Scenario:Cailana and Joel - For Love of the Sea

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For Love of the Sea

Cailana and Joel visit their hometown of Auguste and rush off to their favorite place by the sea. While fondly recollecting memories of times past, the two spot miscreants on the beach and decide to teach them right from wrong.

On one of their days off, (Captain) and the crew visit Auguste.
All the members are enjoying their time in the best way they know how.
Cailana: Wow! Just feel that breeze! It's got a scent that brings back memories!
Cailana: Haha! (Captain) said I could go out to relax! Be back in a bit!
Cailana avoids the crowded beach and instead sets out for a place she used to visit practically every day.
Joel: ...
Meanwhile, a young boy stands on some ever-so-slightly elevated rocks while gazing out into the gently undulating ocean.
Joel takes in the air of his hometown he has so pined for.
Joel: The water really does have a calming effect...
Joel: The smell, the air, all of it... I wish I could take it with me wherever I go.
???: Awesome! Nobody's around, so I get this whole place to myself!
Joel: Hmm?
Joel: Is that...
Cailana: Woo!
Cailana: Haha! This feels amazing!
Joel: Goodness... Chipper as always, I see.
Joel: ...
Joel looks out across the sea he knows so well, breathes in deeply, and leaps.
Cailana: Huh?
Cailana: Is that who I think it is?
Cailana homes in on the figure she just saw jump into the water and approaches joyfully.
Joel: Huff... Huff...
Cailana: Dude! Joel!
Cailana: Hahaha! So you came here too!
Joel: Of course I did. It's been so long since I've seen the sea of Auguste. This place helps me relax.
Joel: Look at you. Haven't changed a bit.
Cailana: Duh!
Cailana: Hehe!
Nothing beats this beach, y'know? It's got... like this soothing effect.
After their swim is over, the two head back to the shore and take in their hometown's open waters.
Joel: It's been so long since I've felt this way... There's something so nostalgic about being here.
Cailana: Hahaha! Totally! Before our adventure began it was just the norm to be here. Now it feels almost weird being back!
Joel and Cailana... Born in Auguste... Raised in Auguste...
For as long as they can remember, they have been thick as thieves. Before their journey began, the shared affection for the sea brought them together every day.
On the one hand, the calm Joel has eyes only for the sea beneath the clouds.
On the other hand, the reckless Cailana seeks to ride the monstrous waves created by Leviathan.
They seem like polar opposites at first glance, but what they both have in common are larger-than-life dreams and a genuine love for the water.
Cailana: Oh! That reminds me! I don't think the cascade's coming today.
Cailana: When I went to visit gramps, he told me so. He said they're rare nowadays.
Cailana: This stinks... It would have been totally awesome if I'd been able to ride at least one legendary wave!
Joel: Are you still serious about doing that?
Joel: Seriously... How many times do I have to tell you? Those waves are dangerous.
Cailana: Hey! You're not going to start lecturing me, are you? Come on! Gimme a break!
Joel: You'd use up your nine lives just trying to ride one of those things...
Joel: You know... The sea isn't your conquest. It's like family.
Cailana: I know that! I treat it like my baby! Anyone who lives in Auguste knows the ocean's a part of them.
Cailana: It's because I love the sea that I want to understand it better than anyone.
Joel: Sigh...
Understanding and conquering aren't the same thing... Do you normally want to conquer family members?
Cailana: Mmm... You know, you're missing my point! You can be so hardheaded sometimes!
Cailana: Sniff, sniff...
Hey! The wind is calling me! Catch ya later!
Joel: Whoa! Hold your horses! You never listen to what people have to say...
After escaping Joel's sermon, Cailana, with surfboard in possession, proceeds back to the ocean. She suddenly stops.
Cailana: Joel! Look at those guys...
Joel: What now? One minute you're running and the next you stop dead in your tracks... I can't keep up.
Cailana: Save your preaching for later! Look over there...
Cailana gestures to the shore. A group of young men in the midst of their barbeque are throwing trash into the ocean.
Joel: They're...
Joel: Tch...
Why're they...
Cailana: I thought I smelled something off! They have no respect for the sea!
Cailana: Let's get a move on!
Cailana: Stop that!
Joel: Hold it!
Ruffian 1: Whadda y'all want?
Cailana: Don't you know you can't throw trash there? You're polluting the ocean!
Joel: That trash will destroy the environment!
Ruffian 2: Huh? Say what now? Why ya gotta go and be such mood killers?
Joel: We want you to obey the rules so that everyone can enjoy the waters.
Ruffian 2: Huh? Who are ya guys, the moral brigade? Is that a new trend or somethin'?
Whadda we do with these clowns?
Ruffian 1: Tch...
Shut ya traps already! We're just tryin' ta have a good time, and you're killing it fer us!
The enraged youths begin hurling their garbage at Joel and Cailana.
Cailana: Gross! What do you think you're doing!
Cailana: You wanna pick a fight over the ocean with me? Now you've done it! I'm not letting this go!
Joel: So that's how you folks want to play it? I'm not about to stand by as you stain the sacred seas of Auguste.
Ruffian 1: Whad'ya say to me? You pickin' a fight, punk?
Cailana: Humph!
Me and Joel are pretty tough! Don't even think about screaming for mercy after we've made you cry!
Joel: This... is gonna hurt.
And so Joel and Cailana begin to lay down the law.
The ruffians stand no chance against the veterans of war.
The problematic young men are beaten in seconds and then forced to admit their wrongdoing.
Ruffian 1: Who the hell are you guys? How could you be that strong?
Cailana: What? You didn't think we were part of (Captain)'s crew just because of our good looks, did you?
Ruffian 2: We're sorry. Go easy on us. We've learned our lesson...
Cailana: I warned you we're strong, didn't I? It's a little too late to be asking us to go easy!
Cailana: Now then... How exactly will you make this up to us?
Cailana: You do know that Leviathan lives in the ocean, right? You guys basically spat in it's face!
Ruffian 1: We know. We said we're sorry...
Joel, who has only been observing up till now, opens his mouth and speaks in his usual matter-of-fact tone.
Joel: A sound mind in a sound body, as they say. For your sakes as well, you'll need some educating.
Ruffian 2: Huh? Educating?
Joel: That's right! You won't just be picking up your trash. You'll be picking up all the trash on this beach.
Cailana: Good idea! Cleaning up the beach will probably even make Leviathan happy!
Joel: Don't forget... Running along the sand will serve as training for the body too. That should be a fair punishment.
Joel: All right, get to work. If you don't hurry it up, the sun will set.
Ruffian 2: Whaaat! Please forgive us!
Cailana: Hahaha! Come on now! I don't wanna hear anymore complaints!
Joel and Cailana make sure the ruffians leave no stone unturned in their mission to remove all the filth from the shores.
Cailana: Well, that's that. The beach and those dudes seem better off than when we found them. All's well!
Joel: Agreed. When a body moves, that usually has a purifying effect on the soul.
Cailana: Hehe! Hey! That reminds me... Were you trying to tell me something earlier?
Joel: Uhh... Just forget it. It wouldn't make a difference. You don't listen to a thing I say anyway.
Cailana: Haha! Good point! Let's just agree that we both want everyone to treat our beach with respect!
Cailana: Look at that! The water is calling my name! I'm off to catch some waves!
Joel: Nothing changes... That's for the better, I suppose.
I could use a dip myself. Let's go.
While they march to the beat of their own drums, the sea will always bind these two for the rest of their days.