Scenario:Ange - To Wish Upon a Prince

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To Wish Upon a Prince

With no leads on Rola, Ange grows more despondent by the day, but Littany soon realizes that Rola is as terrible as she feared. After Ange remembers what made her want to be a prince in the first place, she and the crew rush off to stop to the wedding.

(Captain) and company watch helplessly as Rola, the vicious princess-poaching villain, makes his escape with Littany, his bride-to-be.
Though they try their best to catch up, Rola and Littany appear to have all but vanished.
In the days following, Ange and the crew try to discover where the couple is headed, but to no avail.
Ange: Argh... We have to do something. Littany is in danger.
Ange: Damnit! Why can't we find anything?
Unable to save Littany from Rola's clutches, Ange spends every waking moment obsessing over her failure.
Ange: I couldn't rescue a damsel in distress! How am I ever supposed to become a prince?
Ange: I feel so... powerless. Maybe I really can't be a prince...
Lyria: Ange...
  1. Don't give up!
  2. That's not the Ange I know!

Choose: Don't give up!
Lyria: Yeah! You can't give up now, Ange!
Ange: (Captain)... Lyria...
Ange: (Oh... I remember now. I remember what the prince told me that day...)
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Choose: That's not the Ange I know!
Ange: Am I not acting like myself?
(Captain) nods reaffirmingly and encourages Ange to keep trying.
Ange: (Oh... I remember now. I remember what the prince told me that day...)
Continue 1
Many years ago, Ange found herself lost and alone in the woods.
She was discovered by a pack of ferocious monsters, and things were looking bleak. It was then that a prince rushed in gallantly to save her.
Even when the prince was surrounded by monsters, he refused to give up, fighting ceaselessly to save Ange's life.
After vanquishing the beasts, the prince turned and smiled at Ange.
Prince: My lady, you're not hurt, are you?
Young Ange: No... I'm fine. Thank you.
Prince: Hah hah. Glad to hear it. Well, I suppose I must be going now.
Young Ange: Hey... Wait!
Young Ange: Sir prince, could I ever grow up to be a great prince like you?
Prince: Hah hah. Of course you can. I'm sure of it.
Prince: Anyone who wants to help a lady in need can become a prince. And a prince never gives up. Ever.
Ange: Yes... That's right! I can't give up now!
Ange: I can't give up on becoming a prince, and I certainly can't give up on Littany!
Ange: Thanks, everyone. Your words of support helped me to remember what I need to do.
Vyrn: Hehe, I guess we've got the old Ange back. Glad to hear it!
Vyrn: Time to go find Rola. Let's do this!
Ange: Yeah. No matter what, we have to rescue Littany before those two get married.
Ange: That's right! The ceremony! If we can just figure out where they're holding the ceremony, maybe we can find them!
Vyrn: Hey, yeah! All right, let's get out there and start lookin'!
With a nod from (Captain), the crew heads out to gather more information.
Meanwhile Littany and Rola have arrived at a nearby townhouse.
Littany: Rola? What is this place?
Rola: This is a house that my family owns. I apologize for the cramped quarters, but we must stay here for your protection.
Littany: Well, I believe I can handle cramped quarters. But Rola...
Rola: Hmm? What is it?
Littany: Those things Ange and her friends said about you... They're not true, are they?
Rola: Of course not! Why would you ask something like that?
Littany: It's just that... I can't stop thinking about it...
Littany: Considering it now, Ange doesn't really seem the type to say such things without proper cause.
Rola: Yeah? What are you trying to say? You believe her and not me?
Littany: That... that's not what I meant...
Rola: No, I think it is. Ugh, everything was going perfectly until that little brat showed up.
Littany: Rola?
Rola silently approaches Littany and grabs her by her beautiful, golden locks.
Littany: Ow...
Rola: Hah... It's all true, Littany.
Littany: No... That can't be.
Rola: You never listen, do you? I'm tellin' ya, it's all true. How long are you going to keep your head in the clouds?
Littany: ...
Rola: So, Littany... Why do you think I'm telling you all this?
Rola tightens his grip.
Littany: Ow... Agh... Please, stop...
Rola: I don't think I will. You belong to me now, my sweet little puppet.
Rola: You have no choice but to marry me. And when you do, everything that's yours will be mine.
Rola: There's no point in trying to call off the wedding either. If you do, I'll get rid of you then and there.
Rola: Just like I did with your parents.
Littany: Mother and Father? I can't believe it. You're... You're a monster, Rola! A monster...
Rola: Yeah, I know. I'm a pretty bad guy once you get to know me. That's why you shouldn't try to run away.
Rola: And if you're a good girl, then maybe I'll keep you around after we get married. Heh heh...
Rola releases his grip on Littany.
Littany: Sniff... Sob...
(Everything Ange said was true...)
Littany: (Ange... I'm so sorry...)
As tears stream down her face, Littany's heart aches over an apology she can't deliver.
Several days later (Captain) and company discover the location of the wedding.
Before long the day of the wedding arrives. The crew catches word that the ceremony has begun and rushes to get to the chapel.
Ange: (Captain)! There's no time to lose! We've got to get to that chapel!
Before they can get there, however, monsters appear and block their path.
Monster: Grrr...
Vyrn: Crud, not now! Out of the way, you beasts!
Weapon drawn, (Captain) rushes in to defeat them.

To Wish Upon a Prince: Scene 2

Ange interrupts the wedding and challenges Rola to another duel, which she wins. Ange offers Rola a chance to surrender, but he sics his guards on (Captain) and company instead.

At the chapel the wedding is nearly over. All that remains is the final kiss.
Littany: ...
However, when the time comes, Littany stands there downtrodden and refuses to look up.
Priest: Lady Littany?
A sly grin creeps over Rola's face. He whispers to his bride-to-be.
Rola: Do you have a death wish?
Littany: ...!
Priest: Is something the matter?
Rola: No, she's just nervous. My apologies.
Rola: Come, Littany. Let us seal our vows.
Littany: Okay...
Littany trembles as she slowly raises her lips to Rola's.
But just before they touch, the doors of the chapel burst open.
Ange: Stop this wedding!
Rola: What the? How did you know we were here?
Ange: I've come to help a lady in need. And I won't leave until I do!
Littany: Ange... Sob... Oh, Ange!
Ange: Sounds like you've finally shown Littany your true colors, Rola!
Ange: And to think she put her complete and utter faith in you!
Rola: Hah. Like I care! Hey, you there! Call in the guards and get these lowlifes out of here!
Ange: Hold it, Rola! I challenge you to one last duel!
Rola: Excuse me?
Ange: Someone like you could never be a real prince! You're just a wolf in sheep's clothing, and I'm going to prove it!
Rola: Humph! Don't get cocky, brat. I already beat you once before.
Rola: But if you insist... Fine. I accept your challenge! Time to show you once and for all who the better fighter is!
Rola draws his sword and begins swinging furiously at Ange.
As the vicious battle rages on, Ange finds herself overwhelmed.
Rola: Haha! Where's your confidence now?
Ange: Ack...
Littany: Ange!
Ange: Hah hah. Don't worry, Littany. I will defeat him!
Ange: I will not rest until you're safe! A lady in need must be helped!
With a powerful swing, Ange knocks Rola's sword far away.
Rola: Gah! How did you—
Ange: Give it up, you phony!
Rola: Hah hah hah! Never! Do your worst!
Suddenly, one of Rola's guards comes out of hiding and attacks Ange.
Ange: ...!
Without missing a beat, (Captain) steps in and blocks the guard's blade.
Ange: Thank you, (Captain)...
Vyrn: Don't thank us yet! We've still got guards to fight! Let's put this creepy con man away for good, (Captain)!

To Wish Upon a Prince: Scene 3

A defeated Rola is hauled off by the Crew of Enforcers, and Ange reassures Littany that she'll meet her real prince one day. Littany responds by telling Ange that she'll find her prince too, prompting Ange to have a moment of self-reflection.

Rola: Inconceivable! My guards!
Ange: Rola, there's no one left to protect you now. Surrender.
Ange: And you have to promise. You'll never fake being a prince or bother another lady again for as long as you live!
Agreeing to Ange's terms, Rola surrenders himself to the crew. They take him and turn him over to the Crew of Enforcers.
Littany: Ange... Thank you for your help.
Ange: Hah. It was nothing, m'lady. I'd do anything to keep you safe.
Littany: Hehehe. And to think, I said you could never be a prince.
Littany: Ange... To me you will always be a prince.
Littany: Thank you for everything.
As Littany smiles, tears of joy begin to stream down her face. Ange gently reaches out and wipes away her tears.
Ange: It is I who should be thanking you, Littany.
Ange: Meeting you helped me to remember what I need to do in life. You have my sincerest gratitude.
Littany: ...
Littany: Maybe you shouldn't try to become a prince...
Ange: What? Why?
Littany: It's just that... you're too adorable. Your smile, the way you act, everything.
Ange: ...!
I-I'm not... I mean...
Littany: Heheh. The way you try to deny it is adorable too.
Littany: This is just a feeling I have, but... perhaps all you really want is to meet your own prince.
Ange: W-what? Umm... Well...
Littany: I'm sorry. After being deceived by a fake prince, I'm in no position to say such things.
Littany: Perhaps real princes don't actually exist.
Ange: No. That's not true. There are real princes out there.
Ange: And I know that someday you'll meet the one you're meant to be with.
Littany: Thank you.
Vyrn: Hey! Sorry to cut you off, but we gotta get goin'!
Ange: Right. Well, Littany, see you again someday.
Littany: I hope so. Come back and visit anytime. You'll always be welcome here.
Littany: Oh, and Ange... I know someday you'll find him. The prince you're meant to be with.
Hearing Littany's kind words, a gentle smile spreads upon Ange's face. With that Ange takes her leave.
On the way back to the ship, Ange thinks about what Littany said.
Ange: The prince I'm meant to be with...
Ange: I guess if he's anything like (Captain), I'd be pretty happy.
Blushing slightly, Ange turns and reaches out her hand to (Captain)'s.
Ange: (Captain). I couldn't have done any of that without you. I hope I can always count on you.
Looking down at Ange's hand, (Captain) clasps it tightly, bringing the two of them closer together.
Having accomplished great deeds, Ange begins to open up to who she really is. All that remains in her heart now is a simple feeling of joy.