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The crew exchanges greetings with the doll couple they find in the puppeteer workshop under Danua's old home. The doll couple hands them a memo describing the forbidden magic used to channel souls into dolls. As they try to read through it, the room is suddenly filled with mist and a golem charges at them.

(Captain) and company visit the home where Danua grew up, but it is practically in ruins.
After finding their way underground, they discover a puppeteer's workshop and a curious set of dolls.
Vyrn: Hey, Lyria... Those two dolls are Danua's mom and dad, right?
Lyria: Yeah... Right, (Captain)?
At that moment, the doll couple make their way over to greet the crew.
The two dolls bow again and again in front of the group to show their appreciation.
Papa: ...
Vyrn: Hey... What are they saying?
Gretel: They're really grateful we've been lookin' out for Danua all this time.
Mama: ...
The dolls use gestures to express their gratitude to (Captain) and company.
Lyria: It's no problem. Danua has been helping us out a lot, actually!
Danua: (Captain)...
Hansel: Uh huh... Uh huh... Danua says she's only made it this far because of you.
Papa and Mama: ...
The parents begin waving and jumping excitedly to express their thanks.
Gretel: Ha ha ha! I think they got your point!
And so, Danua's parents and the crew finally have their meet-and-greet.
Finally, the crew asks the dolls about the workshop.
Papa and Mama: !
Gretel: Hmm? Just calm down and tell us!
The dolls seem frantic to explain, but it is no use. So they spread open a book on the table.
Gretel: I got it! I got it! They want us to read this journal!
Hansel: Then I'll read it.
Hansel begins reading notes that seem related to an experiment.
Hansel: "Regarding forbidden magic to channel human souls into dolls..."
Hansel: "... it can bring back souls that have already crossed the gate to the underworld."
Hansel: "In order to fuse the soul and the doll for all eternity, it would seem that a certain power is necessary...
Suddenly, a strange smoke begins to fill the underground room.
Papa and Mama: ...
Danua: Smoke...
Hansel: Uh huh... Uh huh... She says that this smoke is suspicious... Danua, try holding your breath.
Gretel: Hey! Stop dallying about and let's get out of here!
Everyone hurries toward the door to escape...
But a giant golem appears, blocking their path.
Golem: Gwaaarrr!
Vyrn: H-hey now... We're in some trouble!
Lyria: Yeah... My legs feel... so heavy...
Gretel: Hmph... Fleshy humans sure are a handful...
Danua: Nghh...
Hansel: We're out of time. Let's go, Gretel.
Gretel: I gotcha! Danua, we'll strike 'em hard and fast!

Catharsis: Scene 2

After getting a whiff of the mysterious smoke, the crew begins to fall asleep one by one. When they come to, a man calling himself a rogue puppeteer shows up, revealing himself to be the one who killed Danua's parents. The moment he tries to unleash the forbidden magic sealed within Danua's left arm, her dolls suddenly jump back to life to protect her. They work together to fight off the puppeteer.

After getting a whiff of the mysterious smoke, the crew begin to fall asleep one by one.
By the time they come to, they find themselves imprisoned.
Vyrn: What happened? How did we... When did we...
Danua: Ow...
Lyria: Just what was that? Danua, are you okay?
Danua: Lyria...
Danua, trapped along with the crew, has a worried look on her face.
???: I see... If you lose consciousness, you lose your connection to the doll...
Vyrn: What? Who was that just now?
A man with an eerie smile appears before them.
???: Hmmm? Didn't you come here looking for me?
Danua: Who...
???: Don't you remember? I'm the man who purged your parents and your brother.
Danua: !
Vyrn: Boy oh boy! Who d'ya think you are? Showing your face around here!
Rogue Puppeteer: Me? I'm a rogue puppeteer. I have no name.
Rogue Puppeteer: Now who are you? Well, I suppose it doesn't matter. You'll be dead anyway...
Rogue Puppeteer: So shall we have a little chat first?
And so, the man begins to tell a story.
Rogue Puppeteer: When I'd heard a rumor about a way to infuse human spirits into figurines, I went to visit a cetain puppeteer.
Rogue Puppeteer: But he wouldn't even see me... Said the magic was too risky to use...
Rogue Puppeteer: But there he was. So happy and surrounded by family...
Rogue Puppeteer: That's why... I had to show him. Show him how it feels to lose your loved ones.
Rogue Puppeteer: If I did that... then he'd finally understand how desperate I was!
Vyrn: You... You took away Danua's family for something so selfish?
Rogue Puppeteer: That's right. Is it so bad? People are driven by selfish desires!
Rogue Puppeteer: But the magic was nowhere to be found down here.
Rogue Puppeteer: Danua... It was sealed within your arm all along.
The man grabs Danua by her left arm.
Danua: Ow...
Rogue Puppeteer: With the astral threads sealed within this arm, I will channel souls into the dolls...
Lyria: Please stop! You're hurting her!
Rogue Puppeteer: Bwahaha... On top of that, I'm going to have to some wonderful new materials to play with.
Rogue Puppeteer: You will all serve as the perfect catalyst for completing the forbidden spell!
Bounds by constraints, the crew is unable to resist as the puppeteer lays them down on the pedestal imprinted with a summoning circle.
With a firm hold on Danua's arm, he begins to mutter the incantation.
Rogue Puppeteer: Now, it is time... Open the gate to the underworld!
When the puppeteer invokes the seals, a dark mist begins to seep from Danua's arm.
A vortex of dark mist quickly envelops them, from which a gate to another dimension appears.
Danua: Stop...
Rogue Puppeteer: Heh... Ha ha ha... Soon. Soon I will complete this spell!
Danua: S... Stop...
The astral threads are released from Danua's arm.
Danua: Stop!
At that very instant, the dolls connected to Danua's astral threads come back to life.
Hansel: Danua... Seems we're a bit late.
Papa: ...
The dolls destroy the bonds that restrained the crew.
Mama: ...
Gretel: Now, Danua! Let's turn this guy into doll stuffing!
Danua: I won't let you... have control anymore!
Rogue Puppeteer: You've outlived your usefulness!

Now meet your maker!

Golem: Gwaaarrr...
Danua: Here it comes... Papa. Mama.
Papa and Mama: Danu... a...
Danua: Please... Lend me a hand... Hansel... Gretel...
Hansel: Of course we will!
Gretel: Let's do it!
Danua: I'll... save... everyone!

Catharsis: Scene 3

After getting a whiff of the mysterious smoke, the crew begins to fall asleep one by one. When they come to, a man calling himself a rogue puppeteer shows up, revealing himself to be the one who killed Danua's parents. The moment he tries to unleash the forbidden magic sealed within Danua's left arm, her dolls suddenly jump back to life to protect her. They work together to fight off the puppeteer.

Rogue Puppeteer: I'm... not finished...
Despite being soundly defeated by (Captain) and company, the puppeteer grows ever hostile and resistant.
Grudge: Gwaaarrr...
Just then, a swarm of vengeful spirits appear at the gate to the underworld.
Rogue Puppeteer: What! It's...
Several spirits, who'd once been wronged by the puppeteer, grab him and drag him into the gate.
Rogue Puppeteer: No! Let go... Let go of me!
As the light glowing from Danua's left arm begins to dim, the ominous gate begins to close as well.
And thus, (Captain) and company make it through the crisis.
Danua: Everyone...
Vyrn: Hoo... Haa... Looks like... everybody's alright.
Danua: ... So glad.
Lyria: Right! Wait... Huh? Danua, did you speak just now?
Danua: Wait... huh?
The dolls gather around Danua.
Papa and Mama: Danu... a...
Danua: Mmm... Papa... Mama...
Danua: Pat me... on the head?
The parents hold Danua tight, gently stroking her hair as she sobs.
Hansel: Good for you, Danua.
Gretel: She's really outgrown them, wouldn't you say!
Vyrn: Heh heh! Well that settles that!
Lyria: Yeah! I'm so happy she found her parents!
And so, (Captain) and company look on at the touching family reunion.
But just then, the dark gate to the underworld suddenly reopens.
Rogue Puppeteer: Ahahaha... As if I'd let you get away!
After using the last of his power to reopen the gate, the puppeteer grabs Danua and drags her toward the vortex.
Danua: Ahhh!
Papa and Mama: Danua!
Her parents desperately try to pull Danua away from the puppeteer.
But Danua is drawn deeper and deeper.
Vyrn: We've got trouble! We gotta rescue them!
Lyria: Let's give them a hand, (Captain)!
But (Captain) and company cannot get any closer to Danua.
Danua: Papa! Mama!
Gretel: Hmph! What a sore loser! And a jerk, too! Let's get 'em, Hansel!
Hansel: I gotcha, Gretel.
Hansel and Gretel, along with Danua's parents, stand before the puppeteer.
Danua: Hansel! Gretel!
Hansel: Danua, you'll be just fine.
Danua: Hansel?
Gretel: Danua, don't look so sad! You're not alone anymore!
Danua: Gretel!
Rogue Puppeteer: Enough! You useless dolls!
Papa and Mama: Good... bye, Danua. We... love you.
Gretel: Ha ha! It was a short reunion, but it was fun. We're off!
Hansel: This is goodbye, Danua. (Captain). Everyone... Take good care of her.
Danua: Papa! Mama! Hansel! Gretel!
Danua: No... No... There's so much... I want to tell you!
Danua: I wanted us to live... as a family!
But her plea ends in vain, as the dolls begin to disappear with the puppeteer beyond the gate.
The gate to the underworld closes once again, and a silence fills the room.
Lyria: Why? It's... so horrible...
Vyrn: No fair! We couldn't do anything...
Danua: Why?
And this is how Danua's family had come together once again to protect her.
But this time would be different: Danua may have lost her beloved family of dolls, but she gains her voice back instead.
She sobs loudly as (Captain) and company guide her back to the airship.
She cries for several days as she tries to mend her heart after another loss.
Vyrn: Hey, Danua. Are you alright?
Lyria: Danua, I'm so sorry that I couldn't help.
Her concerned companions gather around her.
Danua: Th-thank you everyone.
Danua fights back a huge sob, and smiles gently through her tears.
To her, time had stopped ever since that day, but is quietly beginning to move again.
Danua: (I need to be strong... for my family.)
Danua: (Papa... Mama... Hansel... Gretel...)
Danua: (Thank you for loving me.)
Danua, her face still wet with tears, looks out at the sky unfolding before her.
No one knows what awaits her up ahead...
But no matter what the future brings, she'll face it alongside her friends.
Fate will no doubt shine upon them, like the brilliant blue sky above.