Scenario:Barawa - Finding Some Backbone

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Finding Some Backbone

One day Barawa mysteriously goes missing, but the crew finds him in a run-down mansion at the edge of town. Barawa explains that he was kidnapped by the syndicate but escaped thanks to a rampaging monster. Barawa then heads back into the mansion to search for a little girl whose voice he heard while captive.

Buddy: Woof!
Vyrn: Hmm... So the detective is in that mansion over there?
One day Barawa disappears.
Thus the crew set out to find their missing friend, Barawa.
Relying on a tip-off from the Knickknack Shack and Buddy's trusty nose, the crew ends up at an abandoned mansion on the edge of town.
Lyria: Eep... This place is scary. What if there are ghosts?
Vyrn: You okay, Lyria? If we can't find anything, we'll just leave. Right, (Captain)?
Buddy: ...!
Lyria: Huh? It looks like Buddy found something.
???: Oooh... nooo!
Monster: Grooooaar!
Lyria: Ah! That voice...
Buddy: Woof! Woof! Grrr!
Lyria: Buddy! Wait! It's dangerous!
Vyrn: No way! Could it be the detective? Come on, (Captain)!
Buddy: Woof! Woof!
Vyrn: Hey! Detective! Are you in here?
Barawa: Vyrn! What are you doing here?
Barawa: No, wait... I'll tell you guys later! We need to hide somewhere safe!
Barawa: All right, looks like it should be safe here.
I see... So my trusty Bud brought you all here, huh?
Buddy: Woof!
Lyria: Hehe! Buddy! You're such a good boy!
Vyrn: So tell us! What happened to you! You're not an easy guy to find, you know!
Barawa: Right... Where do I begin?
Barawa: That syndicate I was after... Err... was after me... They caught me. That was this morning.
Vyrn: Hey, Detective. Are you all right? You're not hurt or anything?
Barawa: No. I'm fine. I was shoved into some shed and was about to be killed, but...
Vyrn: Whoa. What part of that is fine? You were in real danger.
Barawa: Haha. Almost getting my head chopped off doesn't count as dangerous. Not even close...
Barawa: I'm not sure why, but the monster they kept went crazy.
Barawa: So I took the chance when they weren't looking and managed to escape.
Lyria: Phew. I'm glad nothing bad happened.
Vyrn: Well, now that we've found you, let's get out of here!
Barawa: Not yet!
Vyrn: Huh? What now?
Barawa: Well, you see. While I was trapped in the shed, I heard a little girl's voice.
Barawa: I'm not sure if she was kidnapped as well or if she's somehow related to the crime syndicate, but...
Barawa: I can't just leave her alone. There's a monster loose that's wreaking havoc! We have to go help her, (Captain)!
Buddy: Woof!
Vyrn: Wha-Hey, wait! Don't just go rushing in by yourself! Let's get a move on it, (Captain)!

Finding Some Backbone: Scene 2

(Captain) and crew find and save the little girl. They notice the scent of Chat Noir's cologne on her and realize the phantom thief helped the girl escape. As they ponder the phantom thief's motives, a member of the syndicate that kidnapped Barawa appears.

Vyrn: Hellooo? Little girl! You in here?
Lyria: Umm... I don't see her around.
Vyrn: Hey, Detective. You sure you heard a little kid's voice?
Barawa: Huh! I could have sworn I heard her...
They continue to run around the mansion, defeating monsters along the way. Eventually...
Buddy: ...!
Barawa: What's wrong, Buddy? Oh! Over there, huh?
Girl: Aah!
Vyrn: Oh, what! There really is a little girl here!
Barawa: Hey! You okay?
Girl: Stop! Let me go!
Barawa: Calm down! We're not going to hurt you! We're here to rescue you!
Girl: Huh? Are you Mr. Barawa?
Barawa: Huh? Well, yeah. I'm Barawa, the world-renowned detective.
Barawa: I came here to save you. Now do you trust me?
Vyrn: Listen to him... Making himself sound all amazing. He was a sitting duck before we came...
Girl: There was this other guy... And he told me that some strange old man named Barawa would take me home.
Barawa: A strange, old guy! Who would say something so far from the truth?
Girl: And then... that guy let me out of the room. And he gave me back my treasure.
Girl: This... It's called the Sky's Tear. My daddy gave it to me. It's my precious!
Lyria: Wow! That's a really big gem!
Barawa: This is amazing! I may be a great detective, but even I can't guess how much that might be worth.
Barawa: Don't let anyone else see that. Let's put it away now.
Girl: Okay. I'll keep it hidden!
Barawa: That's a good girl.
Barawa: Hm? Do you have perfume on?
Lyria: Hehe, how cute!
Barawa: Wait! This is... the Phantom Thief's scent!
Vyrn: Say what! So this little girl is the Phantom Thief in disguise?
Barawa: No, even he can't disguise himself as a child. What this means is...
Vyrn: It was the thief who helped her escape?
Barawa: I can't say I'm 100% certain, but it's likely. What could he be plotting?
Thug: Look! There they are!
Barawa: Oh no! They found us!
Buddy: Grrr...
Thug: You're not getting away! I still need a hostage! If you wanna keep your lives, you're gonna give her back!
Barawa: Hah! You're saying you'll let us go if we give her to you?
Thug: Heh. I'm sure you're tired of me chasin' you 'round like this, huh? Give me the kid and I'll leave you alone.
Barawa: Well, sure. That does sound pretty nice. I'd love not to worry about you coming after me all the time...
Barawa: But the answer is "No!"
Thug: Whatchu say? You remember what I did to you before! I can do it again!
Barawa: Hah! You think I'd actually abandon this little girl? That would ruin my name as the great detective! This time it's you who's going down!
Buddy: Grrr!

Finding Some Backbone: Scene 3

After the crew defeats the thug, Sarya suddenly appears. She informs the crew she inadvertently caused the monster's rampage. The crew fears running into any more rabid monsters so decides to leave.

Thug: W-what... How'd I lose...
Barawa: Forgot to mention one thing. I actually used to be part of the military. Naturally, harsh training is part of the package.
Barawa: Things might not always go my way! And I'm usually outsmarted! But fights are where I shine!
Buddy: Woof!
Thug: Damn you...
Barawa: Hah! See that? That's the power of a detective!
Sarya: Barawa!
Barawa: Sarya? What're you doing here?
Sarya: That's my line! What were you doing all this time? I've been looking for you!
Vyrn: Huh? It's Barawa's assistant! Were you caught by the bad guys too?
Sarya: No, actually... I'm here because I was sent to investigate this mansion. Rumor has it there are ghosts here.
Sarya: I was looking around, going through the house, when I accidentally opened a monster cage and...
Barawa: I get it now. This whole monster chaos was your doing.
Barawa: Well, thanks to that, I was able to escape during the panic. Guess I have to admit that for once you saved me.
Sarya: Oh, geez! Have you already forgotten all the other times I've saved you?
Barawa: Hahaha, I'm just kidding. Don't chew my head off.
Monster: Grooooar!
Barawa: Oh, listen to that... Might not be the best idea to stick around for long... It could get a little dangerous. Let's get out of here and head back to town!
Buddy: Woof!
Sarya: Good call!
Sarya: So I guess there weren't ghosts in that mansion. Just a bunch of monsters and bad guys.
Vyrn: And our detective here happened to get caught by them. That's the gist of it!
Vyrn: Now that I think about it, couldn't you have told us beforehand that Sarya was also going to the mansion?
Sierokarte: I'm sorry... I got so carried away gathering all the information...
Vyrn: Well, I guess I can't blame you. You did put all the pieces together really fast.
Sierokarte: Hehe! That I did!
Sierokarte: Okay, everyone, listen up! I'm gonna have to ask you all to wrap it up!
Vyrn: Huh? Why the rush? It's not every day you kick us out.
Sierokarte: Well, you see... It would seem the syndicate is not exactly in the empire's good books either...
Sierokarte: Hehe! When I spoke to some imperial folks earlier, they said they'd just love to discuss my intel over dinner!
Vyrn: Wait, what! They're coming here?
Vyrn: Then we've gotta leave! (Captain), let's go before those imperial dudes come!
Sierokarte: See you! The imperial army should be taking care of the rest!
And so, the crime syndicate that had been after Detective Barawa is destroyed by the imperial army. With the threat gone, Barawa rests easy.
As for what his assistant, Sarya, and the Phantom Thief, Chat Noir, were doing at the mansion...
Well, that's a story for another day.