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How'd It Come to This?

Beatrix, who is being followed by trick-or-treaters, investigates a candy shop that may hold clues to the kidnappings related to her mission. When the elderly shopkeep fails to sedate Beatrix and the kids, he has them surrounded by ruffians.

Costumed Kid 1: Trick or treat, Miss Witch!
Beatrix: Okay, okay, I'll give you a treat! Just quit yanking on my outfit!
Word spreads quickly about a witch who delivers candy and laughs in equal measure.
Beatrix soon becomes a huge hit with the kids of the city.
Costumed Kid 2: All right! Witch candy!
Beatrix: Heheh. Eat it all up, okay?
Kids: Yeah!
Costumed Kid 3: Can we prank you now?
Beatrix: Huh? But I gave you the candy already!
Kids: Ahaha!
Beatrix: Geez. Hm?
Beatrix laughs off the scare, when a tottering child catches her eye.
Beatrix: What's wrong? Are you hurt? Lost?
Teary-Eyed Lad: No... I can't find my friend anywhere.
Beatrix: (Could this be the work of the kidnapper?)
A grim expression crosses her face for a split-second.
Her reassuring smile soon returns, however. She pats the boy gently on the head.
Beatrix: You can count on me! I'll look for your friend, so don't worry, okay?
Teary-Eyed Lad: Sob... Thank you, Miss Witch.
The boy tells Beatrix everything he knows about what happened.
His friend vanished after visiting a newly opened candy shop. Beatrix grows suspicious.
Beatrix: Something smells fishy. I should go see for myself.
She heads for the shop but quickly ends up with a group of children following behind her.
Beatrix: Hey, why are you following me? It's dangerous, y'know!
Costumed Kid 2: I've been dyin' to check out the new candy shop!
Costumed Kid 1: But it's dangerous. Hmm...
Costumed Kid 3: Don't worry! Miss Witch'll protect us!
Beatrix: You kids...
Costumed Kid 2: And we don't want to be away from you, so...
Beatrix: Er, really? You don't want to leave me? Well, there's no way around it, I guess. Okay, you can tag along!
Beatrix: But you have to promise to stay behind me and not run off on your own!
Kids: Okay!
Beatrix heads for the shop again, with some extra company this time.
Elderly Gent: My, my. Welcome, everyone.
Costumed Kid 1: Whoa! Look at all the candy!
Elderly Gent: Hoho, as long you're all good little children, you deserve some sweets.
The elderly shopkeep hands out candy to each of the children.
Costumed Kid 2: Yay! Thanks, mister!
Elderly Gent: Hohoho. You're welcome.
Beatrix: (He's just a nice old man. Maybe this place isn't connected to the kidnappings after all.)
Elderly Gent: I haven't forgotten about you either, Miss Witch.
Beatrix: Oh, thanks. Hehe, it's nice to get a treat now and then—
She puts the piece of candy into her mouth.
Beatrix: Gasp!
Beatrix: Don't eat the candy, kids!
The children are about to eat the candy when Beatrix's sudden outburst makes them stop in surprise.
Suspicious Old Man: Well, well. So you noticed, did you? And it was supposed to be odorless and tasteless, too...
Beatrix: Humph, there's clearly something in these things that shouldn't be there.
Suspicious Old Man: Hm... It seems we have ourselves a troublemaker.
The old man claps his hands.
Ruffians burst in from the back room.
Beatrix: Tch...
Beatrix looks over her shoulder toward the exit, but it's been blocked off by the old man's cohorts.
Costumed Kid 1: Miss Witch...
Beatrix: It's okay. I'm going to protect you. I promise.
She pats the frightened child on the head before drawing her sword to face the enemy.

How'd It Come to This?: Scene 2

Beatrix, who is being followed by trick-or-treaters, investigates a candy shop that may hold clues to the kidnappings related to her mission. When the elderly shopkeep fails to sedate Beatrix and the kids, he has them surrounded by ruffians.

Ruffian 2: What's with her sword? It grew all of a sudden!
Beatrix: Out of the way!
With a terrifying battlecry, she blasts the ruffian away with her sword.
Ruffian 2: Yaaagh!
The ruffian goes crashing through the wall and lands on the ground outside.
Beatrix points to the hole in the wall.
Beatrix: Now, kids! Run for it!
Costumed Kid 3: But what about you?
Beatrix: I'll be all right. I'm unstoppable, after all! Now get moving!
The kids nod and escape through the wall, screaming as they run.
Suspicious Old Man: Humph. You let them get away.
Beatrix: I'm not done yet.
Suspicious Old Man: What?
Beatrix: You're still keeping a kidnapped child somewhere.
Suspicious Old Man: So you know about that too, do you? That is so very troublesome. Or perhaps I should say... was.
Beatrix: Huh?
Beatrix: What are you...
Beatrix's vision becomes distorted and blurry. Unable to stand any longer, she collapses to the ground.
Suspicious Old Man: You should be careful the next time a stranger offers you candy, my girl.
Suspicious Old Man: If there is a next time, that is.
Beatrix: Ugh...
Suspicious Old Man: You. Go grab those kids.
Ruffian: Yes, sir. And her?
Suspicious Old Man: Throw her in with the other brat.
These are the last words Beatrix hears before losing consciousness.
Beatrix: Ungh...
She awakes to find herself in a plain jail cell with her arms tied behind her back.
Suspicious Old Man: Rise and shine. We'll be keeping your weapon safe for you.
Ruffian: Bweheheheh...
The ruffian taunts Beatrix, brandishing Embrasque in front of her.
Beatrix: Sigh.
Beatrix: (I guess I was caught off guard. And to make matters worse, they've got my sword too.)
Beatrix: (On the other hand, whoever tied me up didn't do a very good job...)
Admonishing herself for getting caught, Beatrix stands up and slips out of the ropes with ease.
Ruffian 1: Huh?
She then breaks the lock on the bars with lightning speed.
Beatrix: The next time you lock someone up, make sure they can't break out, you old coot.
Beatrix: If there is a next time. Heheh.
Suspicious Old Man: Grrr... Don't get cocky, missy.
The old man raises his hand, and a gun-toting ruffian forces a child to walk into the room.
Beatrix: Wha—
Captured Child: Sob...
Suspicious Old Man: Do you get it now? Don't even think about moving.
Beatrix: Tch. Fine.
Suspicious Old Man: Hmm... You were able to escape with just your bare hands. Let's make sure that doesn't happen again.
Magic circles begin to emerge around the old man.
Beatrix: Ugh...
The crew is getting worried in the meantime. They haven't heard any cries coming from Beatrix for some time.
The crew walks through the streets with apprehension when they bump into a group of crying children.
Lyria: What's wrong, everyone?
Costumed Kid 2: Sob... Miss Witch helped us escape, but...
Vyrn: Miss Witch? You mean Beatrix?
The crew hears angry voices approaching.
Ruffian: You're not getting away from us!
Vyrn: Looks like trouble. Let's go, (Captain)!

How'd It Come to This?: Scene 3

Beatrix's defiance enrages the old shopkeep, causing him to call in reinforcements. But instead of the old man's cronies, (Captain) and company burst into the room.

Suspicious Old Man: Ergh... This is ridiculous!
Beatrix: Ugh...
Suspicious Old Man: Haa... Haa...
Beatrix: Heh. That all you got? How weak.
Beatrix withstands every magical attack he throws at her. She continues to glare at her enemies, never wavering.
Ruffian 1: Unbelievable. What is she?
Ruffian 1: Boss, I think you might want to stop going easy on her...
Beatrix: Oh, you were going easy on me? No wonder I didn't feel a thing!
Suspicious Old Man: Argh! I'll teach you some manners!
Beatrix: Guh...
Captured Child: Miss Witch... Sob...
Beatrix: Haha, I'm fine! Don't worry. I'll get you out of here safe and sound!
Suspicious Old Man: Grrr! Are you blind? You're up against magic!
Suspicious Old Man: All of you! Finish her off!
Beatrix: I'd like to see you try!
Beatrix: I. Am. Unstoppable!
Ruffian 1: Eeep!
Captured Child: ...!
Captured Child: (She's fighting so hard...)
Captured Child: (I've gotta be strong like her!)
The sight of Beatrix facing overwhelming odds fills the child with courage.
Captured Child: ...!
Ruffian 1: Yeowch!
The child bites the ruffian and runs.
Beatrix: ...!
Beatrix instinctively rushes to the child's side, knocking down ruffians as she goes.
Ruffian 1: Augh!
Captured Child: Miss Witch!
Beatrix: Don't do anything like that again! Anyway, are you okay? Nothing hurts?
Captured Child: Y-yeah, I'm fine. It's just... you were fighting so hard, I had to do my best too.
Beatrix: Sheesh, you don't have to copy me, you know. Don't do it again!
Captured Child: Okay. Thanks, Miss Witch.
Beatrix: Hehe.
Beatrix: All right, time to clean up the rest of this trash.
Beatrix picks up her Embrasque Sword from the fallen ruffian and points it at the old man.
Suspicious Old Man: C-curses! So it's come to this, has it? Get the reinforcements in here!
The old man calls out in angry desperation.
???: Yaaargh!
Suspicious Old Man: What was that?
A loud shriek is all that answers the old man's call. When the door opens, it's not his reinforcements that enter... but (Captain)'s crew.
Beatrix: (Captain)! Did you guys come to rescue me?
Vyrn: Yep! We heard everything from the kids that got away!
Beatrix: I see. Thank you, (Captain)...
Beatrix: But I could've done this on my own, you know!
Vyrn: Quit actin' tough! You're hurt all over!
Beatrix: Heheh. I fight better like this. Right, Embrasque?
Her sword pulsates with light as if trying to answer her.
Beatrix: Come on, (Captain)! Let's go!
(Captain) nods and turns toward the remaining ruffians.

How'd It Come to This?: Scene 4

Unfortunately for Beatrix, the old man and his accomplices are not connected with her mission. She doesn't have much time to mope before the trick-or-treaters she saved gleefully chase after her once more.

The old man and his accomplices have been routed.
Beatrix: We did it! For glory! For merit!
With the giddiness of a child, Beatrix gives her report to the Society.
Beatrix: Are you kidding me?
Society Contact: You're too loud. Quiet down.
Beatrix: You're seriously telling me it was a coincidence? How could those guys not be connected in any way?
The criminals Beatrix apprehended were kidnappers... Just not the ones the Society was looking for.
Beatrix: So um... do I get credit?
Society Contact: You get nothing. This wasn't related to the Society. They will be handed over to the local authorities.
Society Contact: As for the kidnapping assignment, our investigations have confirmed that the kidnapper we seek was not in this city.
Beatrix: No way...
Society Contact: Sorry, but the mission is over. Dismissed.
Beatrix: No... way...
The strength drains out of Beatrix's legs, and she slumps to the ground.
Beatrix: Argh... What did I go through all that trouble for?
Freed Child: Are you okay, Miss Witch?
Beatrix: Hm?
She turns her head weakly toward the child.
Freed Child: Thanks so much for saving us, Miss Witch!
Kids: Thank you!
Beatrix: ...
Beatrix gets to her feet with a smile, gently patting the children on their heads.
Beatrix: (Oh well. I protected the kids. That's good enough.)
Costumed Kid 3: Hehehe. Say, Miss Witch...
Beatrix: Yes?
Kids: Trick or treat!
Beatrix: Ack!
Beatrix: What's this all of a sudden?
Costumed Kid 2: We wanna eat that candy you made!
Costumed Kid 2: So... trick or treat!
Beatrix: Wait a sec! I don't have any candy! I was too busy fighting those bad guys!
Despite her protests, the children edge closer and closer, innocent smiles on their faces.
Beatrix: Nooo! Why does it always turn out like this?
Beatrix screams and makes a run for it.
The children gleefully give chase.
(Captain) and company can't help but smile at Beatrix's situation, and cheerfully join in.