Scenario:Feower - Clashing Blades

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Clashing Blades

Seofon nearly suffers a fatal wound before (Captain) comes in to save the day, entering the fight while Seofon and Tien fall back to support.

Feower: Raaarr!
Seofon: Uh-oh...
In the single moment that Seofon lets his guard down, Feower's merciless blade comes swinging down.
But (Captain) shows up and deflects Feower's attack just in time.
Seofon: Huh...
Seofon: Ah! Yeah! Good going, (Captain)!
Seofon: You are so totally my hero!
Feower: Graaagh!
Tien: What should we do, Seofon?
Seofon: (Captain), I need you to duke it out with him mano a mano!
Seofon: If you can get him to lower his guard for just a second, then we've got this!
Impressed by Seofon's composure in spite of the situation, (Captain) firmly nods.
Tien: I-I'll fight too!
Seofon: Sorry, Tien, but injured combatants would only worsen our odds.
Seofon: We'll just have to trust in (Captain).
Tien: Ngh... All right.
Seofon: Attagirl. If you've got the strength left in you though, try firing a few shots at Feower from as far away as you can to distract him.
Seofon: Leave the rest to (Captain) and me. Let's do this!
C'mon, (Captain)!
(Captain) responds to Seofon's call by running out to meet Feower in combat.
Feower: I shall be the strongest... Now diiieee!

Clashing Blades: Scene 2

(Captain) overpowers Feower, giving Seofon the chance to grab him while Tien shoots the Four-Sky Blade out of his hand. When he later awakes, Feower is in Stardust Town surrounded by all the children promising to become stronger to take some of the burden off of him. Feower learns what it means to depend on others.

Feower: Guaahh...
(Captain) comes out victorious.
Seofon: (Captain), you rock! I'll take it from here!
Seofon: Star Sword Sovereign... Freeform... Celestial Prison!
Sword shards begin to form around Feower's feet.
Feower: Guaaagh!
Seofon: Tsk... The Four-Sky Blade's still acting up.
Tien: Got you!
Feower: Yaargh!
Tien scores a clean hit, knocking the Four-Sky Blade out of Feower's hands.
Seofon: Booyah! Nice one, Tien!
Feower: ...
Tien: Feower! I'm coming to save you!
(Captain) and crew rush to Feower's aid.
Feower is transported to Stardust Town, where he continues to slumber.
Feower: Ngh...
Tien: Feower!
Seofon: Whew! What a relief to have Feower back safe and sound!
A look of relief washes over (Captain)'s face upon seeing Feower return to consciousness.
Feower: Sis... Seofon... (Captain)...
Feower: What am I...
Tien: The Four-Sky Blade took control of you.
Feower: The Four-Sky Blade...
Controlled me?
Feower: Ungh...
The children of Stardust Town gather around the crestfallen Feower.
Child 1: Feower! It's good to see you up and about again!
Feower: Sorry for making you all worry...
Feower: I can't believe I actually thought I could become the strongest... What a pathetic joke I am.
Child 2: Cheer up, Feower! It's okay if you're not the strongest!
Feower: But without strength how can I ever hope to protect Stardust Town?
Feower: Or anyone in it for that matter!
Child 1: It'll be okay, Feower!
Child 2: To make up for it, every one of us will try to become stronger!
Child 2: So please stop trying to carry the burden yourself!
Feower: You guys...
Tien: Haha... That's right, Feower.
Tien: I'm always here for you too.
Seofon: And you're probably tired of hearing it by now, but I'm always glad to lend an ear if you need anything, Feower.
All the while (Captain) simply grins at Feower.
Feower: Thank you, everyone...
Feower: I'll be more than glad to call on your help when I need it from now on.
Although Feower appears somewhat bashful in expressing his gratitude...
He vows with newfound resolve to continue protecting Stardust Town with his allies.