Scenario:Anre - Threatening Boundaries

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Threatening Boundaries

(Captain) finally awakens the One-Rift Spear and raises a glass in celebration. But Anre shows up and announces that the world can only handle one absolute power. With that, he challenges (Captain) to a fight.

Sierokarte: Hmm... There's no mistake!
Sierokarte: The One-Rift Spear has at last been awakened! Congratulations!
(Captain) and crew finally unleash the true power of the One-Rift Spear.
After confirming this at the Knickknack Shack, they raise a toast in celebration.
Vyrn: It sure took a while to get here...
Lyria: That's right... But it was all worth it. I sense incredible power in the One-Rift Spear...
Anre: Good evening, skyfarers.
Lyria: Hey, Anre! Please listen! The One-Rift Spear actually—
Anre: Oh, I know. It has incredible power. It is a revenant weapon after all.
Anre: Congratulations... But it's most unfortunate that you've decided to step into our world.
Anre: Let's step outside, (Captain). And make sure to bring your weapon.
Lyria: Huh? Um... What's this all about?
Anre: Now that you've awakened a revenant weapon, your power is considered a threat to all the sky.
Anre: Absolute power can put an end to unnecessary conflicts...
Anre: But if such power were to clash with another... it could bring ruin to the world.
Anre: Two powers of such magnitude cannot be allowed to coexist.
Vyrn: What? Do you mean what I think you do?
Anre: That's right... There can only be one menace ruling the skies at a time.
Anre: The ten Eternals together make up the one and only absolute power our world can withstand.
Anre: Your power will throw the world off balance. Nothing personal, but I'm going to hit you with everything I've got!

Threatening Boundaries: Scene 2

(Captain) defeats Anre, so Anre says (Captain) should replace him as an Eternal, but Lyria argues that they will be stronger as a group. Convinced by her logic, Anre joins the crew.

Anre: So this is the power of someone capable of awakening a revenant weapon...
Lyria: Anre... Let's stop this already.
Anre: Fear not. I understand my own limitations quite well.
Anre: I accept my defeat. Though I never expected to leave the Eternals so soon.
Vyrn: Huh? What do you mean?
Anre: Only the most powerful belong in our crew. To taste defeat means immediate resignation.
Anre: And I nominate you as my replacement, (Captain).
Lyria: Wait... What?
  1. I don't think so.
  2. Leave it to me!

Choose: I don't think so.
Vyrn: My thoughts exactly! (Captain)'s on a journey, you know.
Anre: Well, I'm not telling anyone to abandon any journeys.
Anre: All the captain has to do is accept a position as one of the all-powerful Eternals.
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Choose: Leave it to me!
Anre: Good answer. Something tells me you'll take a shine to Seofon.
Lyria: Hold on a second! This is all so sudden...
Anre: There's nothing difficult about it. All the captain has to do is accept a position as one of the all-powerful Eternals.
Continue 1
Anre: The world needs an overwhelming force to eliminate unnecessary conflict...
Anre: When fights break out, someone always gets hurt. Both the victors and defeated are victims. Everyone loses in the end.
Anre: If only we could have eliminated conflict sooner, my parents would never have fallen so tragically.
Anre: A truly resplendent force can prevent any war. That's why the Eternals exist.
Anre: I've lost my luster, so now it's your turn.
Lyria: Um... In that case why don't you just come with us?
Anre: What?
Lyria: You two would be stronger together than you could ever be on your own!
Vyrn: Gotcha! You're saying that (Captain) and Anre should combine forces!
Lyria: That's right! They'd be stronger together than apart! Don't you agree?
Anre: That does indeed seem correct.
Lyria: Then it's decided!
Vyrn: Hey... There's no need to force the poor guy...
Anre: Interesting... I never quite thought of it that way before.
Anre: Instead of just using a single power to stop conflict, we can unify our powers as one... What a novel approach.
Anre: Thank you... If that's how you'd like to do this, I have no objection.
Anre: You may find me a trifle challenging to deal with at times, but I look forward to working with you, (Captain).
Thus Anre the Eternal is accepted into the crew by (Captain) and crew.
Anre's ideals change little by little as he continues taking steps to bring about a brighter future.