Scenario:De La Fille - Rampaging Princess

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Rampaging Princess

De La Fille presses the crew for an admission of guilt, convinced that they research dark essence for the Empire. After the misunderstanding is cleared up, she demands that they allow her to join, so the crew is blessed with a new companion.

One day (Captain) and company are toasting their successful defeat of a cave-dwelling primal beast.
De La Fille: That will be enough of that. How about you speak the truth? Just admit that you're researching dark essence for the Empire.
De La Fille: My gems can see all! I hope you're ready for your day of judgment is at hand, scoundrels!
Rackam: How many times do we have to tell you? The Empire wants to destroy us!
Vyrn: Yeah! And you're gonna have to quit it with all that scoundrel stuff! (Captain)! Help me out here!
De La Fille: Eek! It's flying! What in blue blazes is a flying lizard doing here? You just... you stay right there...
De La Fille: Come no further! And put away that tail! Eek!
Katalina: What was that? Don't say that about his tail! That's part of the whole cuddly package!
Lyria: Exactly! It's all squishy! Give it a pat!
Vyrn: I've had it up to here with you! I'm not a lizard! Or a reptile! Or a scoundrel or whatever!
De La Fille: Still your tongue!
De La Fille: That staff you wield... is it not Kerykeion? The very tool used to swell the rotten banks of knowledge of the Empire?
De La Fille: We have a name for those who would lay hands on such a thing. Imperials! I'll have a confession or so help me, I'll... I'll...
Rackam: Whoa, whoa. She went from zero to a hundred real quick. I think we've gone as far as we can with words, (Captain)!
De La Fille: Heh... and so the wolf sheds its wool. Prepare yourselves, villains! No judgment rings more true than that of lithomanc—Eep?
Rackam: Well, I'm not about to start fighting women now! You leave us no choice... Run for it, (Captain)!
De La Fille: Hey! Heeey! Stop, you scoundrels! Retreat is for cowards!
The crew gives up on running. They hastily explain themselves, somehow managing to cool De La Fille off and clear up the misunderstanding.
De La Fille: So what you're saying is I might have put the cart ahead of the horse?
Rackam: Exactly. Righteousness is like a good sword... Just keep it pointed in the right direction.
De La Fille: Ah... fine words to live by!
De La Fille: So, like me, you're working to stem the flow of dark essence into this world. That's about the gist of it?
Rackam: Well, that's one of the things we're trying to do.
De La Fille: You said your name was... (Captain), yes? I presume you to be the leader of this crew, though your methods concerning dark essence leave much to be desired.
Vyrn: Tell us something we don't know! And get to the point already!
De La Fille: Eegh! Settle down now...
De La Fille: To put it simply, (Captain) doesn't inspire much confidence. Nor do the rest of you...
De La Fille: Perhaps I could condescend to join you... a fine prospect, yes?
Vyrn: Um... We don't inspire confidence? Have you even looked in a mirror lately?
Katalina: Ha ha ha! Indeed. Don't judge a book by its cover. I'll have you know (Captain) is perfectly reliable.
Rackam: That's right! And you're gonna have a rough time if you're scared of a little reptile...
De La Fille: Oh my! Have you no shame? Cast those pitying eyes elsewhere!
De La Fille: But I can see now. A hands-on lesson in lithomancy should be more than enough to convince you!
Rackam: Whoa! Slow your roll there, lady!
Katalina: Oh, wow! Lithomancy... That's really something!
De La Fille: It seems you've finally opened your eyes!
De La Fille: Isn't that so, (Captain)? Say you'll have me!
Vyrn: Why don't you just ask if you can come with us?
De La Fille: Nngh...
Katalina: He he... stubborn as a mule. But I'm pretty sure (Captain)'s mind is already made up. You're in.
  1. Think of what would happen if I said no...
  2. Know dark essence and you are welcome!

Choose: Think of what would happen if I said no...
De La Fille: How absurd! I'm doing this as a favor to you, so watch your mouth!
Rackam: Okay, okay, we get it! (Captain) wants you to come with us! Right?
Choose: Know dark essence and you are welcome!
De La Fille: Well, why didn't you just say so earlier? Gracious me... Some people just can't help themselves.
Vyrn: Guess that's what we're working with. We're gonna have to be a little unconventional!
De La Fille: And how long do we plan on just standing around chatting? The enemy isn't simply going to wait!
Rackam: Ha ha ha! Looks like (Captain)'s been struck dumb!
Rackam: Alrighty! So, er... we're buddies now, right? Looking forward to it, miss.
Vyrn: We've got a lot of fun to look forward to! Make sure you go easy on us, Miss Gem!
De La Fille: Someone get this lizard away! Get it away!
Shared aims make strange bedfellows. And so De La Fille and the crew set out on a new adventure.
Though it does take some time for her to stop screaming at the sight of Vyrn.