Scenario:Ferry - Until We Meet Again

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Until We Meet Again

After rescuing Ferry from the primal beast Celeste, (Captain) and Lyria invited her to join the Order. However, Ferry refused, saying she wanted to wait for her sister’s return. That was when Lyria suggested that they all go find her sister together.

Ferry: Me? Join your Order...?
Lyria: You heard me! I’m sure it’ll be more fun together!
Under the bright sky, (Captain) and company were trying to bring Ferry into the Order.
Lyria: I mean, umm... It looks like there’s no one left on this island... and you won’t get lonely with us around!
Ferry: I see... Thank you for being so considerate of my feelings.
Lyria: That’s not it! Right, (Captain)?
  1. I want to travel with you, Ferry
  2. It’ll be lonely going alone

Choose: I want to travel with you, Ferry
Ferry: Hehe... When you put it that bluntly, it feels a little creepy.
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Choose: It’ll be lonely going alone
Ferry: Hehe... Trust me, I know that better than anyone here.
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Ferry: I appreciate the sentiment... But I’m staying on this island.
Lyria: But why...?
Vyrn: Now, now, Lyria... If Ferry says she wants to stay on the island, then she wants to stay on the island!
Ferry: I... I was waiting for my sister on this island. I know she’ll be back someday.
Lyria: B-But...! When is “someday...?"
Ferry: I dunno. Whenever, I guess... But thankfully, I won’t be getting any older.
Ferry: And my little sister WILL be back. I know she will. Even if it takes her whole life and then some...
Ferry: She’ll return to this island, where our family sleeps. This empty island is my... our... hometown.
Vyrn: Oh, I see... Yeah, you were telling us all about how worried you are for your sister, huh?
Ferry: Yeah. That’s why I won’t leave until she gets back...
Lyria: In that case... Let’s go find her!
Ferry: What?
Lyria: You heard me! If you’re worried, you should just go find her yourself!
Ferry: But... I have no way of knowing where she is! I doubt she’s on the sanatorium island anymore...
Lyria: Hehe! Then you just have to look for her. Let’s look for her together until we find her! We’ll help you!
Vyrn: Ooh, I see! That might not be such a bad idea!
Vyrn: Well... Not that we’re super good at finding people or anything. But it won’t be boring, that’s for sure!
Ferry: Oh, you two...
  1. I’m sure you’ll see her again
  2. We’ll find her for you

Choose: I’m sure you’ll see her again
Ferry: Good grief... You have no reason to believe that, you know...
Ferry: It’s strange... Now that you’ve said that, I feel like I really will see her again, (Captain).
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Choose: We’ll find her for you
Ferry: Oh yeah? I won’t forget you said that!
Ferry: Hehe... Those eyes of yours, (Captain)... They’re brimming with confidence. I think I’ll take a chance on you.
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Ferry: Thanks... Well then, it looks like I’ll be imposing on your ship, (Captain).
Lyria: Yay! Let’s head off as soon as possible!
Ferry: Oh... Wait... Hold on.
With that said, Ferry headed to the empty village and offered up a silent prayer.
Lyria: Ummm... What was that...?
Ferry: Nothing important... I just told them I’d be back later.
Ferry: This is my hometown, after all... My father and mother are sleeping here.
Lyria: Hehe... In that case, when you get back, you and your sister can say “We’re home!” together!
Ferry: Yeah... We’ll return to this island together.
Ferry: That’s the best funeral I can give them.
With a bright expression, Ferry left her hometown island together with (Captain) and company.
Vowing to her parents that she would return with her sister, Ferry confronted the long journey ahead.