Scenario:Elmott - Controlling the Blaze

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Controlling the Blaze

Elmott’s Blazing Skewers are selling like hotcakes. However, an angry man appears, claiming that the food he ate yesterday wasn’t cooked properly, and gave him food poisoning. Elmott, having confidence in his cooking flames, refuses to back down and pay the man off. The angry man begins to involve other customers in his argument, and Elmott’s patience finally runs out…

Thanks to Elmott's "Blazing Skewers," The Beach House, where the crew were working, became incredibly popular overnight.
But then, the unexpected happened…
Man: Hey! The Blazing Skewers I bought here yesterday must have been raw! I was as sick as a dog last night!
Lyria: Oh no! I'm so sorry!
Man: Hey, it's okay! I'll keep quiet about it, if you give me a little somethin' somethin'.
Vyrn: Huh? You want money? Do you even have proof you got food poisoning from here?
Man: Why you… Ain't ya heard of "the customer is always right"? Call the manager! Manager!
Elmott emerged from the kitchen.
Elmott: Look, I'm sorry, sir, but there's clearly been some mistake.
Elmott: I could never make a mistake like that. Not with these flames.
Man: Huh? You callin' me a liar, punk?
Man: Well, let's ask this guy! Hey, come over here, pal!
The angry man pulled over a customer who had been spending their vacation in the Beach House.
Man: Quick question for ya, buddy. If ya had to choose between me and that shifty fella over there, which one would ya trust?
The customer was terrified after being grabbed by the shady man.
Man: Hehehe… You can see from his face who he trusts.
Elmott: Hey. If you want to have a conversation, I'm right here.
Elmott: So if you could stop involving the customers, that'd be great.
Man: Heh. So you wanna fight, then? I'll take ya!
Elmott: No! No violence in the restaurant.
Elmott: Let's go and have a chat somewhere where we won't bother the other customers.
Grabbing the man's arm, Elmott started to lead him out of the restaurant.
Man: Wow! Look at this guy. So cool! WHOOPS, my foot just slipped!
The man kicked over a customer's table, sending plates crashing to the ground.
Elmott: Jeez… You've got no manners…
Elmott: Well, I'm sure you'll understand your mistake after you've tasted my flames!

Controlling the Blaze: Scene 2

Elmott has an altercation with a customer who tries to swindle the restaurant out of some money, and the subsequent rumors about the violence of the incident cause the Beach House to lose custom. Gloating over this turn of events, a shady man tries to cause a fire at the back of the Beach House, as if to deliver a finishing blow to the restaurant's fortunes. Elmott, however, senses the danger and is able to thwart the plan just in time. The man tries to talk his way out of the situation, but doesn't escape a little punishment from Elmott.

Elmott: Hahahaha! And there's more where that came from!
Man: Eeeeek!
Elmott: But this is still only a light toastin'... You complained my cooking was too raw, didn't ya? Well, then...
Man: Waaaaah! H-help meeee!
Due to the fight between Elmott and the man, a part of the Beach House was wrecked.
The constant stream of customers suddenly became a dribble due to the incident.
Feeling responsible for the lack of custom, Elmott became disheartened.
Elmott: I-I'm so sorry, guys...
Elmott: Because of me, the customers are all scared off...
Lyria: That's not true... It's not your fault, Elmott!
Vyrn: Don't sweat it! You were just trying to protect the other customers, after all!
Elmott: But... Now the rumors will spread, and the restaurant's gonna lose popularity...
At that time, a shady man was watching the crew talk from the shadows.
Shady Man: Heh heh heh... That guy's done most of the hard work for me. Now for the finishing blow, and this restaurant is history...
The shady man had snuck around the back of the Beach House, and was trying to start a fire with coals.
However, the coals were damp, and the fire wouldn't light properly.
Shady Man: Stupid stuff... it's not catching...
Elmott: Want a hand?
Shady Man: Oh! Thanks! That'd be a great... huh?
Elmott: I thought I sensed the presence of a fire here... So what's the deal, huh?
Shady Man: Wha? This is... er, it's so cold and all, I was just trying to warm myself up some, see?
Elmott: Heh heh heh... I see, I see. In that case, I should be able to assist ya a little, hm?
Becoming aware of the disturbance, (Captain) and the others rushed to Elmott's side.
Vyrn: What's going on here? Oh, you're that guy...
Shady Man: Ugh! Looks like I gotta fight my way out!
Elmott: Well, this guy seemed like he could use a little lesson on fire safety, so I thought I'd oblige.
Elmott: Heh heh heh... (Captain). I'm countin' on you to hold me back if things get too... heated.

Controlling the Blaze: Scene 3

The shady man confesses to all his sins, and is made to work in Sierokarte's Beach house under Elmott as part of his atonement. Presently, the bad rumors die down and the customers return. Elmott proves a surprisingly good supervisor, not just looking after his new charge, but also passing down the secret recipe for the Blazing Skewers. Or so they say...

Having captured the suspicious man, the party demanded information regarding the attempted arson attack.
The perpetrator admitted to all his bad deeds until now, which included hiring the man to complain of the restaurant's food.
A few days later...
Elmott: Hey, part-timer! Get over here, the Blazing Skewers order for table three is ready to go!
Part-timer: Grr... c-coming right away!
The shady man, or "part-timer", had been forced into working at the restaurant under Elmott's supervision.
Fortunately, the bad rumors had died down, and the Beach House was once again filled with customers seeking the Blazing Skewers.
Part-timer: Dang it... How did I end up in this stupid role?
Elmott: ...huh? Part-timer, you got somethin' important to say?
Part-timer: M-mister Chef? No, sir, nothing!
Elmott: Then quit yer yappin' and take these!
Lyria: Hee hee. Elmott looks like he's enjoying this.
Vyrn: He sure does! You know, he seemed a bit crazy at first, but he's a pretty attentive leader.
With the kitchen under his command, Head Chef Elmott wielded his power unreservedly.
Not only did he make a good leader, but rumors have it that he even taught the secrets of the Blazing Skewers to his new apprentice...