Scenario:Elize Lutus - What She Reached For

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What She Reached For

Elize is in the kingdom of Windor when she is separated from Teepo and swallowed by a black rift. As she is being kidnapped by a pair of suspicious men, she begins to call out for her missing friend. When a voice rises to meet her call, it will lead to an encounter with (Captain)'s crew.

Somewhere in Windor—home to the capital city of Barona—a girl and her friend stand on the bank of a certain lake.
Teepo: Jude sure is late. Don't you think, Elly?
Elize: He sure is.
Elize and Teepo are traveling with Jude, searching for the cause of the Crystallization Anomaly as well as a way to reunite with their friend, Milla.
Elize and Teepo wait for Jude to come back from surveying their surroundings.
Teepo: Maybe we should have gone with him...
Elize: He said he'd be right back!
Teepo: Sure, but do you really think Jude will be okay without us?
Elize: He's strong and smart. I think he'll be all right.
Teepo: Yeah, you're right.
Elize: Let's keep waiting.
As the two engage in casual conversation, an unexpected fate closes in from behind.
Elize: Hmm?
Teepo: What's that black thing?
Sensing something disturbing, they turn to see a fissure tearing in the air, its great maw opening wide.
Elize: What is that!
Teepo: Get away from it, Elly! It's scary!
Elize: C'mon! We have to go find Jude!
Elize: Eeek!
Teepo: Nooo! We're gonna get sucked in!
Elize: Aaaah! Teepo!
The black rift begins to swallow its surroundings, drawing Teepo inside.
Elize: Teepoooo!
Teepo: Ellyyyyy!
Elize stretches her fingertips toward Teepo, grasping fruitlessly at the air.
Elize: Aaaah!
Suddenly Elize is lifted into the air.
Elize & Teepo: Eeeek!
Elize: Hm... Tee... po... Where... Teepo...
Elize: Teepo? Teepo!
Elize: It's so dark and scary... I don't want to be alone... I'm so scared...
Elize: Teepo... Don't leave me alone!
In a darkness deep and pure, Elize earnestly stretches out her arms.
Soon a single light appears before her.
Elize: What? A light?
Elize: Nnh...
???: That's... Since... she's here...
Elize: (Who's that? Teepo? Jude?)
???: Yeah... For... time being...
Elize: Hmm?
???: Hey, she's wakin' up!
???: You all right, missy?
Elize: Hmm? I, uh...
Shifty Goon 1: What are you doin' in a place like this? Where's your mommy and daddy?
Elize: I, uh... I don't have any...
Shifty Goon 2: No parents, huh? How about that.
Shifty Goon 1: Sure sounds tough...
The men exchange glances in front of Elize, who has yet to comprehend what happened to her.
Shifty Goon 2: All right, kid. What say you come with us?
Elize: What? I, uh... Eeek!
Elize: No, I don't want to! Teepo! Where are you?
Elize resists, but the men grab her arms and begin to drag her off.
Elize: Eeek! Stop!
Shifty Goon 1: Simmer down, brat!
Elize: Teepo! Jude! Help me!
Shifty Goon 2: You damn brat! Calm down already!
Elize: N-no... Teepo... Where are you? Oh, Teepo!
???: Elly! Elly!
As she continues to cry out her friend's name, a voice answers.
Elize: T-Teepo!
Teepo: Elly!
At long last the girl's hands grasp her treasured friend.
Their reunion will bring with it a new encounter, this time with (Captain)'s crew.