Scenario:Dante - Abandoned Kitten

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Abandoned Kitten

A young girl taking care of a stray cat in an abandoned lot grows worried of the coming winter. Thankfully, the crew agrees to take in the cat and look after it until the girl comes of age.

Dante not in crew

The crew completes a quest deep in the mountains of Amalthea...
They get lost on the way back. But thankfully, a man named Dante kindly takes the crew in to rest up at his abode.
Inside are an extraordinary number of cats. Some are walking around, some are lying on the floor...
Lyria: Aah! They're so cute! So fluffy! Come here, little kitty!
Dante: Stop that at once! Lord Rivera needs his rest.
Lyria: Huh? Lord... Rivera?
Dante: Yes, the venerable lord your hand sought to disturb! It is most improper to interrupt one's rest!
Vyrn: Hey, this guy's kinda weird...
He once belonged to the Crew of Enforcers, but left to pursue a free spirit like that of a cat and has since lived in the mountains for decades.
Just then, one of the cats taking a liking to Lyria suddenly calls out.
Rivera: Meowww!
Dante: What! Do you truly mean to say that, Lord Rivera?
Lyria: Huh? What's going on?
Dante: Indeed, I cannot truly say I have embraced a life of freedom...
Dante: In a way, I suppose my life is already being dictated to me. I am tied to this place after all.
Vyrn: Hey, dude! What are you muttering about there?
Dante: ...
Dante: I have a favor to ask of you. Would you be willing to accept a humble man such as myself into your crew?
Lyria: Woah! That came out of nowhere...
Dante: Lord Rivera told me... He said that he wishes for me to see the world and to fly off into the sky.
And so, Dante, lover of freedom and cats, joins the crew.
Months later...
Rivera: Meow!
Dante: Another fine, sunny day...
Dante: Lord Rivera refused breakfast and asked for some kibble from the streets.
Dante: I ran out to fetch some and returned to find him eating his usual breakfast.
Dante: This is freedom. Once again I realize my own immaturity.
Vyrn: Haha! Okay, Mukuta, now try and catch my tail!
Dante: Another fine, sunny day...
Dante: Lord Mukuta has been training with Vyrn.
Dante: We all have to be able to protect ourselves in order to live our lives as we please.
Dante: This is freedom. Once again I realize my own immaturity.
Lyria: Oh, Vapaus, do you want me to pet your backside? Hehe! Coochie, coochie coo!
Dante: Another fine, sunny day...
Dante: Lord Vapaus seems to have taken an interest in Lyria.
Dante: Indeed... I sense an unbound power behind her clear, bright eyes.
Dante: This is freedom. Once again I realize my own immaturity.
The crew stops at a certain island in hopes of taking a much needed break.
Inside a cabin within the anchored Grandcypher, Dante writes in his diary.
Dante: In short, this is another form of training. I expected no less from Lord Aselia.
Dante: Hmm... I'll leave it at that. I've learned another valuable lesson.
Rivera: Meow!
Dante: Oh, it's Lord Rivera! Are you hungry? I will begin preparations at once...
Kitten: Mew, mew!
Dante: Hm? Who might this be?
When the kitten following behind Rivera spots Dante, it walks right over and nuzzles him.
Dante: Well, aren't you a charmer! You're a regular social butterfly, aren't you?
Rivera: Meow!
Kitten: Mew, mew!
Dante: I see. Then I shall prepare some warm milk. I hope it suits your tastes.
Girl: Oh, there you are! Give me back my Mewmew! She's my best friend!
Dante: Hm? Are you from the city? I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about.
Vyrn: Whew! We finally caught up! Now calm down, little lady!
Lyria: Wow! This is Mewmew? So she was with Dante!
Dante: Vyrn. Lyria. What's all this fuss about?
Vyrn: Oh, uh, well... Apparently that kitten is a stray, and this little girl here has been taking care of her in a vacant lot.
Vyrn: But then she suddenly disappeared this morning, and we were asked to look for her.
Lyria: So, while we were looking for her, we started talking about you...
Girl: I'm sorry... I was just so worried about Mewmew...
Dante: Hmm. 'Tis nothing. I'm sure any one of us would react the same in a similar situation.
Dante: But... Caring for a kitten in a vacant lot... It's no wonder Lord Rivera was worried.
Vyrn: Huh? So Rivera brought her here? But what's there to worry about?
Dante: Winter will soon arrive on this island. Such weather is hard on the young ones. Is it not possible to care for her at home?
Lyria: It seems unlikely. She said it's forbidden in her neighborhood...
Dante: Forbidden? That's so cruel...
Girl: Nn... Sniff... That's it. I'm gonna run away from home! I want to live with Mewmew!
Lyria: What? Run away from home? Y-you can't do that!
Girl: But I have to! Say, mister, you're on my side, right? Tell me where I can find a place to live with Mewmew!
Dante: ...
Girl: Mister?
Dante: No.
Girl: What? Wh-why would you say that? Do you think the neighborhood people are right?
Vyrn: Settle down, kiddo! Geez, that's kinda unexpected coming from you, Dante. Usually you're all about living freely!
Dante: All the more reason to ask. Young lady, do you hate your parents?
Girl: No...
Dante: I didn't think so. But if you run away from home, you will feel guilty. And you will carry that guilt for the rest of your life.
Dante: That is a burden, not freedom. Living freely doesn't mean giving in to impulse.
Dante: Trust me...
Vyrn: Hmm... Sounds kinda complicated, but I think I understand what you mean.
Girl: Nnn... But what about Mewmew? When winter comes, what'll happen to her?
Lyria: Uhhh... Well...
Rivera: Meow!
Dante: Lord Rivera? Hmm, I see... So that was your plan.
Vyrn: What is it?
Dante: Lord Rivera has suggested that we take the kitten with us until the girl comes of age.
Dante: Assuming the little one agrees to it...
Kitten: Mew, mew!
Girl: Wow... Mewmew looks happy!
Girl: Thank you, mister! I'll miss her, but I'm happier knowing she's safe with you!
Dante: No need to thank me. I shall look after Lady Mew until we meet agai—
Girl: What? Her name isn't Lady Mew! It's Mewmew!
Dante: Hmm... Fine. I will look after... Lady... Mewmew.
Girl: Okay! But just until I'm old enough to take care of her myself!
A few months after adopting the kitten...
Dante: Hmm... I've learned another valuable lesson. Now then, time to prepare our meal.
Mewmew: Mew, mew!
Dante: Hello, Lady Mewmew. I see that your teeth have not grown in fully... Perhaps it is too difficult for you to eat with the others...
Mewmew: Mew!
Dante: Oh my! You're so free-spirited for your age!
Vyrn: Don't you think this is getting out of hand? She's getting more and more demanding! And the number of cats keeps going up!
Lyria: That's true, but what's the harm? They're so cute!
Dante: L-lady Mewmew! Lady Afaka! There are no nutrients to be gained from gnawing on my staff! Now kindly imbibe this special milk!
Following the incident with Mewmew, the cats begin to bring in others, and soon Dante is overwhelmed with new lords and ladies.
Nevertheless, in pursuit of free-spiritedness, he continues to diligently look after the cats.