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Event Story

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Priestess of the Dunes - Opening

Omar, commander of the desert castle, receives an urgent report of torrential rain and monster attacks on the island. He determines that the seal of the Rain God, Manawydan, has been broken and commands his captain of the guard, Volenna, to take the Priestess of the Dunes to reseal Manawydan.

When the Rain God awakes,
the sky shall weep.
The rain will beat down upon the town.
It will drench the citizens to the bone.
But be not afraid.
For there is no rain without surcease, no tears that do not dry in time.
The Priestess of the Dunes shall herself appease the Rain God.
Though this shall be at the risk of her own life.
Servant: Lord Omar! Urgent news! It seems the continuous downpour has caused several areas to flood!
Omar: Hmm... very well. We'll dispatch relief parties immediately.
Servant: Yes, sir! Also, according to the villagers, monsters confused by the torrential rain have suddenly appeared and started attacking.
Omar: Is that so? We're in a race against time, then. Summon Volenna. Quickly.
Servant: Yes, sir! At once!
Omar: So it's come to this...
???: You summoned me, Lord Omar?
Omar: Volenna. What news of the Priestess of the Dunes?
Volenna: The rains only feed her power, my lord.
Omar: Hmm... as I thought... this rain is no mere natural disaster. This must be the doing of the Rain God.
Volenna: The Rain God... you mean the Sand God Graphos's counterpart? The primal beast known as Manawydan?
Omar: That's right. Now that they are out of balance we must call on the priestess to once again place a seal on Manawydan.
Omar: Can I count on you, Volenna?
Volenna: Of course, Lord Omar! Would you permit me to choose several able subordinates to accompany us on this occasion?
Omar: Unfortunately all our other forces are currently occupied elsewhere... I shall have to ask the two of you to travel alone.
Volenna: But even with the priestess, for only the two of us to challenge the primal beast, it's...
Omar: What of it? When the time comes, unleashing the priestess's power is all that need be done.
Omar: You understand what to do, I trust, Volenna? Do not forget this is for the good of the many. I won't tolerate any failure.
Volenna: As you command, my lord...
Omar: Captain Volenna... I entrust you with the escort of the Priestess of the Dunes, and with the sealing of Manawydan.
Volenna: Understood!

Priestess of the Dunes - Chapter 1: A Chance Meeting in the Rain - Episode 1

While visiting Brillet, the town of glittering sand, (Captain)'s crew is stranded by a sudden, torrential downpour. As they take a brief rest, however, the party is forced to deal with the sudden appearance of monsters.

During their journey, the crew visit Brillet, the town of glittering sand.
They find themselves stranded by the fierce torrential rain sweeping across the entire area.
Vyrn: Hey! Didn't Siero say that it never rains here at this time of year?
Vyrn: Geez... Town of glittering sand? More like glittering mud.
Lyria: Nngh... I'm feeling a little dizzy for some reason...
Katalina: A-are you all right, Lyria? Perhaps you've caught a cold in this rain... Do you have a fever? Does it hurt anywhere?
Lyria: Well, my throat doesn't hurt or anything... I don't think it's a fever either.
Katalina: Let me feel your forehead...
I don't think it's a fever, but we'd better rest here a while to be safe...
Townsperson: H-hey! Someone, help! The monsters are back! Give me a hand here!
Vyrn: What! Monsters are coming out in the middle of this rainstorm? Guys, think we can help them?
Katalina: Y-yes, but I'm a little worried about Lyria's condition... Someone should stay with her, don't you think, (Captain)?
Lyria: Thank you, Katalina. But I'm all right. (Captain), I'm going too!
Vyrn: Okay, just don't push yourself too hard! All right! Let's do it!
Townsperson: Whew... thank goodness you guys came when you did. I have no idea why those monsters just attacked us all of a sudden.
???: Eek!
Townsperson: Hey! Someone's being attacked over there!
Katalina: Hurry! We have to save them!

Priestess of the Dunes - Chapter 1: A Chance Meeting in the Rain - Episode 2

A scream leads the crew to a girl surrounded by monsters. Lyria senses a strange power emanating from the girl. The crew's discussion of the situation is interrupted by monsters.

???: D-don't come any closer... I-I'm warning you!
Katalina: She's in danger. We have to hurry! But... is it just my imagination, or are the monsters all swarming around that girl?
Lyria: I feel a strong power... I think this was the cause of my dizziness earlier!
Vyrn: Don't know what's going on here, but there's only one way to find out! Let's go!
Katalina: Don't worry, we're here now. Everything's going to be all right, just stay behind us.
???: Huh? Um... A-all right!
Lyria: Ah, so you're the ones behind my dizziness!
???: Eh? Y-your dizziness?
Vyrn: Um, guys... monsters first, chat later! Let's get 'em!

Priestess of the Dunes - Chapter 1: A Chance Meeting in the Rain - Episode 3

Katalina tries to question the girl, but she runs off without answering. Catching up with her, Katalina asks the reason for her behavior. It turns out that the girl harbors within her the power of the Sand God, Graphos. She is surprised to find that the crew is not afraid of her and stunned to learn of Lyria's own hidden powers.

Katalina: Whew. We should be all right for now. Are you injured?
???: N-no, I'm all right... Th-thank you.
Katalina: So, what's a young girl like you doing by herself in the middle of this rainstorm?
???: Er, I-I'm... um... Well...
Katalina: It's all right. Just breathe deep and take your time.
???: I... I'm sorry...
Vyrn: Huh? Hey, look out! There are monsters that way!
Lyria: (Captain)! Let's chase after her!
Katalina: Why are you running from us? Won't you tell us?
???: I... don't want to put you in danger.
Lyria: You mean because the monsters are drawn to your power? If that happens, (Captain) will take care of them!
???: It's not just the monsters... It's me... My power.
Lyria: Your power... Do you mean that floaty guy behind you?
???: Y-you really aren't afraid? This is Graphos, god of sand.
Lyria: Well, Graphos is protecting you, after all! It's shielding you from the rain like an umbrella right now.
???: Eh?
Lyria: I've got someone like that myself. They just kind of come and go.
???: Come and go?
Lyria: Like this!
Lyria manipulates a primal beast to show what she is talking about.
???: Oh! You're... the same...
Lyria: Hehe. So there's nothing to worry about any more. We'll protect you!
Vyrn: Yep! Leave those monsters to us!

Priestess of the Dunes - Chapter 1: A Chance Meeting in the Rain - Episode 4

Saved by the crew, the girl starts crying. She mentions a woman named Volenna, but the party can't make out the details through her sobbing. After trying to console her, the party decides to head back to town. There Volenna and Sara are reunited, but at that moment, more monsters attack.

???: B-but, it's my fault... If not for me, Captain Volenna would still be...
Katalina: Calm down now. Who is this Volenna?
???: C-Captain Volenna was my... My... Sob...
Katalina: Oh... I-I'm sorry! Ahh, what should we do? Vyrn? (Captain)?
Vyrn: Don't look at me! How should I know? Maybe she's just crying out of relief? Erm... Lyria?
Lyria: M-me? Errr... Oh! Look at Vyrn's cute little tail! It's so squishy and huggable!
Vyrn: H-hey, Lyria! Let go! I ain't no plushie!
???: Hic... Sniffle...
Katalina: We'll all catch colds standing around here like this. Let's head back to town for now!
???: She's only a little girl! I told her she would be safe here! How could you just leave her to fend for herself?
Townsperson: F-forgive me, please! We had our hands full just trying to save ourselves!
???: Then do you at least know where she went? She must still be around here somewhere!
Townsperson: I-I'm telling you, I don't know anything!
???: Volenna?
Volenna: Sara! You're safe!
Townsperson: A-ahhhh!
Volenna: Humph... so there are still monsters around here...
Lyria: L-look out! Let's help those people, (Captain)!

Priestess of the Dunes - Chapter 1: A Chance Meeting in the Rain - Episode 4: Scene 2

Sara reveals herself to be the Priestess of the Dunes. She has been tasked with sealing away the Rain God, Manawydan, who is causing the torrential rains on the island. Sara asks the crew to accompany them as escorts, despite Volenna's reservations.

Sara: Sob... I-I'm so glad... you're safe, C-Captain...
Volenna: Priestess of the Dunes. You mustn't cry over every little thing. Show a little courage.
Sara: Y-yes... Sniffle. I-I'm sorry...
Vyrn: Yikes... Talk about strict.
Volenna: You saved me back there. It seems like you also took care of the priestess. You have my thanks.
Sara: U-um... I...
Volenna: What is it? We don't have much time. Come on... let's hurry onward.
Katalina: You're Volenna, correct?
Volenna: That's right. Do you have something to ask of me?
Katalina: This little girl was left alone to be attacked by monsters. Couldn't you at least tell us why that was?
Volenna: Humph... well, you did save her, after all. I suppose you have a right to know.
Volenna begins to tell (Captain)'s group of her and Sara's mission, and the situation on the island.
Katalina: I... I can't believe it... such a terrible set of circumstances, right here on this island!
Lyria: The Rain God Manawydan... Must be a primal!
Vyrn: Huh. No wonder the weather here's messed up.
Volenna: I promised I'd tell you and I have. Now we must go.
Sara: W-wait, please...
Volenna: What is it this time?
Sara: I have a favor to ask of you, (Captain). Um... would you please... come with us to Manawydan?
Volenna: What! You can't just ask that!
Sara: B-but, these people saved me... without even knowing who I was! So... they must be...
Volenna: Humph... I should be sufficient for the task.
Sara: B-but... well... if we get separated by monsters again...
Volenna: Hngh... well, I can't deny they've been very helpful. Do as you please, then.
Sara: Thank you! Everyone... let's do this together!
Lyria: Of course! Primal beasts are our specialty! Right, (Captain)?
Vyrn: We're all in it together now! And anyway, we could never abandon someone in need! Right, (Captain)?
  1. You got it!
  2. If we must...

Choose: You got it!
Vyrn: Heh heh! I knew you'd say that, (Captain)!

Choose: If we must...
Vyrn: Hehehe... (Captain), you can't fool me!
Continue 1
Volenna: Humph... I can't guarantee you'll make it back alive.
Katalina: Once we've decided upon something, we won't withdraw our word. I trust it's fine for us to accompany you, then?
Volenna: Do as you will. And don't say I didn't warn you.
Sara: Everyone... thank you so much.
Thus, (Captain)'s crew agrees to escort Sara, Priestess of the Dunes, on her journey.
But they have not yet come to know of her tragic fate, or its significance.

Priestess of the Dunes - Chapter 2: The Unsmiling Protector - Episode 1

The crew joins Sara and Volenna on their journey to seal Manawydan. As they talk about the situation on the island, Lyria asks Sara about the Sand God whose power she wields. Lyria notes that she and the Priestess of the Dunes, Sara, are similar to one another, and remarks that they've already become friends. Katalina smiles over their developing friendship, but Volenna seems less interested.

Vyrn: Say... if this primal beast is so strong, why don't you guys have more backup with you?
Volenna: Lord Omar has many foes. Someone could take advantage of this chaos to raid the castle, and our forces are already spread thin as it is.
Katalina: Hmm... With the fate of the entire country at stake, it seems a little too rash a decision.
Volenna: Why? As long as we have the Priestess of the Dunes with us, there's no reason we shouldn't be able to seal Manawydan.
Lyria: Hey, Sara. Can you talk with Graphos?
Sara: W-well... it's not exactly conversation, but... Graphos's voice sounds in my head when it chooses.
Vyrn: Hey, you two! Stick closer or we might get separated!
Lyria: You see, I can talk with primal beasts! And once we're friends, they help us out in a pinch!
Sara: Wow, that's amazing... You have so many friends. I wish I could be like you.
Lyria: What do you mean? We're already friends, aren't we?
Sara: Huh?
Lyria: I mean, we have so much in common!
Sara: Friends... with a lot in common...
Lyria: Right, we're friends! And that means if we have any problems, we have to talk to each other about them straight away, okay?
Sara: Y... yeah!
Katalina: Well now, it's sweet to see those two getting along. Isn't it, Volenna?
Volenna: Humph... There are enemies ahead. We have to clear them out if we want to proceed.

Priestess of the Dunes - Chapter 2: The Unsmiling Protector - Episode 2

Lyria frolics in the rain, causing Katalina to worry about her catching a cold. When Sara walks too far ahead of the party, Volenna sharply cautions the girl to remain behind her. Vyrn remarks that their relationship seems the complete opposite of Katalina and Lyria's, which causes Volenna to quarrel with him. Their dispute is broken up by yet more monsters.

Lyria: Hey, Katalina! Doesn't the rain feel nice on your skin?
Katalina: Haha. It's fine to enjoy yourself, Lyria, but if you get drenched, you'll catch a cold!
Lyria: It's all right! And if I do catch a cold, you can care for me again, Katalina! Come on, let's play!
Katalina: Now, now, Lyria. Come on, I'll dry you off.
Lyria: Mmph... eww... That smells funny.
Katalina: Well, what do you expect? Everything's getting damp in this rain.
Vyrn: Geez, look at Lyria, playing in the rain... and Katalina's not helping things by indulging her like that!
Volenna: Humph... they're so lax, both of them. I'm surprised they've made it this far.
Sara: ...
Volenna: Be careful, Priestess. Don't walk too far ahead. Stay behind me.
Sara: Y-yes! S-sorry.
Volenna: And let me warn you... don't associate with them too much.
Sara: Yes. I'll be careful.
Vyrn: Huh... Things seem pretty tense between you two, compared to Katalina and Lyria. You're like polar opposites...
Volenna: Humph! Be silent, Lizard!
Vyrn: Wha? Hey, I ain't no—
Katalina: Volenna! Monsters! Help me take them on!

Priestess of the Dunes - Chapter 2: The Unsmiling Protector - Episode 3

Lyria invites Sara to play, which spurs Volenna to speak frankly to the party about their relationship. Katalina gently asks Volenna the reason for her strictness toward Sara. Volenna responds curtly that it is simply her duty to escort Sara to Manawydan's location. At that point, monsters appear.

Lyria: Hey, Sara. Come look at this puddle. It's just like a pond! Isn't it pretty?
Sara: U-um... I...
Volenna: Priestess. I said to stay behind me.
Vyrn: Hey now, Miss Escort. Can't you let her have a little fun?
Volenna: Hah... Don't get the wrong idea. I'll work with you in battle, but I have no intention of becoming familiar with you.
Vyrn: Whoa. Relax. No need to be so cold.
Volenna: The same goes for the Priestess of the Dunes. You are not to involve yourselves with her, understand?
Vyrn: What's your problem? We're only trying to be nice. There's no call for being so harsh!
Sara: ...
Lyria: Um, calm down, please! We shouldn't fight among ourselves.
Katalina: She's right.
Katalina: We've enough to worry about without falling out with each other. Come, let's move on for now.
Katalina: Volenna. It's only children being children. Did you have to go so far as to put a stop to it?
Volenna: Humph... I'm not like you. I have a duty to escort the priestess to the domain of Manawydan unharmed.
Volenna: I must endeavor to avert any potential danger to her person.
Katalina: That's certainly laudable, but... don't you think you're being a little too strict?
Monster: Groooar!
Vyrn: Hey, you two! Monsters ahead! Save the chat for later!

Priestess of the Dunes - Chapter 2: The Unsmiling Protector - Episode 4

Katalina asks Volenna to be more considerate of Sara's feelings, a request which Volenna obstinately ignores. Lyria catches a frog that has been drawn out by the rain. Suddenly the frog jumps onto Volenna's neck and hides in her armor. At the sight of Volenna squirming in revulsion, Sara can't help but laugh.

Volenna: Let us agree to disagree, and leave it at that.
Katalina: Very well. I won't press you. But let me ask one more thing.
Katalina: I can't help but feel that Sara is pushing herself a little too hard. Couldn't you show a little more concern?
Volenna: Hah. Is that how you feel? I hardly think you have the right to question my relationship with the priestess.
Volenna: Is that all? If you have the time to waste your breath on idle talk, let us use it to press forward.
Vyrn: Man, I just can't stand her! She's so uptight...
Lyria: Katalina! Look what I found!
Katalina: Haha. And what would that be, Lyria?
Lyria: Ta-daaa! It's a froggy! He must have come out because of the rain, I guess?
Katalina: L-Lyria... That's... th-that's very nice, but I think it's best we let him go. Quickly now!
Lyria: Oh, he hopped away...
Vyrn: V-Volenna! On the back of your neck... there's a frog!
Volenna: Hm?
...Wh-wh-what? Why is there a f-frog here? H-hey!
Lyria: He... he's slipped inside your armor...
Volenna: Wh-what is this madness? Quick, someone t-take it out! I beg you! Eek! It's moving, it's moving!
Vyrn: Heheh! I don't believe it, she's exactly the same as Katalina! Right, (Captain)?
Sara: Hee hee... Ha ha ha!
Vyrn: Aha! We finally got Sara to laugh!
Sara: Ah! Um... no, I was...
Vyrn: If you want to laugh, then laugh as much as you want!
Monster: Groooar!
Vyrn: Oh, except when there's monsters. Like right now!

Priestess of the Dunes - Chapter 2: The Unsmiling Protector - Episode 4: Scene 2

Volenna tells Katalina to discipline Lyria. As the entire party is tired from the journey, they decide to take a break. Just then a dark shadow looms up behind them.

Volenna: K-Katalina! You must teach that girl some manners!
Lyria: I-I'm sorry... I won't catch any more frogs...
Katalina: M-my apologies! Everything in this world is new and exciting to Lyria, you see... I apologize on her behalf. Please forgive us.
Volenna: Humph... Don't let her near me again, understand?
Vyrn: Oh, come on, don't be so grumpy! Everyone's tired from all the excitement, so let's take a break, okay?
Katalina: Vyrn is right. Fatigue dulls the concentration, so let's rest a while.
Lyria: Break time? Yippee! Let's have snacks. How about you, Sara? Do you want some?
Sara: Th... thank you.
Volenna: Hey, what have I been telling you?
Volenna: Hm? Wait... Something's coming this way.
As Volenna cautions the crew, a black shadow creeps up behind them.

Priestess of the Dunes - Chapter 3: The Wandering Samurai - Episode 1

(Captain)'s group are taking a short break when monsters close in, drawn to the smell of Lyria's snacks. Preoccupied with the snacks, Lyria and Sara are slow to escape. Before the creatures can attack them, the girls are protected by a stranger who leaps out of the shadows.

Vyrn: Whoa! The monsters must have smelled the food!
Volenna: Argh. You gotta be kidding me. It's just one thing after another! We have to break out before they surround us!
Lyria: Aah! The snacks...
Sara: L-Lyria! Forget the snacks, let's run!
Katalina: Oh no! Lyria and Sara are still back there!
Volenna: Sara! Get away from there immediately!
Sara: Lyria! Watch out!
Lyria: Eek!
???: That was close. Now, stand behind me.
Volenna: Th-thank goodness! We'll back you up!

Priestess of the Dunes - Chapter 3: The Wandering Samurai - Episode 2

The man who saved the girls introduces himself as Jin, a roaming samurai. He says that his poor eyesight caused him to lose his way and asks the crew to accompany him to his destination: the foot of a nearby mountain. Perplexed by Jin's foreign attire, Sara strikes up a conversation with the samurai. Their chat is interrupted by the appearance of monsters.

Lyria: Ohh... I'm so sorry...
Volenna: Careful. Don't step any closer.
???: I'm just glad you came to no harm.
Katalina: Thank you. If there's any way we can repay you...
???: Ha ha, I need no reward. I saw two children in need of assistance. Anyone would have done the same.
Volenna: So... who are you?
???: Ah, but I am remiss. You may call me Jin. I am but a humble samurai, roaming this transient world.
Volenna: ...
And what's a humble samurai like yourself roaming out here for?
Katalina: Volenna! This man just saved the girls. Is that any way to talk to him?
Jin: Haha, quite the intimidating friend you have there... Cursed with nearsightedness, I strayed from the beaten path...
Jin: And just when I thought all was lost, I chanced upon you folks here.
Vyrn: In a nutshell, you're lost.
Jin: Hahaha, I suppose so.
Jin: Incidentally, I don't suppose you could accompany me for a little while? Just until I reach my destination.
Katalina: I don't see why not. We owe you for your service back there, after all. Right, (Captain)?
Volenna: Humph... on your own heads be it.
Jin: Excellent. Well then, just up to the foot of that mountain would be fine.
Volenna: Hmm? You're heading that way?
Volenna: Fine. We happen to be heading toward that mountain as well. We'll take you that far.
Sara: Um... Er... J-Jin!
Jin: Hm? What's the matter?
Sara: Thank you so much... for saving me back there!
Jin: Ha, you don't need to thank me for that!
Sara: U-um... so do you always... er... dress like that?
Jin: Oho, you mean these garments? Excellent question! You see, I wear these as homage to someone I respect very much.
Volenna: Hey, you. There are monsters up ahead. Give us a hand.
Jin: Those beasts certainly have a poor sense of timing. Well, to work, then!

Priestess of the Dunes - Chapter 3: The Wandering Samurai - Episode 3

Returning to their conversation, Jin tells Sara about someone he admires, whom he met when he was young. Jin was rescued from monsters by this person, much as Sara was by Jin. Sara listens to the story with interest. The conversation moves from Jin's dream to Sara's own goals, and encouraged by Jin, she shyly tells him of her mission.

Sara: So... you were saying, Jin... about that person you respect?
Jin: Yes. Well, it was when I was a mere youth... much like yourself just now, I was saved from some monsters.
Jin: The man who saved me carried a sharp sword at his hip, and was dressed much as I am now.
Sara: Oh, I see. So this person who saved you had the same clothes...
Jin: Well, somewhat. It was a long time ago.
Sara: And that person... um... what are they doing now?
Jin: Who knows? At that time, he seemed to be on a journey to hone his command of the blade. I wonder what hand fate has since dealt him...
Jin: Heh heh, perhaps the time will come when we will meet again.
Sara: That sounds wonderful. I hope... I hope you get to meet again...
Jin: Hahaha. I'll have to polish my skills before we meet again, though. I don't want to let him down!
Volenna: Hey, you two! Don't lag too far behind!
Jin: All right! We're coming!
Jin: By the way... What about you? Do you have any goals?
Sara: Eh... M-me?
Jin: Right... a dream, for instance. Children of your age are wont to harbor large dreams, after all. I was the same.
Sara: A... a dream... No... no, I... I've never had anything like that...
Jin: Ah, what a pity. You know you will never be motivated to do anything if you do not first have a dream.
Sara: Er, um... Oh! Well, I do have a task to fulfill... I guess...
Jin: Oho, what would that be? Tell me.
Sara: B-but... it's probably... too much for me...
Jin: Don't say that. After all, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. You can confide in me!
Sara: O-okay... W-well, you see... I... Whisper, whisper...
Jin: Hmm...
Oho, is that so?
You don't say!
Volenna: Hey, you! If you've the time to spend in idle chatter, help us with the monsters!
Jin: It looks like you have quite a fearsome task to accomplish. Well, we had better take out those monsters before I face her wrath!

Priestess of the Dunes - Chapter 3: The Wandering Samurai - Episode 4

As they near their destination, Lyria feels the presence of the primal beast grow ever stronger. At last they arrive. Rather than parting with them, Jin demands that they hand over the Priestess of the Dunes. With neither side backing down, a battle for the Priestess ensues.

Vyrn: Hey! We're nearly at the base of the mountain!
Lyria: I feel a strong power. It's coming from that mountain.
Katalina: Which means... the primal beast is there?
Sara: P-probably...
Volenna: We'll see.
Hey, samurai! We're almost at the foot of the mountain!
Jin: Dear me, you don't let up do you?
Volenna: Well, we're here, as you wanted. This is where we part ways.
Jin: Everyone... My humblest thanks for accompanying me this far.
Vyrn: Sure thing! Just be careful you don't get lost next time!
Jin: This is where we part...
Is what I would say, but actually, I have business on this mountain too.
Vyrn: Hm? What d'you mean? Is mountain climbing your hobby, or something?
Jin: Hahaha! Well, it would certainly be fun to go climbing with you folks sometime.
Volenna: I've no time for your jests! What is it you mean to say?
Jin: You're as severe as they say... You would be Volenna, Captain of the Guard at the Desert Castle, I presume?
Volenna: Humph... and what of it? What exactly is your purpose here?
Jin: I'll have to ask you to hand over the Priestess of the Dunes to me. Although something tells me you won't acquiesce so readily...
Lyria: Huh? What do you mean?
Jin: To seal the Rain God, Manawydan and to save the people of this land, we can't afford to lose the Priestess of the Dunes.
Katalina: W-wait! What do you mean? That's what we're here for! There must be some misunderstanding!
Vyrn: Hey, hey! I don't understand what's going on here!
Jin: It appears I have no choice. A battle of words would be pointless now.
Jin: Come then, draw your swords!
Volenna: Hah... Fine. Prepare yourself!
Sara: S-stop it, you two! Please, don't!

Priestess of the Dunes - Chapter 3: The Wandering Samurai - Episode 4: Scene 2

Having chased Jin to the edge of a steep drop, (Captain)'s party approaches him slowly. Unwilling to accept defeat, Jin seems about to risk his life to escape, but (Captain) talks him down.

Jin: Ugh... I never would have expected you to be so skilled...
Volenna: Wait! I won't let you escape!
Sara: Oh... W-wait!
(Captain)! Please go after them!
Bested in battle, Jin retreats, pursued by the crew.
Having chased Jin to the edge of a steep drop, (Captain)'s crew approaches him slowly.
Volenna: There's nowhere left to run. Throw down your weapon and surrender!
Jin: It's not over yet... I... I can still make it...
Vyrn: H-hey, Jin... don't risk it! It's too high!
Jin: Risks are part and parcel of a warrior's life. If there is an opportunity to evade capture, it must be taken!
Lyria: (Captain)! Stop him!
  1. You won't survive the fall!
  2. Let's see if he has the guts!

Choose: You won't survive the fall!
Jin: Ha. I appreciate your concern for my welfare, (Captain). But it's a gamble I have to take...
Sara: What would your savior think of you right now? Throwing your life away for nothing! What did they save you for?

Choose: Let's see if he has the guts!
Jin: I won't say I'm not daunted. But for a samurai to accept defeat so readily... I...
Continue 1
Seizing the opportunity, (Captain) tackles Jin.
Jin: Ugh... (Captain)... you...
Jin puts up no further resistance, hanging his head in shame.
Jin: (Captain), Sara... To think that I would end up being saved by you... It seems my training hasn't prepared me for everything.
(Captain) has saved Jin from his rash actions.
Giving in to (Captain)'s words of reason, Jin opens up to the crew.

Priestess of the Dunes - Chapter 4: A Transient Friendship - Episode 1

The party learn from Jin that someone is pulling the strings in the background. Jin himself does not seem to know the true identity of his employer, but the group heads toward the location specified in his deal: the Rain God's cave.

Vyrn: I see... So you were tryin' to kidnap Sara for someone else.
Vyrn: And they told you to bring her to them so that they could seal Manawydan?
Jin: That's right. They told me you were using Sara in a plot to try and control Manawydan's power.
Lyria: That's terrible! Making people out to be bad like that!
Katalina: Lyria's right. But I'm glad we were able to solve the misunderstanding.
Volenna: Humph... We still can't trust him, not on that basis alone.
Volenna: So what kind of person is your employer?
Jin: Sorry, but all I was told was to capture the priestess, and the location at which I was to hand her over...
Volenna: Is that the truth? If it's another lie, you won't get away with it as easily as before. Beware.
Jin: Haha... The voice of suspicion, as always.
Volenna: Hah. Maybe you really would like to test the height of that drop, after all. I'd happily be of assistance.
Jin: My apologies. I'm all for mountain climbing, but the reverse doesn't really appeal to me. I meant no offense.
Jin: Well, I've already told you everything I know... I have no more reason to deceive you.
Volenna: We'll see. Hurry up and guide us to this location you spoke of.
Led by Jin, who seems to have revealed the truth of the matter, (Captain)'s crew heads toward the Rain God's cave.

Priestess of the Dunes - Chapter 4: A Transient Friendship - Episode 2

The party continue up the steep path. As Volenna presses on impatiently, they find their way blocked by monsters. Volenna is angered when Sara appears to trust Jin despite his attempt to kidnap her.

Volenna: Which way is it now?
Jin: Now, now, let's not be hasty. The path is steep. It can't be easy on the young ones trailing behind us, you know.
Volenna: Sh-shut up! I'm aware of that.
Vyrn: Volenna seems kinda flustered...
Katalina: Haha... She may not show it on the surface, but... she really cares for Sara.
Sara: B-but... I really don't think Jin is... that bad a person.
Jin: Me? I'm just a fool, that's all.
Volenna: Sara... have you forgotten he tried to capture you? Why are you taking his side?
Sara: If he really wanted to kidnap me... he could have done it at any time, but...
Jin: Hah... I can explain that. I couldn't believe that such a small girl could be the Priestess of the Dunes, that's all.
Volenna: Humph... we'll continue this after we clear the path of monsters.

Priestess of the Dunes - Chapter 4: A Transient Friendship - Episode 3

The party realizes that Jin knew from the start that Sara was the Priestess of the Dunes. Volenna is irritated at the others' carelessness in trusting him.

Sara: B-but, I mean... you must have realized I was the Priestess of the Dunes, right? It's pretty plain to see.
Jin: It might be plain for most to see, but my eyesight is poor, remember? Even at this distance, you're blurry to me.
Lyria: Oh, right! You said something like that before!
Volenna: Hah... I have you now. You saw the mountain in the distance clearly enough after we met. Or have you forgotten that?
Jin: Hahaha. Did I say that?
Katalina: In that case... Jin, you knew from the beginning she was the priestess, and yet you chose to accompany us.
Volenna: Humph... I'm astounded none of you saw through his feeble attempts to deceive us before.
Vyrn: M-me too! I thought he looked shady from the beginning!
Lyria: Wow. You two are so smart.
Volenna: Honestly. You're all getting on my nerves. How can you be so careless?
Sara: Maybe... maybe Jin wanted to see what we were like for himself... At least, that's the feeling I get.
Jin: Hahaha... Sara, don't overestimate me.
Volenna: It doesn't matter to us whether he's good or bad. The issue is whether he's trustworthy.
Jin: Heh... She's right. Good and evil are two sides of the same coin, after all.
Jin: We only see what we want to...
Monster: Groooar!
Jin: Anyway, shall we take care of these monsters?

Priestess of the Dunes - Chapter 4: A Transient Friendship - Episode 4

The monsters grow in strength as the party approach their destination. When Sara gets tired and sprains her ankle, Jin offers to carry her, while Volenna is too embarrassed to help. Undeterred by Volenna's hostility, Jin hoists Sara onto his back. As (Captain)'s crew look on, monsters suddenly bar their way.

Vyrn: Is it just me, or are the monsters getting stronger?
Sara: I think... it's probably because Manawydan's power is growing stronger as we get closer to the cave...
Sara: Huff... Huff... Ahh!
Jin: What is it? A monster?
Sara: N-no... My ankle, I...
Jin: Hmm. It looks like you've twisted it.
Volenna: Sara! Are you all right?
Jin: Here! Get on my back.
Sara: Uh... N-no, it's... I couldn't...
Volenna: What! Y-you're going to carry her?
Jin: Volenna. If you're so concerned, you should carry her yourself. Time to make your choice.
Volenna: I-if I tire, then I won't be able to protect her, will I?
Jin: Too bad... this was your chance to prove yourself, if only you could be more honest about your feelings.
Volenna: L-look! If you want to gain my trust, just take up your sword and fight with us!
Jin: You really don't know how to talk to people, do you? Come on, Sara... hold on tight, now!
Sara: Eh... Oh... Ahh!
Jin: Huff... Huff... Not far now... I can see the cave entrance...
Sara: J-Jin! It's okay now. I can walk...
Jin: At least... let me carry you... to the cave...
Volenna: Hah, how unseemly... What kind of samurai tires at such a trivial task?
Jin: A-and how... about you? I'll wager you're regretting... not taking the opportunity... to carry her yourself...
Volenna: Ha! Hardly! Unlike you, I can carry her whenever it's necessary!
Sara: Um, J-Jin... Please, put me down... it's all right.
Vyrn: Hey... When did those two become so close, anyway?
Lyria: Sara's so lucky, getting a piggyback all that way... isn't she, Katalina?
Katalina: Hmm? Er, well, yes, but I mean... Sara's younger than you are, and, um... now's the time to show your maturity... right, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Geez... Best not to get drawn into it, (Captain). Let's get these monsters!

Priestess of the Dunes - Chapter 4: A Transient Friendship - Episode 4: Scene 2

The party finally reaches the Rain God's cave. Lyria and Sara resolve to overcome their fear of the dark as they step inside with (Captain).

Sara: Jin... Thank you so much.
Jin: Hah, th-that was nothing... Huff... I could do it all day... Don't worry about it.
Volenna: Humph... This is the entrance to the Rain God's cave. We'd better prepare ourselves.
Katalina: Yes. Everyone, are you ready?
Lyria: Ohhh... I'm scared of the dark...
Sara: M-me too, Lyria... I know! Let's talk about something as we walk!
Lyria: Y-yeah! If you're with me, Sara, it'll be a little less scary...
Vyrn: Heh! All righty, in we go!

Priestess of the Dunes - Chapter 5: A Maiden's Thoughts - Episode 1

When Lyria hears Sara hasn't given much thought to the future, she urges her to come up with something even if it's trivial. After some thought, Sara modestly declares that she'd like to study with Volenna. Lyria remarks that she'd like to play with Sara once they put a stop to the rain. Volenna looks on silently as Sara beams at the offer.

Lyria: Hey, Sara... what would you like to do once this journey's over?
Sara: Huh? Why do you ask?
Lyria: Sorry... I'm still scared, so I thought we could talk about something fun.
Sara: O-oh, right... Umm... After it's over...
Lyria: Hmm? What's wrong?
Sara: Er, oh, nothing... I... I haven't really thought about it that much.
Lyria: Really? You don't have to think too hard about it. Just something simple.
Sara: Something simple... Er... Um... Well, I guess I'd like to... study together with Volenna!
Lyria: S-studying? Not something like setting a world record for eating sweets?
Sara: Oh, that sounds nice, too. Eating candy with you...
Volenna: Hey. Don't fall too far behind, you two.
Lyria: So what else would you like to do, Sara?
Sara: Hmm... I wonder... I can't really think of anything. How about you, Lyria?
Lyria: Huh? Umm... Well... Oh! Once we've dealt with Manawydan and the rain stops, I'd like to play outside with you, Sara!
Sara: Hee hee... That sounds fun. I'd love to play with you, Lyria...
Lyria: Hehe... Great! It's a promise, then!
Volenna: ...
Katalina: Haha. Those two have become such firm friends, haven't they, Volenna?
Volenna: Huh? Oh... Yeah. I suppose so.
Katalina: Lyria seems so happy to have found a kindred spirit.
Volenna: Humph... don't get too relaxed. I sense the presence of monsters ahead.

Priestess of the Dunes - Chapter 5: A Maiden's Thoughts - Episode 2

The Priestess of the Dunes chats lightheartedly with Lyria. Volenna, however, remains stern in the face of their impending encounter with Manawydan. Volenna reveals that Sara's title is linked to her fate, and that she was born as a vessel for the Sand God. Katalina is reminded of Lyria and becomes concerned for Sara's future.

Volenna: Listen. You can talk, but don't drop your guard while there are monsters around.
Sara: Y-yes. Sorry...
Volenna: Humph... As long as you understand. Now, what of Manawydan's presence?
Sara: I feel a strong power... It's coming from this direction.
Katalina: No matter how you look at her, Sara seems like just an ordinary child.
Katalina: And yet somewhere inside her small form, she harbors a power comparable to that of a primal beast.
Volenna: Humph... She is an ordinary child. What's extraordinary is the Sand God Graphos that dwells within her.
Volenna: A girl who, from birth, was destined to become a vessel for the Sand God. That is what the Priestess of the Dunes is.
Katalina: I see... She's yet another one who has been bound by her destiny, just like Lyria.
Katalina: There's something I'd like to know... How exactly are you going to seal Manawydan?
Volenna: Well...
Jin: Hmm? And what would you two be talking about, I wonder?
Volenna: Humph. That's none of your business. We've wasted enough time talking. Let's move on.

Priestess of the Dunes - Chapter 5: A Maiden's Thoughts - Episode 3

Sara stumbles in the dark and cries out, startling Volenna and worsening her mood. Volenna continues to be annoyed at Jin and Lyria's carefree attitudes. Later Sara looks on longingly at the affection shown between Lyria and Katalina. Volenna retains her stern attitude, maintaining she could never be as indulgent as that, when a monster attacks suddenly from the shadows.

Sara: Eek!
Jin: Wha! Sara, what's the matter? Why are you clinging to me all of a sudden?
Sara: Oh! J-Jin! I'm sorry... I tripped in the dark...
Volenna: Hey. What happened just now?
Jin: Nothing! There's no need to be so paranoid!
Sara: That's right! Jin did nothing wrong...
Volenna: Humph. If you cause her any harm, it shall be the last thing you ever do.
Lyria: You two! Please stop fighting!
Katalina: What is it, Lyria? A monster?
Lyria: S-something just flew past my head...
Katalina: It's all right. That was just a bat.
Volenna: Sigh... Whatever. Let's move on.
Sara: Teehee...
Volenna: What's so funny?
Sara: Oh, s-sorry...
Volenna: No. I'm not angry with you. Just tell me.
Sara: Um, well... I was just thinking, Lyria and Katalina are just like real sisters...
Volenna: Hmm. I suppose so.
Sara: And I was thinking, well... That must be what it feels like... to have a big sister...
Volenna: Humph. I would certainly never wish for such a troublesome little sister.
Monster: Groaaar!
Sara: Eek!
Volenna: Sara! Look out!
Volenna: Ugh!
Jin: Are you all right? It appears there are monsters hiding in the shadows!
Volenna: It's nothing. Just a scratch. Let's concentrate on defeating them!

Priestess of the Dunes - Chapter 5: A Maiden's Thoughts - Episode 4

Volenna suffers an injury protecting Sara from a monster. Not wanting Sara to worry, she urges the crew to hurry on and confront the rest of the monsters. The party continues deep into Manawydan's cave, where the presence of the Rain God grows ever stronger. They steel themselves for what lies ahead.

Lyria: V-Volenna, are you okay?
Volenna: Humph. I'm fine.
Katalina: I-I'm sorry. I was at fault too... I lowered my guard.
Sara: You got hit protecting me from the monster.... I-I'm so sorry...
Volenna: I told you, this wound is nothing to worry about. More importantly, we must hurry on.
Vyrn: H-hey, hold up! Let's follow her, guys!
Volenna: Well. Can you feel anything?
Sara: Yes. We're very close to Manawydan.
Lyria: I feel it too. Such power...
Katalina: Leave the rest up to us. Lyria, you stand back.
Jin: Let's not forget about me. Now, which of you beasts would like to feel my blade first?

Priestess of the Dunes - Chapter 5: A Maiden's Thoughts - Episode 4: Scene 2

The crew have finally reached the innermost sanctum of the Rain God's cave. A strong presence overwhelms them as they venture further inside.

Volenna: Hmm, there's an opening up ahead. That strange light coming out... that can't be sunlight, can it?
Katalina: I can feel a strong presence. There's a breeze blowing from that direction as well. Let's proceed.
Jin: Ugh! This is...
The crew finally reach the innermost sanctum of the Rain God's cave.
But what awaits them as they step inside takes the entire crew aback.

Priestess of the Dunes - Chapter 6: Wind-Scattered Stratagems - Episode 1

The sinister presence awaiting the crew in the Rain God's cave turns out to be the constant thorn in Katalina's side, Pommern. The crew is attacked by monsters before they can square off against him. Pommern reveals that Sara's power to seal primal beasts could be very useful in the empire's experiments. To put a stop to his plans, (Captain) and crew must first confront the monsters Pommern sets on them.

Jin: Hey! Who are you?
???: Well, well, well, who have we here, hmm? You must be the one we entrusted with the kidnapping of the Priestess of the Dunes.
Jin: That's right. So it was you who managed to pull the wool over my eyes, getting me to do your dirty work!
???: Yes, yes, you're quite welcome. So tell me... where is this crucial priestess, hmm?
Katalina: P-Pommern! What are you doing here?
Pommern: Hmm? Now, this is a pleasant surprise... If it isn't Lieutenant Katalina. Where have you been all this time?
Sara: ...!
This man... There's something sinister about him.
Pommern: Oho! You must be the Priestess of the Dunes! I do say, I can feel the power of Graphos radiating from you, and it feels absolutely divine!
Volenna: Don't you dare look at her with those scheming eyes... Was it you who caused Manawydan's power to run wild like this?
Pommern: Now calm yourself, my dear. And before we continue with the pleasantries, I'd appreciate it if you'd hand the priestess over.
Jin: Pommern, you filth!
Pommern: Oho ho! Still, I really should be most grateful. You've played your part well, leading the priestess here. A pity about the rest.
Jin: Ugh... I'll take you down myself, I swear it. Prepare yourself, swine!
Katalina: What are you planning this time, Pommern?
Pommern: You'd like to know, wouldn't you? If you're willing to hand the priestess over, of course, I may deign to enlighten you...
Lyria: W-we'd never hand Sara over to you!
Pommern: Hah. Don't worry, child. We have no need for you this time. All we want right now is that priestess.
Pommern: Let's just say her power to fight primal beasts will prove most useful... in our experiments for mass producing living weapons!
Volenna: Halt! If you think you can get away from us, you're sorely mistaken!
Pommern: Quiet, you bothersome gnat. Here, why don't you occupy yourselves with these beasts, hmm?
Monster: Groooar!

Priestess of the Dunes - Chapter 6: Wind-Scattered Stratagems - Episode 2

Pommern's sinister aura grows ever stronger as (Captain) and crew work to dispatch the monsters. Pommern releases still more, which the crew fights fearlessly.

Pommern: I should have known it would take a little more than that to stop you. In which case, I believe it's time I played my full hand...
Sara: I have a bad feeling about this...
Pommern: It seems you still don't understand... you haven't the slightest chance of winning!
Katalina: Wait, Pommern!
Pommern: My, you are a tenacious bunch, aren't you? You would do far better to hand over the priestess quietly, and yet—
Volenna: We've already told you, we'd never give her to the likes of you.
Sara: I-I won't... let you... have your way!
Pommern: To think you would spurn the chance to be a valuable part of an experiment that will make history... Fools.
Jin: Don't let up! We have to deal with these monsters first!

Priestess of the Dunes - Chapter 6: Wind-Scattered Stratagems - Episode 3

Catching up to Pommern, the party come face-to-face with Manawydan, stirred from its sleep by dark essence. Hurrying to stop Pommern before Manawydan fully awakens, the party are surrounded by monsters. Pommern reveals to the crew that in order to gain control over Manawydan, he must first extract the power of the Sand God Graphos from Sara. The Priestess of the Dunes, however, resolutely defies him.

Pommern: You're just in time... Here's something that may interest you.
Manawydan: ...!
Volenna: Th-that's... Manawydan?
Sara: Yes... I'm certain.
Pommern: I gave this one a little nudge, that's all... a wake up call, courtesy of the Erste Empire's wonderful dark essence!
Volenna: This is bad. If Manawydan fully awakens...
Pommern: This is why ignorance is so difficult to deal with... If I were to awaken Manawydan right now, I would be unable to control it.
Volenna: What? What do you mean by that?
Pommern: Well, I suppose there's no harm in telling you... Consider it a parting gift before I consign you to the afterlife.
Pommern: In order to obtain complete control over Manawydan, I need to extract the power of the Sand God, Graphos, from the girl.
Sara: I... I've come on a journey with everyone... I've gotten stronger... So... So I'll never let you get away with that!
Pommern: Humph. Then allow me to show you what your misconceived notions of confidence are really worth!
Monsters: Grooar!
Vyrn: Darn it! With these monsters in the way, we can't get to him!
Volenna: These monsters... I'll deal with them myself.

Priestess of the Dunes - Chapter 6: Wind-Scattered Stratagems - Episode 4

(Captain) and company finally run down Pommern. Far from being flustered, Pommern delights at the chance to show the crew the power he has acquired through the use of dark essence.

Pommern: Rrrgh... good grief... You are an obstinate bunch, aren't you?
Volenna: Humph. We'll defeat you and seal Manawydan!
Katalina: Come, Pommern! Give it up and surrender. You have no chance of winning!
Pommern: Honestly, you trash. I can't have you thinking you've bested me just because you've taken down a few monsters!
Volenna: This is it, Pommern. You have nowhere left to run!
Pommern: Run, you say? Heh heh heh... I'm afraid wretches of your caliber aren't nearly enough to make me retreat!
Jin: Pommern! I'm settling our score right now!
Pommern: As you wish. Allow me to show you the power a dark crystal bestows, a power which transcends human comprehension... my true form!
Pommern: Rraaaggh!
Sara: O-oh my goodness...
Volenna: Humph. Looks like he wasn't all talk, after all.
Pommern: And now you shall understand the difference between us, I do say!

Priestess of the Dunes - Chapter 6: Wind-Scattered Stratagems - Episode 4: Scene 2

Pommern releases the dark essence, causing Manawydan to fully awaken. Prepared to sacrifice herself to quell Manawydan, Sara releases Graphos's power.

Pommern: Uhh... Urrggh... This cannot be!
Volenna: Humph! Your plans are through now.
Pommern: M-my masterpiece... The supreme power granted to me by the dark essence... How could it lose out to you worms?
Vyrn: Hah! That'll teach you to mess with us!
Pommern: If it has come to this, then I have no choice but to fully awaken Manawydan with dark essence!
Katalina: What? Don't be a fool, Pommern!
Pommern: You're too late!
Manawydan: ...!
Lyria: M-Manawydan's getting stronger!
Sara: Aaah! I-it's affecting G-Graphos's power too!
Volenna: Sara! A-are you all right?
Pommern: Gahahaha! Well, looks like this is it for you!
Katalina: Wait! Pommern!
Letting the full power of the dark essence flow, Pommern fully awakens Manawydan.
He then runs off, his high-pitched laugh echoing behind him.
Abandoning hope of catching Pommern, the crew resign themselves to facing the rampaging Rain God before them.
Manawydan: Graaagh!
Katalina: Ugh... What a terrifying power...
Vyrn: This doesn't look good!
Jin: Guh... It's too strong... I can't get any closer!
Lyria: I-I'll see what I can do!
Lyria: Huh? I can't get through to it!
Sara: Everyone... it's fine. I'm going to release my power... and seal Manawydan!
Sara: U-um... I know it wasn't very long, but... I was so glad I could meet you all. All the memories you've given me... I feel like I've lived a good life.
Katalina: What? S-Sara, what are you talking about? Explain! Volenna!
Volenna: Just listen to what she has to say...
Sara: Heh... Katalina, you're always worrying about everyone... and you love Lyria so much... I'm a little jealous.
Lyria: S-Sara!
Sara: Lyria, I was happy to be your friend... Sorry I won't be able to keep our promise to play together.
Jin: No... You can't mean what I think you mean!
Sara: Jin... I'm so happy you listened to me... and I pray that one day, you find the person who saved you all those years ago...
Vyrn: H-hey! The light coming from Graphos is growing brighter!
Sara: And Vyrn... you're an essential part of the crew... like the pillar that supports the skyfarers. It wouldn't be the same without you!
Sara: And then, (Captain). Thank you for accepting someone like me. I wish I could continue traveling with you...
Sara: I had really hoped I would have more time to get to know each of you... There was so much more I wanted to say.
Manawydan: Graaagh!
Lyria: Wait, please! Sara!
Volenna: Stay back! Sara is about to release Graphos's power and begin the ritual to seal Manawydan.
Sara: Hee hee... I'm so happy. Volenna... you were worried for me back there. You protected me...
Volenna: Sara...
Sara: You were always so strict, but you know... my real dream was to become... to become someone strong like you!
Jin: Sara, you have no need to dream that any more. You're already so strong.
Sara: And if I were to be born again, this time I'd like to be your real sister, Volenna.
Volenna: I thought I was prepared for this moment... but now... now that it's come to it, I...
Sara: I'm happy just to hear you say that. You know, I really don't want to go... I wish I could live on with you.
Volenna: Sara... No! Argh!
No, no, no!
Sara: This is it. Goodbye, everyone... I'm going now.
Sara: Sand God Graphos, I call upon your power...
Emeth... Meth!
Lyria: Sara!
As Lyria stretches out her hand toward Sara, the pair are enveloped by a blinding flash of light.

Priestess of the Dunes - Ending

Manawydan's rampage is quelled in a blinding flash. When the light fades, Sara is collapsed on the ground. The crew is about to despair, but when Volenna takes the girl in her arms, Sara opens her eyes. Lyria was able to absorb both Manawydan and Graphos's power, saving Sara's life. The Priestess of the Dunes is free at last to live for herself.

In that brilliant light, time seems to stop, and a moment stretches into infinity.
When the light fades, (Captain) sees Lyria and Sara lying on the floor, their hands clasped tightly together.
Manawydan has reverted to its crystal form, and has once again returned to its long slumber.
Next to Sara's prone figure, Lyria regains consciousness.
Lyria: Pant... pant...
The crew runs over to the two girls. Sara lies sprawled on the ground like a lifeless doll.
Katalina: Oh no...
Vyrn: No way... Wake up, Sara!
Lyria: This can't be... No... Sara, you can't... you can't...
Volenna: Sob... No...
Choking back her tears, Volenna gently cradles the body of Sara, who has finally fulfilled her duty.
Volenna: Sara...
As Volenna murmurs Sara's name, something happens.
Sara: Ughh...
Sara's eyelids flutter open, and she smiles faintly at Volenna.
By some miracle, Sara's life has been preserved, and the crew come together, at first crying, and then laughing.
The power of Graphos within Sara that had threatened to consume her when it resonated with Manawydan, has abated.
And thus, having quelled the rampant Manawydan, the party make their way back to the Desert Castle.
Volenna: Lord Omar. Thanks to the efforts of the Priestess of the Dunes, the Rain God Manawydan has been sealed away.
Sara: ...
Omar: Excellent work, Volenna!
Omar: S-Sara! You're... Why are you...
Volenna: The Priestess of the Dunes released Graphos's power to seal Manawydan as planned, but her life was miraculously spared.
Omar: I-I see... Well, good job, then! You're all right; that's the most important thing. You must be tired. Why don't you rest inside?
Vyrn: Geez... She's just come back to life, and that's all he has to say? This old geezer...
Volenna: Lord Omar. Before that, I have something to ask of you.
Omar: And what would that be, Volenna? You're the hero who saved this island. Name anything you want.
Volenna: Sara and I would like to leave this island.
Omar: What? Leave? B-but... we don't know when Manawydan might start to rampage again...
Volenna: At that time, I promise to return to this island with Sara. You have my word.
Volenna: But until then, I would very much like to show Sara the outside world.
Sara: Volenna...
Omar: But if something were to happen to you and the priestess... Who would quell Manawydan then?
Lyria: Um... about Manawydan...
Omar: What? And who would you be?
Volenna: She is one of the skyfarers who lent us their strength of their own volition on the journey to seal Manawydan.
Omar: I-I see... Then you have my thanks as well.
Accepting Omar's words of gratitude, Lyria nervously begins to speak.
Lyria: Well, um... I don't think that Manawydan will be a problem from now on... Probably...
Volenna: Wh-what? What do you mean by that? Explain!
Lyria: When Manawydan tried to fully awaken, Sara, you released your power to try to seal it... Right?
Sara: Yes. I... I definitely released Graphos's power, and yet... Graphos is still beside me now.
Lyria: Hmm...
Sara: What is it?
Staring at Sara and Graphos, Lyria thinks to herself for a while.
After finally resolving to speak, she opens her mouth.
Lyria: I think I might have... absorbed it. The power of Sara's Graphos, and Manawydan's power as well...
Katalina: Ha... Hahaha! Great work, Lyria!
Lyria: Hehe... But I absorbed a lot of Sara's power, as well... Sorry...
Sara: Don't be sorry for anything. Thank you so much!
Volenna: Humph... Then I must thank you, too.
Jin: Well, that solves that mystery. Now I think I'll take a little holiday myself.
Volenna: Hmm... If you've nowhere in particular to go, then why not come along with us? You'd make a good bodyguard for Sara, at least...
Vyrn: Geez, just admit it. He's growing on you, isn't he? Anyway, let's get going!
And thus, Sara, Volenna and Jin set off from the Island of Sand with a new outlook on life.
As if to celebrate the trio's newfound prospects, the vast blue sky stretches out before them in all its azure splendor.