Scenario:Caim - Once Upon a Time

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Once Upon a Time

A mysterious voice speaks of the past. A mother and father are incredibly proud of their prodigious son at first, but they come to see his remarkable intellect as ghastly and so decide to cast him away. The child is picked up by a loving elderly couple and raised with affection.

Let me tell you a little fairy tale.
Mysterious Voice: Long, long ago—but maybe not so long ago—a beautiful, brilliant child was born.
How brilliant was this child? Would you believe me if I told you he learned to speak the day after his birth? A true prodigy.
At two years of age, he was already as smart as his parents and capable of grace and class in equal measure.
At first the child was doted upon and showered with love. He was the apple of their eye.
But the parents soon grew resentful. Their child was already smarter than they were after all.
To this prodigal progeny, his parents' flaws and foibles were all too apparent.
And when pointed out, the parents had no recourse.
Eventually, they simply couldn't take it anymore.
They stuffed the child in a box and hid it far, far away.
Ah, it's almost enough to break your heart...
Oh? It seems I'm being called upon. I'll have to finish this later.
Caim: Hey! Can you hear me?
Caim glares at the red stone in his hand with a twinge of irritation.
It radiates faintly.
Caim: Don't play dumb. Going through you is the most efficient way of grasping the state of the battlefield.
Caim: How many times do I need to explain this to... Yes, that's within estimates.
Caim: Introducing unexpected elements produces better data.
Caim: Yes. I expected them to carry out such a role from the beginning.
Caim: Quiet. Now hurry up and prepare the next battlefield according to my calculations.
Mysterious Voice: Now then, where was I?
Mysterious Voice: Ah, yes. The child had just been abandoned.
Although supremely intelligent, the child was but two years old. He couldn't possibly open the box of his own volition.
And yet he persevered, surviving off the straw and other refuse in the box, biding his time.
Eventually an elderly couple found the child and brought him home.
They were kind and well-to-do and decided to adopt the child as one of their own.
The child was once again showered with love and affection, but that would only last so long...
Mysterious Voice: Hm... Let's stop there for today. It's important to leave an audience wanting more, I always say.