Scenario:Farrah - Follow the Leader

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Follow the Leader

Farrah was troubled by how she had been feeling dissatisfied recently. She would set her mind at ease she would help out the party, but Farrah noted that she herself did not know the reason for her concerns. The greatly perplexed Farrah would consult with Katalina. Farrah heard Katalina tell the story of her days when she was young. Farrah Valve that she would learn by observation to become a knight just like Katalina.

Farrah: Ugh...
Katalina: What’s with you, Farrah? You seem kind of listless today.
Vyrn: Hey! Hey! You okay?! Are you tired?
Farrah: I’m not tired... Somehow, I think that I...
Farrah: Somehow I feel that this has all been a waste...
Katalina: Nah, I don’t especially feel that way... I found some armor that fit well, and my actions improved markedly.
Katalina: Aren’t we? Farrah. What troubles you?
Farrah: It is difficult to put in words... Something is now different about me, somehow!
Farrah: What’s so different about you? Well, I think for sure that I am better with a sword.
Farrah: Recently I’ve felt that I can truly rely upon Miss Katalina and her friends... And I now feel self-confident!
Vyrn: Um... Is something...
Farrah: That’s right! That is a problem!
Farrah: Aah! I don’t understand! I somehow feel dissatisfied!
Katalina: Hm... Well you are certainly not having any problems with making slow progress in the development of your abilities...
Vyrn: Hm... So Farrah is dissatisfied about something... What do you think? Eh, (Captain)?
  1. She can topple any foe in one blow.
  2. Her strength can resist any attack

Choose: She can topple any foe in one blow.
Vyrn: Hey, what’s up? You learned a new skill recently?
Farrah: A new skill? Nope! But I surely will! I will refine a new skill!
Farrah: “Yes, Farrah. Daily repetition is important. ” That’s what Miss Katalina just now said!
Farrah: Come along with me! (Captain)! It’s time to learn by rote the true Unmatched Death Slash!
(Captain) was lead by the hand outside by Farrah. The intensive training would start would make her reach her acme...
Farrah: Gasp... Wheeze...
Katalina: Oh geez... Didn’t I always tell you to avoid overdoing it? Are you okay? Both of you.
Farrah: Ugh ugh ugh... I can’t be all worn out in a place like this!
Vyrn: How was it? Did you figure it out?
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Choose: Her strength can resist any attack
Farrah: That’s right! I’m still not strong enough! I’m going to get fired up and get running!
Farrah: Vyrn? You’re going with me!
Vyrn: Me?!
With Vyrn in tow, Farrah raced outside. Vyrn became worn out right quick. Farrah ran round and round the ship, dragging Vyrn along.
Farrah: Gasp... Wheeze...
Vyrn: Ugh... I’m exhausted...
Vyrn: How was it? Did you figure it out?
Continue 1
Farrah: Gasp... Wheeze... I still don’t get it...
Farrah: Miss Katalina! I want to hear your honest opinion! What do you think is still missing in me?
Katalina: Hm... If I had to say something, classroom learning rather than hands on experience...
Farrah: Please! Miss Katalina! I want to conquer book learning as well! It’s my weak point!
Katalina: ... fine then! Looks like I’ll be the teacher!
Farrah: Ack...
Farrah: Hahaha... Miss Katalina...
Vyrn: What the... hey! She fell asleep!
Katalina: Say what?! We just started the introduction...
Farrah: Ahhhh! See? It’s no use!
Farrah: What do you do at times like this, Miss Katalina?
Katalina: Um... Let’s see...
Farrah: This sort of anguish is unknown to you, isn’t it Miss Katalina?
Katalina: If you put it that way... Oh, I remember now. I went through a phase like this, too.
Farrah: For real?! Please tell me more, Miss Katalina!
Katalina: Well, I was about the same age you are now. I did not necessarily feel dissatisfied. However, I was definitely stricken with a kind of vague confusion.
Katalina: It might have been the case that I was unable to find significance in my daily training and classwork. This was the catalyst for something...
Katalina: Um... At this time a sword was first missed out upon me. My confusion seems to have cleared up when it became established that I would be living my life as a knight.
Farrah: Ah... The life of a knight! Wow!
Katalina: Ahem... It wasn’t such a big deal. It’s probably not information that you could actually use...
Farrah: Miss Katalina! That’s right! That is what I wanted!
Katalina: What? It was?
Farrah: “The life of a knight!” You heard me! I also want to become a knight... Just like Miss Katalina!
Farrah: That’s Miss Katalina, all right! Someone who is always moving forward!
Katalina: Hm... Maybe you lost sight of what it is you should be aspiring to be...
Farrah: I am no longer confused! For I am a knight! I will watch you and learn the ways of a knight!
Katalina: I see... If you really want to become a knight, then I will raise you as a full-blown knight.
Katalina: Haha, I have myriad things to teach you. Sword training, instruction on how to behave... And some classwork as well.
Farrah: Um... Classwork is my point...
Thus Farrah discovered a new path in which she would watch and learn how to be a knight.
Farrah had turned over a new leaf and was full of enthusiasm for her new pursuit.