Scenario:Farrah - Creed of the Young Knight

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Creed of the Young Knight

In an island that the company descended upon to replenish supplies, they discover a band of imperial soldiers. In order to avoid the imperial soldiers, the company hurry back to the airship. However, monsters stand in their way.

During their journey, the company descends upon an island to replenish their supplies. Unfortunately the company comes across a band of imperial soldiers.
Trying to depart before being found by the imperial soldiers, the company hurries to the airship through the forest where monsters lurk.
Katalina: Be careful, Farrah. Don’t mess up defeating the target like the last time and turn your back to the enemy...
Farrah: Ugh... I-I know...! I won’t repeat the same mistake!
Rackam: Wow! As expected from a former lieutenant of the empire. You’re good at teaching others.
Katalina: D-Don’t tease me, Rackam. I’m nothing but a single swordswoman now.
Farrah: But you’re awesome! Everything you say is totally accurate!
Farrah: When I first met you, I felt good vibes! I just had to follow you...
Farrah: I want to train so I can be just like you!
Katalina: H-Hey, Farrah! Lower your voice...!
Lyria: ...! Wait! There’s something there!
Vyrn: Are you serious?! We came all the way out here... and there are imperial soldiers?!
Farrah: No, that’s not it. This is...
Monster: GRRRR...
Farrah: Hahah! This monster is no match for me! (Captain), let’s go!
Farrah: Just you watch! I’ll show off the fruits of my training!

Creed of the Young Knight: Scene 2

(Captain) and company managed to fend off the monsters. Their celebration, however, did not last long. When they quickly head to where they heard screams, it was an imperial soldier being attacked by monsters. Farrah stands up to the monster, knowing that she can’t ignore it.

Farrah: How about it?! Will you check out my skills?!
Katalina: What! ? Farrah, behind you!
Farrah: ! ! !
Monster: Grrrraahh?!
Katalina: Be careful. Do not let your guard down! This isn’t training, the enemy won’t wait until you’re ready. Learn from (Captain).
Farrah: Ugh...
Katalina: Hmm... You’re certainly better than before, but you lack focus...
Farrah: ...?
Katalina: Oh, geez... Are you listening, Farrah?
Farrah: I heard something. It was like a scream.
Farrah: Over there!
Katalina: W- Wait!
Monster: GRRRR...
Imperial Soldier: Ugh... S-Somebody help...!
Vyrn: Whoa! A-An imperial soldier! He’s being attacked by monsters?!
Farrah: We can’t leave him! Let’s go help!

Creed of the Young Knight: Scene 3

The imperial soldier cries out that he would rather die than be shown mercy by an enemy. Farrah lectured him on the sanctity of life. Those moving words were the same as those that Katalina had said to Farrah in the past.

Imperial Soldier: You...!
Farrah: Old man, are you hurt? Let me see that.
Vyrn: Ah! Hey, wait! If you get carelessly get too close...
Farrah: It’s fine. He’s not a bad person.
Rackam: What? You know him?
Farrah: Nope. But... I can tell. Leave it to me!
Farrah: Come on, old man. Let me see your wounds.
Imperial Soldier: You... I know your face. You’re the deserter...!
Imperial Soldier: Ugh... I can’t believe I was shown mercy by the enemy. If you have to capture me as prisoner, then just kill me!
Farrah: I won’t kill you. Hey, old man. Don’t just throw your life away.
Farrah: I had to learn this lesson myself. You have to think about why you’re putting your life on the line.
Farrah: Why do you fight? For the empire? Or... is there something more precious to you?
Imperial Soldier: ...!
Farrah: Go straight ahead and you can get out of the forest. Now, go.
Imperial Soldier: U-Uh... Thank you... I am in your debt.
Rackam: Heh. I thought you were just a kid, but that was pretty good back there.
Farrah: I’m not a kid! How rude! I’m just repeating what my superior said.
Farrah: Back when first became a soldier for the empire... I was fighting without any reason... That was when my superior said that to me.
Farrah: When I heard that, I knew that I had to follow her. That’s why I’m here now.
Farrah: Hehe... Those words are treasures I hold dear!
Vyrn: I get it! Pretty good, Katalina!
Katalina: Uh... Did I say that...?
Katalina: Ahem... You’ve grown a lot, Farrah. The way you fought earlier was perfect.
Katalina: All right! Now keep that up and continue your training. I’m counting on you.
Farrah: ...! Of course! You can definitely count on me!
Farrah: (Captain) and I have your back!
Katalina: Hahaha! You’re so dependable! You were as tiny as Vyrn back in the day...
Lyria: What?! Farrah, what did you eat to get so big?
Farrah: I wasn’t that tiny!
The swordswoman Farrah holds a strong will within her tiny frame. She wields her sword to protect those she trusts.
No matter where, no matter when, her will shall never stumble. Because she fights for her precious friends...