Scenario:Alanaan - The Cusp of a New Age

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The Cusp of a New Age

High above the battlefield within the world of memories, Alanaan watches as (Captain) and the crew continue their seemingly endless fight. The ring on the priest's right hand glimmers mysteriously as he reflects on past events, declaring that he believes only in the sun goddess.

The fierce battle between the Astrals and skydwellers repeats with each and every simulation.
Alanaan stands atop a high cliff, observing as (Captain) and the crew fight at the vanguard of the skydwellers.
Alanaan: Callin' 'em pure of heart would be an understatement. They shine so brightly it's almost blindin'...
Alanaan: No, it's too late for that. The dice has long since been cast.
Alanaan: I have no regrets. If I had anythin', it would just be remorse for the future to come.
At that moment the ring on Alanaan's right hand gleams mysteriously.
Alanaan: I've been carried here by the winds of fate... But fate does not always have the best of intentions...
Alanaan: Where there is light, there is darkness.
Alanaan: No matter how pure a heart may be, it will eventually rot and succumb to evil.
Alanaan: Haha. I've witnessed it time and time again.
Alanaan: I believe only in the sun goddess.
As he makes his declaration, the glimmering ring falls dormant.
Alanaan: (I stand at the cusp of a new age...)
Alanaan: (Yes. I have been chosen...)
Alanaan looks up at the sky, listening to the roar of the battlefield beneath him.
???: You... bastard...
???: Y-you son of a... Look what you've done...
???: You preach of... piety... But... Y-you're nothing but... a murderer...
???: Aha! Ahaha! Rupies! Rupieees!
???: Huh?
???: Urgh...
???: Hah hah hah...
???: Haha... Haha...
???: Ahahaha! Ahahahahaha!
Alanaan: Heh... Ahaha!
Alanaan: I will create a paradise for the righteous by the righteous... without fail...
Alanaan clenches his fist tightly, glaring down at the battlefield as (Captain) and the crew continue their advance.