Scenario:Feower - Wandering Blades

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Wandering Blades

Unable to sit idly by while Feower massacres the mafia in a blind rage, Anre intercepts him. As Feower shows no intention of listening, Anre resorts to a display of force.

Mafioso: Eek! P-please... Spare me!
The mafia scrambles to escape as a fire overtakes the slums.
Feower: Haha... Hilarious, isn't it?
Feower: You're quick to take the lives of innocent children...
Feower: But you sure do cling tightly to your own...
Mafioso: Please! I promise not to get involved in this stuff anymore!
Mafioso: I'll leave the mafia for good! Please, please, won't you please let me go?
Feower: I suppose so...
Mafioso: Y-you'll let me go? T-thank you so much!
Feower: After you've apologized to all the children you've murdered... in person!
Feower: You rotten piece of crap!
Feower sports a huge grin as he brings down the Four-Sky Blade...
Only to be deflected by Anre of the Eternals at the last moment.
Anre: Greetings, Feower. Apologies, but I had to intrude.
Feower: Anre, is it? What's the meaning of this?
Anre: He no longer has the will to fight. There is no need to kill him.
Mafioso: Yiieei!
Feower: No need to kill him? You're too kind.
Feower: They all deserve to die.
Anre: Feower... I understand where you're coming from.
Anre: But as an Eternal, I can't just sit by as you slaughter everyone in a blind rage.
Feower: You're gonna stand in my way?
Anre: If you have something you must protect, lay down your arms and force the opposition to do the same.
Anre: I've always told you that is the optimal solution.
Feower: Enough!
Feower: Don't subject me to any of your philosophical hogwash.
Feower: I lay down my arms and they'll just slaughter us all.
Anre: I hate to do this...
Anre: But if you wish to continue this massacre—
Anre: Feower, I'm going to have to cool you down for a bit.
Feower: Geez, I'm trying to show some respect here, but you just keep on yapping...
Feower: I don't need to cool down because I'm always cool, you limp old coot with your dumb mustache!
Anre: Very well, I shall stop you by force!
Feower: Just try me!

Wandering Blades: Scene 2

Feower realizes he must defeat all the Eternals, not just Anre, to truly become known as the strongest and protect Stardust Town from all future threats. Anre simply prays that someone else along the line will stop Feower's mad rampage.

Anre: Huff... Huff... I can't believe you beat me...
Feower: Humph, now you see just how much good all that talking does.
Feower: To protect the children of Stardust Town...
Feower: To wipe out the depraved mafia once and for all...
Feower: I've taken up the Four-Sky Blade to take my place as the strongest!
Anre: Feower...
Feower: What is it now?
Anre: Isn't it a bit premature to call yourself the strongest without defeating the other Eternals?
Feower: Heh, what a surprise coming from you of all people...
Feower ruminates over the idea.
Feower: Fair enough. I was always curious as to which one of us Eternals was the strongest anyway.
Feower: I'll take on your challenge and subdue every last one of them.
Feower: Then I will truly be the strongest of all in the skies.
Anre: Hehe... That's more like it.
Feower: Goodbye.
Feower walks off without ever turning around.
Anre: The rest is up to you, everyone...
Anre: Stopping that boy is in your hands now...

Wandering Blades: Scene 3

Tweyen descends upon Feower in hopes of pacifying him. Verbal compromise proves impossible and a fight breaks out.

Feower: Rgh!
Suddenly a massive number of light rays rain down Feower's head.
He effortlessly dodges what turn out to be arrows of light.
Tweyen: As evasive as ever, Feower.
Feower: Arrows of light... Tweyen, huh.
Feower: Nice ambush you set up for me.
Tweyen: I'm sure you know that fighting among the Eternals is strictly forbidden.
Tweyen: Given what you're up to, you shouldn't be surprised by anything aimed at you.
Feower: Heh, so you noticed.
Tweyen: With these eyes I see everything.
Tweyen: I did try to avoid your vitals, you know.
Tweyen: Looks like I didn't even have to bother though.
Feower: Hehehe... What do you take me for, you dumb amateur!
Feower: Enough chitchat. Come at me with everything you've got!
Tweyen: Well, aren't you in a rush to be captured!
Tweyen: This time I will be aiming for vitals!

Wandering Blades: Scene 4

It's an easy victory for Feower as he evades every one of Tweyen's attacks. He seeks out his next target.

Feower: It's over.
Tweyen: Huff... Huff... No way...
Feower: I saw through every one of your attacks.
Tweyen: Tsk... I'm not through yet!
Feower: Sweet dreams, Tweyen.
Tweyen: Guh!
Tweyen: (I'm so sorry, everyone. It's up to you guys now...)
Feower: Well, who's next...

Wandering Blades: Scene 5

Feower visits the hamlet of Karm in search of Seox, proposing an all-out duel. Seox responds in kind.

Seox: Hm... That you, Feower?
Feower: Seox, I thought you might be here.
Feower has come to the home of the Karm Clan in search of Seox.
Seox: I'm surprised you made it past all those traps on the way here.
Seox: Then again... You are a fellow Eternal.
Feower: Those traps weren't even enough for a decent warm-up.
Feower: Pretty pathetic if you ask me. It's no wonder your clan fell apart.
Seox: Humph... Trying to provoke me, I see.
Seox: You're giving off some pretty murderous vibes, to boot. What is it you seek?
Feower: You know, I've always been interested in your assassination techniques.
Feower: Why don't we try to kill each other and see who comes on top?
Seox: Don't blame me when you're just a rotting corpse.
Feower: Hehe... Let's get this started!

Wandering Blades: Scene 6

Feower overcomes Seox and searches for his next opponent.

Seox: Ungh... Guah...
Feower: Victory is mine.
Seox: Damn you... When did you get so strong?
Feower: I must become the strongest.
Seox: You son of a...
Feower: Next up is her...

Wandering Blades: Scene 7

Feower finds his next adversary in Threo. Under the impression that Feower has come to steal her fresh meat, Threo readies her weapon.

Threo: Aaand... Wham!
Monster: Groaar...
Threo: All righty! It's chow time!
Threo: Hm? What's that scent?
Threo senses a presence and stops in her tracks.
Feower: Impressive, Threo. You sniffed me out even though I hid myself completely.
Threo: Did you want some of this meat too, Feower?
Feower: No, I'm not hungry...
Threo: Okay, well, a girl's gotta have her meat!
Feower: Will you have a duel with me before that?
Threo: Huh, but why? Can't you let me put something in my tummy first?
Feower jumps in between Threo and the defeated monster.
Feower: If you want your meat, you'll have to go through me.
Threo: What's up with you? I was looking forward to that juicy meat, you know.
Feower: Shut the hell up about your meat already, you dumb brute!
Feower: Fight me or I'll mince you first!
Threo: Oh, I get it now! You're gonna try to take my meat when I'm not paying attention, aren't you?
Threo: Grrr... No one takes my food away! You'd better be ready for a pounding, Feower!

Wandering Blades: Scene 8

Threo clamors for a rematch, but Feower simply knocks her unconscious and seeks out his next foe.

Threo: Ungh... How could I lose...
Feower: How about that! Not even the herculean brute of the Eternals can stop me!
Threo: Grr! I'll take you on again after I have my meat!
Feower: Hah, like I've got time for that.
Threo: There's no way I'd ever lose to you when I'm on a full stomach!
Feower: Shut up for once.
Threo: Ngh...
Feower strikes her unconscious.
Feower: One victory after another. And next is...

Wandering Blades: Scene 9

Fif shows up to punish Feower for repeatedly breaking a vow sworn among the Eternals. Feower exhibits a fearless grin as he draws his dagger.

Fif: Oh! There you are, Feower!
Feower: Fif... I was looking for you too.
Fif: I heard you're going up to all the Eternals and picking fights with them! Is it true?
Feower: It is.
Fif: Why would you do that, you big meanie! We're always told not to fight!
Fif: I'm going to punish you for v-violetting the rules!
Feower: Haha... That suits me just fine.
Fif: What's so funny? Grr, don't even try apologizing now! Blegh, you poopy-head!
Feower: And you better not turn into a crybaby when I'm done with you. Do your worst, Fif.
Fif: Let's see how you like my ultimate super-duper magical powers!

Wandering Blades: Scene 10

Feower pays no heed to the bawling Fif and rushes off to meet his next challenger.

Fif: Sniff... Sniff... Sob... I-I lost. Waaah...
Feower: Ugh, cut that out already! Do you know how annoying that is?
Fif: But, but justice is always supposed to win...
Feower: Humph... See you later, Fif.
Fif: Grr! I won't lose next time!

Wandering Blades: Scene 11

Eahta rouses from meditation to meet Feower in combat after a brief chat.

Feower: ...
Eahta: Humph... So you've come.
Feower: I figured you'd be meditating here.
Eahta: Rumor has it that you're going around taking out the Eternals one by one.
Feower: Good, you're all caught up. I only ask for a duel.
Eahta: Very well. But answer this question first...
Eahta: Why do you fight?
Feower: My goal is to beat the Eternals and be crowned the strongest... Nothing more, nothing less.
Eahta: The strongest, you say... Well, I suppose some lessons just have to be learned in the heat of battle.
Feower: Here I come!

Wandering Blades: Scene 12

Feower comes out victorious and feels the backlash in his body from overusing the Four-Sky Blade. Eahta cautions that it will eventually devour Feower's soul, but he brushes off the warning and walks off.

Feower: Huff... Huff... One step closer to being strongest.
Eahta: Humph... I acknowledge your strength.
Eahta: But tell me, why are you so intent on becoming the strongest?
Feower: Huff... I have no other... puff... choice.
Feower: To protect everyone in Stardust Town... Yaargh...
Eahta: That pain is the price you pay for pushing yourself so hard. Keep swinging the Four-Sky Blade and it may eventually take your soul.
Feower: Ugh... This is nothing!
Feower: I'm almost there... I'll be the strongest soon enough!

Wandering Blades: Scene 13

Next in Feower's Eternal world tour is Niyon. She hears the solitude in his twisted melody and reluctantly puts up a fight.

Feower: I've been looking for you, Niyon.
Niyon: I know. I heard your melody approaching.
Feower: I'm just glad you didn't try to run away.
Niyon: Your melody is so much noisier than usual.
Feower: I'm not surprised. I've come so close to beating all the Eternals and becoming strongest.
Feower: How could I not be excited?
Niyon: You're wrong.
Feower: How so?
Niyon: You're giving off depressingly solitary vibes—a far cry from the cadenza that is excitement.
Feower: Urgh, I'm sick of your musical babble. Stop pretending like you know it all.
Feower: Put a cork in it and fight me already!
Niyon: Nor do I wish to listen to your sour notes any longer.
Niyon: It's too bad. I'll just have to play you a descrescendo and give you a proper tuning.

Wandering Blades: Scene 14

Unable to read the intertwining melodies of Feower and the Four-Sky Blade, Niyon suffers a resounding defeat and senses impending calamity as the Four-Sky Blade gradually takes over him.

Niyon: How could this be... I can't read you anymore...
Feower: Huff... Huff... The title of strongest is almost mine...
Niyon: Urgh... This is bad... Your melody is merging with the Four-Sky Blade...
Niyon: I can't make out your melody anymore, Feower...
Feower: It won't be much longer now... Wait for me, Sis.
Niyon: (Is this the power of the Four-Sky Blade? I have to let the others know somehow...)

Wandering Blades: Scene 15

Feower is no longer himself when Tien comes forth. She challenges him in an attempt to restore his true self.

Tien: There you are, Feower!
Feower: Oh, Sis. What is it?
Tien: What is it, you ask?
Do you have any idea what you've done?
Feower: Everything'll be fine. You'll see, Sis.
Tien: Are you out of your mind? Going out of your way to make your friends bleed won't help anything.
Feower: Hm?
I mean...
Feower: I'll become the strongest... No one will challenge us ever again after I beat Seofon.
Tien: Feower, you're...
Feower: Stardust Town will finally be safe.
Tien: Oh no... Don't tell me the Four-Sky Blade's taken control of you!
Feower: What do you mean, Sis? I'm still me.
Tien: Hand over the Four-Sky Blade.
Feower: What's with that serious face all of a sudden?
Tien: If you won't hand it over, I'll just have to take it by force.
Feower: I won't let anyone get in my way, Sis. Not even you.
Tien: Wake up already! Feower!

Wandering Blades: Scene 16

In order to truly become the strongest, Feower brings down his blade mercilessly on his beloved sister, Tien.

Tien: Ngh!
Feower: Sis... What is it that you don't understand?
Tien: Feower...
Feower: Once I become the strongest, those mafia scum will never bother us again.
Feower: That's why I have to defeat all the Eternals!
A mysterious glow surrounds the Four-Sky Blade as Feower holds it up, his body quivering...
And then he strikes down at Tien.

Wandering Blades: Scene 17

Seofon shows up in the nick of time to save Tien, deflecting Feower's attack. He sends Tien away to call for (Captain)'s help while he alone attempts to keep Feower at bay.

Seofon: C'mon now, Feower. Can't we all just play nice?
Feower: ...!
Seofon suddenly comes in to deflect Feower's blade.
Tien: Seofon!
Seofon: Sorry I'm late to the party, Tien.
Seofon: But it's all okay now. Niyon's told me everything.
Feower: Seofon?
Seofon: Seriously though, Feower... What are you doing letting something like the Four-Sky Blade take control of you?
Seofon: Either man up or go home!
Feower: Mock me again and I'll frickin' kill you.
Seofon: (Tien, I'll take over here. I need you to go get (Captain).)
Tien: (B-but...)
Feower: You're not getting away!
Seofon: Whoa, slow down, bronco! I'm your playmate now!
Feower tries to advance on Tien, but Seofon knocks him back.
Tien: Seofon, let me help!
Seofon: I appreciate the gesture...
Seofon: But I doubt the two of us alone are enough to handle this.
Tien: I can't believe it...
Seofon: Especially with the other Eternals incapacitated, (Captain) is our only hope.
Seofon: I'm counting on you to do whatever it takes to get (Captain) here, Tien. And hurry.
Tien: Okay... Just hold out until then!
Seofon: You got it! I should still be standing by the time you get back!
Feower: Grrllrl... Die, die, die!
Feower tries once again to pursue Tien as she makes her escape.
Seofon: Nuh-uh!
Feower: Graaah!
Seofon draws his attention again.
Seofon: Feower, didn't you say you were gonna kill me?
Seofon: Well, now's your chance to try. I'm all yours!
Feower: Graaargh! Diiieee!

Wandering Blades: Scene 18

Even Seofon, the leader of the Eternals, cannot stand against Feower's onslaught of attacks.

Feower: Uuurrgghh...
Seofon: Ungh... Going at him alone might've been too much for me...
Seofon: (Just trying to stand my ground is no walk in the park. Seriously.)
Feower: Diiieee!
Seofon: (Ngh... Tien... (Captain)... I won't last much longer...)
Feower: Raaarr!
Seofon: Uh-oh...