Scenario:Anthuria - Passionate Yet Purehearted

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Passionate Yet Purehearted

(Captain) saves a dancer named Anthuria from a group of thugs. She soon falls head over heels for (Captain) and asks to join the crew.

(Captain) and the crew return to town after finishing a recent assignment.
It's already getting late, however, sending our heroes in search of lodging for the evening.
Vyrn: What's with the crowd over there? Almost looks like a party from where I'm flying...
Lyria: You're right. And they're playing music too!
Lyria: Want to take a look, (Captain)?
At the center of the crowd is a dancing Erune girl with blistering, vivid red hair and a crimson dress.
Lyria: Wow, she's super pretty! It almost looks like she's a dancing, living flame...
Vyrn: Couldn't have said it better myself. No wonder she's got a crowd going!
Lyria: That was amazing. I totally lost track of time!
Vyrn: Right? I couldn't take my eyes off her.
Loud Voice: D-don't you dare!
Vyrn: Hey, did you hear that? Sounded like it came from really close by.
Vyrn: Let's go take a look!
The crew rushes ahead to find the Erune girl from earlier surrounded by a group of men.
???: Ow! Let go of my hand! You do not get to treat me like that!
Lyria: S-she's the dancer from earlier...
Vyrn: Yep! And she needs our help!
Ruffian: Whaddaya want? Get outta here!
Ruffian: Urgh...
Vyrn: You okay, Fire Girl?
???: Yeah... Thank you so much.
Ruffian: You idiots! Don't let Anthuria get away!
Vyrn: There are still that many of 'em?
Lyria: Uh-oh... They look like they're getting ready to attack again!
Vyrn: Let's get out of here, guys!
(Captain) nods, firmly gripping the Erune girl by the hand as they flee the area.
Vyrn: Huff... Huff... If we made it this far, we must've lost 'em... Right?
Lyria: Huff... Seems like it. Are you okay?
Anthuria: Wheeze... Y-yeah, I'm fine. But more importantly...
Anthuria: Hee hee... I've never had someone grip my hand with such strength and conviction before.
Anthuria: And you have such a look of determination on your face too...
Anthuria: Oh my goodness... Just thinking about you is enough to make me start... burning up.
Anthuria draws closer and whispers softly into (Captain)'s ear.
Vyrn: What the?
Lyria: Oh my gosh! What are you doing to (Captain)?
Anthuria: Ooh... Won't you soothe this flame within me?
Anthuria: You're the one who lit the match, after all.
Anthuria: Hee hee... You can do whatever your heart desires. Only fair, considering that you saved me.
Anthuria: How about this... If you want to calm this fire within me, squeeze my hand.
Anthuria: Otherwise... release it.
  1. Squeeze her hand.
  2. Release her hand.

Choose: Squeeze her hand.
Anthuria: Ooh... You really did it...
Anthuria: Gasp... I-I know I said you could do this, but... for you to actually go through with it...
Anthuria: Ah. If you squeeze that hard then—mmm!
Anthuria: T-this is a little embarrassing, but... I don't mind—Hngh!
Anthuria: Ngyah... N-no, this... this is t-too much!
Lyria: W-what in the world are you doing, (Captain)?
Startled by Anthuria's noises and Lyria's shocked cries, (Captain) releases their grip.
Anthuria: Huff... Huff... If you hadn't let go with such ferocity...
Anthuria: I'd almost think you enjoyed that.
Lyria: Grrr... I don't know what's going on here, but I don't like it!
Vyrn: Sigh... No need to get all worked up, Lyria.
Anthuria: Still I can't believe how easily you were able to defeat those men. You're so incredibly strong.
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Choose: Release her hand.
Anthuria: Aw, you're letting go? I wanted you to squeeze me harder...
Anthuria: I guess I don't have what it takes to hold your interest...
Anthuria: Just kidding! Hee hee, sorry about that. Just wanted to tease you a little.
Upon hearing this (Captain) loses control, deciding against releasing her hand in favor of squeezing tighter.
Anthuria: Huh? U-um, y-you're not going to release your hand?
Anthuria: O-oh gosh... Ngh... If you k-keep squeezing... I'm... I'm gonna...
Vyrn: What are you doing to that poor girl's hand, (Captain)?
(Captain) is shocked back to reality, releasing Anthuria's hand.
Vyrn: You okay, Fire Girl? Your face is so red it looks like it's burning up. Literally.
Anthuria: Y-yeah. Don't worry about it...
Anthuria: Still I can't believe how easily you were able to defeat those men. You're so incredibly strong.
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Vyrn: Duh. (Captain)'s a skyfarer after all!
Anthuria: A skyfarer? You?
Lyria: Yes! We're on a journey to the Island of the Astrals!
Anthuria: The one that no one's really sure exists? Wow... Hee hee, no wonder...
Lyria: Is there a reason you're staring at (Captain) so intently?
Anthuria: No. It's nothing. I just... realized (Captain) has such beautiful eyes.
Anthuria: Hee hee... I knew it. I think I'm falling for you.
Lyria: Um... Anthuria, is it?
Anthuria: Yes. Now that I think about it, I never properly introduced myself!
Anthuria: My name is Anthuria, and I'm a travelling dancer.
Anthuria: Nice to meet you.
Lyria: Y-yeah, same here!
Lyria: That dance you did was, um... super pretty!
Anthuria: Hee hee... Thank you. It makes me very happy to hear that from you.
Lyria: Oh, before I forget! Why were those men chasing you earlier?
Anthuria: Ah yes. That. No need to worry about that!
Lyria: But there were so many of them!
Anthuria: Nothing serious. Really. They just demanded I marry them.
Anthuria: Zero interest from me, though. Sigh...
Vyrn: Gotcha. Honestly I can kinda understand where they're coming from.
Vyrn: You're super cute, Fire Girl.
Vyrn: (Captain) thinks so too. Right, (Captain)?
Anthuria: Gasp! My goodness... You too?
Anthuria: Oooh... To hear that from you is just... I don't... Ooh...
Lyria: Oh my gosh! Are you okay, Anthuria? You're going beet red!
Anthuria: I'm fine. It's just... I'm too happy to even think straight right now.
Anthuria: Whew... Still, I'm not even sure what the count is up to at this point.
Vyrn: The count? Wait. You mean the number of times they've tried proposing to you?
Anthuria: Yeah, well, you know... But what do I do from here on out?
Anthuria: I can't stay in this town anymore. Where should I go next?
Lyria: Is there a reason you're staring at us, Anthuria?
Anthuria: Hee hee... Yes, I suppose that's an option too.
Anthuria: Say, (Captain). Would it be okay if I joined your crew?
Anthuria: I mentioned it earlier, but... I've really taken a liking to you, so...
Vyrn: Hmm. I've been wondering about this for a while.
Vyrn: Why do you feel so strongly about (Captain)?
Anthuria: (Captain) was a hero when I needed one most.
Anthuria: And... when they squeeze my hand, I...
Lyria: Anthuria?
Anthuria: It's nothing. Anyway, what do you think? You... you're opposed to me joining, aren't you?
Anthuria: Am I... not to your liking?
Anthuria: I'll do anything your heart desires...
Anthuria: Anything you're thinking. All of it... How does that sound?
Lyria: Gr! Don't tempt (Captain)!
Vyrn: Just hearing you talk is making me go red in the face, Fire Girl!
Vyrn: And wow, you really know how to lay it on. Even when we're in the middle of the street!
Anthuria: Uh... Oh! Huuuh?
Vyrn: Don't tell me. You didn't even realize you were doing it?
Anthuria: Rgh... When I get really passionate about something, I lose sight of my surroundings.
Anthuria: But that's how passionate I am about you, so... so...
  1. Nothing wrong with that.
  2. Actually, I already have someone.

Choose: Nothing wrong with that.
Anthuria: T-thanks. Hee hee... I'm very happy to hear that.
Lyria: I'm okay with you joining the crew, but...
Lyria: But please don't try to tempt (Captain)!
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Choose: Actually, I already have someone.
Lyria: Oh my gosh! Really?
Vyrn: For real? First I've heard of it!
Lyria: Sniff... I can't believe you've got someone like that in your life, (Captain)...
Anthuria: Well, that's fine.
Vyrn: Fire Girl?
Lyria: Anthuria, are you suggesting...
Anthuria: As long as I don't give up, I'll get my chance. So... please.
Vyrn: Sigh. When you put it that way, it's tough to say no.
(Captain) nods, face slowly blushing a deeper shade of red.
Anthuria: Thank you. You've really helped me out of a difficult situation.
Anthuria: But you better prepare yourself, (Captain).
Anthuria: I'm not going to give up. Not until I make you as obsessed with me as I am with you.
Lyria: M-me too! I'm going to give it everything I have too!
Continue 2
Anthuria: Ah, that's right. Are you... free tonight, (Captain)?
Anthuria: Interested in spending it with me? Somewhere we can be alone. Just the two of us.
Anthuria: Hee hee... It's a captain's job to teach new crew members all sorts of important things, isn't it?
Anthuria: So I want you to teach me. All of me.
Anthuria: I'm an open book just waiting to be filled.
Anthuria: Oh dear. Is something wrong? You're turning bright red. Whatever rushed through your mind to make that happen?
Vyrn: Uh... What do you mean by that, Fire Girl?
Anthuria: Huh? T-that's um... Er...
Anthuria: It's a s-secret...
Anthuria passionately attempts to win (Captain) over, only to turn beet red in the next moment.
Undaunted, she continues to desperately, wantingly clasp (Captain)'s hands.
Will she ever get through? Only time will tell.