Scenario:Catherine and Barawa - Kitten Cafe

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Kitten Cafe

When Catherine returns to Kitten Cafe for a spell, Detective Barawa shows up. Without a clue as to her true identity, he grumbles on, spilling a few secrets along the way. Upon Barawa's departure shortly after, his voice—along with fellow investigator Rick's—can be heard outside. Sensing their approach, Catherine gladly prepares two glasses for them.

Catherine: Hee hee... Nothing quite as relaxing as getting to run your own store once in a spell.
Catherine has changed into uniform and is preparing to open Kitten Cafe.
She's doing so after requesting some well-deserved time off from (Captain).
True to form, Catherine finishes getting ready, waits a bit, and then opens the door to customers.
She greets her first guest with a smile. Or tries to, anyway, grimacing after realizing who it is.
Barawa: Hm, nobody else seems to be here. You don't happen to be closed today, do you?
This is Detective Barawa, a familiar face aboard (Captain)'s ship.
Cathy: !
Barawa: I don't suppose we've met somewhere before, Miss?
Cathy: Er, well... (He doesn't recognize me?)
Barawa: Bwahaha! No, I suppose not. I wouldn't have forgotten such a pretty face, after all.
Cathy: (Wow... He really doesn't recognize me. I suppose the outfit's a far cry from what I usually wear, but still...)
Forcing a smile, Cathy decides to accept the burden of treating this like a first encounter.
Cathy: Hee hee, you certainly know what to say, don't you? You're quite the looker yourself. But looking's all you get to do, I'm afraid.
Barawa: Hahaha! You have a way with words yourself, Miss!
Cathy: Hee hee... Here by yourself? Have a seat by the counter.
Barawa follows Cathy to the counter as instructed.
Barawa: Hm... One of your finest drinks, please. Something sweet, if you have it.
Cathy: Coming right up, but it won't come cheap!
Barawa: Haha! You can't have too much of a good thing. Especially at a fine establishment like this.
Cathy: Wow, you really know just what to say... Got it. I'll have it right up.
Cathy pours amber liquid into a glass, dropping a few spherical chunks of ice in afterwards.
Cathy: I just know you're going to enjoy this one.
Barawa: Would you look at that...
Barawa takes the glass in hand, savoring the sweet aroma a moment. He takes a sip.
Barawa: Oh, this is good! You're right, I've taken a liking to it. It smells wonderful, too.
Barawa: Heh, I heard this place is run by a woman willing to listen to her customers.
Barawa: Seems the rumors were right! This place is a little slice of heaven.
Cathy: So someone told you about me? Wouldn't happen to be Rick, would it?
Enjoying the drink, Barawa nods as he lets out a single, satisfied breath.
Cathy: I see. Which means you must be Barawa, the famous detective.
Cathy: (I mean... I know you, so...)
Barawa: Heh, precisely. I am the one... the only... Detective Barawa.
Barawa: Rick and I have something of an... antagonistic business relationship, but I run into him from time to time, yes.
Cathy: Ah, that's right. Rick works for the authorities after all.
Barawa: Can you believe it? We're both after the same thing, but something about me just rubs them the wrong way.
Cathy: That wouldn't have anything to do with you declining that offer to join the Bureau of Investigation, would it?
Barawa: Haha... Well, how about that. Rick, you never know when to keep your mouth shut, do you?
Barawa: I used to be part of a big organization way back when—the military, you might say. I quit that life and became a detective.
Cathy: So basically, you freed yourself from a big organization, and hate the idea of being dragged back in?
Barawa: No, actually. I just want to see how far this brain of mine can take me by its lonesome.
Cathy: Wow, that's... simply wonderful! Just the kind of noble goal you'd expect from a master detective!
Barawa: Hahaha! I just do what comes naturally to me!
Barawa: Heh heh, I think I get why he came here to bleat about his silly little problems.
Barawa: It really feels good to open up to you, Miss. Feels like I might end up spilling all sorts of secrets in here.
Cathy puts a hand to her lips, chuckling softly to herself as she places a glass of water on the counter.
Cathy: This one's on the house. I appreciate the compliments, but that's all you get.
Barawa takes a swig from the glass with a smile.
Cathy: So? I don't suppose you came here to... How did you put it? Bleat about your silly little problems?
Barawa: That's right. We're both after thieves. His is named Nightsmoke. Mine, Chat Noir.
Barawa: Blasted thieves... They always get away at the last possible moment.
Cathy: Oh, don't be so down! You can keep up with them, right?
Cathy: Rick and the rest of the rest of his crew don't seem to have any idea what's going on!
Barawa: Hahaha! It's because of my brains and brawn that I'm always on their trail.
Barawa: But it all feels a little meaningless when they get away. There one minute and gone the next. Poof! Gone, like smoke! A mastermind, proud and true!
Cathy: Hm, that sounds more like that Nightsmoke fellow, doesn't it?
Cathy: Chat Noir doesn't seem to have any pride in being a thief, by comparison.
Cathy says this with a thoroughly unsatisfied look on her face. Barawa tilts his head.
Barawa: No, I think you may be mistaken, Miss.
Cathy: Hmm?
Barawa: Nightsmoke's identity is a true mystery, and possesses remarkable thieving skills, to be sure.
Barawa: But to claim Chat Noir has no pride? I disagree. In fact, I think he may be the very definition of pride.
Barawa: Ugh... He drives me mad just thinking about it!
Cathy: Hee hee... You've made your case, Detective! He's as proud as thieves come!
Barawa: Yeah. And it makes me sick.
Cathy: Hee hee, I have to thank you. This has been very educational.
Cathy: You believe in him, don't you? In Chat Noir. In the strange bond you share.
Barawa: Oh, please. I'm not friends with the guy.
Barawa: And if you want to talk about strange bonds, that's Rick and Nightsmoke, not me.
Cathy: Hee hee... You may be right. They're both connected to each other, whether they want to or not.
Barawa downs the rest of his drink, leaves cash on the counter and prepares to depart.
Barawa: It's about time for me to go. Thanks. Coming here really helped get my head out of the clouds.
Barawa: I try telling my assistant Sarya about this stuff, and she just yells at me.
Barawa: I swear I heard her tell me to get my act together 25 times today. No wonder I needed a drink!
Cathy: Haha, feel free to drop by any time. I'll listen to anything you need to get off your chest.
Barawa: Thanks. I'll be back.
Cathy: See you next time. And good luck catching Chat Noir!
Barawa: Hahaha! Just leave it to me! There's no mystery I can't solve, and no thief I can't catch!
Barawa: Heh, why, I bet I could even catch Nightsmoke if I tried! He may have thrown Rick for a loop, but not me!
With a hearty laugh, Barawa exits the cafe.
Catherine waves to him on the way out, exhaling a sigh of relief once the door shuts.
Cathy: Sigh. The phantom thief Nightsmoke. That's me...
Cathy: And based on how he talked about it, he doesn't even realize I'm on the same ship as him.
Cathy: A bumbling detective, eh? Fun to talk to, at least.
Cathy begins to clean up the counter with a smile.
She stops when she sees the next guest enter her cafe, however.
Detective Rick: Just my luck. And right when I think about how nice it is to finally pay a visit to Kitten Cafe for a change.
Barawa: Hahaha! An unexpected reunion like this is the very definition of lucky, my friend!
Detective Rick: Ngh... I just wanted to have a drink with Cathy. Alone!
Barawa: Now, now! Enough of the bitterness, old friend! When was the last time we saw each other?
Cathy: Hee hee, I have a feeling today's going to be a busy day.
Grinning ear to ear, Cathy prepares two glasses for her customers.
Suffice it to say, the bumbling detective and hard luck gumshoe provided plenty of stimulating conversation that evening.