Scenario:Cassius - On Sustenance

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Another day of convalescence.
Cassius pauses after the first bite of his meal, spoon resting on his lip. His brow furrows.
Cassius: This has been troubling me since my treatment here began...
Cassius: The meals here taste far too good. Why is that?
Cassius: Surely flavor has no impact on a meal's restorative properties. Why expend any effort on its taste?
Cassius: These luxury rations would better befit the upper echelons than a mere soldier.
  1. Should I ask them for something different?
  2. This food is nothing special.
  3. Better eat it before it gets cold.

Choose: Should I ask them for something different?

Cassius: That was not my intention. Please refrain.
Cassius: No, wait. You mean to tell me that a mere request would suffice to procure different rations?
Cassius: In that case... I would indeed like to try other dishes as well.
Cassius's curiosity rose by 75!
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Choose: This food is nothing special.

Cassius: Nothing special? You consider this fare commonplace? Based on what metric?
Cassius: Are you telling me everyone here partakes of such high quality food on a daily basis? It boggles the mind.
Cassius: Heh... Heh heh... I am eager to see what manner of food I will be given next.
Cassius's curiosity rose by 100!
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Choose: Better eat it before it gets cold.

Cassius: Mm. Indeed. This food's flavor is closely linked to its residual heat retention.
Cassius: Rations with such a narrow window of edibility seem an illogical choice... but their flavor is inarguable.
Cassius's curiosity rose by 50!

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