Scenario:Fif - Encountering the Eternals II

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Encountering the Eternals II

Back at the Knickknack Shack, the crew once again encounters the Harvin girl who had shared her candy with Lyria and finds out that her name is Fif. The crew is surprised to hear that Fif is in fact a member of the Eternals, a legendary crew consisting of some of the strongest fighters in the world.

(Captain) and companions continue to prepare the Five-Soul Staff for its awakening.
The party stops by the Knickknack Shack to ask for Sierokarte's advice on what to do next.
Sierokarte: Looks like things are coming along swimmingly! You're getting closer and closer to awakening the staff!
Vyrn: I thought so! Might just be me, but the staff's been lookin' kinda shiny lately!
(Captain) and company gather around the staff as they talk. Just then, the girl they met on a previous visit enters the shop.
???: Siero! Is it here yet?
Lyria: Ah! It's you again! Thank you so much for the candy the other day!
???: Hmm? I gave you candy?
Lyria: You sure did! It was delicious!
???: Huh? Really? Hmm, I can't even remember what kind of candy it was! Wish I did!
Sierokarte: Ah, Fif. I guess you're here for that little something you asked for.
Fif: Yep! Gimme, gimme!
Sierokarte: Alrighty then, let me just get it from the back.
Fif: Ooh! Whatcha guys looking at? Lemme see, lemme see!
Jumping up and down, Fif finally manages to catch a glimpse of (Captain)'s Five-Soul Staff.
Fif: Woah! That's a cool staff! Hmm? Is that...
Fif: Ahh! Grampy told me about these! That's a revenant weapon!
Lyria: A river-tint weapon?
Fif: He said they were super amazing! But awakening them was really hard.
Vyrn: Got that right! We're busting our butts trying to awaken the staff right now!
Fif: Wow, sounds like hard work! Good luck!
Sierokarte: Here's your package, Fif! One deluxe butterfly net!
Fif: Yay! Thanks, Siero! Here's your money.
Lyria: A deluxe butterfly net? Fif, do you like bugs?
Fif: Yeah! I'm crazy about them right now! I can't wait to go to the Lumacie Archipelago to catch a rainbow butterfly!
Lyria: What? But there are monsters there! It's too dangerous to go on your own!
Fif: Don't worry, I'm awesome! See ya later!
Lyria: Wait! Fif! Ahh, there she goes...
Sierokarte: No need to fret! She'll be all right. Fif's one of the Eternals.
Vyrn: The Eternals? Who're they?
Sierokarte: A legendary crew of the strongest fighters in the world. Some people even call them the menace of the skies!
Sierokarte: Each one of them is a master of their chosen weapon.
Sierokarte: Fif is still really young, but she's an incredibly powerful mage... Wait. You've really never heard of the Eternals?
Vyrn: Strongest in the whole world? That tiny little kid?
Sierokarte: Yep. Never judge a book by its cover!
Fif, while the youngest member of the Eternals, is far more powerful than she looks.
What does this new encounter mean for (Captain) and the crew?