Scenario:Cucouroux - The Gunsmith's Heir

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The Gunsmith's Heir

Cucouroux, a gun expert, offers to repair (Captain)'s damaged gun. When she finds out that the crew's destination is Estalucia, she asks (Captain) to let her join them on their journey.

While visiting a nearby island, (Captain) and company are stopped by a girl in the middle of town.
???: Hey there, skyfarer! Got a second to chat?
Vyrn: What can we do for you?
???: Sorry for stopping you in the middle of the street, but I'm worried about that gun you're using. It looks pretty beat up!
???: I betcha haven't taken it in for repairs recently. That's no good!
Vyrn: Huh? But (Captain) tunes it up after every major battle!
???: Everyday maintenance isn't enough. Sometimes you need a specialist. I mean, look at that.
???: Here, see the grip? It's really worn down. Gotta get that replaced.
???: And on top of that... yup. Oil everywhere. This thing needs a full teardown.
Lyria: Wow... I guess we really do need to take it to a specialist.
???: And I know just the one! Mind letting me tune it up before you head off again?
Lyria, Vyrn, and (Captain) nod their heads in agreement.
???: Follow me! I'll show you to my family's workshop!
Cucouroux: Good thing we ran into each other, eh? Just let ol' Cucouroux here give your firearm the overhaul it deserves!
Lyria: Thank you so much! Does that mean you're a gunsmith, Cucouroux?
Cucouroux: Yep! If someone's brandishing a rifle, pistol, or blunderbuss, I can't keep my eyes off it!
Cucouroux: Anyway, sorry for surprising you earlier. I'll drop a little bit off the repair costs to make it up to you, okay?
Cucouroux leads (Captain) and company to a gun workshop located at the edge of town.
Vyrn: You were in a crew until recently too?
Cucouroux: Yeah, I wanted to see how my gun designs fared in actual combat. It wasn't for very long, but it was a good experience nonetheless.
Vyrn: Wasn't very long? Why?
Cucouroux: Well, the captain was getting along in years, and the crew was set to disband after his retirement. I stayed with them till they did.
Lyria: So that's what happened...
Cucouroux: You're skyfarers, right? What's your captain like?
Lyria: Well, um...
Cucouroux: A really scary fellow, huh? Is he gonna blow a gasket when he finds out you ran off on your own?
Lyria: Oh, no, no! Nothing like that!
Vyrn: Actually, our captain (Captain)'s over here!
Cucouroux: You're the captain? You must be even younger than I am! Wow, that's incredible!
Cucouroux: A hardworking kiddo like you deserves an even bigger discount!
In high spirits, Cucouroux welcomes the crew into the workshop.
Cucouroux: Mom, Dad, I'm home! And I brought customers! Huh? Guess they're out right now.
Cucouroux: Oh well, I'll go ahead and get started then. Take a seat and make yourselves at home!
With (Captain) and company comfortably seated, Cucouroux goes to work, dismantling the gun in moments.
Lyria: That was incredible, Cucouroux! I only looked away for a second, and the gun's already in pieces!
Cucouroux: Aw, thanks! It's not often I get to show off, Lyria!
Cucouroux: Hm, this grip might be a little too big for your hands, (Captain).
Cucouroux: Let's get it swapped out. I wonder if we have anything lying around that could work...
Cucouroux continues the overhaul process, commentating as she goes.
Cucouroux: Whoa, this section's been magically strengthened against heat and rust! Not exactly cost-effective for non-skyfarers, though.
???: Hey, what're you doing in there?
Lyria: Eep!
Cucouroux: Welcome back, Dad! I'm just overhauling a gun for these skyfarers!
Master Gunsmith: Glad to be at your service! Watch it, though, Coux. I don't want to see you talking while you work!
Cucouroux: Erk. Sorry, Dad...
Master Gunsmith: Sigh. Putting on a show for the customers is fine, but guns are incredibly dangerous. Don't treat them lightly. Is that understood?
Cucouroux: Yeah. I got carried away. Sorry.
Master Gunsmith: Good! You're my pride and joy, Coux. Just don't go crazy when all a gun needs is a little repair work, okay?
Cucouroux: I'm not going to do anything weird to the customer's gun, Dad! Just mine...
Cucouroux, no longer speaking, begins working even faster than before. She soon finishes the repairs.
Cucouroux: All right! Let's take this baby out for a spin!
Lyria: Wow! Bullseye!
Cucouroux: I made the trigger a little lighter. How's it feel with the new grip?
Cucouroux: Oh? Glad to hear it!
Cucouroux: A gun's just a big hunk of metal. Every time you fire it, the heat from the chamber's going to result in degradation.
Cucouroux: That can mean the difference between a bullseye and an embarrassing miss. Which is why you need to go in for an overhaul from time to time.
Vyrn: Gotcha. Guess we should pay you a visit more often, then!
Cucouroux: Any gun, any time!
Lyria: You're a lifesaver, Cucouroux! Except... if we cross the Grim Basin, we won't be able to visit you again.
Cucouroux: You're planning to go to other skydoms?
Vyrn: Yeah, actually, (Captain)'s dad is in Estalucia, so...
The crew explains their situation to Cucouroux.
Cucouroux: I see... I see! You guys really are amazing! I can't believe your destination is Estalucia, of all places.
Cucouroux: There's nothing I love more than high adventure! Consider this repair job on the house!
Cucouroux: But, wow, Estalucia, huh? There's definitely going to be some awesome technology I've never seen before in other skydoms.
Cucouroux: It all just sounds so incredible!
  1. You should come along with us!
  2. It sure does, doesn't it?

Choose: You should come along with us!

Vyrn: Hey, here's an idea! How about you join our crew? Then you could fix our guns all day, every day!
Cucouroux: H-hold on, you sure? You really want me to tag along?
Vyrn: We're game if you are! We already know you've got skills, Miss Gunsmith!
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Choose: It sure does, doesn't it?

Cucouroux: Seriously! I... I just gotta ask!
Lyria: Ask away! Anything to thank you for the overhaul!
Cucouroux: I want you to bring me along! I won't get in the way! Promise!
Cucouroux: I just have to know what's in other skydoms! Someone might even want my gun designs!
Cucouroux: I'm begging you! I've got some skyfaring experience, so I can at least pull my own weight!

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Cucouroux's expectant gaze is tough to ignore. (Captain) nods in assent.
Cucouroux: Really? Oh, that makes me so happy! You won't regret the decision, Captain!
And thus, the firearm designer Cucouroux joins (Captain)'s crew.
Master Gunsmith: We finally get Coux back and she goes running off on another adventure. Sob...
Gunsmith's Wife: No pouting, dear. Cucouroux, take care of yourself out there, okay?
Cucouroux: Right! Mom... Dad... I'm off!
Cucouroux: I can't believe Dad was actually crying back there!
Cucouroux: He always talked about guns as these amazing things. Even his daughters could defend themselves against monsters with them.
Cucouroux: So he held his head high and promised to create weapons fit for his precious little girls.
Cucouroux: He was always a goof, but he had his moments, too.
Lyria: You really respect your dad, don't you, Cucouroux?
Cucouroux: I guess! Whatever the case, I'm always gonna be Daddy's precious little girl.
Cucouroux: Which means if you've got gun problems, just leave 'em to me! Looking forward to working with you, Captain!
With a smile on her face, Cucouroux once again lends her skills to a crew of skyfaring adventurers.
The considerable firearms knowledge of this straight shooter will no doubt prove useful to (Captain) and company in the journey to come.