Scenario:Arthur - Weight Training

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Weight Training

Arthur: Seventy-two, seventy-three, seventy-four! Seventy-five!
(Captain) catches Arthur covered in sweat, in the middle of his workout routine.
Arthur: Oh, (Captain)!
Arthur: I'm workin' up a sweat! Vice-Captain Vane told me that these fundamentals are, well, fundamental!
Arthur: Okay... Next are sit-ups!
  1. Need me to hold your legs?
  2. Let's do them together!
  3. I'll bring you a towel.

Choose: Need me to hold your legs?

Arthur: Really, you mean it?
Arthur: That would be a huge help, actually. Thanks!
Arthur's loyalty increased by 50!
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Choose: Let's do them together!

Arthur: Now that's an idea! Let's do it!
Arthur: I'm all fired up now—let's see who can do more! Bring it on!
Arthur's loyalty increased by 100!
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Choose: I'll bring you a towel.

Arthur: Oh! Much obliged.
Arthur: I didn't even notice how sweaty I was getting.
Arthur: Mordred's always telling me off for not preparing for stuff like this too.
Arthur's loyalty increased by 75!

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