Scenario:Aletheia - The Ersatz Sage

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The Ersatz Sage

During their journey, (Captain) and company arrive at a village where they hear of the bad reputation of the Sage of the Sword, Aletheia. While (Captain) and Vyrn are angry, Aletheia laughs it off. At the same time, monsters suddenly appear and attack the villagers.

During their journey, the party arrives at a remote village.
The party has heard bad rumors about someone pretending to be the sage, Aletheia.
Vyrn: The sage Aletheia is here! What kind of stupid rumor is that?!
Aletheia: Hahaha! What a cowardly little lizard!
Aletheia: It’s nothing to pay any heed to. This happens all the time.
Vyrn: I’m not little! And I’m not a lizard either!
Vyrn: Old man, aren’t you mad about all the bad rumors they're saying about you?
Aletheia: Rumors give way to more rumors. They get out of hand as they travel and get exagerrated.
Aletheia: That is how legends are made.
Vyrn: Oh? Is that how it is? But you heard about the rumors going around this island, old man!
Aletheia: Hahaha! I like the sound of those rumors!
Aletheia: I’ve heard so many rumors from so many sources.
Aletheia: But it’s quite a rare thing to be given such a bad reputation!
Vyrn: This is no laughing matter! They’re calling you greedy and wicked!
Aletheia: Pay it no heed. The imposters will always reveal themselves eventually. Besides, look...
Villager: Ahhh! S-Somebody help!
Monster: Grrooaaa!
Aletheia: A villager is being attacked by a monster. Come on now. You’re not the kind to let that happen, am I right?
Vyrn: Of course! (Captain)! Let’s go help them!

The Ersatz Sage: Scene 2

The villagers fear the man who calls himself the sage and the monsters that have recently appeared. The villagers distrust the so-called sage who demands money to defeat the monsters and abandons anyone who cannot pay.

Villager: T-Thank you! You have saved us.
Aletheia: Don’t worry about it. I’m just glad you are safe.
Aletheia: I’m bothered by something else... Do monsters appear in this village often?
Villager: No... It was a peaceful village until recently...
Aletheia: Oh? It’s a well-maintained village. I find it hard to believe that monsters lurk around here.
Villager: Well... After the sage took up residence at the temple in the outskirts of the village, the monsters started to appear...
According to the villagers, monsters appeared at the same time as the man who calls himself the sage.
As a reward to defeat the monsters, the man demands money. For those who cannot pay, he ruthlessly forsakes them.
Aletheia: You’re right... That man is greedy and wicked...
Vyrn: Sage my butt! Anyone who demands money to help people isn’t a sage!
Vyrn: That fake sage! I gotta give that guy a piece of my mind!
Aletheia: Hahaha! You’re noisy as always, lizard. You should be more like (Captain)!
Aletheia: Now let’s go make a visit to the outskirts of the village those villagers talked about.
Vyrn: What? This place looks weird. It’s like there are monsters hiding here...
Aletheia: Hahahaha! Lizard, you got good senses.
Vyrn: This isn’t a laughing matter! (Captain)! Are you ready? Let’s go!

The Ersatz Sage: Scene 3

A man appears before (Captain) and company who calls himself the sage Aletheia. After exposing the fake sage for what he is, the fake sage turns around and sends a monster at (Captain) and company.

Vyrn: Oh, no! These monsters are tough! Can you manage this, (Captain)?!
A strange man shows himself to (Captain).
Aletheia: Oh, my! Are you the sage that the villagers talked about?
Fake Sage: Correct! Aletheia Leave the monsters to me.
Fake Sage: However, I cannot do it for free. If you cannot give me a... tip... I would not be able to do this...
Aletheia: Oh? Well I guess everything has their own code... Tips...
Vyrn: Hey, old man! Let’s just beat up that imposter!
Aletheia: Sigh... Oh, brother. What a hasty little lizard.
Fake Sage: Fake...? You’re talking nonsense, lizard.
Vyrn: Hey, you! You smell the same as the monsters!
Fake Sage: Hm... For a lizard, you got a good nose on you.
Fake Sage: It’s a pain to make excuses... I’m just going to make you food for the monsters.
Aletheia: What a short-tempered one he is. If you’re like that, you’ll never make it big.
Fake Sage: Shut up, old man! I’ll show you... These guys will be your opponent!
Vyrn: Heh! We’ll just beat down these monsters! Do it, (Captain)!

The Ersatz Sage: Scene 4

(Captain) and party defeat the monsters and show the true strength of Aletheia. The evil deeds of the fake sage are exposed and peace returns to the village.

Vyrn: You see that?! This is true power! (Captain) would never lose to an imposter like you!
Fake Sage: I-Impossible... How can I lose to some kid and a geezer?
Fake Sage: W-Who are you?!
Aletheia: I have no intention of telling some small-time crook like you...
Vyrn: It’s the boss of our skyfarers, (Captain), and the real sage Aletheia!
Vyrn: Bow down, you jerk!
Fake Sage: What?! The sage... Aletheia?! S-So this is true power... Gah!
Vyrn: We know about your evil deeds from the beginning. How do you like that!
Aletheia: Oh, brother... What a noisy little lizard. Now then...
Aletheia: You send the monsters at the villagers and take a reward for dealing with them... I will have you return all of your ill-gotten gains!
Vyrn: I hope you learned your lesson for pretending to be the sage!
Thanks to (Captain), the evil deeds of the fake sage are exposed, and peace returns to the village.
The bad reputation of the sage is removed, and another legend is created.