Scenario:Danua - Jellyfish Ahoy!

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Jellyfish Ahoy!

The crew are visiting Sierokarte's Beach House. Hansel and Gretel try to persuade Danua to change into her swimsuit, but she objects. When (Captain) and the others give her a yellow rubber ring, she changes her mind and gets changed. Danua and the crew explore the sea shore. Danua discovers a jellyfish at the water's edge and, fascinated by this creature, is inspired by the jellyfish to float on the waves.

Danua not in crew

One day, the crew were asked by Sierokarte to catch the culprit behind a series of random attacks.
Continuing their investigations, the crew encountered an injured girl and a suspicious female Draph on the outskirts of the town.
Girl: I'm… fading…
Lyria: Are- are you all right? Over here!
Vyrn: Darn it? it's the attacker! How dare you go after a girl as small as this!
Danua: No…
Hansel: Mhm… Mhm…
Hansel: Danua says, "No! We're not behind these attacks! Gretel, we're not the attackers."
Gretel: Oh, that's right! We were brought here against our will… because of a misunderstanding.
The crew didn't trust Danua and her two dolls at first, but they eventually overcame their distrust and caught the attacker.
Following this encounter, the spirit medium Danua and her two dolls became friends with the Grandcypher crew.
It was now summer, and the crew were visiting Sierokarte's Beach House on Venera Beach on one of the Auguste Isles.
Vyrn: Hey! Miss Knickknack! Are you there?
Danua: Who…
Hansel: Yes… Yes-yes… Danua says, "it looks like there's no-one in there."
Gretel: Hey! Is it OK if we let ourselves in?
Lyria: Yes! If you're staying here you can come and go as you please!
Danua was worried about her clothes getting wet in the ocean, so the crew were going to change into their swimsuits.
Danua: No…
Hansel: …What what what? Danua doesn't want to change into her swimsuit. What shall we do, Gretel?
Gretel: You say that, but you don't want your best clothes to get spoiled by the sea water!
Danua: No!
Hansel: …Hmm… Hmmmmm… She must be going through her rebellious phase, Gretel.
Gretel: Tell me about it! Stop moaning and change your clothes, chop chop!
Danua: Oh… no…
Danua stubbornly clutched the hem of the dress she always wore.
Lyria: Well, look. If Danua really doesn't want to get changed, she doesn't have to!
Vyrn: That's right! Why don't you just take it easy here in the Beach House?
Danua: Beach…
At that point, (Captain) took down the rubber ring hanging on the wall of the Beach House.
Danua: Yel… low…
Hansel: Yes… Yes-yes… Danua asks, "what is this yellow ring?"
(Captain) passed the rubber ring to Danua.
Danua: Waist band…
Danua put her arm through the rubber ring and started spinning it round and round, seemingly enjoying herself.
Gretel: Hey Danua! This is how you use a rubber ring!
Said Gretel, placing the rubber ring over Danua's head and down around her torso.
Danua: Floaty…
Danua was exceedingly pleased with the yellow rubber ring.
Gretel: Heeheehee… if you want to play with that rubber ring you'll have to change into your swimsuit!
Danua: …Get changed!
In a complete about-face from before, Danua was now eager to change into her swimsuit of her own volition.
With the help of Sierokarte and the others, Danua put on the unfamiliar swimsuit.
Danua, who was now changed into her swimsuit, strolled with the crew down to the shore.
Danua: Bath…
Danua gazed curiously at the great ocean spread out before them.
Hansel: Hmm… Hmmmmm… This isn't a bathtub. The sea, that's what this is.
Danua: …Seeea?
Gretel: Danua, you mean you've never seen the sea before?
Danua gazed intently at the motion of the waves, breaking on the shore and then retreating.
Danua was carefully watching her step, but a relatively large wave swept her off her feet.
Danua: Waah!
Frightened, Danua clung on to (Captain)'s leg.
Gretel: Ha ha! I guess people who hate having baths aren't necessarily going to like the ocean!
Resigned to playing on the beach with Danua, the crew looked around for a piece of driftwood.
Danua: Squashy…
Hansel: Yes… Yes-yes… Danua asks, "what is that squashy thing?"
Gretel: Oi! (Captain)! What is that thing!
With great enthusiasm, (Captain) explained to Danua that the thing floating at the water's edge was a jellyfish.
Danua: Jeeellyfish…
For some reason, Danua was rather taken with the jellyfish, and gazed at it with admiration.
Lyria: Danua! Look, there's a starfish over here!
Danua: Star…
Vyrn: Hey Danua! There's a crab over here too!
Danua: Crab…
Vyrn: Here we go! I'm gonna catch this crab, watch this, Danua!
With great enthusiasm, Vyrn dug up the hiding hole that the crab had disappeared into.
Vyrn: He's gone?! Where'd he get to?
Sure enough, the crab popped up and pinched one of Vyrn's fingers.
Danua: Ha- Ha ha ha!!
Hansel: Hmm… Hmmmmmm… When was the last time Danua laughed at something like this, Gretel?
Gretel: Let's see… I can't remember, Hansel.
A short while after, Vyrn and Lyria went into the ocean and started playing.
But Danua just gazed on enviously without joining the others.
Danua: Ocean…
Hansel: By the way, Gretel. Is the spirit-animating gossamer OK if seawater gets on it?
Gretel: Good point. But I don't think we'll get cut off by just a little saltwater!
Danua stared up at (Captain)'s face.
Danua: Floating…
Hansel: Yes… I see… Danua says, "I want to go into the ocean with (Captain)."
Gretel: How about it, (Captain)! Will you go into the sea with Danua?
  1. I said goodbye to the sea long ago.
  2. Before that, we should limber up!

Choose: I said goodbye to the sea long ago.
Gretel: HaHAH! Did it wave you off?!
Danua: Wave…
Danua listened to (Captain) and Gretel's words with a serious expression, nodding her head in acquiesence.
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Choose: Before that, we should limber up!
Hansel: Yes… Hmmmm… Well they do say you should limber up before swimming.
Danua: Limber!
Danua carefully did her warming-up exercises with (Captain) .
Continue 1
Then, (Captain) took Danua's hand and waded into the sea.
Danua: Wooh!
Gretel: Oi Danua! You'll get hurt if you keep your eyes shut!
Danua: Waa!
Danua, gradually getting acclimatized to the water, was led out into the open sea by (Captain).
Although she hadn't been in the ocean before, Danua gradually loosened up and begun to enjoy being in the water with (Captain).
Danua: Jeeellyfish…
Hansel: Yes… Yes-yes… Danua asks, "is this a jellyfish?"
(Captain) answered Danua with a smile.
Danua: Rolling…
Danua and (Captain) let their bodies pitch up and down on the rolling waves.
Danua: Heeheehee…
From this point on, this way of relaxing and bobbing up and down on the rolling waves was named "jeeellyfish," by Danua.
For the whole summer, (Captain) was pestered by her wanting to do the "jeeellyfish" at every turn.