Scenario:Altair - The Truth of the Stolen Tome

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The Truth of the Stolen Tome

The crew obtains a rare book, and Altair is fascinated by its coded text. The book is stolen by a passerby, and the crew pursues the thief into some ruins.

While visiting a historical site, the crew obtains a rare book.
Although an avid reader, Altair is unable to decipher the text. It only serves to make him all the more interested in it.
Lyria: Altair looks so happy after getting that rare book! He's completely immersed in it!
Vyrn: Hey! Is that book really interesting?
Hey, I'm talking to you!
Altair: Every story begins here, it says... But this is just like...
Vyrn: Hey, Specs! Are you listening to me?
Altair: My name is Altair. Not Specs!
Vyrn: So you're listening after all! You found that book earlier, right? Is your nose stuck in it because it's so good?
Altair: Not exactly... It's the text itself that's fascinating, you see.
Altair: Aside from the text on the cover, it doesn't resemble any language that I know.
Altair: Although this is very interesting, it only brings more questions. What in the skies is this book?
Altair: Ow, ow, ow... Pardon me.
Man: ...
Vyrn: What's his problem? He bumped into you and ran away without a word!
Altair: Ah! This is why we must never let our guard down.
Lyria: Altair, you look really pale! Did you get hit that badly?
Altair: It seems that man just stole my new book.
Vyrn: Say what! That book was pretty rare, right? Let's go and get it back!
Vyrn: There he is! He ran into the ruins!
Lyria: Wait, (Captain)! I sense monsters in those ruins!
Monster: Groarrr!
Altair: Step aside. We've no time to waste here!

The Truth of the Stolen Tome: Scene 2

After focusing too much on the thief, the crew is suddenly surrounded by monsters. But the Silver Strategist Altair has a plan up his sleeve.

Vyrn: Wow, (Captain)! That monster was no match for you! Now let's hurry!
Lyria: These ruins are like a maze. To make sure we don't get lost, we must never let our guard down!
Altair: Indeed. Not only are you a good listener but you're clever as well, Lyria
Lyria: Oh wow! Thanks!
Altair: Hm? I sense a presence...
It seems that we focused so much on the thief that we're now surrounded by monsters.
Vyrn: What! How are we supposed to fight in a cramped spot like this?
Altair: There's no need to worry. (Captain), simply follow my instructions.
Vyrn: I gotcha! The Silver Strategist is gonna show off his moves!
Vyrn: If Altair and (Captain) team up, we have nothing to fear! Go get 'em!

The Truth of the Stolen Tome: Scene 3

Altair sees that the writing on the floor matches the letters in the stolen book. The thief may be the clue in deciphering the book, but first the crew must rescue him from monsters.

Vyrn: That's why they call him the Silver Strategist! You drew out (Captain)'s strengths in your strategy!
Altair: It's all thanks to (Captain)'s help. It was a piece of cake... Oh?
Vyrn: Hm? Why are you looking down at the ground, Altair?
Altair: The letters on the floor... They're the same as the ones written in the book from earlier.
Vyrn: Really? Then these ruins have something to do with that book?
Altair: Well, I can't say that they're unrelated at least. Exploring these ruins may be key to deciphering that book.
Altair: We should look around to see if there are any more of those letters around here.
Lyria: But I feel the presence of the monsters getting stronger...
Altair: Hm... That man from earlier ran into a den of monsters without hesitation.
Altair: He must know his way around the ruins. He might know something about the writing carved into the floor too.
Vyrn: That means he knew it was valuable when he stole it!
Altair: I'm concerned about the whereabouts of the book. But with this many monsters around, I'm concerned about that man too.
Altair: Saving a life is our priority. Let's hurry.
Vyrn: Always the nice guy...
Lyria: But Altair is right. I'm worried with so many monsters around!
Man: Aaah!
Somebody! Help!
Monster: Grrr!
Lyria: (Captain)! There's trouble! That man is being attacked by monsters!
Vyrn: Well, well, that's our man!
All right, here's our cue!
Altair: I see... The mysterious text and the key to deciphering it.
Altair: (Captain) and I shall defend both with all our might!
Vyrn: I'm counting on you, (Captain)!

The Truth of the Stolen Tome: Scene 4

Thanks to Altair's tactical brilliance, the crew is able to rescue the man from the monsters.

With Altair's sense of strategy, (Captain) and the crew rescue the man from the monsters.
When Altair asks about the book's mysterious writings, the man lowers his head and answers him in a quiet voice.
Everyone is dumbfounded to hear the truth.
Vyrn: So you're saying that book was just a notebook shared between you and your girlfriend?
Lyria: Oh dear! So the letters in the book and on the floor were a secret code of love between you two.
Vyrn: And this spot in the ruins is where you two would secretly meet, right?
Altair: I don't believe it... I was dragged around for this?
Altair: I couldn't see the forest for the trees!
Altair: I've become so simple that I can only view things from my own frame of reference, it seems.
Altair: I thank you for making me realize that.
Vyrn: Come on, don't feel down! You'll find another rare book in no time!
Altair: Still... Despite the coincidence, how could letters created from scratches resemble ancient writings so much?
Altair: Perhaps there's some sort of deep connection with this historical land...
The tender notebook that caused this great misunderstanding is returned to its rightful owner.
To fulfill his never-ending intellectual curiosity, Altair immerses himself in the historical texts of this land.
But (Captain) and the crew manage to tear him away from the books before taking to the skies once again.