Scenario:Amira - Bottomless Appetite

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Bottomless Appetite

The crew stop to resupply in Auguste during their search for the bounty hunter. But, strangely enough, it seems as though almost every restaurant is closed. A quick investigation reveals that the city's supply of fish has been mysteriously cut off. They resolve to figure out what's up.

(Captain) and the others continue their pursuit of the bounty hunter who supposedly knows a secret route to Helheim.
While on the search, they make a pit stop in Auguste to replenish their supplies.
Vyrn: Sigh... They're sold out here too?
Lyria: What could be going on?
No matter where they go, every shop seems to be out of supplies.
Amira: I'm starving. Let's get something to eat, (Captain)!
Amira: They say this city is famous for its fish. I want to try some.
Vyrn: We might as well. Not like we'll get anything done anytime soon anyway.
Lyria: Yes. A break would be nice.
Shopkeeper: My apologies. We're currently closed.
Shopkeeper: Sorry. We've had to suspend service for the day.
Vyrn: We can't even get some grub. Seriously... What's up with this place?
Amira: I'm so hungry...
Lyria: I'm starting to get hungry too.
  1. Let's look a little longer.
  2. Let's try a different street.

Choose: Let's look a little longer.
Lyria: Okay...
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Let's try a different street.
Vyrn: That's probably a good idea...
Continue 1
Amira: I'm so hungry I could collapse...
Amira: Ah... fiiiish...
Amira sets her eyes on fish swimming in a decorative pond on someone's personal property.
Lyria: Amira? You can't be thinking—
Amira: They look so good...
Amira: I'm eating!
Amira throws a hand into the pond and desperately grabs at the fish.
Lyria: Aaah! Y-you can't do that, Amira!
Vyrn: She's right! If you eat any ol' fish, you'll break your tummy!
Amira: But I'm hungry...
Vyrn: We get it already, but still.
Shopkeeper: Excuse me...
Vyrn: Hmm? Oh, you're the guy from the shop?
Shopkeeper: Yes. But, you see, well... If you're that hungry, please take this.
The shopkeeper produces a pastry from his bag and temptingly displays it to Amira.
Amira: ...!
Amira descends onto the baked good like a falcon swooping down on a mouse.
Amira: Munch, munch...
Lyria: Aah! Amira, you didn't even say thank you...
Amira: Munch, munch... Gulp.
Amira: Do you have any more? I'm still hungry.
Shopkeeper: I'm sorry. That's all I had.
Amira: Ah... Urgh, I'm so hungry...
Lyria: Amira!
Lyria: I'm sorry. She just ate it without thanking you properly.
Shopkeeper: Don't worry about it. Actually, I feel that I should apologize to you. I can't even open my store to you...
Vyrn: Speaking of, why's every store in this city sold out of stuff?
Vyrn: Aren't fish s'posed to be famous around here? We can't seem to find any no matter where we go.
Shopkeeper: You're right. We're famous for our fish.
Shopkeeper: But we haven't been able to catch any in quite some time. None at all.
Shopkeeper: Which led to a reduction of tourists... Which led to all of the stores doing worse and worse...
Shopkeeper: So now we can't even afford to stock our wares, let alone feed our guests.
Lyria: Um... What happened? Why can't you catch any fish?
Shopkeeper: No one knows for sure. Not even the people sent to investigate the issue.
Shopkeeper: Sigh... If things continue like this for much longer, then this city's had it.
  1. We'll check it out.

Choose: We'll check it out.
Shopkeeper: What? Really?
Lyria: Yes! We won't let you face this problem alone!
Shopkeeper: But to push this problem onto children...
Lyria: Hehe, it's okay.
Lyria: I just want to try the fish this place is famous for!
Shopkeeper: Well... All right. We'll put our faith in you.
The shopkeeper and (Captain) shake hands.
Vyrn: Let's get this investigation started!
Amira: Ugh... Too hungry; can't move.
Vyrn: Didn't you just get food from that guy back there?
Amira: That wasn't nearly enough...
Lyria: Hahaha. Amira, once we're done, you'll be able to eat as much fish as you want.
Lyria: And we'll be done faster if you help out.
Amira: Then in that case I'll do what I can. For the fish!
Amira: (Captain), let's hurry up and figure out what's going on so I can eat!
Amira grabs (Captain)'s hand and pulls the captain in a random direction.
The others giggle out loud as they follow behind.

Bottomless Appetite: Scene 2

(Captain) and the crew head toward the sea to figure out what's going on with the fish supply. Amira dives into the water, prompting the cause of the fish shortage to reveal itself: a giant monster. The crew prepares to fight it off.

(Captain) and the others head to the coast to investigate the area's lack of fish.
Vyrn: Hmm... Everything seems normal here.
Lyria: Yes. I wonder why no one can catch anything...
Stuck in the mystery of it all, (Captain) lets out a frustrated sigh.
Vyrn: Hey, Amira, what'd you find over there?
Amira: I see a huge fish!
Vyrn: Hold up! We're not here to look at fish—
Vyrn: Hey! Where are you headed?
Amira: I'm going to catch it!
With reckless abandon, Amira dives into the sea in pursuit of the fish.
A massive monster is drawn by the sudden movement and captures both Amira and the fish with its tentacles.
Vyrn: Ah!
Lyria: Aah! A monster!
Amira: Oh, it looks delicious!
Vyrn: What! That's what the monster's thinkin' about you!
Amira: Hey!
Amira: That's my fish!
The monster pulls the fish toward its mouth and begins greedily eating into it.
Lyria: Is that thing the reason why there aren't any more fish?
Vyrn: Maybe this monster ate all the fish around here?
Lyria: If that's true, then all we have to do is defeat—oh no, Amira!
As if unsatisfied with its first meal, the monster pulls Amira toward its mouth.
Vyrn: Ah! Amira, swim for your life!
Amira: What? Why?
Vyrn: Are you serious! You're gonna get gobbled!
Amira: It's fine. It can't eat me.
Amira transforms, slicing off the tentacle that had been restraining her.
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: ...
Amira: Munch, munch... Told you it's fine...
Vyrn: Whew... Thank good—
Vyrn: Hey! What're you eating?
Amira: Munch, munch... A slice of, uh, that monster? Munch, munch...
Lyria: No, Amira! You shouldn't!
Amira: ...!
Lyria: Oh no! Amira, what's wrong?
Amira: This monster... tastes amazing!
Lyria: Aaah! Ah? It does?
Amira: Mhm! It's sweet and crunchy...
Lyria: Um... Wow... Uh...
Amira: I want to eat more! (Captain), let's defeat this thing!
Amira: Then I'll be able to eat all of it!
Amira heads back out toward the monster.
Lyria: Aah! Amira, please wait!
Vyrn: H-hey! No! Wait!

Bottomless Appetite: Scene 3

After learning that the slain beast makes for a fine meal, the crew rushes off to retrieve it for delicious octopus cuisine. During their feast, guards enter the establishment and explain that they're searching for a girl who fell from the sky.

(Captain) and the others crowd around the defeated monster.
Amira: Well, can't let a perfectly good monster go to waste.
Amira heads toward the monster with a particularly hungry glint in her eye.
Lyria: N-no! Stop! You can't eat more of it! You'll really hurt your stomach!
Amira: But...
Vyrn: Let's just get back to the city for now. If we stick around here any longer, no telling what Amira'll try to wolf down.
Lyria: Haha, you're right.
(Captain) grabs Amira's hand and leads her back toward town before she's able to tear into the monster.
Amira: Aww... I'm hungry... And that delicious monster's going to go to waste...
Once (Captain) and the others return to town, they tell the shopkeeper about the huge monster.
Shopkeeper: We appreciate your help. Now business should finally pick back up.
Shopkeeper: But to think a giant octopus set up its home in these waters...
Vyrn: Huh? A giant octopus? You mean that monster?
Shopkeeper: Haha. That's no monster. Octopuses are majestic creatures that live in the sea.
Shopkeeper: Maybe they look a little strange, but they taste absolutely divine.
Amira: See! I told you so!
Lyria: Haha. Sorry, Amira.
Vyrn: How could something so slimy taste good? I'm not buyin' it.
Shopkeeper: Hmm. Well anyway, you all must be starving.
Amira: Yeah... I know I am...
Shopkeeper: If you've got octopus on hand, how about I make something out of it for you.
Amira: I'll be right back with it!
Amira transforms and, with blistering speed, bolts toward the downed octopus.
Lyria: Hahaha...
Vyrn: Sheesh. She's somethin' else.
Amira: Munch, munch... Octopus, I've come for you!
Vyrn: You already made it here? That was so qui—
Vyrn: Hey! What are you eating?
Amira: Munch, munch... Octopus. It's got a nice texture.
Amira: Hey, cook it already.
Shopkeeper: Huh? Uh... Right...
The shopkeeper, stunned by both the size of the octopus and the alarming nature of Amira's transformation, can only nod in response.
Shopkeeper: Here you are—an entire meal made using octopus.
The shopkeeper lays out numerous octopus dishes before (Captain) and the others.
Lyria: Wow! It all looks so delicious!
Vyrn: Yeah! When you dress it up like this, it looks a lot better.
Shopkeeper: Haha. Go ahead. Dig in.
Lyria: Okay! Let me just—
???: Forgive me—is the manager of this establishment around?
Shopkeeper: Yes. What's going on? It's rare that we get a visit from a guard.
Guard: There's been an... emergency.
The guard casts an eye toward (Captain) and the crew.
Shopkeeper: Hm. All right. Excuse me, everyone. I'll be leaving for a moment, but please eat up.
The shopkeeper excuses himself and exits with the guard.
Amira: What are we waiting for!
Amira: Munch, munch... Gulp.
Vyrn: Whoa, slow down! You gotta breathe!
Amira: Munch, munch... Gulp.
Lyria: Haha. Seems like you're not going to get through to her right now.
Vyrn: Sheesh...
Amira continues powering through the meal, her concentration set entirely on the flavor of the octopus.
(Captain) and the others nervously smile at the sight of her voracious appetite.
Shopkeeper: Hahaha. You've got an iron stomach. I'll be back with seconds in a moment.
Lyria: Thank you.
Vyrn: But is everything okay? That guard fella came over and said there was an emergency.
Shopkeeper: Haha. It's nothing to worry about.
Shopkeeper: It was just about some knights who came here to collect information on a strange girl.
Shopkeeper: So they're going around asking all the locals.
Vyrn: What kinda girl were they lookin' for?
Shopkeeper: The guards don't know any details either. Said it was top secret...
Shopkeeper: Well, he did say they might be searching for a girl who fell out of the sky.
Vyrn: A girl that fell from the sky!
(Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn all glance at Amira.
Amira: Munch, munch... What?
Shopkeeper: Hahaha. What a silly rumor. But you all look like you've seen a ghost.
Lyria: Eh-heh... Right...
The mood in the room turns awkward for a moment, but soon everyone returns their attention to the meal.
A man pensively scratches his chin after reading the report his subordinate brought to him.
???: I see. Thank you for the report. We'll leave for this place soon.
Soldier: Yes sir! About the girl that fell from the sky... Is she the key of the gods?
Soldier: Is she as powerful as the legends say?
???: Who's to say? But it's what the higher-ups believe.
The man returns his eyes to the report.
He rereads the details of one particular incident: a girl that allegedly fell from the sky took out imperial troops all by herself.