Scenario:Eugen - In Search of Coconuts

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In Search of Coconuts

Intrigued by the sweet scent of Eugen's surfboard wax, the crew learns of its coconut origins. As Eugen explains the use of the wax to the group, he realizes that his supplies are low. To replenish his stocks, Eugen and (Captain)'s party head over to the grove of coconut trees.

It was morning at the Venera Beach resort, on the tropical Isle of Auguste.
(Captain) and crew smell a sweet scent drifting in from outside.
Pursuing the scent, the group comes across Eugen rubbing some sort of material on his surfboard.
Eugen: Hm? What is it, you lot?
Lyria: Um... There was this sweet scent, so we were curious as to where it came from...
Eugen: I see now. You were lured here by this, right?
Laughing, Eugen shows the party the bowl of material he is using.
Lyria: Wow! What a yummy smell!
Eugen: Easy now, it's not for eatin'!
Vyrn: Hmmm... Hey, Eugen. What's this stuff?
Eugen: It's called wax. By pastin' this on, see, it gives the board a bit of grip.
Eugen: With this, you won't be slippin' off your board as much when you ride the waves.
Vyrn: Oh, I get it. So why does this wax give off that kinda smell?
Eugen: Well, that's 'cause we use coconuts as the ingredients.
Eugen: I love the smell. Reminds me of the sea, somehow.
Lyria: I see...
Vyrn: Hm? What's the matter, Lyria?
Lyria: This smell... Made me really want to eat some coconut.
Eugen: Ha ha ha! Do you, now? I'll go pick one for you, then.
Eugen: Hold on, now. Looks like I'm runnin' low on wax.
As Eugen checks his dwindling supplies of wax, Sierokarte appears before the party.
Sierokarte: I took the liberty of listening in on your conversation just now.
Sierokarte: You know, the coconuts you get around here actually serve as a perfect ingredient for wax.
Sierokarte: The flesh and juice are also most delectable!
Vyrn: I gotcha! That works out great. Two birds with one stone, huh?
Sierokarte: I haven't finished quite yet. On top of that, the coconut palm trees can be made into surfboards!
Eugen: That's some neat info. Don't think I'll be needin' another board, though. Nowhere to put it for starters.
Eugen: Well, let's go pick 'em, in any case. For Lyria, and for the wax!
Lyria: Yippee! Thanks so much!
And thus, the party leaves the beach house in search of coconuts.

In Search of Coconuts: Scene 2

The party arrives at the grove of coconut palm trees, only to find a group of youths indiscriminately shooting down the coconuts. When the youths ignore Eugen's remonstrations, the old soldier becomes determined to teach them a lesson.

The party heads toward where the palm trees grow. When they arrive, they find a group of youngsters fooling around with a gun.
Rowdy Youth: Ha-ha! You watching? I'll get that one next!
The youth squeezes the gun's trigger and shoots down one of the palm tree's coconuts.
Rowdy Youth: Boom! That's how you do it, see? No problem!
The remains of dozens of coconuts are scattered around the area, all presumably shot down by the youths.
Lyria: Oh... That's awful. All those poor coconuts.
Eugen: That ain't all! They've gone 'n thrown trash all over the place!
Eugen: Hey, you boys! Can't you enjoy yerselves without makin' a mess of things?
Rowdy Youth: What? Shut it, old man! Who're you to come here shootin' your mouth off all of a sudden?
The youth squeezes the trigger again. This time the bullet hits the ground in front of the crew and a cloud of sand billows up.
As the sand particles dance in the air, Eugen readies his own weapon as an unsettling laugh escapes his lips.
Eugen: Heh heh. You've done it now, huh? You darn kids...
Eugen: We'll just have to give 'em a little scolding... Don'cha think, (Captain)?

In Search of Coconuts: Scene 3

After deftly disarming the youths, Eugen orders them to clean up the mess they made on the beach. In awe and terror of Eugen, the youths meekly accept. Looking on at the man who has reformed the young hoodlums, the party come to respect Eugen further.

Rowdy Youth: Argh! These guys are tough!
Rowdy Youth: Ugh! Don't give up! If we shoot enough, we'll hit 'em sooner or later!
Eugen and the party set the surfboard upright in the sand, using it as a shield to block the barrage of bullets.
Eugen: Who woulda thought that the strength of coconuts would come in handy like this...
Vyrn: Hey! Now's not the time to be muttering to yourself! The board's getting chipped away!
Eugen: Hold yer horses, now.
Eugen: I think it's about time I gave you another surfin' lesson.
Vyrn: Huh? Say what? At a time like this?
Eugen: Oh, you'll find they're pretty similar. Shooting n' surfing.
While continuing to dodge the bullets, Eugen calmly loads his own weapon.
Eugen: Hold still now. This is gonna need careful timin'.
At that moment, the youths' fire stops briefly. They had exhausted their current ammo.
Eugen: Find the right timin'! Set your stance n' ride the waves! Shootin' is just the same!
As the youths reload in a panic, Eugen aims his weapon and fires a single shot in one swift motion.
Rowdy Youth: Agh!
The bullet scores a direct hit on the youths' gun, knocking it onto the sand.
Rowdy Youth: Curses! Quick, pick it up! Aah!
Eugen: Tsk tsk... Wouldn’t do that if I were you...
Eugen: Well now, you've gone and got my board all riddled with holes here... I'd like to know how you plan on makin' it up, see?
Rowdy Youth: I'm sorry! Really! It's all our fault!
Rowdy Youth: I- I'm so sorry! You gotta forgive us! We'll do anything, you hear?
Eugen: Oh you will, will you? What do you think, (Captain)?
  1. Make 'em work for us!
  2. Let them off the hook.

Choose: Make 'em work for us!
Eugen: All righty! That's a good idea. If you want our forgiveness, you gotta do whatever I say from now on.
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Choose: Let them off the hook.
Rowdy Youth: Of course! Thank you so much, you kind-hearted soul!
Rowdy Youth: Whew. Well then, we'll just be on our way...
Eugen: Hold up a minute. Where do you think you're goin'?
Eugen: (Captain) may have forgiven you, but I'm another story!
Rowdy Youth: Eek... No! Please, have mercy!
Eugen: Well, let's see... If you want my forgiveness, you're gonna have to do what I say from now on, got it?
Continue 1
As punishment, Eugen tasks the youths with cleaning up the beach and gathering coconuts for the group.
Additionally, they have to gather materials from the palm trees to make Eugen a new board.
By the time Eugen releases the youths from their chores, the sun had already sunk low below the horizon.
Rowdy Youth: Huff... Pant... Well, that's everything. We'll be on our way?
Eugen: Not so fast!
Rowdy Youth: No! You can't mean... there's still something else we have to do?
Taking one of the leftover coconuts, Eugen deftly slices up the fruit and hands each youth a piece.
Rowdy Youth: Uh? Why are you...
Eugen: No need to be so suspicious. Just a token of gratitude.
Eugen: You all worked hard back there. Now don't go fallin' back to your bad ways, ya hear? Good job.
Rowdy Youth: !
Rowdy Youth: I... We're so, so grateful to you! We'll be careful in the future, I swear!
Vyrn: ...
Eugen: Hm? What's up with you?
Vyrn: Well... It's hard to say, but... there's something really cool about you, Eugen!
Lyria: Yes! He's really cool!
Eugen: Heh, enough already. You'll make me blush!
Eugen: Well, time to make tracks. It's dark already, so don't get separated, okay?
Eugen: I'll teach you some more about surfing tomorrow, so let's get some rest.
Laughing pleasantly along with Eugen, the party heads back.
Thinking back over the day's events, the party looks upon the reliable form of Eugen, filled with burgeoning respect.