santa Claus!
Hehe. It really is the best time of year!
I can hardly wait for it each time.
Hey, let's go over to the kitchen! I'm sure someone's making something good for dinner.
We should help them out! Then maybe we'll get to try some!


Hehe! I'll be making the cake for tonight!
And you'll be helping me, (Captain)! Let's see if we have all the ingredients ready...
Hm? Where's the apple? I could have sworn I put it here. Don't tell me...
I know who did it! We'll bake that cake later, (Captain). First we gotta catch this thief!
Hehe. Time to add some roast lizard to tonight's menu.


(Captain)! Hey, (Captain)! It's snowing!
Hehe. Don't you think it's romantic?
This holiday really isn't complete without a thick, white blanket of snow.
What? You wanna have a snowball fight! And you want me to go round up the rest of the girls to join?
Really, (Captain)! Way to ruin the mood!


Hey, (Captain)! Have you seen Vyrn around anywhere?
What? He went to borrow clothes from Santa Claus?
All right, looks like he's getting ready! I better get changed too.
We're going to be giving presents out to the kids on the ship, so we've got to look the part!
That's what a good adult does during the holidays, isn't it? Hey, how about joining us too, (Captain)?

Fate Episodes[edit]

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

The Little Lady's Secret[edit]

Recently, (Captain) and the party worried about Io because she leaves the ship in secret and comes back injured. They try to trace her actions since she refuses to speak about her reasons, and they find out that she was diligently training her magic against monsters by herself.

Rackam: Come on. How could you come back all beat up like that? What happened?
Io: What I do is none of your concern! Leave me alone!
Rackam: I can’t leave you alone! I thought you just went out on your own, but now you come back this late?
Rackam: On top of that, you’re all battered and bruised! (Captain) was worried, too. Tell me what happened.
Io: ...
Katalina: What’s wrong, (Captain)? Rackam and Io, too. You look tense... Did something happen?
Lyria: Oh, no! Io is hurt! We have to get you treated!
Io: I-I'm fine! This is nothing! I’m sorry for making you worry.
Katalina: Hey! Wait, Io! She got away... What happened?
Rackam: I don’t get it... I was getting worried about her, and she just got mad at me and told me to leave her alone. Maybe she’s at that rebellious phase?
Katalina: I see... I’ll watch out for her tomorrow. (Captain), it’ll be nice if you can help...
Vyrn: Io seems to like (Captain) and Katalina!
Lyria: I’m good friends with Io, too! I wish she would talk to me if something's bothering her...
Vyrn: She sneaked away again this morning... It was tough trying to tail her!
Io: Haaaaah!
Katalina: I don’t believe it. She was training her magic here... Now that I think about it, Io always wanted to learn flight magic.
Vyrn: Geez! Why does she have to be such a stranger?! I’d gladly help if all she wanted to do was train!
Lyria: Shhh! Stay quiet or Io will notice us!
Vyrn: Oh, whoops! But training by herself where there are monsters is really dangerous.
Vyrn: Geez... I told you so... Here come the monsters!
Katalina: We can’t just sit around and do nothing! (Captain), let’s go and save her!

The Little Lady's Secret: Scene 2[edit]

After seeing Io training out of anxiety at not being able to fly, Lyria remembers the existence of the talisman that grants wishes. To obtain the talisman, the party heads to town. However, monsters stand in their way.

Io: How dare you follow me! Even I have a few secrets I don’t want people to know about!
Vyrn: I said I'm sorry! But if it weren’t for (Captain), you would have fallen victim to the monsters!
Io: Oh, be quiet! I can defeat those monsters on my own!
Io: Or what? Are you trying to say that a mage that can’t fly can’t even beat any monsters?
Katalina: Io... It was careless of us. We apologize for hurting your pride by following you.
Katalina: But would you please understand that your friends are worried for you when you come back with wounds?
Lyria: Besides! We all like you a lot, Io!That’s why we want to help you if something is bothering you!
Io: Katalina, Lyria...
Vyrn: (Captain) is worried, too. Just talk to us if something’s on your mind! Although we might not be much help!
Io: (Captain)... Yeah... I’m sorry... I just wanted to learn how to fly as soon as possible.
Io: I didn’t want people to know that I couldn’t do it despite being a mage.
Lyria: Say, Io! I just heard of an amazing rumor! It’s the talisman!
Io: Talisman?
Lyria: Yes! The shopkeeper said that if you hold onto that talisman, any wish you want would come true!
Io: Really?! Just by carrying it? Are you really, really sure?!
Vyrn: Hey, now! That’s not possible...
Io: I want it! Where is that shop?! I’ll definitely make that talisman mine!
Katalina: Oh, brother... She was sulking earlier, and now she’s smiling again. Haha. Now let’s get to town.
Vyrn: ...tsk. That’s why I hate kids. Uh oh. We better take care of these monsters before heading to town.
Io: (Captain)! Let’s hurry up and beat these monsters so I can go get that talisman!

The Little Lady's Secret: Scene 3[edit]

A man falsely accused Io of holding the talisman and demanded reparations. However, he was a wanted con artist. When his con was exposed, the man sent monsters after (Captain) and company.

Io: For such a big town, it's pretty run down.
Katalina: There are a lot of thugs around here. I get the feeling they're sizing us up.
Katalina: There are wanted posters placed all around town. Hm... An organization of con artists...
Vyrn: That talisman seemed pretty suspicious to begin with! Could it be from those con artists...?
Lyria: Oh! I found the shopkeeper that told me about the talisman!
Io: Yay! Now I can learn to fly! Hey! Mister!
Katalina: Ah! Hey, wait! She’s gone... I hope nothing happens to her...
Katalina: Hm...? I’ve seen that man somewhere before...
Vyrn: Katalina! We got trouble! (Captain) said that man looks like the guy on the wanted poster!
Io: W-Wait a second! I didn’t know that talisman was so expensive!
Merchant: What?! Ignorance is no excuse! Do you know how much this costs?! You’ll have to pay for it!
Katalina: What’s the matter, Io? What are you arguing about?
Io: Katalina! I-I was just looking at the talisman... and it tore...
Merchant: Hey, are you this kid’s friend or what? Don’t tell me your ruined my merchandise and you can’t even pay for it.
Merchant: What she ruined was really expensive! It’s not some piece of paper you can find anywhere! How are you going to make it up to me?!
Katalina: Is this how you run your scams? You're the con artist from the wanted posters!
Io: Katalina? What’s going on?
Katalina: You advertise something that doesn’t exist, sell at an exorbitant price. And if the buyer doubts you, you demand reparations.
Merchant: Hehe... Looks you found me out! You won't be fooled. Now do you understand, you dummy?!
Io: But... T-Then the talisman that grants wishes isn’t real?
Io: How dare you trample on a maiden’s dream! I’ll make evildoers like you pay!
Merchant: Shut up! What are a bunch of women and kids going to do?! I’ll take you out instead!
Vyrn: H-He sent monsters after us! (Captain), be careful!

The Little Lady's Secret: Scene 4[edit]

Io regrets having to depend on the talisman. However, with Katalina’s words of encouragement about her efforts, Io fully recovers. Finding hope in learning her flight magic, Io quickly begins training.

Vyrn: Heh! They were nothing! Let’s hand them over to the officials!
Katalina: Io and Lyria, don’t feel down... That makes me feel sad...
Lyria: But I... I disappointed Io...
Io: It’s not your fault, Lyria. It’s my fault for depending on some talisman.
Katalina: No, the only one at fault is that con artist. You two did nothing wrong. Besides...
Katalina: Io, you’re not going to give up your dream because of this. I know you.
Io: What do you mean?
Katalina: You’re a hard worker and you always try your hardest. Despite how small you are, you are considerate of others. And you also have a strong heart that can stand up to any hardship.
Katalina: I know that you are kind and smart... I know that you are a good kid...
Io: I-I’m normal... And don’t call me small...
Katalina: Yes. I suppose I was being rude to a fine young lady.
Katalina: Even if you can’t fly now, you have many good points about you, Io.
Lyria: Huh? Hehe. Io’s face is all red. Are you embarrassed?
Io: I-I’m not! Being patted on the head... I-It’s not like it makes me happy or anything...
Lyria: Hey! (Captain), look! Io is floating!
Io: Hey, you’re right! I’m floating!
Vyrn: Haha! Awesome! You got the hang of it!
Vyrn: It won’t be long until you can really fly, Io!
Io: (Captain), just you wait! I’ll show you that I will become a great mage!
Io: I’m just itching to start training... Let's get to it!
Io’s stubbornness was lifted thanks to (Captain) and company. One small step forward, and one giant leap for hope.
The day when Io smiles as she flies through the blue skies is a little more in the future. But that is a story for another time.

Picking the Perfect Present[edit]

Ryan had been worried. It was almost his dear sister’s birthday. He wanted to get a present he could send back home to her. At the end of his wits, he approached Io for some advice. And so Ryan brought Io with him on on a shopping trip, but the beautiful hair clip they bought had shattered into pieces. With some harsh coaching from Io, Ryan managed to mend the clip with his own two hands. It looked better than ever.

One day on the Grandcypher. Ryan had near worn a track in the deck with his ceaseless pacing. The party decided to speak with him.
Vyrn: Uh... Ryan? What’s the deal? You’re all twitchy.
Ryan: C’mon, Vyrn... it’s no big deal, right?
Lyria: Are you alright? You know you can talk to us about anything, right?
Ryan: Ah, Lyria... oh, yeah! You’ve saved me!
Hearing that, Ryan decided to open up and share what was troubling him.
Ryan: Well, um... you guys know my sister back home? Her birthday’s coming up soon and I have no idea what I should get her.
Vyrn: I got’cha... you’re not sure what she’d like.
Vyrn: How about it? You got any ideas, Lyria?
Lyria: Hrm... I think I’d be fine with anything if someone put a lot of thought into it...
Lyria: I’m so sorry... I wish I could’ve helped more.
Ryan: Nah... it’s the thought that counts, really. Thanks.
Ryan: Oh... so fluffy-wuffy...
Vyrn: Hm? What’s up with you? (Captain)?
  1. Let’s get some wisdom from Katalina!
  2. Io should know!

Choose: Let’s get some wisdom from Katalina!
Lyria: Exactly! She’s such a sweetheart! She’ll definitely know what to do!
Vyrn: Er... if you say so, (Captain). Let’s give it a shot.
And so the party decided to get a bit of advice from Katalina.
Ryan: So that’s about it... you have any ideas?
Katalina: Um... sure! I just thought of something great!
Katalina: How does this sound, Vyrn... a life-sized stuffed animal that looks like you?
Vyrn: What?!
Ryan: Huh?! A Vyrn... uh, plushie?
Katalina: Hehe... just think of it! Vyrn’s so cuddly... she could squeeze him all day long!
Ryan: Cuddly, eh... great idea, Katalina! I’m gonna make her a nice, squeezable Vyrn plushie!
Ryan: Sigh... a Vyrn plushie... or a plushie Vyrn...
Katalina: Oh, you are just too sweet! I want to help, too! Pleaaaase?! I’m getting all fluttery just thinking about it!
Katalina: All right! Now all we need to do is take Vyrn’s measurements...
Vyrn: Hey! Damnit! Hold up just a second! I’m not your damn toy!
Lyria: Hehe... and I’m pretty sure they both just want a plushie for themselves...
Vyrn: Gah! I’m done with you jerks! Should’ve just talked to Io in the first place!
And so the party decided to get a second opinion from Io.

Choose: Io should know!
Vyrn: Haha... yeah, Io looks like she’d have a thing or two in mind!
Lyria: Of course! She’s always so stylish! I bet she’ll be great help!
And so the party decided to get some input from Io.
Continue 1
Ryan: So, Io... you think you could help me pick out a birthday present for my sister?
Io: Oh, sure! I’ll pick something that she’s just going to love.
Ryan: Awesome! Thanks a bunch, Io!
Io: Hehe. Don’t you worry. You’re in good hands!
Io: Alright then! Let’s get our butts to town!
The party followed Io to town in search of a suitable birthday present.
In town, Io took the party from shop to shop.
Io: Hrm... I mean, it’s a cute little broach with the bird and all. But don’t you think she might be a little too old for it?
Ryan: Wow... look at all these plushies. What about you, pretty kitty? Oh wait, you little squirrel. Aren’t you so fuzzy-wuzzy...
Io: What d’you think about this pendant? Hrm... maybe something a little flashier?
Ryan: All this fluff... row after row after row. What is this place... this paradise...
Io: Hey! What the heck’re you mumbling about? You sure you’re here to pick out a present?
Ryan: But the plushies... wait, no. Forget about that!
Io: Sigh... are you telling me your sister reaaally wants a stuffed animal?
Ryan: I... well... hrm...
Io: Yeesh... first of all, a present should be something the person wants, not something you want to give them. You got that?
Ryan: Urk... that does sound about right.
Io: Wait just a second there, guy! Don’t get all gloomy! Now I feel all bad...
Io: Hm... how about you pull yourself together and we head on to the next store!
Ryan: Wait... I’m coming!
The party was on what seemed to be its thousandth shop before Ryan finally found a present for his sister.
Ryan: Io... thanks. This hair clip is great. I never would’ve found it if it wasn’t for you.
Io: Teehee! And it’s one-of-a-kind!
Lyria: Yeah! I knew you’d be able to help him!
Io: Ohoho! What can I say? I mean, who else would you go to?
But just then. Our heroes celebration was cut short by a woman’s piercing scream.
Woman: Ahhhhh! Thief!
Thief: Oi! Outta the way!
The thief went crashing into Ryan. The party barely had a chance to react before he was running off again!
Vyrn: H-hey! You okay, Ryan?!
Io: Oh, no! The clip... it’s broken...
Ryan: Why you dirty... thieving... YOU RUINED IT!
Thief: Eek!
Ryan flew after the thief, his face contorted into a mask of demonic rage. In the space of a few seconds, it was over.
But catching the thief did little to lift Ryan’s spirits. The hair clip was broken.
Ryan: This is the worst... and Io worked to hard to find it...
Vyrn: C’mon, man... cheer up.
Lyria: Um, Ryan? Why don’t we all go out together and find something?
Ryan: Sigh... but we had to walk all around to find it. How’m I going to find something better than this...
Io: Leave it to me! It’s not over ‘til the primal beast sings, Ryan!
Io beamed confidently as she almost dragged the party back to the Grandcypher.
Back at the Grandcypher, Io ran back to her cabin and came back proudly clutching two handfuls of jewelry.
Io: Hehe. You think this might be enough?
Vyrn: Wh-whoa... hey, Io... Not to be picky, but aren’t those yours? Can’t say Ryan’s sis is gonna be happy with a regift...
Io: Wrong! We’re going to use this stuff to fix up that clip!
Lyria: ... wow, Io! You’re amazing!
Io: Teehee. You know I’ve got great instincts. It’s going to turn out fabulously!
Ryan: Io?! Are you sure? I don’t want you to have to use stuff you like.
Io: It’s cool! But just check with me before you take anything, okay?
Ryan: Thanks... seriously.
And so Ryan took up Io’s jewelry and took on the task of fixing the clip.
Or so he tried...
Ryan: Io... I, uh... would you mind lending me a hand?
Io: What?! I could’ve sworn you said you were good at arts and crafts and stuff?
Ryan: Well, uh... I like arts and craft. But I don’t think I ever said I’m good at ‘em...
Io: Sigh... fine, fine. I’ll give you a little bit of help. You need to take care of the rest yourself!
Vyrn: Whew... you could ease up a little, Io.
Io: Oh, be quiet! It won’t mean anything if it doesn’t come from the bottom of Ryan’s heart!
Lyria: Hehe... I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Right, (Captain)?
And so, under Io’s watchful and caring eye, the clip was finished.
Finally, the clip that Ryan had put his heart and soul into was sent back home to his sister.

Lyria's Birthday[edit]

The party was busy arranging a surprise party for Lyria. The biggest surprise of all was that she didn’t even know it was her birthday. Vyrn stayed behind on the ship while Katalina and the others left early in the morning to find a nice present. Not seeing her made Lyria more an a bit uneasy. Once Katalina had returned, they all shared a nice dinner together. Lyria grinned from ear to ear. Friendship really was the best seasoning.

Rackam: Lyria’s still out like a light...
Vyrn: Sigh... well. It’s still pretty early. I don’t think she’s gonna be up for a while.
Rackam: Alrighty, then... Vyrn, (Captain). Hold down the fort while we’re out.
Io: What fort... just keep an eye on Lyria, ‘kay?
Vyrn: Leave it to us! Right, (Captain)!
Katalina: Hey... uh, (Captain)? Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, I could stay...
Io: Oh, jeez! What the heck does that mean?! This was your idea in the first place!
Katalina: Yeah... it is quite a bit...
The sun rose on the Grandcypher.
Rackam, Io, and Katalina had gone out, leaving Vyrn and (Captain) behind.
Io: Hey! How about we get going before Lyria wakes up!
Katalina: I-I’m just saying... we don’t HAVE to give her a surprise party. Maybe we could?
Rackam: Aw, rubbish. A nice surprise is half of the fun!
Rackam: And it’s not like we actually know if her birthday’s today, right?
Katalina: Yeah... I can’t say I know much about where she came from.
Katalina: It’s just... it’s so sad...
Katalina: Today’s the day Lyria and I met.
Katalina: She was so different back then... although she might not remember.
Io: But that makes it perfect! And since she doesn’t have a birthday, we can make today her special day!
Rackam: Yeah! So let’s get moving and get the girl a present.
Katalina: But... it’s like we’re tricking her. I don’t think we need to do all this...
Katalina: And we’re together every day... I think she’ll be worried if I’m not here...
Rackam: Jeez... sometimes you gotta leave the nest, Katalina.
Katalina: Nest?! What nest?! I have no idea what you?
Katalina: Wait a minute! Are you saying I look old enough to be Lyria’s mom?!
Io: Aaaanyway! It’ll be fine! Vyrn can stay back on the ship! Right, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Exactly! Me and (Captain)’ll be here to keep an eye on things!
Io: Hey! So we won’t have to worry even if the Empire comes sniffing around...
Io: And besides... you’ve spent the most time with her, right?
Io: How the heck are we supposed to pick out a present without you?
Katalina: Well... yeah, you do have a point...
Rackam: Then there we go! We’re counting on you, (Captain)!
Rackam: We’ll be back as soon as we can manage it. Just make sure to keep everything hush-hush!
Lyria: Yawn... ahh. Good morning, Vyrn. Good morning, (Captain).
Lyria: ... hm? Is it just me, or is it a bit quiet?
  1. Late sleepers, eh?
  2. You just missed them...

Choose: Late sleepers, eh?
Lyria: Oh... then I’ll just go and wake up Katalina!
Vyrn: Whoa! W-wait! Don’t do that! They just went out for a bit...
Lyria: Wha...

Choose: You just missed them...
Vyrn: Wha?! Why the hell did you just blurt it out?!
Lyria: Did everybody go out?
Lyria: Hm? But we already did the shopping yesterday...
Vyrn: No, uh... y’see... they had some stuff... business stuff they needed to do. Yeah, that sounds about right!
Lyria: Wait... really?
Continue 1
Vyrn: Anyway! They’ll be back in a jiff! You don’t need to look all worried!
Lyria: Okay...
Lyria: ...
Lyria: Erm... are you going out too, (Captain)?
  1. Sure am.
  2. No way.

Choose: Sure am.
Lyria: ... oh.
Vyrn: Hey! What the hell’re you talking about?! We’re supposed to stay here, dummy!
Vyrn: It’s fine, Lyria! (Captain)’s not going anywhere! Right?! I said RIGHT, (Captain)?!

Choose: No way.
Lyria: Oh...
Vyrn: Yeah! Me and (Captain) here decided to stay back!
Continue 2
Lyria: That’s a relief... I don’t know what I’d do if you guys weren’t here...
Lyria: Sigh... so everyone else is gone. I hope they come back soon...
Vyrn: ...
Just them...
Io: Ah! Look, look! That would be pretty good, don’t you think?
Rackam: Hey! Quit running around! Don’t expect us to come find you if you get lost!
Io: No one asked you! And it’s not like I’m going to get lost, anyway!
Io: Hey, Katalina! You think Lyria would like this?
Katalina: ... what? Oh... yeah. Maybe...
Rackam: Sigh... dagnabbit. Katalina here’s too worried about Lyria to even pay attention...
Io: Hey! Snap out of it, Katalina!
Io: You know how strong (Captain) is, don’t you? She’ll be fiiine!
Io: And we’re not that far from the Grandcypher in the first place...
Katalina: Ah... yeah. You’re right. They’re okay... definitely.
Io: Sigh... she’s sick, I swear. You can’t even function if Lyria’s not around!
Io: Fine, then. We’ll find a present ourselves!
Io: Oh! Look! How about that shop? Let’s take a look! Right, Lyr?
Rackam: For the love of... hey, pot? I’d like you to meet kettle...
Io: Grr...
Rackam: Let’s just find a present and get back to the Grandcypher...
Rackam: I got the weirdest feeling that something’s gone wrong!
Rackam: Whew... how’d we end up getting so much stuff...
Io: Hrm... I think she’ll like it. But maybe we should’ve picked something else...
Vyrn: Oh! Look who the cat dragged in!
Katalina: Lyria! Sorry for being out all day... did you behave yourself?
Lyria: ... snff.
Katalina: Lyria?
Lyria: Hic... snff... K-Katalina...
Katalina: Lyria?! What did you do?!
Vyrn: I, uh... I don’t know...
Vyrn: She hadn’t seen you since morning. Looks like she went and worked herself into a funk...
Lyria: Hic... a-a-and... snff... you d-didn’t e-even t-tell me... waaah...
Lyria: I-I was... snff... worried sick! I k-kept thinking, snff... wh-what if I n-never saw you again!
Katalina: I understand... I’m sorry, Lyria. I should’ve known better...
Lyria: Mmhmm... snff... b-but you came b-back...
Katalina: I did... and I’m not going anywhere ever again. So don’t you worry... you’re safe.
Katalina reached out to stroke the sobbing girl’s hair.
Rackam: Well, now... this isn’t exactly the kind of surprise I had in mind...
Io: Yeah... I kind of feel bad now...
The party sat Lyria down to explain exactly what they’d been planning.
Lyria: Waught!
Io: And you know what? We just couldn’t pick one out...
Io: Like, we weren’t sure what Lyria would like best...
Rackam: I dunno if I’d give a young lady food as a birthday present... seems kinda bland...
In the end, they brought back a veritable mountain of sweets and snacks.
Lyria: I’m so happy! Wow... these all look so good!
Rackam: Haha... guess a bland gift’s not so bad if it’s tasty.
At Lyria’s request, they spread the food out and began to eat.
Lyria: Nom... hehe.
Io: Hey, Lyria! Did’ja try this one yet?
Rackam: Hey, dagnabbit! I was gonna eat that...
Io: What, you’re going to eat all of them yourself? Oh! Lyria! What about this one? It’s absolutely delish!
Vyrn: Oh, damn! We gotta get another one of these apple tarts! Am I right or am I right?!
Katalina: Hehe. Yeah. The bakery’s a little ways away from town. It shouldn’t take too long to get there from here.
Lyria: Heehee... hey, Katalina.
Katalina: Hmm? What?
Lyria: Hehe. It’s just... food always taste so much better when I eat it with you guys.
Katalina: You’re right... definitely. Hehe. There’s nothing better than having everyone together.
They say in a happy circle under a night sky blazing with stars.

Side-scrolling Quotes[edit]

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
子ども扱いしないでほしいな! Stop treating me like a child!
華麗な魔法さばき見せてあげるわ! I'll show you what my magic can do!
ししょー、元気にしてるかな… I hope Master Tzaka is doing okay...
べっつに!寂しくなんかないし! I'm totally fine! I'm not lonely at all!
あたしだって一人前なんだから! I can fight with the best of 'em!
カタリナって、大人の女性よね。 Katalina is so mature, isn't she?
ルリアって不思議な子だなぁ。 Lyria can be a real mystery.
魔法で飛んで行けたらいいのに… If only I could fly there with my magic...
(主人公)~おんぶして~ (Captain), I want a piggyback ride!
(主人公)は甘いものは好き? Do you like sweets, (Captain)?


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