Scenario:Andira - Truth Behind the Mist

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Truth Behind the Mist

A voluminous mist emerges from where the shrine once stood and is absorbed by Hakuya. She uses the mist to control the nearby collapsed soldiers like marionettes, having them block the mouth of the cave. The crew ready their weapons for battle.

With the monster-luring shrine in the cave destroyed...
The crew is relieved to know that the village will now be safe from monsters.
Vyrn: Phew... For a while there I was worried things would go south.
Lyria: What a relief to know that everything will be okay.
Andira: Good job, everyone.
Hakuya: Indeed... I can't thank you all enough.
Hakuya sings the crew's praises.
However, mist suddenly begins to surge from where the shrine once stood.
Andira: ...!
Vyrn: What the...
What is it now!
Lyria: Oh no! Hakuya! Please get away from here!
Hakuya: ...
The crew stands dumbfounded as Hakuya absorbs the voluminous mist into her body.
Hakuya: Hehehe... You boys and girls just did me a huge favor.
Lyria: Hakuya... Is everything okay?
Hakuya: How nifty that Goku's descendant turned out to be a simpleton. My powers were sealed away, but I have you to thank for restoring them.
Andira: Haaaagh!
Andira strikes with the speed of a gazelle and force of a gorilla.
Hakuya: Heh, too easy...
Andira: Tch, you actually blocked it...
Andira's surprise attack proves futile, as Hakuya's mist is quick to intercept.
Hakuya: Not bad though... Now you just need to keep it up and show me a good time.
Hakuya: Except I'll be making the next move.
Hakuya: Hyaagh!
Mist pours out from Hakuya and into the bodies of the soldiers nearby.
One by one they begin to stand up limply, as if they were marionettes.
Hakuya: Go on... Capture them.
Soldier: As you wish...
Lyria: Oh no...
Vyrn: Uh-oh! They've cut off our exit!
Andira: It'll be okay... I'll do whatever it takes to keep everyone safe!
Andira: (Captain) and I will cut open an escape path!

Truth Behind the Mist: Scene 2

After a close battle, (Captain) and company make it out of the cave alive. They visit the woman they rescued earlier for more information on Hakuya, and learn that she tricked the crew only because her parents and other villagers are being held captive in Hakuya's estate. The crew sets out on a rescue mission.

(Captain) and company barely make it out of the cave alive.
Repulsed by how easily she was duped, Andira is especially down on herself.
Andira: Sigh... How dumb could I be...
Vyrn: Anyone have a clue what just happened? I could use a primer right about now.
Andira: Goku's magic is likely what was keeping that shrine's seal intact.
Andira: That's why my magic responded and broke the seal.
Andira: So I broke my own ancestor's seal... Does that just make me pathetic or what?
Lyria: It's not your fault, Andira.
Lyria: I mean, we didn't notice a thing either.
Vyrn: That's right! Stop pinning the blame all on yourself!
Vyrn: We're pals, right? That's why we've gotta work together to overcome this!
Andira: Sniff... Thanks, Lyria, Vyrn.
(Captain) extends an arm for a team hand-stack. The others layer their hands on top of the captain's, finishing off with a rallying cry.
Vyrn: So what now?
Andira: We'll need more info on Hakuya if we're to move against her.
Lyria: The villagers could be in danger if we don't act soon.
Andira: Right, let's go pay them a visit and see if they might know anything.
The crew decides to visit the house of the woman who treated them to a meal earlier.
They try not to make too much noise as they enter.
Lyria: Hello?
Vyrn: Heyo, we're back!
Andira: ...
Woman: Yes, who's there?
The woman goes into a panic the moment she notices the crew.
Woman: Eep! Wh-why are you all here?
Vyrn: Whoopsie, didn't mean to scare ya!
Lyria: There's something we'd like to ask...
Woman: O-ohmigosh, I'm so sorry! I didn't have much of a choice! Please spare my life!
Vyrn: Hey, relax!
Lyria: Did something happen?
Andira: We're not here to hurt you or anything. We only wanted to ask a few questions.
The woman slowly regains her composure at the crew's kind words.
Woman: I apologize for losing it just now... I thought you had come for retaliation.
Andira: What could we possibly want to retaliate for?
Woman: Because... I sold you out to Lord Hakuya...
Andira: You did?
Woman: We were instructed to lead all travelers to Lord Hakuya.
Andira: What for exactly?
Woman: I can't say for sure, but she keeps all travelers locked up in her dungeon.
Woman: You have to believe me when I say we had no choice in the matter! She's keeping people from each of our families as hostages!
Woman: Of course... That goes for my family as well... She took my parents.
Woman: There was no way we could stand up to Lord Hakuya... I'm so sorry for what I did to you!
Andira: Hm, I'm starting to see what happened.
Vyrn: Man, that Hakuya's such a nasty meanie!
Lyria: It's up to us to keep the villagers safe!
Woman: But how...
Andira: I'm sure you know by now how strong we are.
Andira: If you'll give us your help, we promise to get your parents back.
Andira: Trust us! With (Captain) and me around, there's nothing we can't get done!
(Captain) responds with a bold, confident grin...
Which in turn fills the woman with determination.
Woman: Okay, count me in! I'll help in any way I can!
And so they work together to come up with a plan to rescue the captive villagers.

Truth Behind the Mist: Scene 3

Taking the form of a fly, Andira sneaks into Hakuya's dungeon to rescue the villagers. They encounter Hakuya during their escape, who reveals herself to be the great demon Palespine before attacking the crew.

A single fly darts about in Hakuya's dungeon.
It had searched every nook and cranny of the mansion before finally finding the entrance to the underground lair.
It stops in front of the imprisoned villagers.
Villager: How'd a fly get in here...
The villager raises a palm to crush the nuisance.
Fly: (Release!)
Out of the blue, an adorable young girl appears before their very eyes.
Andira: Hold it! I'm no fly!
Villager: What in tarnation! Did a fly just turn into a pretty lil' miss?
Villager: Hoo boy... I must really be losin' it...
Andira: Gah! Just listen up, will ya?
Andira explains that one of their fellow villagers had told her about the whole situation.
She used her transformation magic to sneak into the dungeon in hopes of rescuing everyone.
Andira: I came to get you all out of here safely!
Andira: We need to get going now!
Villager: We... can go back to our homes?
Andira: That's right! Just follow me!
Villager: O-okay! Time to make a break for it, everyone!
Andira leads them out of the dungeon.
She knocks the sentries unconscious and guides the villagers through the escape route decided on beforehand.
Outside the mansion, (Captain) and company have been creating a distraction to draw attention away from Andira's group.
Woman: Andira! Over here!
Andira: Make your way to her and you'll be all set!
They make it to (Captain)'s group safe and sound.
Villager: Huff... Huff... Thank goodness.
Vyrn: Heheh! Looks like it worked!
Lyria: Hey, everyone! We're almost off the estate, just a little further now!
But to their dismay, what was supposed to be a clean getaway comes to a screeching halt.
Hakuya: Well, well, what do we have here... I come to check out the commotion, and I find a pack of rats trying to escape.
Andira: Tch... We came so close!
Vyrn: Hey, you're that jerk who duped us earlier!
Hakuya: Humph, you're the fools for letting yourselves get duped.
Lyria: No! You're just evil for trying to trick us!
Hakuya: Humph... You know what happens to those who dare defy me?
Villager: Eep... It's over for all of us...
Woman: Uh-uh, we can still do this! Don't you want to see your families again?
Woman: They're staying strong, waiting for you to come home!
Andira: That's right. Just leave the rest to us.
Vyrn: We've got this!
Lyria: We're not going to lose!
Andira: Please take the villagers away from here.
Woman: I'm on it!
The woman continues guiding the villagers out of the estate.
Hakuya: Heh, I didn't know pesky little vermin could be such a handful.
Andira: You're not going to chase after them?
Hakuya: Of course I am. Once I've got some time to kill later.
Hakuya: For now, I'm adding you pests to my collection.
Andira: Collection? I'm almost afraid to ask.
Hakuya: Oh, you can take that literally. Once I put you in my pen, I'll be sucking the life out of you all.
Hakuya: Compared to what those flimsy villagers can give me, your lifeblood might just be enough to grant me immortality.
Andira: Immortality?
Hakuya: Correct... I wouldn't have to bother with maintaining my own personal villager farm anymore.
Andira: So you had the villagers locked up for something so dumb.
Hakuya: Dumb, you say?
Hakuya: Have you no interest in eternal life?
Andira: Not in the least.
Andira: It's because I know my life is finite that there's meaning in everything I do.
Andira: I can't imagine how boring it'd be to never age.
Andira looks boldly into Hakuya's eyes.
Hakuya: Humph... I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.
Hakuya: Let's see if you can keep up that gusto after seeing the real me.
Hakuya: Haaagh!
A giant skeleton emerges around Hakuya as she unleashes her power.
Palespine: I am the great demon, Palespine.
Palespine: Hehehe... I can't wait to see you squirm.
Andira: Urgh... I can already feel her power.
Andira: Vyrn, Lyria, (Captain)! I'll take care of the rest; you guys hightail it outta here!
Yet they continue to stand their ground.
Vyrn: No way are we leaving you with this bonebag alone! We're doing this together!
Andira: But I'm the one responsible for restoring her powers...
Lyria: Andira, you're our friend!
Lyria: Anything that's your responsibility is our responsibility! Right, (Captain)?
The others stand beside Andira and take up a fighting stance.
Andira: Thank you, everyone...
Palespine: Hahahaha! Enough of this farce!
Palespine: This is going to end the same way no matter how many rodents you have in your pack.
Andira: Call us rodents again, and you might just jinx yourself.
Andira: We'll just have to see how this plays out, won't we?
Andira: Give me a hand, everyone!

Truth Behind the Mist: Scene 4

Palespine uses the last of her power to trap Andira in mist. Unable to find a way out, the monkey goddess collapses in utter despair. But the voices of (Captain) and the others cheering her on give her enough strength to escape. Days later, she reaffirms her bond with (Captain) as she tucks into a delicious helping of cotton candy.

Palespine: Ngh... You're far stronger than I had anticipated...
Andira: You bet! You picked the wrong crew to go up against!
The great demon reels from the crew's attack.
Vyrn: Andira! Go for it!
Lyria: Now, Andira!
(Captain) and the others signal for their monkey goddess companion to deal the final blow.
Andira: This is the end for you, Palespine!
Andira: Absolute freedom in endless skies! Go, Nyoi Bo!
Andira: Hraaaa!
Andira's magical staff grows to the size of a giant beanstalk, and she strikes down hard on Palespine.
Palespine: Graaagh!
Palespine falls to the ground in agony.
Andira: Huff... Huff... I did it!
Vyrn: Way to go, Andira!
Lyria: Hooray, Andira!
Andira: Hehe... It's all thanks to you guys.
(Captain) and the crew let their guard down, now that the enemy has finally fallen.
Palespine: (It can't end like this...)
Palespine: (I'll just have to drag them along with me...)
She musters the last of her power and rushes at the crew.
Andira: Watch out!
Andira knocks her allies far into the distance.
Vyrn: Andira!
Lyria: Andira!
Andira: Aaaagh!
Palespine: You're done for...
Andira is engulfed by the mist seeping from Palespine's body.
It fills her mind with a void-like darkness, quickly knocking her unconscious.
She opens her eyes to find nothing but darkness all around her.
Andira: Wh-where am I...
Palespine: You're inside my mist.
Palespine: Mist that you'll never escape from.
Palespine: Heh heh heh... Wither away and perish.
Andira: Rgh, there's no way I'm throwing in the towel.
Andira: Light as a feather... Come, my cloud!
Andira: Now to look for the exit.
Riding on her cloud, Andira flies about inside the mist.
But no matter where she looks, there appears to be no way out.
Andira: No, this isn't over yet... I won't let it end like this!
Andira: Absolute freedom in endless skies! Go, Nyoi Bo!
Andira: Haaah! Yaaah! Taaah!
Andira strikes in every direction, but her staff only makes contact with the empty air.
Andira: Aw, geez! How do I get out of this bottomless pit?
Palespine: Give it up—you're just wasting your energy.
Feeling defeated, Andira loses balance and falls off her cloud.
She lies stock still on the ground.
Andira: I'm... out of strength...
Palespine: That's a good girl... Give up and die already.
Andira: Vyrn... Lyria... (Captain)... As long as you're all safe...
Andira: Then I'm fine here...
I'm... starting to feel dozy...
A familiar voice calls out to her before she gives in to the siren call of sleep entirely.
Vyrn: Wake up, Andira! You wouldn't wanna catch a cold out here!
Lyria: C'mon, Andira! We still need to go to Tianzhu together!
Andira: Vyrn... Lyria...
  1. Andira!

Choose: Andira!

Andira: (Captain)...
  1. Don't lose hope!

Choose: Don't lose hope!

Andira: Yeah... I've still got a long life ahead of me!
  1. Tianzhu's gonna be a blast!

Choose: Tianzhu's gonna be a blast!

Andira: Yeah! We still need to get there!
Andira stands back up and prepares to cast a spell.
Andira: I am Divine Monkey Andira, bearer of the great Monkey King's will!
Andira pulls a hair from her head and blows at it.
Andira: Infinite diversity in infinite combinations... Transform!
Mirror images of Andira fill up the surrounding space en masse.
Andira: I can still do this!
She creates as many mirror images as she possibly can.
Andira: Huff... Puff...Time for my final technique...
Each and every one of Andira's mirror images forms a magical hand seal to fully unleash their strength.
Andira: Wisdom blossoming... Onward to Tianzhu!
Andira: Infinite Monkey Hands: Baboon Blast!
Balls of tremendous energy are unleashed simultaneously by every clone of Andira.
They bounce around vibrantly in the dark space until it is bathed in alabaster.
Palespine: I... I can't believe you still had this much power!
Palespine: Damn you, damn you, damn you! Blasted descendant of the wretched Monkey King!
Palespine: What insufferable humiliation! I'll make you regret this someday!
Bathed in a flood of light, Andira loses consciousness.
Some time passes.
Though her mind is still hazy, she recognizes the sound of an all-too-familiar voice.
Vyrn: Dira... Hey... Smell the su... Andira!
Lyria: An... Please wak... Andira!
Andira: Mng... Vyrn... Lyria...
After slowly opening up her eyes, she looks fondly at the faces of her trusty companions.
Lyria: Andira! Thank goodness you're awake!
Vyrn: Heheh! Glad to see you're okay!
(Captain) picks Andira up and carries her away from the estate.
Taken with the reassuring comfort of the captain's arms, the monkey goddess once again falls into a snooze.
Days later...
Having succeeded in freeing the villagers from their evil feudal lord...
The crew joins in on a local festival to celebrate.
Andira: Yay, a festival! Festivals are just the best!
Vyrn: Haha. Glad to see you up and about, Andira.
Lyria: You went through a lot to save this village. It's only fair that you have some fun while we're still here.
Andira: Hm... What should I eat first...
As her eyes dart across the vast array of food stands, (Captain) hands her an extra-extra-large order of cotton candy.
Andira: Er... (Captain), you bought this for me?
  1. You deserve it.

Choose: You deserve it.

Andira: Whatcha staring at? Come on, it's a festival!
Andira: Ehehe... This looks so good!
Vyrn: Look at her eyes light up at the sight of cotton candy... She's still just a kid, huh?
Lyria: Ehehe, it's nice to see her back to normal.
Andira nibbles at the king-sized cotton candy, her expression one of pure rapture.
As if coming to her senses, she removes the fluffy treat from her mouth.
She then prompts (Captain) with a question.
Andira: You know, I was wondering if I might ever find something I like more than cotton candy. Like, maybe when I'm all grown up.
Andira: Makes me lonely just thinking about it.
Andira: That's why I'm hoping I'll be on good terms with cotton candy forever and ever.
Sensing how sentimental Andira is feeling, (Captain) leans forward with a sympathetic nod.
Andira: Thanks, (Captain).
Andira: Just the same, I hope to be on good terms with you forever and ever too.
(Captain) smiles at the hint of maturity on Andira's countenance.
Andira: Ehehe, it's a promise then!
Back to her usual playful self, a delighted Andira stuffs her mouth full of cotton candy.
No matter the adversity that awaits them from this point forward, Andira and (Captain) will surely have each other's backs through it all.