Scenario:Beatrix - Mind If I Join You

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Mind If I Join You?

Beatrix is blamed by her companions for taking solitary action. Although she has often found herself in a crisis before, she has always escaped and succeeded in her mission. Worrying about this trait, Zeta rebukes Beatrix strongly, but the girl responds by displaying her escape abilities such as slipping out of bonds. Unable to just watch, Vaseraga lectures her gently, warning her that there are times when she will not be able to get by just by herself. Responding to (Captain) and the others' consideration for her, Beatrix joins the crew.

Belonging to the "Society," which hunts primal beasts, Beatrix had journeyed to a land of extreme cold in search of distinction.
However, she had subsequentally been captured by enemies, and all contact with her was lost.
With the help of Zeta and Vaseraga, who also belonged to the Society, the crew headed out to rescue Beatrix.
The party succeeded in extricating her and won the ensuing battle, returning her to the base via the Grandcypher. However…
Zeta: You always have to have it your own way, don't you? Rushing out into danger in search of victory…
Beatrix: Look, I said I'm sorry about it…
While recovering from the injuries she has sustained, Beatrix is now being lectured by Zeta.
Vyrn: Hey, Red. Why don't you leave it there? Blue already said she's sorry, and?
Zeta: Oh, trust me, she's not sorry at all! It takes more than this to make her feel remorse!
Zeta: See, this girl always has to take things into her own hands… and always gets herself into trouble as a result!
Zeta: Getting captured like she was this time isn't exactly a rare occurrence for her!
Lyria: What? R-really?
Vaseraga: While it's true that Beatrix often finds herself in a crisis… she does also always succeed in fulfilling her mission.
Vyrn: Wow! That's pretty impressive!
Beatrix: Hah! You see?
Lyria: B-but I don't think it's good for you to keep getting captured…
Beatrix: When that happens, I can just escape easily. I'm a pro at slipping out of ropes, breaking locks and stuff.
Elated at herself, Beatrix takes out a rope from somewhere.
Beatrix: I'll show you what I mean. Tie me up as tight as you want. I'll slip out of it easily.
  1. Tie the rope loosely.
  2. Tie her up as tight as you can.

Choose: Tie the rope loosely.
Beatrix: Huh? Did you even tie it properly? This is too easy…
Beatrix: Hup!
Vyrn: Wow! That's crazy! You untied it in no time! How'd you do it?
Beatrix: Heh heh… and now…
Squirming about, Beatrix slips out of the rope cleverly.
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Choose: Tie her up as tight as you can.
Beatrix: …Ugh!
Beatrix: ((Captain)… you really didn't hold back, did you? This is ridiculously tight…)
Beatrix: Ngh… guh… rrrgh…
Beatrix: Nnngh… and then I… do this…
Squirming about, Beatrix slips out of the rope cleverly.
Beatrix: Ha ha, how about that!
Vyrn: W-wow… amazing!
…It looked kinda painful, though…
Beatrix: N-not in the least! I had room to spare! No trouble!
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Zeta: …(Sigh)…
Looking exasperated, Zeta raps Beatrix on the head.
Beatrix: Y-you don't have to hit me!
Zeta: …Listen, Bea. No matter how used to it you are, there's no guarantee it'll always go that well.
Beatrix: Th-that's not true! It always goes well! Perfectly!
Zeta: What's perfect about it? You were crying out of despair this time.
Beatrix: N-No I wasn't! That was… something got in my eye, and…
Beatrix: …and anyway, if I'd had little more time, I would have got out of it by myself…
Zeta: Liar! Stop acting so conceited! There's no way you would have made it by yourself! What are you, stupid?
Beatrix: Wha! What did you just call me?
Vaseraga: Cut it out, the both of you. Zeta, you've said too much.
Vaseraga: But Beatrix… I trust you understand why she's said what she has?
Beatrix: Ugh… that's…
Vaseraga: You're strong. You have a strong will, one that will never be broken. But that also serves as a weakness.
Vaseraga: It is due to that very willpower that you have endeavoured to fight alone. Or rather, that you have been driven to fight alone.
Beatrix: …………
Vaseraga: But if you try to continue on in this vein, you will eventually reach your limit… just as with what happened this time.
Vaseraga: At such times, you must look around yourself, Beatrix. If you do so, you'll understand what it is you must do.
Vaseraga: …I've said too much. But bear that in mind. Don't act in haste.
Beatrix: …All right.
Beatrix: I certainly might have been too impatient… And no matter how hasty I am, the things I've lost aren't going to come back…
Beatrix: …I'm sorry I worried you. Zeta, Vaseraga…
Zeta: Bea…
Beatrix bows her head in apology.
A silence descends upon the room. Beatrix, perceiving the awkwardness everyone has begun to feel, raises her head.
Beatrix: H-hey. By the way, Zeta and Vaseraga… what relationship do you two have with (Captain)?
Vaseraga: (Captain) and I fought together as allies before.
Zeta: We fought together against a primal beast a while back.
Beatrix: Against a primal beast? (Captain), could you tell me about that in detail?
(Captain) explains about primal beasts and the sky map pieces, as well as their end goal, Estalucia, Island of the Astrals.
Beatrix: Estalucia, Island of the Astrals… I see, so that's how it is…
Beatrix: Hey, (Captain)! Take me with you on your journey! Let me take out the primal beasts!
Heaving a sigh, Zeta smacks Beatrix around the head again.
Beatrix: Hey! Stop that already!
Zeta: Jeez… when are you gonna learn?
Beatrix: I have! That's why I'm not going alone this time. I'm going to fight Primal Beasts with (Captain)!
Beatrix: That way we'll be helping each other out, right?
Vaseraga: …That's not a bad idea. Rather than leaving this restless girl to her own devices, she'd do better with (Captain).
Zeta: Hmm… Well, you have a point, but still…
Beatrix: Right? Right? Hah, it's settled, then! Lemme in your party!
  1. How about no.
  2. Is that any way to ask a favor, now?

Choose: How about no.
Beatrix: Wha? Wh-why? Why not?
Beatrix: I-if I'm with you, I can take out loads of primal beasts, you know? I'll be a great help!
Zeta: Heh… maybe if you asked more politely? You know, lower your head and bow, and stuff…
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Choose: Is that any way to ask a favor, now?
Beatrix: …Ask a favor? What do you mean?
Zeta: Hee hee… well, you certainly are asking a big favor. You want them to let you join the crew, right? You should ask more politely…
Beatrix: Ugh… Then, what am I supposed to do?
Zeta: Hee hee… well, you should ask very sweetly… oh, and be sure to bow your head!
Continue 2
Beatrix: B-bow my head? Grr…
Looking mortified, Beatrix lowers her head before (Captain).
Beatrix: L-let me be one of your companions… um… uh… pr-pretty please?
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain)… maybe you should stop messing with her, now…
Beatrix: M-messing with…
(Captain)! You were playing with me?
Zeta: Haha ha! Nice one, (Captain)! You really know how to toy with people…
Vaseraga: Let's leave it there. She may start crying.
Beatrix: No I won't! What's with you all? Stop making fun of me!
The party smiles good-naturedly at the red-faced Beatrix.
And thus, the indomitable knight, Beatrix, joins the crew on their journey.
…Although (Captain) isn't the biggest fan about her obsession with distinction.