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Official Profile[edit]

Npc f 3040023000 01.jpg Lancelot
Age 27 years old
Height 179 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Collecting weapons, studying tactics
Likes Training
Dislikes Cleaning his room
Final Uncap
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Npc f 3040023000 01.jpg Lancelot
Age 27歳
Height 179cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 武器の収集、兵法の勉強
Likes 鍛錬
Dislikes 部屋の片づけ
Final Uncap
Source [1] [2]


Lancelot is currently the Captain of the Order of the White Dragons, knights who have sworn to defend Feendrache. Originally he had been Vice Captain of the Order of the Black Dragons, the previous Order, but through a devastating chain of events, he rose in rank when his former Captain and mentor, Siegfried, was forced to flee. Now in a position of higher responsibility in a time of turmoil, Lancelot sheds his former mischievous personality and assumes the role of a perfect chivalric knight.

Prior to the events of Defender's Oath, Lancelot and Vane were neighbours and childhood friends from the same remote village. Due to their distance from the capital and, consequently, the knights' protection, Vane's parents were killed by wyverns, and Vane's ensuing grief motivated Lancelot to become a knight. However, the Order was vastly in favour of recruiting nobility, and without the same privileges, Lancelot had to essentially teach himself and Vane. As a result of King Josef's policies and Siegfried's intervention in his almost failed admission exam, Lancelot eventually procured a recommendation and successfully joined the Order with his renowned talent, despite his circumstances. Thereafter securing his place, Lancelot continued to climb in rank until he became Vice Captain of the Order of the Black Dragons, sharing the position with Percival. Maintaining an equal rivalry with his fellow Vice Captain, Lancelot idolised his Captain Siegfried, complimenting his awkwardness with his natural charisma. These idyllic times would soon collapse when Siegfried was accused of regicide and forced to flee.

Unaware of the machinations behind-the-scenes, Lancelot became the Captain of the newly reorganised Order of the White Dragons, composed of the remnants of the disgraced Order of the Black Dragons. The events of Defender's Oath transpire, and Feendrache is thrown into upheaval as Lancelot learns of the secrets behind the Order's reorganisation. Despite any further plots against his beloved kingdom, Lancelot makes the effort to rebuild every time, even temporarily travelling with the Grandcypher crew to learn more about the outside world. As part of his desire to overhaul the education system and reform the Order, Lancelot revises their application process to make them more impartial, aiming to judge candidates on their chivalry instead of their lineage, bolstered by his own background as a commoner who managed to become Captain. This in turn grants Arthur and Mordred the opportunity to join the Order in Divergent Knighthoods.


Lancelot is noble and diligent, the perfect image of a knight. Even as children, Lancelot would play with Vane and still manage to read vast quantities of books. His persistence in learning lead to his reputation as a prodigy, earning him favour and accolades that helped him rise in rank despite his commoner origins.

Despite his natural talent for swordsmanship, Lancelot holds insecurities about the meaning of chivalry, especially considering the circumstances behind him becoming Captain at his young age. His tendency to mull on his own self doubt, combined with his fervent doggedness, means he can easily lose sight of himself. His hidden stress frequently manifests as a messy room, which Vane ends up having to clean, who, in turn, encourages Lancelot to vent out his troubles. Aided by Vane's rise in rank to become his Vice Captain, Lancelot learns the importance of confiding and leaning on others.

Before being placed in a position of responsibility, Lancelot had been much rowdier, cracking jokes and frequently getting into fights with his fellow knights. Sometimes, this playful side of him still slips out when he is away from his duties, and is easily seen in his excitement to play tricks on Halloween. However, he hides this from his subordinates lest his professional image be torn, and appears embarrassed when Vane brings up his mischievous past.


  • Vane: childhood friend, neighbours from the same village, acts as both his confidant and Vice Captain. They often work in tandem.
  • Siegfried: was one of his Vice Captains when he was Captain of the Order of the Black Dragons. Both mentor and idol, and thus felt deeply betrayed upon his flight from Feendrache. After their reconciliation, returns to idolising him.
  • Percival: fellow Vice Captain during the Order of the Black Dragons, equals even up to him leaving the Order.
  • Team Chickadee: their superior as Captain of the Order.
  • Charlotta: fellow Captains of chivalric Orders, who came to know each other during their time on the Grandcypher crew.




  • Turbulenz is German for "Turbulence"
    • Ritterorden means "Knight's Order/ Order of Knights"
    • Eidesfluegel, or "Eidesflügel", means "Oath's Wing(s)"
  • Lancelot's name is based off of the Lancelot of Arthurian Myth. Sir Lancelot du Lac (of the Lake) was a knight of the round table and King Arthur's greatest companion.

Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday!
I'm glad to be able to celebrate your birthday with you. Let's enjoy ourselves!


Today's your birthday. Right, (Captain)? Hm? Why do you look surprised?
Ha-ha! Of course I'd remember a birthday for someone as dear to me as you!
As luck would have it, I'm free all day today. So... if you'd like, (Captain), shall we go out somewhere together?
Oh! If you're nodding, then that means yes, right? Thank you, (Captain).
Well then, shall we go now?
Hm... Well, anywhere is fine by me! Do you have a place in mind, (Captain)?
No, wait! I'm not being lazy about your birthday plans! If you leave everything up to me, I know I can take you around to places you'll enjoy!
Ha-ha! Today is all about you, (Captain)!
Your wish is my command! Now let's make this birthday a fun one!


Happy birthday! I put together a special training session for you just for today.
Huh? You want to do something different? Okay, shall we take a stroll through the forest?
Ahhh... The weather today is splendid. I can hear the birds chirping from afar.
Oh yeah? You've seen birds like that in the forest near your home, (Captain)?
Hm? There's something on the ground...
Look! It's a snake skin! Ha-ha! What a lucky find!
Did you know? Snake skins are said to bring prosperity. There are even people who clean them up and make them into protection charms.
I know! Let's make a matching pair of charms for ourselves!
Heh-heh! I have a design in mind for you, so be looking forward to it!


Happy birthday! (Captain), what are your plans for the day?
Oh? You're free?
Then how about... we go out for a little walk?
I know last year was a little haphazard, so this year I've done a little planning in advance.
I was thinking we could walk along Feendrache and have some local food or go to my favorite weapon shop...
Or we could train together. What do you think?
Hm? Do none of those options interest you?
I see... You are a hard one to please, (Captain).
Then what if we... went on a rowboat trip over on that lake? Would you like that?
Oh! I saw your eyes light up! That's what we'll do then!
I don't know if I'm any good at rowing, but I'll try anyways. (Captain), you just sit back, relax, and take in the scenery.


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
This is our fifth year celebrating together, isn't it?
When we first met, I thought you were someone who had a strong sense of responsibility—someone I could trust.
But after journeying with you for so long, now I know that you are so much more than that.
You've made me think that I want to be someone who can put his all into defending someone else.
Haha, you look happy to hear that. I like the smile on your face!
Actually, I have a present for you today.
Here are some props to help you with your core training! It all comes down to the basics for everything, right?
I'll show you how to use them. Would you be up for some training now?

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year!
The new year is no excuse to skip out on training! Now let's get to work!


Usually I go see my parents back home for the new year, but hm... Would you like to come, (Captain)?
Great! Then why don't you come along with me for a visit?
I'd love to introduce you to my parents.
So yeah? You'll come? What's wrong? Just leave everything to me and I'll show you around while we're there.
Ah! And we should check out the local festival they have every year. They have food stalls and merchants and more!
Oh, I should probably warn you though. Be careful not to cut loose too much.
The older folks there seem to look down on that!


Looks like I'll be able to spend the new year with my parents again this year.
Huh? You want to come with me this year too? Sure, you're more than welcome!
Shall we check out the local festival again? Oh, and if there's any food you want to try, you be sure to tell me. I'll procure it for you!
I've an idea... Why don't we watch the New Year sunrise together this time?
There's a scenic spot only visited by locals in the know. You can get a full view of the town below, and the light morning mist makes for a real sight to see!
A long time ago, I used to stand there New Year's mornings and scream aloud that I'd become a superior knight...
All right, I think we've got a plan... Let's try hard to wake up early that day!


Happy New Year!
Just like last year, you came all this way to my home town. This is starting to become a yearly thing.
I've got something interesting I want to show you.
Would you look over there for a second?
Lancelot sets the small item he was holding in his hand on to the ground and lights it on fire.
Hahaha! Did the noise scare you?
This is what we do when the new year begins! The loud noise is supposed to keep bad spirits away.
And if you want extra luck, then you light this yourself!
That's what I used to tell Vane as a child to give him some courage. He was a scaredy cat.
But since you came all this way, be my guest! Light it up!
Don't worry. Just make sure you get as far away from it as possible after it's been lit. If you want, I'll stay right by your side.


I can't take any more... I'm so full!
Heheh, I didn't think I'd still be uncontrollably stuffing myself with mochi even at this age.
You managed to devour quite a lot yourself, (Captain). How many did you have?
T-that many? Then I guess you've got all the energy you'll need to participate in the annual New Year's kite-flying competition!
I'd been planning on making some final adjustments and practicing before it starts, but I'm too full to move right now...
Hm? Oh, that's a great idea! Okay, let's prepare ourselves in the meantime by doing some mental training until we can start running again.
First, we'll gauge the direction of the wind, then hold onto the kite and wait leeward for the right timing.
Next, we'll let the string out from the reel bit by bit and run windward!
Is it up? All right! Let's keep it flying like that and follow along with the wind!
Heheh, the mental training went perfectly! Now I can't wait to actually fly it!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Oh, that's right! Today's Valentine's Day.
You got me a gift, did you? Thank you! No matter if its chocolates or macarons, I've got a real sweet tooth!


Oh! Have you brought another sweet gift for me this year, (Captain)?
I'll happily accept it, of course! Wow... The wrapping is quite nice. Do you mind if I open it and have a little bite?
Mmm... Mmm... Incredible! I've never had anything so delicious! Where'd you get your hands on these?
What! You made them yourself?
By the way... have you given chocolate to your valentine yet? Hm? Why are you so quiet all of a sudden?
I guess there's nothing you can't do, (Captain)! I've got a whole new level of respect for you!
I see, I see... You're embarassed to say, right?
In exchange for your gift, I'll lend you an ear and some advice if you'd like. Come see me anytime!


Whew... Training sure feels good! What do you want to do after we take a break?
Hm? You brought some chocolate? That was good thinking on your part to bring a snack.
Huh? Oh, I see... Today is Valentine's Day, huh? I completely forgot...
Thank you. I'm glad I could get chocolates from you again this year!
Mmm... Delicious! It has a citrus-like aroma to it too. This really hits the spot after a good workout!
I'm the luckiest lad in the capital to get chocolate like this, filled with all your kindness.
Now, shall we resume our training?
(Captain)? Your cheeks are turning red. Are you all right? Did you push yourself too much while sparring?
Let's see, where's the water flas... Here, if you don't mind sharing the same flask with me, have some water!


Yeah, I just finished a few things. Come inside.
This box... Oh! It's Valentine's Day!
Every year, without fail, you always remember me. Thank you!
Which one should I eat first...
Yum. The chocolate you make really is good.
Getting something like this all to myself just makes me feel really special!
(Captain)... You're so red...
You're really happy?
Heh heh... I never tell a lie. Your chocolate is really tasty!
Now that my energy's been restored, I'm ready to get back to work!


(Captain)... Cough, cough...
Oh, it's nothing—just a small cold. Did you come to check up on me because you were worried?
What's this? Ah, that's right. It's Valentine's Day today, isn't it?
Wow, I'm so happy. I didn't have much of an appetite from my cold, but I was just in the mood for something sweet!
Cough, cough...
This isn't good. You shouldn't get too close to me, (Captain). You might catch my cold...
Don't worry. Vane made me some porridge for lunch, so I did have something to eat.
I'll be fine after some rest. It's still cold these days, so be sure to take care of yourself, okay?
Thank you. Good night.

White Day Cutscenes
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Today's White Day, right?
Will you accept this token of my gratitude? I hope you like it...


I'm sorry for calling you here all of a sudden... I know it's just giving you a gift, but... being alone with you has gotten me a little nervous.
Ahem... Allow me to start over!
(Captain), your sincere thoughtfulness always leaves me in gratitude.
I hope that we can form a bond, bettering each other as we grow.
And so if there's anything I can do for you, then you need only ask.
I'll be counting on you even more from now on, (Captain).
This is a token of my feelings for you. I hope you'll accept it!


(Captain), I got you a gift as thanks for Valentine's. Will you accept it?
Ah, but I'd like for you to read the letter attached to it later. I'm a little embarrassed to have you read it in front of me...
(Captain), allow me the chance to say this now. I'm so deeply grateful to you.
You come running whenever we're in trouble, and even when the journey gets tough, you never forget to check in on the capital...
What made me happiest is when you said you love the people and places found only in our kingdom. The elation I felt in that moment is still precious to me.
Ah... I guess I ended up saying almost everything in the letter... I should've done that from the beginning.
Ahem... Well, my point is that...
I'm grateful for all you do. Please accept this as a token of my thanks.


Good... I've finished patrolling the grounds, so time to call it a day.
I'm sorry you came all this way to Feendrache only to have to accompany me on duty.
I just wanted to know if you saw any flaws or areas we could improve when we patrol.
And I wanted to say just how much I appreciate you.
(Captain) and Lancelot enter a deserted park and Lancelot looks into (Captain)'s eyes.
We can talk here.
I just want to say...
Happy White Day, (Captain). Thank you for everything.
You always seem to know how to help me. Can I ask that you always do so?
Heh heh... I'm glad I got to hear that answer.


(Captain), do you have a moment?
Thank you for the chocolate the other day. Thanks to that, I'm feeling a lot better now!
I'm sorry if I made you worry. You coming to see me made me really happy.
Today, I wanted to repay you for your kindness.
Here's something for you in return. I hope you like it!
Hm? Your face is a little red. Don't tell me you caught my cold...
No? Well, that's good then.
If you ever feel under the weather, you can count on me to be there for you.
Making sure you're nicely tucked up in bed is the least I can do.

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat!
If you don't hand over the candy, I'll play a trick on you!
Hahaha! I feel like a kid again!


Hm... Why the serious expression, (Captain)? You've received a particularly serious assignment, I take it!
What's that? You want to think of a prank horrible enough to make ne'er do wells think twice before committing evil?
Why would you make such a request of me? Surely someone else would be more suitable.
You wish to enlist my proven capacity for strategic thinking? Hm... I see.
Heh. When you put it that way, I suppose I have little choice. Besides... I can't very well deny a request from you, (Captain). Not one this important to you.
Very well. Gather information on the target's current flaws and failings. We're going to spook this one good.
Hehehe... It's been too long. I can't wait to get to work.


(Captain)! Look at you all covered in ink! What happened?
I see... The mischief-maker from last year has popped up again, yes?
No problem! Let me help you out for some real payback. Take a look at this note.
Heh! After last year's Halloween, I did some thinking and wrote up a few tricks we could try.
So, which one is your favorite? Honestly, I like them all!
Heh-heh! We're about to go all out, so the fun starts now!


What's wrong, (Captain)? Why are you hiding in this wooden box?
I see... When you tried to give candy to some children, they attacked you...
I may have a way of getting even.
Wait right there!
I've received intel on our enemies!
It appears their leader is a tempermental lass who is currently enroute for a surprise water gun attack.
We may have the wisdom that comes with age, but they have the numbers. I suggest we strike in their only blind spot.
I will hide here and you will be in that box over there...
That's freezing!
Tch... Apart from the group I scouted, they had a strike team ready too?
We don't have a choice! We have to power our way through! You have our secret weapon ready, right, (Captain)?
All right...
Release the water balloon!


Oh, (Captain). What's the matter?
Lancelot notices something hurtling toward him from behind (Captain) and immediately ducks.
What in the skies was that... Toy arrows?
And isn't that the troop who gave us that surprise attack before?
Don't tell me you decided to switch sides...
This sure is an unexpected twist...
Heh, but if that's how you're going to play... then I won't hold back either!
Lancelot picks up two toy arrows lying near his feet and holds them out like a pair of blades.
Get ready for the Twin Arrow Attack of the Pumpkin Festival! Here I come!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Season's greetings!
This time of year always reminds me of the times Vane and I stayed up late to try and see Santa Claus!


Ah... It's the holiday season. But I don't feel like going out with all the crowds. I guess I should tidy up my room a little...
Hm? Oh, hey there, (Captain). You want to help me clean my room? No way! I can't let you do that!
I mean, it's not like I have anything to hide. It's just that you're the captain and it's your holiday break, you see...
Humph... You don't give up, do you? Fine. I'll let you help me this just this once, (Captain)!
In exchange, I'll take you someplace to eat after we're done! Heheh... Now where should we go?


Today's the holiday party, huh? I remember going to those parties when I was a kid...
Heh-heh, it was so funny! Vane could never remember the words to the songs and made a mess of holiday caroling...
So I'd be sure to sing to him over and over again for practice. Ha-ha! What a great memory...
Huh? You want me to sing something now? I dunno... You can't just put me on the spot!
You really really want me to? Well, if you insist... But just a little.
Jingle bells! Jingle bells! Jingle all the way! Oh what fun it is to sleigh on this jolly holiday!
A-ha-ha-ha! You're embarrassing me with all that clapping...
All right! Now it's your turn to sing for me, (Captain)... And don't try to blush your way out of it!


Happy holidays!
(Captain), did you look outside?
There's so much snow! It's a fluffy white world out there!
When I was young I would play outside by making snowmen on days like this.
Together, the body and head would be made of three big balls. The head would get a helmet which was just a bucket, and I think I even added a sword to make him look a soldier.
I'd name him after a famous warrior, and then Vane and I would salute him.
Heh heh... Those were fun times.
Huh? You want to see a warrior snowman?
As a matter of fact, I could make an even better snowman than before!
Will you help me make him especially big?
Let's surprise all the crew members!


Happy Holidays!
Thanks for keeping watch out here on the deck despite it being so cold. Here, I brought you something warm to drink.
It's so cold you can even see your breath...
This reminds me of the time I patrolled the streets of Feendrache on a cold night like this before I became captain.
The cold was so brutal, I could feel it seeping into my bones...
An old lady thanked me and gave me a cup of hot tea to drink when she saw me patrolling out in the cold.
The warmth of the tea and the feeling of being depended on made me so happy. Thanks to that, I was able to keep going.
Maybe that's why I wanted to come and bring you a warm drink myself.
Since the party preparations are pretty much complete, would it be all right if I stayed and kept watch with you?
Heheh. All right then, let's stick this out together!

Fate Episodes[edit]

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

A New Process[edit]

Lancelot is in charge of the enlistment process for the Order of the White Dragons. As he contemplates how to make the exam fair for applicants of all backgrounds, he learns about the prejudices surrounding his own circumstances when he first applied to the order.

In the capital city of Feendrache, Lancelot serves as the proud captain of the Order of the White Dragons.
In his study, the knight looks troubled as he riffles through some documents at his desk. A sigh escapes him.
Lancelot: ...
???: Yo, Lancey, you got a minute?
Lancelot: Vane, is that you? Please, come in.
Vane: Heh heh, it's finally that time of year again—time to recruit new members for the Order of the White Dragons!
Vane: Who knows what kind of characters will show up this year? Man, I can't wait to see 'em!
Lancelot: Indeed, I'm looking forward to it.
Lancelot: Hm.
Vane: What's wrong, Lancey?
Vane: Oh! Is it the admission exam summary I made?
Vane: Aw, geez... I forgot to put something in, didn't I?
Lancelot: Oh, sorry. It's not that... The list is fine.
Lancelot: Say, Vane... Could you hear me out for a moment?
Vane: My liege! I'm all ears.
Lancelot places the list on his desk and sits up straight.
Lancelot: I want to make the application process for the Order of the White Dragons fair and equal for all applicants.
Lancelot: Regardless of your lineage or background, if you truly possess the virtues and strength of a knight, that should be enough.
Lancelot: This, I believe, is key to eventually bringing prosperity and glory to our kingdom.
Vane: Wow, yeah... Now that you mention it, I always felt that social status played a big role in the process.
Vane: It's not a terrible system, but I agree—knights shouldn't be judged based on their lineage.
Lancelot: What matters is one's love for the kingdom and its citizens, not social status or background.
Lancelot: However, what can I do to make the system more impartial?
Vane: Hmm... I mean...
Vane: Wait a sec. Didn't King Joseph introduce some policies for less discrimination when he was king?
Lancelot: That's exactly what he did. It was because of the recommendation system he introduced that I myself was able to join the White Dragons.
Lancelot: However, people who have been able to become knights under a king's recommendation are few and far between.
Vane: What? If the king recommends you for knighthood, shouldn't that already be the ticket?
Lancelot: Even if you have the king's recommendation, all would-be knights still need to take tests for certain subjects.
Vane: Now I get it.
Vane: In other words, they'd likely end up failing the tests either way.
Lancelot: Precisely... If you're from nobility, you can afford special tutors. If you're from a family of knights, you can be taught and trained by the previous generation.
Lancelot: No matter how desperately you study or train, to become a knight with entirely self-taught knowledge is no easy task.
Vane: Ain't that the truth...
Vane: It was probably because of your help, teaching me the know-how and whatnot, that I was even able to pass...
Vane: But, Lancey, you gotta admit—to overcome all of those odds, that really makes you like some kinda prodigy!
Lancelot: Now, now, let's not get carried away.
Lancelot: Regardless, even if we opened the test to everyone, it'd be meaningless if only a fraction of the population could properly prepare for it.
Lancelot looks down upon the documents once again and strokes his chin as he begins to ponder.
Lancelot: (Every year we make minute changes to the process in the name of improving it, but who's to say anything good has come from those changes?)
Lancelot: (Wherein does the problem lie? Perhaps a major overhaul is warranted...)
Lancelot: Who's there?
???: It's me. I'm coming in.
Percival: …………
Vane: Whoa! Percy?
Lancelot: Now this is a surprise. What brings you back to the capital today?
Percival: I just happened to be in the area and decided to swing by to check up on things.
Lancelot: I appreciate the concern. Things are shipshape here as you can see.
Percival: Hm. I do hope they are.
Vane: Oh, here's an idea!
Vane: Since Percy's here, we should ask him about his thoughts too!
Percival: What do you mean?
Lancelot: Oh, yes. You see...
Lancelot shares his thoughts with Percival about making the application process for the order more impartial.
Percival: Hmm... I see where you're coming from.
Percival: I've been away from the order and the capital for quite some time, so I don't know if I can come up with a solution for now.
Lancelot: That makes sense...
Lancelot: It's fine! Don't worry about it.
Percival: If anything though, you're the perfect example of a knight who didn't come from noble birth.
Percival: You were able to overcome your disadvantages and become a knight of the order, eventually becoming the leader.
Percival: If you simply think about what it took to get to where you are now, shouldn't the answer come naturally?
Lancelot: ...
Lancelot: All I did was stay disciplined in my efforts. That's been the key to all my successes.
Percival: Heh. You really think that's all there was to it?
Lancelot: What are you trying to say?
Percival: Come with me.
Percival steps out of the office without another word.
Puzzled but curious, Lancelot and Vane silently follow him out.
Lancelot: Isn't this Siegfried's room for when he stays here in the capital?
Percival: That's right.
Percival: Siegfried was once the captain of the Black Dragons.
Percival: That means when you took the admission exam, Siegfried should've been working as the head proctor.
Vane: So basically, we should ask Siegfried about Lancey's application?
Percival: Humph. Even a mongrel like you can be on the ball sometimes.
Lancelot: Are you saying I entered the order under special circumstances?
Percival: Ask him yourself.
Percival knocks on the door next to a growingly disquieted Lancelot.
Siegfried: Oh, you lot. All three of you here must mean you have some business with me?
Percival: Yes, well... Something like that.
Percival briefly explains the reason for their sudden arrival.
Siegfried: I see... You guys came all the way out here to ask me about this?
Percival: Yeah, I figured that you might know something.
Siegfried: Of course. If it can help in any way, I'll tell you anything you need to know.
Lancelot: My thanks, Siegfried.
With a nostalgic grin on his face, Siegfried recalls the day of Lancelot's test.
Siegfried: In truth, there actually was a bit of commotion when determining your application for the order.
Siegfried: You possessed incredible sword technique that overwhelmingly outclassed the other applicants—clearly enough to join the order, at least.
Siegfried: However, some of the proctors saw your etiquette as... unrefined.
Siegfried: Obviously that wasn't enough to disqualify you from the exam, but it raised a few eyebrows among the proctors.
Siegfried: Some of the proctors wouldn't even take you seriously as an applicant.
Lancelot: How disgraceful of me...
Siegfried: Of course, I didn't know that such minor things were taken into account for the test. However...
Siegfried: You may not have shown it through so-called etiquette, but you displayed respect to your opponents through the way you handled your sword.
Siegfried: And to me that's true respect—far more honorable than some arbitrary courtesies.
Vane: That's our Siegfried for ya! You knew Lancey was the real deal from the get-go!
Siegfried: There were some qualities in your etiquette that may have needed some rectifying, but your potential as a knight was clear as day.
Siegfried: Anyway, I had deemed you as a capable applicant, but your application was unjustly dismissed by your proctor.
Siegfried: The original reasoning was to decline you on the grounds that this was a test not only for your talents as a swordsman, but your etiquette as one also.
Percival: Not uncommon for lowly nobles. Give 'em a little bit of power and they'll do anything to keep others out... Utterly despicable.
Siegfried: Either way, in the end it was determined that a man such as Lancelot would not become part of the order.
Lancelot: However, I ended up passing in the end. What happened?
Siegfried: I asked that man a simple question—what qualities does a true knight possess?
Siegfried: He answered me saying a chivalrous spirit, as if I had taught it to him myself.
Siegfried: So I asked him what qualities a chivalrous spirit consisted of next.
Siegfried: Unwavering loyalty, honesty, and valor... the list went on for some time.
Siegfried: I asked him which one of those qualities Lancelot did not possess.
Siegfried: And just like that, he revised your application to a passing score and handed it to me, with nary a word spoken.
Vane: What! Are you telling me that the only reason Lancey is with us was due to Siegfried?
Lancelot: So that's what happened...
Lancelot: I'm truly grateful.
Siegfried: Now, there's no need for that... I merely kept a man to his word.
Siegfried: It was because of your own work and skill that you were able to join our ranks.
Lancelot: That may be true, but if it hadn't been for your words, I wouldn't have even...
Siegfried: Don't be mistaken, Lancelot. I wasn't giving you preferential treatment of any sort.
Siegfried: Overcoming adversity and various challenges with spectacular efforts to eventually become captain has undeniably proven your mettle.
Siegfried: At the time, I simply chose what I thought would be best for the future of our kingdom.
Lancelot: Yes, of course. Not only did you judge us fairly without prejudice, you didn't pick favorites either.
Lancelot: Everything in the name of king and country... You truly are a worthy knight.
Vane: Say Percy, did you know about this? You don't look too surprised about what we just heard.
Percival: No, but if you think about it, anyone could've guessed that something like that went down.
Percival: Lancelot's situation at the time wasn't something that could be overcome with hard work alone.
Lancelot: I challenged everything so recklessly, ignorant to my own circumstances.
Percival: Well, you certainly did ruffle a few feathers among the nobles. You could say that some were even jealous of your talent despite your background.
Percival: The naysayers have mostly shut up since you've proven yourself a worthy captain for the order.
Percival: It isn't easy to change attitudes and prejudices. That goes for both knights and citizens.
Vane: Damn straight. Well, Percy comes from nobility himself, so I'm sure he's heard all kinds of awful things.
Lancelot: There are still some even in the order now who consider themselves to be better due to their lineage.
Lancelot: The problem isn't limited to the application process—it runs deep within the proctors themselves.
Siegfried: Hmm...
Siegfried: Well, I've said just about everything that I can recall.
Siegfried: You certainly have some work cut out for you. I hope my ramblings proved to be of some help, at least.
Lancelot: Incredibly helpful. Thank you for sharing this with me.
Lancelot learns about the circumstances leading to his entry into the order.
As the captain of the order himself now, Lancelot reflects on how he can contribute in the same way his mentor did.

Rise of a Nameless Knight[edit]

In hopes of improving the application process for the White Dragons, Lancelot visits a nearby kingdom with a vastly different approach to the task. Percival joins him for the journey, and the two knights discuss their respective backgrounds and upbringings as they travel to their destination.

Lancelot has learned from Siegfried what really happened when he originally entered the Order of the White Dragons.
He thought he would be able to find a way to reform the application process, but a clear answer has yet to be found.
Lancelot: ...
Vane: ...
Wanting to help Lancelot, Vane asks around and learns about a certain country from Percival.
That country established an unusual admission exam for becoming a knight, regardless of lineage or background.
Upon learning of this country's methods, Vane suggests to Lancelot to do some reconnaissance of his own.
Vane: I don't really understand complicated stuff like this, but...
Vane: Rather than just sitting around here thinking, I say you should go out and see things for yourself!
Vane: And don't worry, Lancey—this first officer right here will keep an eye on the fort while you're out!
Lancelot: Thanks, Vane. I appreciate it.
And thus, Lancelot and Percival depart on the next airship leaving the capital.
Lancelot: There you are.
Percival: What's the matter?
Lancelot: I've been so busy lately that I wasn't able to properly thank you.
Lancelot: I appreciate you telling Vane about this place and accompanying me for the journey.
Percival: Humph. Well, I couldn't just stand around and watch you curs make a ruckus.
Percival: Besides, I'm acquainted with the captain of their order, and so it's only natural that I introduce you.
Lancelot: Hehe... Either way, I appreciate the gesture.
Percival: By the way, after hearing Siegfried's story, I've been wanting to ask you something.
Percival: Before joining the order, how did you guys practice your swordcraft and whatnot?
Lancelot: How? We didn't really do anything out of the ordinary, I don't think.
Percival: In my family's case, we had our own special education and teacher solely for teaching the art of the sword. Many nobles do the same.
Percival: Was there anyone in your life like that?
Lancelot: So that's what you meant. Well, it's not as if I didn't have anyone in my life to teach me swordsmanship.
Lancelot: But I don't think I had anyone in my life that you would consider a proper teacher.
With a wry smile, Lancelot reminisces about his hometown life before joining the order.
Lancelot: Back in my hometown, there was an old swordmaster that lived nearby.
Lancelot: Vane and I always sought him out when we wanted to train.
Lancelot: He taught us various skills, from how to properly grasp a sword to basic handling techniques.
Percival: If you ask me, that sounds exactly like someone I'd call a proper teacher.
Lancelot: For Vane and I, he was a teacher—no doubt about it.
Lancelot: But alas, he was not a knight, and unfamiliar with the art of battle. That was something we'd have to learn on our own.
Percival: So I suppose for anything outside of swordsmanship, he wasn't much of a teacher after all.
Percival: By the way, I'd actually heard you received your recommendation to join the order upon winning a duel against a famous swordsman. Is he...
Lancelot: Yes, the very same swordmaster. I was just fortunate enough to win on that day, that's all.
Lancelot: However, news of our duel spread around until one day when he suddenly stopped teaching me.
Percival: Maybe he lost his confidence after losing to a child?
Lancelot: Perhaps... All I know is that he told me that there was nothing left to teach me. He threw away his sword that day and went to working in the fields, never looking back.
Lancelot: From then on, all of my experience and knowledge was self-taught, either through books or by fighting monsters.
Lancelot: So I picked up the essentials of being a knight here and there with books I could find. I can't really recommend any of them though.
Percival realizes how privileged he'd been growing up, reflecting on how easy it was for him to obtain the necessary skills and knowledge in comparison.
It would be much more difficult for someone outside of such an environment to obtain the tools and knowledge to become a knight.
Percival: I don't know how to say this, but... I'm impressed that you wanted to become a knight despite your upbringing.
Lancelot: I was just a fool who didn't understand the world. If I had known the reality of my situation, I may have been much more hesitant.
Lancelot: But... my ambition and desire to become a knight was pure. No matter what my circumstances were, I didn't want to give this up.
Lancelot: That's why I want to give these aspiring children with the same dream a chance as well.
Percival: Heh. Well, I understand your ideals, but don't forget this.
Percival: Even if you make the exam more accessible for people, that doesn't mean it has to be a cakewalk.
Lancelot: You don't need to worry about that. Only those worthy will be chosen. That will never change.
Listening to the conviction in Lancelot's voice, Percival gives a look of relief.
As the two knights discuss their respective backgrounds and upbringings, they draw closer to their destination.

Rise of a Nameless Knight: Scene 2[edit]

Lancelot arrives at the kingdom just as the admission exams begin. He soon discovers that the number of proctors is quite large, allowing them to fully examine the virtues and personalities of the applicants. Having found a model example, Lancelot contemplates how to implement this new system in Feendrache.

Percival and Lancelot happen to arrive at the kingdom just as exams were being held for the next would-be knights.
Percival introduces Lancelot to the leaders of the order, explaining the purpose of their sudden visit.
Head Proctor: So that's the case. Very well then, you may observe our upcoming exam if you wish.
Lancelot: Thank you... My deepest gratitude to all of you.
Percival: Well, I'll be off on my way then.
Lancelot: Thanks for the introduction. Take care.
Once Lancelot is introduced, Percival takes off to attend to another matter.
The head proctor leads Lancelot to the grounds where the exam is to be held.
Lancelot: (There doesn't seem to be as many applicants. Although given the size of this country, I suppose this turnout is pretty reasonable.)
Lancelot: (The subjects and recruiting methods seem to be similar so far, if not exactly the same as the capital's. But if I had to choose something that was different...)
Head Proctor: Compared to your kingdom, I suppose our exam may not be as sophisticated but I do hope this doesn't affect your perspective.
Lancelot: No, not at all. Maintaining a high standard is what's important, and I've heard nothing but good things.
Lancelot: However, there seem to be quite a large number of proctors despite the number of applicants. Why is that?
Head Proctor: Interesting... Your colleague, Percival, asked the same question when he first visited.
Head Proctor: After demonstrating that they have the minimum skill requirements, applicants will then undergo a more personal exam to test their knightly virtues.
Head Proctor: Do they possess courage and nobility in their hearts? Do they act with mercy or recklessness?
Head Proctor: As a knight, one must have a sense of justice and duty. It is here that we test these qualities.
Lancelot: I see. So that explains all of the proctors, then.
Lancelot: However, to devote such a large number of individual proctors... Surely there's a more efficient method?
Head Proctor: Just as you might think, this method is certainly not one that people would call efficient.
Head Proctor: However! There's no price for ensuring the growth and prosperity of our country, and it starts here.
Head Proctor: If you think about it as an investment in the future, the amount of effort and time put into this test seems appropriate.
Lancelot: (There are two problems with the current application process for the White Dragons.)
Lancelot: (Obviously the attitudes toward non-nobility among the proctors a problem. The other one is having an exam that heavily favors nobles and the privileged.)
Lancelot: (If we were to change our exam to be more like this country's, this could very well be the key to our problems.)
Lancelot: I was told that all citizens are eligible for knighthood regardless of their lineage and social standing. Is this true?
Head Proctor: While I admit that we have many knights among our ranks that come from nobility, I daresay that may be due to half of our applicants being nobles.
Head Proctor: However, I myself come from a remote village—compared to other countries, I'd say we have a smaller proportion of nobles.
Lancelot: Did you ever feel out of place, even after joining?
Head Proctor: Well, those who hold prejudices against people's backgrounds don't make it past the initial tests.
Head Proctor: Such an unrefined way of thinking... People who consider themselves superior due to their lineage or background have no place within our ranks.
The knight declared his words with a clear conviction in his voice.
His dignified voice and manner was just as noble as any honorable knight he had ever seen.
Lancelot: So this is the result of years and years of having a truly fair and equal examination system.
Lancelot: When I look at you, I can understand how splendid the knights of this country truly are.
Head Proctor: To receive such praise from you, Lancelot, it truly is an honor!
Lancelot: (However, instilling such a sense of values into people is easier said than done. Will the capital even accept such a proposal?)
Lancelot: If you don't mind, may I ask a proctor some questions?
Head Proctor: Not at all! We may be able to catch one in between tests right now. Please, this way.
Having now found a model application process, Lancelot's quest continues.

Rise of a Nameless Knight: Scene 3[edit]

Lancelot returns to Feendrache still unsure as to whether a new application process for the order is possible. With Siegfried's encouragement, however, Lancelot realizes how far he's come. With newfound resolve, he asks Siegfried to duel him for old time's sake.

After concluding his research, Lancelot returns to the capital and stops by the training grounds alone.
Having spent his first day back catching up on various errands that accumulated during his absence, the sun has already begun to set.
Lancelot: (I haven't kept up with my training for a few days. I suppose some exercise is in order.)
Firmly grasping his swords, he practices his swings in a secluded area on the grounds.
In the midst of his training, another man silently approaches Lancelot.
Siegfried: Your footwork is too loose—you've already given your opponent an opportunity to escape.
Lancelot: Siegfried...
Siegfried: What's on your mind?
Siegfried: It came to my attention that you went on a little research excursion. Was it unsuccessful?
Lancelot: It's not that. I learned of methods that would be truly beneficial for our order. But I don't know...
Siegfried: What's the matter? Share your thoughts with me.
Lancelot describes to Siegfried the application process and exam methods he witnessed on his travels.
Lancelot: The judgment of each applicant must be left to the proctors, to determine whether or not they truly possess the virtues of a knight.
Lancelot: Of course, each and every proctor will have their own sense of values, but they should all be looking for the exact same qualities.
Lancelot: If I were able to employ a small trusted team of proctors, I would feel more at ease about this.
Lancelot: With more proctors, surely there will be some with values different than my own... Either way, I must be able to trust them to make the right decisions.
Lancelot: I don't even know if I'm capable of convincing all of our proctors to see eye to eye with me.
Siegfried: I see.
Siegfried: Your concerns are justified. Every order of knights has a few among their ranks who may look down on some of their own fellow knights and brethren due to their background.
Siegfried: To instill new perspectives to those who value traditional ways of thinking won't be an easy task.
Lancelot: ...
Siegfried: However, without the opportunity for change to bloom, it cannot flower.
Siegfried: It may be difficult to try and change everything on your own, but perhaps creating the opportunity for change to bloom is a start.
Lancelot: An opportunity for change...
Siegfried: You're a man who has had to overcome every hardship to become a knight, and despite your background made your way to becoming the captain of our order.
Siegfried: I'd say you're the perfect one to create such opportunities.
Siegfried's calm expression glows with a warm smile, illuminated by the faint lights of the castle above.
A teacher and pupil on the training grounds, under the twilight of the evening sky—Lancelot recalls the days when Siegfried trained him in swordsmanship here.
Lancelot: Heh. Having you here, listening to my woes... It's just like when I first joined the order.
Lancelot: I thought that I'd grown since then, but it seems that I still have so much to learn from you.
Siegfried: Your woes are for the future of our kingdom. That is nothing to be ashamed of.
Siegfried: You've grown much since you first joined our ranks. You've become a knight that the capital can truly be proud to have as a captain.
Lancelot: Your words are much appreciated.
Lancelot feels the warmth of these endearing words from his teacher, who taught him everything ever since he was a nameless trainee.
With his heart steeped in courage, Lancelot grips his swords.
Lancelot: Siegfried, I have a request of you.
Lancelot: Would you... have a duel with me?
Siegfried: Heh. Going back to basics, I see.
Siegfried: Very well.
Siegfried: Come at me... Whenever you're ready.
Lancelot: Thank you.
Siegfried: Lancelot, concerning what you should do... you must already hold the answer.
Siegfried: Now I'll test your resolve—prepare yourself!
Lancelot: I understand!
Lancelot: Here I come!
Shrouded in the silent shadows of the night, the teacher and pupil begin their training.

Rise of a Nameless Knight: Scene 4[edit]

Upon ending his duel with Siegfried, Lancelot decides to establish a new application process for the order with the faith that he'll be able to fulfill his ambitions as long as he has the support of his friends. As a potential mentor for the aspiring knights of tomorrow, Lancelot sets his sights on being an example for others and opening the doors to a new generation.

Lancelot: Haaah!
Siegfried: Truly... exceptional, Lancelot.
Lancelot: I'm honored to receive your praise...
Lancelot: Oh?
Vane: Wh-whoa...
Lancelot: Vane! How long have you been watching?
Vane: It's been so long since I've seen Lancey and Siegfried going at it together...
Vane: You guys really are totally awesome—my heart's racing like crazy... Look, I've got goose bumps!
Siegfried: He showed up shortly after we started... I guess you didn't notice his presence.
Lancelot: If it had been an enemy, we could've been caught off guard... I still have much to work on.
Vane: No way, Lancey! You're stronger than ever before!
Lancelot: Haha, I'm glad you think so.
Siegfried: ...
Siegfried: Have you decided?
Lancelot swiftly replies with a confident nod.
Lancelot: Before, I would do whatever it took to become a knight, with reckless abandon.
Lancelot: Rather than worry about whether or not I could do something, I'd fecklessly continue to challenge myself.
Lancelot: Looking back now at who I was in the past, I finally realized something.
Lancelot: Once you've decided on something, hesitating on it is simply a waste of time!
As if making a vow, Lancelot holds a sword straight up.
Lancelot: As the head proctor, I'll persuade the other proctor—every last one of them if I have to.
Lancelot: You all have my word. I will establish a fair and equal examination system!
Vane: Heh, that's what I was waiting to hear!
Vane: You know we always have your back to the very end, Lancey! We'll do everything we can to help!
Lancelot: Much obliged.
Siegfried: Heh. If anything, you've been blessed with comradery in your life.
Lancelot: Yes... I truly am.
Siegfried: Lancelot. You've gathered the resolve to stand for what you believe in, despite the hurdles that surely await on the horizon.
Siegfried: This will be much more difficult than just recklessly taking the problem head on.
Lancelot: I understand.
Siegfried: However, as long as you stay true and work with your fellow comrades, I know you have the ambition to succeed.
Siegfried: I look forward to your success.
Lancelot: I won't let you down, Siegfried.
Siegfried: You've really grown.
Siegfried reminisces about his days ever since joining the order as a bittersweet smile forms on his face.
Siegfried: Lancelot... As your teacher, there's something I want you to know.
Siegfried: Just as I've been a teacher and mentor to you, someday you too will become a mentor to someone else.
Siegfried: I want you to become a worthy mentor—a revered knight that all aspiring knights can look up to.
Lancelot: Me... Become a mentor?
Vane: Whoa... Professor Lancey's gonna teach?
Vane: Heheh... Lancey's already got everyone's respect; you'll make an awesome mentor!
Lancelot: That's laying it on a bit thick, Vane.
Vane: Come on, Lancey, don't you know? Everyone in the order wants to be just like you!
Lancelot: In that case, I should double my efforts in setting an example for the others, shouldn't I?
Brimming with determination, Lancelot sets his sights on establishing a new application process for the order with his newfound knowledge.
Perhaps one day he will be the key to open the doors to a new future for young and aspiring knights.
For now, his heart has swelled with excitement for the future that lies before him on the horizon.

Side-scrolling Quotes[edit]

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
周囲を警戒しろ、 油断は禁物だ Never let your guard down. Vigilance is key.
今だ、先へ進むぞ Now's our chance. Let's go!
忙しくても 鍛錬は続けないとな I have to keep up with my training, no matter what.
ジークフリートさんのように 強く気高く… I must be strong and noble, just like Siegfried.
ヴェインは本当に 頼れる副団長だよ I can always count on Vane.
パーシヴァルには 改めて礼をしないとな… I must thank Percival again...
フェードラッヘのため、 俺は俺の信じる道を行く I'll do what I must for Feendrache.
新米騎士達は 皆いい目をしていた… I've got a good feeling about the new recruits.
(主人公)、 また一緒に鍛錬を積もうな Let's train together again soon, (Captain).
俺も(主人公)には 負けていられない! I won't lose to you either, (Captain)!

Other Appearances[edit]


Lancelot, Twinfang Prodigy[edit]

SV Lancelot, Twinfang Prodigy.png SV Lancelot, Twinfang Prodigy E.png
Click to reveal card data

Whenever this follower attacks, gain +1/+1 if an allied Vane, Indomitable Knight is in play.

I've been handed a royal decree from the king to seek knowledge that will benefit our country, but I don't even know where to begin... I think I'll start by observing other lands.


(Same as the unevolved form.)

There must be something I can do for the people of this kingdom... but what? What should a knight protect? That's the question I have to answer.

Class Swordcraft
Trait Commander
Card Pack Token
SV Portal Lancelot, Twinfang Prodigy
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Unbridled Fury[edit]

SV Unbridled Fury alt.png
Click to reveal card data

Deal X damage to an enemy follower. X equals the number of allied followers in play.

With twin blades in hand, I'll cut a path to glory!

Class Swordcraft
Card Pack Promo
SV Portal Unbridled Fury
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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