Scenario:Elta - The Kind-Hearted Minstrel

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The Kind-Hearted Minstrel

Our heroes met Elta the bard during a monster attack on a certain village. He was traveling the world to spread the joy of his songs to other people, but traveling alone was fairly rough for him. Hence, (Captain) and company invited him to join their order.

During their travels, (Captain) and company stopped at a certain island and met a bard named Elta.
Together with Elta, (Captain) and company decided to work together to save the village from a monster attack.
Villager: Thank you all so much for lending us your strength!
Villager: I know it’s not much in the way of thanks, but I’ve prepared a meal for you all. Please, help yourselves!
Lyria: Yay! Thank you! It all looks so delicious!
Elta: Agreed! You can’t really make elaborate dishes like these when you’re traveling, you know...
Lyria: Wow! I didn’t know you could cook, Elta! Give me some pointers sometime, okay?
Elta: Sure thing. I’m not super talented at it or anything, but... Hmm?
Vyrn: Hm? What’s the matter, Elta?
Child: ...
Elta: Hey, you there! What's wrong? You look kinda miserable... Oh! Are you hurt?
Child: No, that’s not it. It’s just... It’s not safe with all the monsters around, so I can’t go outside and play... and I’m so BORED.
Elta: Oh, I see... You wanna run around and play outside, huh...
Child: Isn’t there anything fun to do...?
Elta: Something fun, huh...? Oh, I know! Say, do you like to sing?
Child: Singing? Yeah!
Elta: What a relief! Well then, since we can’t play outside, let’s sing a song!
Elta: I’ll go first.
Elta: ...
Child: Wow...! You’re really good at singing, mister!
Elta: Hehehe! Thanks! Now this time you sing with me, okay?
Child: Okaaay!
Lyria: Waaait! Please wait! I want to sing, too!
Child: Whew... That was so much fun! Let’s all sing again sometime, okay, mister? You too, lady!
Elta: Sure! See you later! Whew... I’m so glad I could make him smile.
Lyria: Hehe! Well, it’s always nice to hear you sing, Elta!
Elta: Thanks, Lyria. You know... I can’t do much else besides sing and play my instrument, so compliments like that mean a lot to me.
Elta: The whole reason I became a bard was so that I could hopefully make others happy, even just a little.
Lyria: Wow...! That’s a wonderful thing to aspire to!
Elta: But things aren’t working out so well... I’m always running into monsters during my travels, and I’d need an airship to go to other islands...
Elta: Sigh... I just wish there was a way I could avoid being attacked by monsters...
Vyrn: I see... Traveling alone must be tough when you’ve got monsters to worry about.
Lyria: I know! Say, Elta. Would you be interested in joining our order?
Vyrn: Good idea! That way he’d be able to visit all kinds of places! What do you think, (Captain)?
Elta: What? But... I mean, I appreciate the offer and all, but I’d just get in your way...
  1. I want to hear you sing more
  2. I want to help fulfill your dream

Choose: I want to hear you sing more
Elta: Really?! You like my singing that much...?!
Elta: As a bard, nothing could make me happier! I’ll sing for you as many times as you want, (Captain)!
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Choose: I want to help fulfill your dream
Lyria: Exactly! If you want to make other people happy, then I want to help you, Elta!
Elta: You guys...! I don’t know what to say... Hahaha! I’m so happy to hear that...!
Vyrn: Haha! Aw, Elta, you look like you’re about to cry.
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Elta: Umm... Well, in that case... Please allow me to join your order!
Elta: I’m no good at fighting monsters, but... I’ll do anything you ask of me! I’ll help wherever I can!
Lyria: Welcome aboard! Hehe! Looks like things will be a lot more fun on the airship from now on!
Vyrn: Hey, Elta! Why don’t you celebrate this momentous occasion with a song?
Elta: Very well! I’ll sing with all my heart and soul.
Elta: ...
And so Elta decided to travel together with (Captain) and company.
Though inept at fighting, Elta was a kindhearted soul. He would go on to spread happiness to many different people in many different places.