Scenario:Altair - Where He Truly Belongs

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Where He Truly Belongs

Altair receives a letter from Epice inviting him to become their military tactician. (Captain) and the crew set off for Epice so that he may answer the offer directly, but his decision remains uncertain.

(Captain) and the crew are picking up supplies they ordered from the Knickknack Shack.
Vyrn: All right! Did we get everything, (Captain)?
Vyrn: I guess it's time to head back. Are you ready, Specs?
Altair: To say the least, these can only prove...
Vyrn: Hello? Specs?
Vyrn: It's too late. He's already buried in a book.
Vyrn: Gee whiz... As soon as I heard his book order had come in, I knew it'd come to this.
Lyria: Altair! Siero forgot to give you this letter.
Altair: The results of which point clearly and concisely to...
Lyria: Hm... I guess there's no competing with that book.
Vyrn: Oh well. Let's just hold on to the letter for now. We can give it to him once we're on the airship.
Lyria: Good idea. Let's do that!
As Altair pores over his new possession, (Captain) and the others tug him back to the airship.
Vyrn: Did you read your letter yet, Specs?
Altair: Indeed I have. Thank you for getting it to me.
Lyria: Oh, it was no trouble at all. But if you want to send a reply, we'll need to visit Siero again.
Altair: A reply? No, I think I should go visit in person.
Vyrn: No time for a reply, huh? Then the Grandcypher will get you there in a jiffy!
Lyria: Of course! Right, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Now where do you need to go?
Altair: Epice, the nation of merchants.
Lyria: Epice?
Altair: It seems I've been invited to become their military tactician.
Vyrn: Invited you? As a tactician? That's some big news!
Altair: They wish for me to visit them regardless of whether I accept or decline. Captain (Captain), could you take me there?
(Captain) nods reluctantly, and Altair returns to his room to finish reading.
Lyria: Could it be?
Do you think Altair will leave the crew?
Vyrn: Hm... When it comes to Specs, who knows?
Still uncertain of what might happen during their visit, (Captain) and the crew set off for Epice.

Where He Truly Belongs: Scene 2

Before joining the crew, Altair served the nation of Sphiria, home to the Hall of Knowledge. He visited the Hall freely but left Sphiria after the power struggle there threatened his reading time.

Vyrn: Hey, Specs. Before you joined our crew, where did you do all your tactician stuff?
Altair: Oh, that's right... We haven't talked about that before, have we?
Altair: I was in service to the nation of Sphiria in which lies the Hall of Knowledge. It's a grand library with the goal of collecting every book in the skydom.
Altair: It was quite easy to visit the Hall of Knowledge while in their service. Benefits of the workplace.
Lyria: It sounds like the perfect assignment for you!
Lyria: But wait... You decided to leave your position with Sphiria anyway?
Altair: The heir to the throne passed away, you see. A power struggle gripped the court, and I feared becoming engulfed myself.
Vyrn: I gotcha. That must've been rough.
Altair: Indeed it was. It cut a great deal into my reading time!
Vyrn: I had a feeling you'd say that! Anyway, it's too bad that happened, but think of it this way: we got to meet you because of it!
Altair: I believe I'm more suited to a position with a crew that can move freely from place to place.
Altair: The Hall of Knowledge is a splendid library. But there are many books it has yet to acquire.
Altair: Now then... I'd better finish up that book from the Knickknack Shack before any monsters can interrupt me.
Without a moment's hesitation, Altair pulls out his book and begins to read.
Vyrn: Gimme a break. As long as he's got something to read, this bookworm couldn't care less about monsters!
Lyria: You might be right. But he should worry about catching a cold out here at least.
Lyria: (Captain), you'll be on the deck keeping a lookout, right? I'll bring you two something warm to drink!
(Captain) warms up with a cup of tea before readying the defenses.

Where He Truly Belongs: Scene 3

Altair, (Captain), and the crew meet with Epice representatives who confirm the offer in their letter. To test the skill of their convoys, Altair challenges them to a mock battle.

(Captain) and the crew arrive in Epice where the letter's sender eagerly welcomes them.
Merchant Head: Well then, Silver Strategist. What do you make of our request?
Altair: I understand you would like me to manage your convoys...
Altair: As well as coordinate the guards who protect your many caravans and markets.
Merchant Head: Yes, exactly! With you on our side, we can do business in peace!
Lyria: Oh, Altair... He's leaving us...
Vyrn: Yeah... But if that's what Specs wants, there's nothing we can do... I guess...
Altair: Hm...
Merchant Head: Along with your wage, any texts available to us merchants will be handed over first to you, Silver Strategist.
Altair: ...!
Merchant Head: So how about it? Will you consider our offer?
Altair: Well...
Altair: I'd like to see how powerful your convoy is first. I may be overseeing them after all.
Merchant Head: Of course! You may have a look at anything to help you in your decision.
Altair: Thank you. Captain (Captain), if you would be so kind as to join me in a mock battle.
Altair: Now that we've changed into much more suitable attire... shall we begin?
(Captain) and the crew, led by Altair, prepare to test the strength of the area's guards.

Where He Truly Belongs: Scene 4

Seeing the strength of Epice's forces, Altair concludes that he is not needed there. He turns down the offer and tells the crew that he feels much more at home with them instead.

Merchant Head: Ah! Well done! The guards couldn't get near you! We'd gladly welcome both you and your crew members in Epice.
Altair: Pardon me, but may I offer an opinion before we continue?
Merchant Head: My apologies! Go right ahead.
Altair: Firstly, if all the Epice guards perform at this level, then I must say your standards are rather high.
Altair: This is quite a gathering of talent. Very impressive indeed.
Merchant Head: Ah, well then...
Altair: As such I don't see any benefit to joining you. It would be superfluous.
Altair: If you're looking for someone to lead your guards, a tactician such as myself wouldn't be a good fit.
Altair: Instead you should hire someone to manage their schedules for training, patrols, and recesses.
Merchant Head: Y-you don't say... I'll take it into consideration.
Altair: Therefore I must decline your offer.
Altair: My apologies for the wait, Captain (Captain). Shall we return to the airship? I was in the middle of reading.
Vyrn: What a trip... We were on pins and needles, you know! But you didn't seem bothered at all.
Altair: Pins and needles? And why is that?
Vyrn: And why is that, he says... Sigh. I'm not surprised to hear that from you, Specs.
Lyria: Um, Altair? Are you sure about all this? You could've gotten lots of rare books if you took the position.
Altair: Oh? Would you have preferred that I left the crew, Lyria?
Lyria: What! No, that's not what I meant! I'm happy you're staying here with us!
Altair: Heh. I'm only teasing you, Lyria.
Altair: It's like they say. A person's feelings, unlike tactics and strategy, cannot be explained with logic.
Altair: As much as I love books, I'm also particular about the place where I read them.
Lyria: You're particular... about the place?
Altair: Indeed I am. And what matters to me is having a place where I feel at home.
Vyrn: Huh?
Altair returns to his room to read, leaving (Captain) and the others scratching their heads.
Through their journey together, his loyalty to the crew has grown deeper than (Captain) could have imagined.
The Silver Strategist continues his quest for texts as he travels with the crew to the end of the skies.