Scenario:Anne - Friendship is Magic

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Friendship is Magic

Anne must soon leave to study abroad, but she's had a nightmare of what might happen to the academy while she's away. Grea comforts her and the two spend their last night together in what's to be a very long while.

In the dark of night, after all the crickets have sung their song, a lone Anne walks the halls of Mysteria Academy's girls dormitory.
Her feet stop in front of a door, and she knocks.
Grea: Who is it?
Anne: Grea, it's me. Can I come in?
Grea: Anne? What're you doing up so late?
Anne: Sorry, it's...
Anne: I just couldn't fall asleep.
Grea: Can't sleep?
Grea: Mm, all right then. Come on in.
Anne: Thanks, Grea.
Grea: Want anything to drink?
Anne: I... could go for something warm.
Grea: The usual cup of warm milk?
Anne: Thanks. Sorry for the trouble.
Grea: So tomorrow's the big day.
Anne: Yeah...
Grea: Is that what has you up?
Anne: Mm-hm... I thought maybe a walk might do me some good.
Grea: Ooh. Never knew you were such a jitterbug, Anne.
Anne: Hey! Like you wouldn't be either! Anyone would get a bit of cold feet before a big day!
Grea: Sorry, sorry! Just trying to lighten the mood.
Anne: Humph!
And lightened it was. Before long they are back to their old banter, chatting as good friends always do.
Together they were not Anne the princess and Grea the half dragon, but simply best of friends and closest companions.
Grea: Here you go. One cup of warm milk.
Anne: Oh, yum! Thanks, Grea!
Grea: ...
Anne: What's wrong?
Grea: No, no. Nothing's wrong. It's just... I never thought I'd have a friend, much less have her visit for a midnight chat. But I'm glad I do.
Anne: Really? Well, I knew we'd be friends from the moment we met!
Grea: Haha. That's so like you, Anne. I have a hunch you'll have no problems making friends at your new school.
Anne: Mm... Thanks.
Anne: You always know how to make me feel better, Grea. To be honest, I've been pretty worried about that. But now I feel like it'll all be okay!
Grea: That so? Glad to hear it.
Grea: I can't wait to see how much you'll have grown when you finally come back.
Anne: When I'm done and come back here, my magic's going to be better than ever!
Grea: And I'll be here waiting for you.
A silence dawns. Grea tries to break it before the mood turns solemn.
Grea: You know, Anne, I never did get the chance to ask you about your magic. How does this summoning thing work?
Anne: Now that you mention it, I've never really told you much, have I?
Anne: Well, firstly... The spirits I summon are fallen heroes of a long-ago war in Mysteria.
Anne: Those heroes were revered by the people of Mysteria, so much so that their souls ascended and became divine spirits.
Grea: Wow. And how do you get them to help you?
Anne: The spirits sense the dormant magic inside me and my longing to protect something. That lets me make a pact with them to help me.
Anne: With the power of my summons, I want to lead the academy and all of Mysteria into a better future.
Anne: That's why I have to go away for a while, Grea. When I'm back, I'll have learned how to use my summons to the fullest.
Grea: You're amazing, Anne. Most people would just live life for themselves. But not you.
Grea: I'll be rooting for you.
Anne: Hehe. You don't know how much that means to me, Grea.
Anne: I'm... I'm really going to miss you.
Grea: Yeah... Me too.
Anne: Mm...
Grea: Anne? Hey, why the long face?
Grea: Don't be down. We'll see each other again someday.
Anne: It's just that... I can't shake the feeling that something awful is about to happen. Maybe it's just nerves, but...
Anne: I had a terrible dream. Everyone in the academy was gone. No matter where I went, it was empty and dark. That's why I couldn't go back to sleep.
Anne: If something happened to you and everyone at the academy, I don't know what I'd do.
Grea: Don't worry.
Anne: Grea?
Grea: Whatever happens, I'll protect this place. I'll protect all the memories and times we shared here.
Grea: You do your best at your new school; I'll do my best here.
Anne: I knew I could always count on you, Grea.
Anne: You're the kindest friend anyone could ask for!
Grea: Th-that's too much...
Anne: I'll be rooting for you too, Grea.
Grea: Thanks. I know you will.
Anne: So... promise we'll always do our best, even when we're apart?
Grea: Yeah. Promise.
Anne: For the future of Mysteria.
Grea: For the times we shared here.
Anne and Grea seal their vows with the most solemn and unbreakable of oaths: a pinky swear.
Grea: All right. Time for bed. Wouldn't want to be late for your trip tomorrow.
When Grea reaches to take away the cup on the table, Anne turns to face her with a shy expression.
Anne: Wait... Grea.
Grea: Hm? Everything okay?
Anne: Would you mind if I... slept here tonight?
Grea: Oh, Anne. You never change.
Anne: Hey! Are you laughing at me?
Grea: No, no. I'm not laughing, honest.
Anne: You better come clean right now, Grea.
Grea: Come on, it's late. I'm putting the lamp out.
Anne: Don't try to change the subject!
After another bout of banter, the two settle down and wish each other good night for one last time in what's to be a very long while.
Grea: Sweet dreams, Anne.
Anne: Sweet dreams, Grea.
Comfy and warm under the sheets, Anne snuggles up next to Grea.
The two spend their last night together in peace and quiet.