Scenario:Arthur and Mordred - Childhood Friends

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Childhood Friends

After arriving in Feendrache, (Captain) and the crew visit Arthur, Mordred, and the other knights-in-training to watch them practice their swordsmanship. When Arthur and Mordred inevitably get into an argument, Lyria comments that Lancelot and Vane have never gotten into a fight, despite also being childhood friends. But when all is said and done, (Captain) and company decide they like Arthur and Mordred just the way they are.

Cruz: That's enough!
Arthur: All right!
Tornelio: Looks like Arthur wins.
Mordred: Maaan! I can't believe I lost!
Arthur: I did it! I beat him!
Lyria: Hehe! Congratulations, Arthur!
Vyrn: Yeah! And you didn't do too bad yourself, Mordred! You almost had him!
(Captain) and the crew have arrived in the city of Feendrache.
They pay a visit to the Order of the White Knights to watch Arthur, Mordred, and the other knights-in-training practice their swordsmanship.
Tornelio: Feels like it's been a little while since the last time Arthur won.
Arthur: Hey! That's not true!
Arthur: At least I'm pretty sure!
Cruz: If we're talking sword fights, it's been eight days.
Mordred: Yeah. I'd say that counts as a while.
Arthur: Whaaat?
Arthur: Well, at least this makes 3192 wins and 3165 losses for me against Mordred.
Mordred: Whoa, hang on!
Mordred: We haven't even sparred that many times! You're including things like games and races, aren't you!
Arthur: Well, yeah! Why wouldn't I?
Mordred: Fine. But if we just count the ones since we joined the order, I have 299 wins and 232 losses!
Arthur: Hey, no fair! That includes classes!
Mordred: And what's wrong with including classes? Maybe you should try studying harder.
Mordred: If you stay stupid, you'll never get ahead!
Arthur: Who are you calling stupid! You're the one who's stupid!
Lyria: Oh no! Shouldn't we stop them?
Cruz: Nah, you can just ignore them.
Tornelio: Ahaha... This is normal for those two.
Vyrn: Whatever you say... I guess all that arguin' just shows how close they are.
Lyria: Hehe, yeah. That sounds just like them.
Lyria: But, you know, it's interesting how different they are from Lancelot and Vane, considering they were childhood friends too.
Tornelio: The captain and vice-captain?
Lyria: Yes. They told us they've never had a single fight.
Cruz: Really?
Tornelio: That's incredible... But I guess it's not surprising for those two.
Arthur: What'd we miss? You guys talking about the captain and vice-captain?
Tornelio: Uh-huh. Apparently they've never had a fight before.
Mordred: What! Captain Lancelot and Vice-Captain Vane?
Cruz: Yeah.
Arthur: They're childhood friends, so that means they've been together foreeever, right? That's crazy!
Tornelio: Probably seems crazy since you two fight every single day.
Mordred: I'd say every day is a stretch.
Tornelio: Really? But you were just fighting...
Arthur: Huh? Just now? I don't remember a fight.
Vyrn: Then whaddya call that thing earlier?
Mordred: What thing earlier?
Arthur: Hmm...
(Captain) and the crew smile exasperatedly as Arthur and Mordred exchange confused looks.
Vyrn: Did you already forget? You were arguin' about scores.
Arthur: Huh? That wasn't a fight. Right, Mordred?
Mordred: Yeah. It was just a little disagreement.
Tornelio: I guess that was too tame to qualify as a fight for those two.
Lyria: Hehe. They sure get along well.
Arthur: But, man, the captain and vice-captain are amazing. They're on a whole other level!
Mordred: You mean the fact that they've never had a fight?
Arthur: Yeah. I wonder why we're always arguing?
Arthur: And how come they never fight? What's the difference?
Mordred: Geez.
Arthur: Ow!
Arthur glares as he rubs the spot on his head where Mordred smacked it.
Arthur: What was that for!
Mordred: You're never gonna figure it out, so there's no point wasting time thinking about it.
Arthur: Guess you're right! If it was that easy, I guess we'd never fight either!
Mordred: That's not what I meant...
Arthur: But let's ask them sometime!
Mordred: Captain Lancelot and Vice-Captain Vane, you mean?
Arthur: Don't you wanna know how they get along so well?
Arthur: If we figure out their secret, maybe we can become more like them!
Mordred: Hmm...
Mordred: But our goal isn't to be like those two, right?
Arthur: Oh, I see what you mean.
Mordred: Yeah. We need to be better than them.
Arthur: Right on, Mordred! You said it!
Mordred: Oh yeah? I guess that's 3166 wins and 3192 losses for me then.
Arthur: Hang on! I don't think so!
Tornelio: Ahaha... I wouldn't have you guys any other way.
Cruz: There's no need for you two to change. I like you just the way you are.
Tornelio: Yeah. And besides, if you turned into the captain and vice-captain all of a sudden, it'd be kinda scary...
Mordred: What's that supposed to mean!
Arthur: You think so? Lemme try something...
Arthur: Way to go, Mordy!
Mordred: Huh?
Mordred: Um... Uh...
Mordred: Stop, Arthur. We're on duty.
Lyria: Oh!
Vyrn: Whoa!
Tornelio: Wow!
Cruz: ...
Mordred: Anyway I think we've been on break long enough. Let's get back to practice.
Arthur: Righto!
Oh, (Captain)!
Arthur: Since you're here, would you mind sparring with me?
Mordred: Oh, me too!
Arthur: I won earlier, so I get to be first!
Mordred: Who let you decide!
Vyrn: Haha! You sure are popular, (Captain).
  1. Two on one. Let's do this.
  2. You'll have to take turns!

Choose: Two on one. Let's do this.
Mordred: Ooh... Sounds good to me!
Arthur: All right! We got this, Mordred!
Mordred: You better not hold me back!
Arthur: Don't worry! You can count on me!
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Choose: You'll have to take turns!
Arthur: Kay! I'm first!
Mordred: That's not up to you!
Mordred: (Captain), you get to pick who goes first!
Continue 1
Seeing the young knights' faces shining with excitement, (Captain) smiles and prepares for their duel.