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Facing Tomorrow

The crew learns from Arulumaya's visions that islands will begin falling from the sky. With no time to research a way to prevent this, the crew focuses on evacuating as many islanders as possible.

Arulumaya previously warned her fellow skyfarers of a coming calamity, where the islands of the world would come crumbling down.
(Captain) and the others have since been busy working to prepare for the inevitable catastrophe.
However, they learn that apocalyptic phenomena are not the easiest thing to circumvent.
Vyrn: Islands falling? What in the skies would cause that to happen?
Arulumaya: I would love nothing more than to do some research at the Hall of Knowledge. It's a library with a collection of tomes from all over the skydoms.
Morphe: Oh, that's right. Didn't you put in a request to see some books?
Arulumaya: I did. However, it seems it will take time for them to review my request.
Vyrn: This ain't exactly the time to be worried about all that formal stuff...
Arulumaya: In any case, the only point of departure we have are my dream visions...
Arulumaya: And even still, I'm not sure how much faith we should be putting in them.
Phoebe: Arulumaya, they're your visions though. You don't trust them?
Arulumaya: Buried deep in the Hall of Knowledge's archives, there's all sorts of wisdom that normal people shouldn't ever learn about.
Arulumaya: And because of that, I'm not sure if they would just open their stores to us so lightly.
Vyrn: Geez, c'mon already, Miss Arulu-can't-make-up-her-mind-a.
Arulumaya: Well, furthermore... My proficiency may not be enough for what we're trying to do.
Arulumaya: I've never tried completely preventing one of my visions from occurring.
Lyria: Which means there might not be a way to stop the islands from falling, huh?
As the days go by, so too does the trepidation of the crew. Arulumaya spends her time searching her visions for clues to stop the calamity.
At the same time, (Captain) tasks the other crew members with traveling to other islands to search for any omens that may spell disaster.
Lyria: Thanks to everyone's help, we've learned that earthquakes are on the rise.
Vyrn: Oof, wonder if that's just a coincidence or if it's all connected to Arulumaya's prediction...
Arulumaya: (Captain)! Look at this!
Morphe: What's this?
Arulumaya: I'll now show a fortune I saw just a few moments ago.
Lyria: A small island is shaking?
Lyria: Aaah!
The crystal ball faithfully reproduces the image of a tiny island plummeting through the sky.
Phoebe: It's awful... When will this happen?
Arulumaya: Soon. Four or five days from now at the most. We've got no time to waste!
Arulumaya: We can't stop this island from collapsing, but we can at least try to save its people.
Lyria: You're right. We have to tell them what's going to happen to their island as quickly as possible!
Arulumaya: Well, one thing is fortunate. I've been to this island before.
Arulumaya: I'll navigate us there. (Captain), I'm sorry for the sudden change in plans, but please give the order to lift off.
Wasting no time, (Captain) informs the rest of the crew, and they make haste for the small island.

Facing Tomorrow: Scene 2

Arulumaya guides the crew to one doomed island. The mayor of its only village mentions that the fortune-teller's visions saved the island once before, so he's eager to help see his villagers evacuated.

Arulumaya successfully leads the crew to the small island.
The island is wracked by unyielding earthquakes, causing unmistakable strife among the island's only townspeople.
Phoebe: So what do we do? Tell the people to run away?
Arulumaya: No. If we inform them carelessly, that could create confusion.
Arulumaya: We'll also need to figure out how to evacuate them. First let's talk to the one in charge around here—ahem, I mean the mayor.
Arulumaya: I've met him once actually. I just hope he believes what I have to tell him.
(Captain) agrees with Arulumaya's plan and follows her as she dashes off to see the mayor.
Mayor: Well, well, if it isn't Arulumaya! You're a sight for sore eyes.
Arulumaya: You flatter me, Mayor. In any case, I came to tell you something about the frequent earthquakes happening on the island.
As the fortune-teller delivers the grave news to the mayor, his face contorts into a stiff grimace.
Arulumaya: This is all so sudden. I'm sure it must be hard to believe me, but this is important.
Mayor: ...
Mayor: Back in the old days, you warned us of a disaster much like now.
Mayor: Had we not listened to your prediction, our town would've gone up in flames.
Mayor: Arulumaya, after all that you've told us, how could I not believe you?
Lyria: Oh?
Mayor: However, we have a problem. We're a small island with few resources. How do we get enough airships to evacuate our population?
Vyrn: You just leave that to us! We'll get the Knickknack Shack to loan us a couple of ships!
Mayor: Truly? We'd be thankful to go with that plan. It's a real lifesaver.
Mayor: Well, I suppose we should notify the townspeople.
Arulumaya: Please try to let them know in a way that doesn't spread confusion or misunderstanding.
Arulumaya: The people are already distressed, so I'm sure misguided ideas have begun to sprout.
Arulumaya: We must keep that in mind as well to prevent unnecessary accidents.
Mayor: You're not wrong. I'll bear that in mind.
Their business with the mayor finished, (Captain) and the others leave his estate.
Phoebe: Glad that the mayor listened to you.
Morphe: That's because Arulumaya has always been dedicated to saving those in need!
Lyria: Yeah, he even said your prediction saved this village from a big fire.
Arulumaya: He did, didn't he? I'm glad too. Truly...
Arulumaya: (On one occasion, my words were so ominous that the townspeople chased me away with rocks...)
Arulumaya: (But now they're listening to my warning. It's because I never gave up.)
Arulumaya: (Everything I've been through... It was all worth it!)
(Captain) introduces Sierokarte to the mayor. The merchant agrees to provide the town with a means of evacuation.
Not long after, a fleet of Sierokarte's rescue airships arrive on the scene. The townspeople begin to calmly board the vessels.
Lyria: There are plenty of rescue airships! Take your time boarding; there's no need to rush!
Phoebe: (Captain), there's an old man and woman over there that look like they could use some help.
Morphe: We're going to go see what they need!
Arulumaya: Thanks to their trust in the mayor, the people are staying calm and following instruction.
Arulumaya: (Captain), you and the other crew members also deserve thanks for your assistance in the evacuation.
Lyria: We're just happy to help! Right, (Captain)?
Vyrn: We got trouble!
Arulumaya: Trouble! What's going on?
Vyrn: The people at the back of the line are gettin' attacked by some kinda monster I've never seen before!
Arulumaya: Are you sure!
Arulumaya: Grr... This is the worst timing!
Arulumaya: (Captain), I hate to ask you for more, but please lend them your aid.
Nodding in affirmation to the fortune-teller, (Captain) makes a mad dash for the monsters.

Facing Tomorrow: Scene 3

Soon after the crew resolves the cataclysms destroying the islands, Arulumaya faints, exhausted from helming the evacuation operations. As she's recuperating in bed, (Captain) holds her hand, watching over her as she dreams peacefully.

???: ...
Arulumaya: Whew... We were able to defeat them, but they put up quite the fight...
Lyria: Yeah, what were those things? I get the feeling they were different from ordinary monsters.
Arulumaya: Perhaps they're related to whatever's causing the island to fall.
Arulumaya: Ah, but I suppose anything could seem related right now. Let's get back to evacuating the townsfolk.
Thanks to the collective efforts of (Captain) and the crew, all of the people living on the small island are successfully evacuated.
But as the days pass, the number of islands experiencing violent earthquakes increase, and panic spreads across the skies.
Island Woman: What in blazes is going on? Could the god of the mountain be upset with us?
Island Woman: What did we do to deserve this?
Shaken both literally and figuratively, the various islanders spread rumors as they try to figure out why their homes are coming undone at the seams.
Townsman: All of these new islanders taking advantage of us. Can't do anything for themselves...
Townsman: But don't they know we evacuated here too? We don't know what's going to happen either!
Arulumaya: Everyone, please try to stay calm. I understand how upset you must be from the quakes.
Arulumaya: But that's why we must all come together. It's time to stand united to overcome this trial.
With Arulumaya's premonitions guiding them, the fleet of rescue ships travels to imperiled islands, saving local populations while preaching a message of solidarity.
Vyrn: Hey, we finally got a message from the Hall of Knowledge! Says we can finally get a look-see at their collection!
Lyria: We can finally figure out why the islands are collapsing!
Phoebe: (Captain), you head to the Hall of Knowledge.
Morphe: Phoebe and I will stay behind to give Arulumaya a hand!
Vyrn: That's smart. We don't really got the kinda time to stick everybody in one place.
Lyria: All right! Good luck everyone!
The crew splits up to better suppress the unprecedented disasters.
At long last, (Captain) and the others ascertain that the disasters befalling the islands are caused by a disruption in the balance of the primarchs' power.
The mastermind behind such a cataclysm is the archangel Sandalphon. After a fierce battle, the crew stops his scheme, restoring order to the skies.
The supreme primarch, Lucifer, descends from his heavenly position to personally thank them.
Lucifer: (Captain), I thank you for stopping my fellow archangel before it was too late.
Lucifer: We shall meet again. Until then continue forth on the path you believe is true.
Arulumaya: ...
Arulumaya: (I see... So that's what it was all along...)
Arulumaya: (To be recognized by the supreme primarch Lucifer... That's how powerful (Captain) is.)
Arulumaya: (Then perhaps (Captain) is deeply intertwined to the fate of the world.)
Arulumaya: (It's no wonder that I've never been able to see into (Captain)'s own fate.)
Arulumaya: (Our captain is a truly miraculous existence... Not even my power can penetrate that future...)
Arulumaya: ((Captain), I hope that I can be useful to you some day...)
Phoebe: Arulumaya? What's the matter? You've got a funny look on your face.
Arulumaya: Huh? Oh, sorry. I was just shocked.
Arulumaya: Who would've thought that the supreme primarch himself would come down to an island just to say thanks?
Vyrn: Woo! You can say that again! I had no idea what was gonna happen...
Lyria: Same here... But we're all safe and sound! Thank goodness!
Morphe: Yeah, thank goodness! Anyway, should we head back to the Grandcypher?
(Captain) agrees, and everyone prepares to return to the airship.
But as Arulumaya reaches down to pick up her crystal ball, she begins to feel faint.
Arulumaya: Uh... I think... I should sit down...
Phoebe: Arulumaya!
The fortune-teller tumbles to the floor, while an alarmed (Captain) makes a beeline for the fallen crew member.
Lyria: Oh no! Her face is so pale! (Captain), hurry! We have to get her back to the Grandcypher!
Morphe: I'll go fetch a doctor!
Balancing Arulumaya's unconscious weight between them, they triple their pace back to the airship.
Morphe soon returns with a doctor, who diagnoses Arulumaya with excessive stress from overwork.
Phoebe: She forced herself to have dream visions... Then she read a lot of fortunes. It's no wonder she's tired.
Phoebe: She could've collapsed at any time. But the fact she was able to hold out so long... Whew, what a fighter.
Lyria: Phooey! Arulu, didn't I ask you to not push yourself so hard!
Arulumaya: Sorry, Lyria... I guess after overdoing it for so long, my body just finally snapped...
Arulumaya: Maybe it's because I'm not so young anymore?
Vyrn: Hah. Well, if you can joke around, I guess you're gonna be okay.
Morphe: I'll go brew some herb tea! It's supposed to help you relax!
Lyria: Oh! And I'll grab some snacks!
Phoebe: I'll help too. Arulumaya, you get some rest, okay?
They leave the fortune-teller alone so she can have a chance to focus on healing.
(Captain), the last one in the room, approaches Arulumaya's side and tucks her in.
Arulumaya: Mm...
Arulumaya: It seems I fulfilled my role.
Relaxed into a meditative stupor, Arulumaya begins to whisper to herself.
Arulumaya: Seeing the future, seeing people get hurt or lose their lives, it never gets easier.
Arulumaya: But still...
Arulumaya: If seeing something terrifying is what it takes to save the lives of innocent people, then I am willing to suffer whatever it takes.
Arulumaya grins at (Captain), whose own brow is furrowed in contemplation of the fortune-teller's words.
Arulumaya: The only reason I can give it everything I have is because of you and everyone else.
Arulumaya: If I had been alone, well, my mind might have broken from the trauma.
Arulumaya: I'm so glad we met, (Captain).
Arulumaya: You've done so much for me. If you're ever in danger of a terrible future, then I'll be there for you too.
Arulumaya: Let's just hope that nothing like that ever happens.
Arulumaya: Mmph...
Arulumaya: Yes... I can tell I overdid it a little...
(Captain) urges Arulumaya to go to sleep, but first she extends a petite hand toward her captain.
Arulumaya: If it's okay, would you hold my hand?
Arulumaya: Maybe it'll help me have good dreams.
(Captain) gently grasps Arulumaya's extended palm.
Arulumaya: Hehe. Thank you. Good night.
Among the mysterious powers in the sky, the ability to divine the future is among the most powerful. Lesser skyfarers would certainly use it for evil.
But Arulumaya has always used—and always will use—her gifts to protect the joy and well-being of everyone.
As she sleeps peacefully, (Captain) looks at her placid face and silently prays that the little fortune-teller is finally greeted with happy dreams.