Scenario:Ezecrain - The Writhing Shadows

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The Writhing Shadows

In a discussion with Constance about the war wrought in Ezecrain's village, she explains that many regions have been destroyed by war brought on by the Foe. Ezecrain decides to return home in order to investigate whether the Foe was involved in their civil war.

Days later after the events on Sharom Island are sorted...
Ezecrain, with a piece of the Crystal of Beginnings, sets out for Cephalomancy Castle.
Salria: ...
Ezecrain: Regret's not for you, Salria. I shattered the crystal.
Salria: But...
Constance: Ezecrain, welcome home.
Is that... a piece of the crystal?
Ezecrain: Yes.
Constance: I shouldn't say this, but it's... breathtakingly beautiful.
Ezecrain: Beautiful? If only this were a stone whose value lay solely in its aesthetics.
Constance: I-I misspoke... Forgive me...
Ezecrain: I've learned of two differing opinions about how the Crystal of Beginnings should be handled.
Ezecrain: That stone's worth so much more than it appears. That its true power has been kept sealed with only simple ritual is nothing short of a miracle.
Salria: No one is allowed to study about the Crystal of Beginnings...
Salria: But Uncle Baldir didn't listen...
Ezecrain: ...
How did two diverging opinions lead to war?
Ezecrain: For comrades to take arms against one another requires a terrifying catalyst.
Ezecrain: We're missing something... There's more to this story than we're aware.
Constance: A missing element...
Constance: This may not be relevant... But I know something.
Salria: Really?
Constance: Long ago the previous ruler of Cephalomancy Castle told me...
Constance: In these skies is an entity known as the Foe.
Ezecrain: The Foe?
Constance: They move in secret and incite war wherever they go.
Salria: War...
Ezecrain: It can't be...
Baldir: They have shown me my true purpose. Shown me my talents belong elsewhere.
Baldir: They will help me lead the next generation and use the Crystal of Beginnings in new ways. We'll bring prosperity to the village.
Ezecrain: This is no coincidence!
Constance: Yes, I agree.
Ezecrain: We need more evidence.
Ezecrain: Constance, I don't mean to impose, but would you be able to take Salria in for a few days?
Salria: Uncle Ezzy?
Constance: O-of course. That's not a problem, but what will you do in that time?
Ezecrain: I'll revisit the village. There may be something of use to track the Foe.
Salria: Then let me go too!
Ezecrain: You stay in Sharom. We can't be sure of the dangers that lie ahead.
Salria: But...
Salria: If you won't take me, then go with (Captain)'s crew.
Ezecrain: Why?
Salria: I don't want anything to happen to you, and going alone is risky.
Ezecrain: You've made your point. If (Captain) agrees, I'll take them.
Salria: Great! I'll go ask for you!
The crew readily agrees to accept Salria's request.
Together they set off for the village of amethysts.

The Writhing Shadows: Scene 2

The crew follows Ezecrain to his village upon Salria's request and investigates Baldir's residence. Ezecrain finds evidence that Baldir was receiving assistance from an outside source, and so he uses the amethysts to find their location. This leads the group deep into a forest.

Lyria: Is this... the village of amethysts?
Ezecrain: Yes. Brother fought brother and countless lives were lost. It was a sea of fire.
Ezecrain: And when the flames of war went out, all that was left was a land no one could return to.
Vyrn: I... don't know what to say.
Ezecrain: You have my thanks...
Vyrn: Huh?
Ezecrain: I can't imagine how upset Salria would be if she were here to see this.
Ezecrain: It's because of your company that I was able to leave Salria with Constance.
Lyria: Ezecrain... You don't need to thank us...
Ezecrain: It's time we investigated Baldir's residence. If the Foe left anything behind, it'll be there.
In the recesses of the small dwelling, the crew discovers research findings and a diary.
Ezecrain: These documents contain the writings of Baldir and of another.
Ezecrain: And the diary indicates there was someone aiding his actions.
Lyria: I wish there was a name or something we could use...
Ezecrain: Someone was regularly supplying them with a war chest and information. They may have taken refuge close by.
Ezecrain: Maybe I should divine their location...
Vyrn: What? You can do that? But the Crystal of Beginnings was shattered...
Ezecrain: According to this, the power of the crystals changes with size.
Ezecrain: I've only got a fragment on hand, but it's more than enough for divination.
Vyrn: Neat! Then let's get to it!
Ezecrain: Impatience is not a virtue.
Ezecrain: Amethysts... Guide me!
Lyria: Wow! The amethysts are pointing us that way.
Vyrn: Awesome! Time to get this party started!
Ezecrain: We move.
With that, the crew takes its first steps into a forest of deathly silence.

The Writhing Shadows: Scene 3

(Captain) and company come across a long-abandoned base containing a map that reveals locations the Foe has eliminated. Ezecrain leaves Salria and his pieces of the Crystal of Beginnings on Sharom Island to pursue the Foe.

Through divination, the crew locates the housing of instigators who incited civil war in the village of amethysts.
Unfortunately, furniture is all that remains in the discovered lodging.
Vyrn: Tch! We were too late...
Ezecrain: Much time has passed. Search the premises for anything of use...
Ezecrain: ...
Lyria: Okay... I'll check over here.
Lyria: Hey! There's a piece of paper over here.
Ezecrain: Show me.
Ezecrain: Is this some sort of map?
Vyrn: Umm... Someone's used red to mark spots on this.
The crew searches the rest of the house, but finds nothing else of interest.
With map in hand, the crew returns to Sharom.
While the crew rests, Ezecrain visits Constance to question her about the map.
Ezecrain: I've heard of this place before. They supposedly set off a war with a neighboring island.
Constance: A similar thing happened on this island too! If I remember, there were two large cities that fought and ultimately brought ruin to the surrounding areas...
Ezecrain: This...
Ezecrain: So this map... depicts the islands the Foe has brought to destruction.
Constance: This is terrible!
Constance: How could this happen!
Ezecrain: ...
Ezecrain: Constance.
Constance: Yes? What is it?
Ezecrain: I'd like to leave Salria and my fragment of the crystal in your care.
Constance: Why, of course. That is no burden on me...
Ezecrain: Much appreciated. Now I've got nothing left to regret.
Constance: Ezecrain... You can't mean...
Ezecrain: My vengeance isn't over yet. Not until I deal with this so-called Foe.
Ezecrain: Their conquests will bring war. And famine. And death. Just like they did with my village.
Constance: That's for certain...
Ezecrain: ...
Ezecrain: (I'll give them no chance to repent...)
Ezecrain: (Even if I have to chase them to the ends of the skies... To this I vow)
Ezecrain's obsession with the Foe starts to eat away at his humanity.
The hound within him grows rabid and thirsts for blood. Ezecrain's transformation from man to beast begins.