Scenario:Albert - Reviving Levin

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Reviving Levin

Albert, Mina, Mona, Mena, and the crew try to come up with ways to help the recovering Kingdom of Levin. They decide to start by eliminating the monsters around Saint Lethan Castle.

The troubles of the Kingdom of Levin have been resolved. But the kingdom is still far from its former glory.
With that in mind, Albert, Mina, Mona, Mena, and the crew hold a meeting to come up with a solution.
Albert: All right then... We all know the reason we're here today.
Albert: We still have a lot of problems to deal with in Levin. But I know we can tackle each one if we work together.
Albert: And that's why... I'd like to get your thoughts on what we can do to revive our kingdom.
Hearing Albert's question, everyone begins to deliberate.
Mina: How about we do something to remind our citizens of the bravery of the Sky Knights?
Albert: Hmm... Indeed, the people have been pretty concerned ever since our last battle.
Albert: That's a good idea. We should give it a shot. But first we need to flesh out the details...
Mona: Why don't we go after the monsters around Lethan Castle?
Mona: We could patrol the castle town and keep the peace.
Mena: There are still some stragglers around there, so that sounds perfect!
Albert: And by eliminating a threat to the people, we can help alleviate their worries. Makes sense to me.
Albert: All right then. Time to get this plan into action.
Albert: Sorry to be a bother, but would you and the crew mind lending us a hand, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Hehe, sure! No sweat!
Lyria: Yeah! We'll help any way we can!
Albert: Then it's settled! Let's get rid of those monsters around Saint Lethan Castle!
(Captain) and company raise their weapons in response to Albert's call.
They soon depart for Saint Lethan Castle, where they will eliminate the monsters roaming the grounds.

Reviving Levin: Scene 2

After clearing out the monsters around Saint Lethan Castle, (Captain) and company patrol the nearby castle town. To further revive Levin, they prepare to leverage its proud local specialties: spa treatment, grape liqueur, and lightning.

After clearing out the monsters around Saint Lethan Castle, (Captain) and company patrol the nearby castle town.
With their initial objectives complete, they go back to the meeting room to discuss their next course of action.
Albert: Mina, Mona, Mena. Good work on those monsters.
Mina: You humble us, sir!
Mona: I'm so happy for you, Mina. All your hard work in the Sky Knights is finally paying off.
Mena: Yay, Mina! Thrashing all those monsters was worth it after all!
Mina: Quiet down, you two!
Albert: Heh... You three haven't changed a bit.
Albert: I'm also grateful for all the help you and the crew provided, (Captain).
Vyrn: Haha! Go on! Tell us more!
Lyria: Hehe. We're just glad to be of service! Isn't that right, (Captain)?
Albert: Thank you.
Albert: But it looks like this is just the tip of the iceberg.
Albert: We still have a lot of work left to revive our country.
Albert: I want to do something to bring back the energy that used to fill these streets. Does anyone have any ideas?
The crew throws out a handful of ideas to invigorate the kingdom.
After going over all the ideas, they narrow them down to the top three.
Albert: Levin has always prided itself on its local specialties. And they are...
Mina: A unique type of grape liqueur.
Mona: Spa treatment in the hot-spring district.
Mena: And don't forget the lightning! We've got lightning year-round, and other places can barely hold a candle to that!
Albert: I see. We should leverage these three things to help put the kingdom back on its feet.
Albert: First, Mina and the crew, you'll help me take care of those monsters in the hot-spring district.
Mina: Yes, sir!
Vyrn: We've got this! (Captain)'s ready and rarin' to go!
Lyria: And I sure want to go to one of those hot springs...
Albert: Mona, you go to the distillery and ask them to pitch in.
Mona: I'm on it! I know someone who works there too!
Albert: Mena, can you think of something special to do with lightning?
Mena: Yeah, you betcha! Coming up with good ideas is my specialty!
Albert: Good, then it's settled. I'm counting on each and every one of you!
And with that, each person splits off to go fulfill their part of the plan.
Albert, Mina, and (Captain) head out to the hot-spring district to start clearing out monsters.

Reviving Levin: Scene 3

The crew gets rid of the monsters in the hot-spring district of Levin, and it soon brims with activity again. (Captain) and company later return as guests to find Mina and her sisters selling grape liqueur and Albert offering Levin's new Thunderswift Jacuzzi.

(Captain) and company go to work and get rid of all remaining monsters in the hot-spring district.
Some time later the crew returns to the area to find it brimming with activity.
Albert invites them to come to the hot springs, this time as guests.
Lyria: Umm... I think this is the right one...
Vyrn: Wait, isn't it that one?
Vyrn points to the distance, where the three sisters Mina, Mona, and Mena are standing and selling the local drink.
Mina: Step on up and get one of Levin's finest beverages! Grape liqueur, anyone?
Mona: Mina, bring us more of that stuff!
Mena: Hmm? Hey, it's (Captain) and the gang!
Vyrn: Wow! Look at you guys!
Lyria: You've got all kinds of customers flocking to you!
Mena: Hehe! Betcha didn't see that comin', did ya?
Lyria: Wait, but where's Albert?
Mina: Albert is over there on important business!
Mona: Feel free to stop by and see him!
The two girls point the crew toward Albert, who is solemnly gripping his lightning sword.
Albert: Haaa!
With a fierce look, Albert thrusts the sword into the water before him.
A smile quickly spreads across the face of a customer sitting in the water.
Vyrn: What the? What is he doing?
Mina: Albert... put forth his greatest efforts to—
Mona: He made Levin's new Thunderswift Jacuzzi!
Mena: Hehe! And I came up with the idea! Whaddya think? Pretty great, huh?
Lyria: Oh... Um, yes...
Albert sees the crew approach and flashes a smile, inviting them over to take a look.
Albert: (Captain), Vyrn, Lyria! Thanks for stopping by!
Albert: Come on over and try our new Thunderswift Jacuzzi!
Albert: Hmm? Why do you all look so puzzled? Get over here already!
Vyrn: Uh... What do we do here, guys?
Lyria: Well... He did invite us with a smile. We can't exactly turn him down, can we?
Reluctant but willing, the crew starts to scoot toward Albert.
Albert: Hah hah hah. I wanted to let you know I appreciate everything you've done for us.
Albert: So today... You all get the Albert Special! On the house!
Though Albert had caught them off guard with his initially solemn expression, they shrug it off and go to enjoy the new experience.