Scenario:Danua - Halloween Hijinx

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Halloween Hijinx

After Danua saves Beatrix from some pesky children, Beatrix takes the puppeteer to a costume store. Danua finds the perfect Halloween getup and heads into town to

The sounds and smells of a joyous Halloween fill the street.
Danua is puttering around in a lonely alley off the main road, well away from the merrymaking.
Danua: Lost...
Hansel: Mm. Mhm-mhm... Danua says we're totally lost.
Gretel: Pfft, you don't have to spell it out to know that!
Danua: Come...
Gretel: Hey, hey! Somebody's coming this way!
Hansel: Hmm... We're cornered. Trapped like rats. No escape.
A panting woman appears before Danua, continuously looking behind herself.
Beatrix: Grr... What did I do to deserve this!
Beatrix: ...
Beatrix: Hey! Could you get out of my way, please!
Danua: Sorry...
Beatrix wedges past Danua and enters a very narrow passageway.
Beatrix: Gah! I can't move!
Beatrix: Dang it! My shirt got stuck on something!
Danua: What?
Hansel: What are you doing? Danua wants to know.
Beatrix: You can't tell by looking? I'm running!
Gretel: Running? D'you do something bad?
Beatrix: I didn't do anything! It was all them. They took my—
Just then a crowd of children come barreling down the street the same way Beatrix had arrived.
Li'l Devil 1: Huh? Where'd Candy Lady go?
Li'l Devil 2: Hey, you! Did you see a crazy candy lady run through here?
  1. Run?
  2. Lady?

Choose: Run?
Danua: Run?
Beatrix: (No, no, no! P-please... Don't tell them I'm here!)
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Lady?
Danua: Lady?
Beatrix: (Come on, come on... Just pretend like you didn't see me!)
Continue 1
Stuck in the passageway, Beatrix is unable to move. She desperately but quietly continues to plead to Danua.
Danua: No...
Hansel: Hmm. Oh yes... Danua says that no lady like that came through here.
Gretel: Maybe she ran the other way?
Li'l Devil 1: Makes sense! Thanks! If you see her though, make sure you tell us!
Li'l Devil 2: Aaall right! Next we search over here!
The children head toward a different area in pursuit of the so-called candy lady.
Beatrix barely pokes her head out behind the wall. Seeing that the coast is clear, she calmly walks back into the alley and bows her head to Danua.
Beatrix: You've saved me. Thanks for not spilling the beans.
Beatrix: I'm Beatrix. And you are?
Danua: Danua...
Hansel: She says her name is Danua.
Gretel: And that's Hansel, and I'm Gretel!
Beatrix: Whoa... That's not ventriloquism. Are your puppets really talking?
Beatrix: Looks like you're something special! Pleasure to meetcha!
Danua: Pleasure...
Danua's eyes stay locked on Beatrix.
Danua: Pretty...
Beatrix: Why are you staring at me like that? Do I have something on my face?
Danua: Cute...
Hansel: Danua says your costume is cute.
Beatrix: ...!
Beatrix cracks a smile at the compliment.
Beatrix: Haha! I know, right? It's super cute!
Beatrix: Your costume's not too bad either, Danua! It's got that great, creepy vibe!
Gretel: Watch it! This isn't a costume!
Beatrix: Huh? You're not dressed up for Halloween?
Danua: Want...
Hansel: She says she's envious of how cute your getup is.
Beatrix: Oh? You want something cute too? Then I'll show you a great shop!
Gretel: Really? You're a nice one, huh!
Beatrix: Well it's the least I could do for the heroes that saved me from that sticky situation!
Beatrix: So let's get going! We'll search for a great costume together!
Danua: Thanks...
Although their plan was formed through somewhat unusual circumstances, the pair of girls are excited by the prospective shopping trip.
Not long after, everyone arrives at Beatrix's favorite shop.
Danua: Shiny...
Hansel: She's impressed by all of the elegant clothes.
Beatrix: Of course she is! This shop has all the most stylish stuff on the block!
Gretel: C'mon, pick us something out already!
Beatrix: You got it! Into the fray, everybody!
Beatrix begins picking up various eccentric items of clothing and holding them up to Danua's figure.
Beatrix: Oh! How's this one? What do you think of the feathers?
Danua: Feathers...
Hansel: She says feathers are adorable.
Gretel: Is it s'posed to be a fairy or something? Looks good to me!
Beatrix: Hmm...
Beatrix: You know, I get the feeling there's stuff here that would suit you better!
Beatrix: Liiike... this! What do you think?
Danua: Tail...
Hansel: She says she likes the fluffy tail.
Gretel: Looks like a little devil! This one looks good too!
Beatrix: And yet it's not enough... I bet something else would match her even more...
Beatrix continues sifting through the costume pieces, holding each one up to Danua and listening to the puppets' critiques.
After finding the perfect piece, Beatrix forces Danua into the fitting room.
Beatrix: How's it going in there? Finished changing?
Danua: Change...
Hansel: She says yes, she's finished.
Gretel: All right! Showtime!
Danua: Go!
Danua, decked out in a festive Halloween costume, emerges from the fitting room.
Danua: How?
Hansel: Danua says how is it? Does it suit her?
Gretel: Gotta say, we look pretty good too!
Beatrix: Yeah you do! You all look great!
Danua: Cute...
Hansel: She's so happy with how adorable it is, she could just die.
Gretel: This is the first time Danua's been this happy!
Beatrix: Haha! I told you guys we'd get her the best! I really outdo myself sometimes!
Beatrix: This costume is plenty cute, so lets head into town and show you off!
Danua: Loud...
Hansel: Danua says the street seems lively and fun.
Beatrix: Well this is the main street after all.
Beatrix: Oh, which reminds me... Do you know the incantation that goes like trick or treat?
Danua: Magic?
Beatrix: Yeah! If you say this spell, you'll get bucketfuls of candy!
Hearing Beatrix's advice, Danua timidly tries to mouth the words to some of the locals.
Danua: Trick...
Local 1: Huh? Sorry, miss. What was that you said?
But her tiny voice can't cut through the noise of the bustling street.
Danua: Sigh...
Beatrix: (Hansel, Gretel... Danua seems pretty shy, so let's give her some help.)
Hansel: (Of course.)
Gretel: (You got it!)
Hansel, Gretel, and Beatrix turn toward the heart of the crowd and begin to raise their voices.
Beatrix: Come one, come all! See it now or miss out forever!
Beatrix: It's the cutest Halloween costume!
Danua: Trick...
Hansel: Trick or treat. Smell our feet. Give Danua something good to eat.
Local 1: Oh! Well aren't your costumes just wonderful! Here's your candy!
Danua: Trick...
Gretel: Trick or treat! Here's a knife. Give me the good stuff if you value your life!
Local 2: Oh me, oh my! How scary! Here's some candy, so don't hurt me!
People continue to give Danua candy until she has a veritable mountain of sweets.
Beatrix: Haha! Just look at how much candy you got!
Danua: Bea...
Hansel: Danua says thank you, Beatrix.
Gretel: Thought you'd be one of those funny types in the beginning, but you're not half bad!
Beatrix: Haha! Course not! Who do you think I am?
Confidence beams from Beatrix's expression.
Li'l Devil 1: Everybody! There she is! Candy Lady!
Li'l Devil 2: She was hiding here the whole time! Wait for us, Candy Lady!
Beatrix: Damn! They found me already?
Beatrix: Welp, guess I'm outta here!
Danua: Bea...
Beatrix: Oops, almost forgot! Have a parting gift!
Beatrix pulls a piece of candy from her bag and hands it to Danua.
Danua: Thanks...
Beatrix: No problem! I had fun! Let's meet up again sometime!
As Beatrix dashes off, she leaves not only candy with Danua, but also the memory of an energetic smile.
Danua: Bye...
Hansel: Whew... She could be tough to handle, but she was pretty interesting all the same.
Gretel: Haha! If we ever see her in trouble, let's save her again!
Danua: Ah...
Danua holds the candy she received from Beatrix to her chest and promises to cherish it forever.