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Attention Demander

(Captain) and the crew have arrived at an island on which they had to make an emergency stop due to the bad condition of the Grandcypher. But, unfortunately their landing spot is on the side of a mountain, and the town where they can obtain repair materials is very very far away. Flesselles says it isn't a good idea to enter the mountains right now, but the crew decides to cut through the range as it is quicker. With Flesselles' help, the crew progresses through the mountains, but eventually the god of the mountain's anger explodes.

The Grandcypher is cruising pleasantly through the transparent blue above a sea of cloud, when…
…suddenly they are met by engine trouble, and have to make an emergency landing on a small nearby island.
Unluckily they seem to have landed half way up a mountain, and the nearest town is quite a distance away.
The crew discusses the situation and decides to walk to the nearby town to secure the necessary parts for repair.
Eugen: Right, now that's decided, let's get a move on. We'll get to the town fastest if we cut through the mountains.
Rackam: Yep, that route is sound. The faster we set off, the fast we can fix the ship and get out of here.
The crew is just about to enter the mountains when Flesselles chimes in…
Flesselles: That way is certainly the shortest route, but I wouldn't go in the mountains if I were you…
Lyria: Huh, why not?
Flesselles: This is the time when she comes, so it is better if girls don't go into the mountains. Especially not ones like you, Lyria…
Lyria: W-what do you mean girls like me?
Flesselles: Yes, well, if cute girls like you go into the mountains, she might get jealous…
Lyria: I… Don't understand… Who is this "she"?
Flesselles: The god of the mountains.
Vyrn: What! You said the mountain gods were you hunters before!
Flesselles: That was the mountain gods, this is the god of the mountains.
Katalina: Well, as inconclusive as that statement is, now is regrettably not the time to figure it out.
Katalina: Well, what I mean is… We really need to pass through these mountains, but for some reason Flesselles doesn't want us to.
Flesselles: I get it, leave it to me! I'll protect you instead, you have my word.
Flesselles, the crew's guide, quickly performs an unfamiliar ritual in front of the crew.
He chants incantations in an old language, and dances to ask forgiveness for entering the mountains, giving each person a cloth.
Vyrn: Hmm, what's this? It looks just like a hand towel…
Lyria: Ah, is this part of the protection ritual?
Flesselles: Not, exactly… But, I think it will definitely help all of you, Lyria.
Lyria: Hmmm, it will help us? OK, I think I understand… I'll keep it with me.
Exiting a thick and verdant forest, the crew cross a large steppe and push on forward.
After walking a veritable distance, Vyrn and Lyria sink to the floor.
Vyrn: (Puff puff) Hey, let's take a little break…
Lyria: (Pant pant) My throat is all dry…
Katalina: Lyria, I'm sorry to tell you this, but, seeing as we left in such a hurry, I forgot to fill our water bottles.
Vyrn: Ohhhh, Katariiiinaaaa. What do we do? There's no water here…
Katalina: I'm sorry, I really am, Vyrn.
An unhappy atmosphere starts to descend, when a boy's idyllic laugh drowns out their grumpy conversation in the blink of an eye.
Flesselles: Hehehe, it's all right… I'm glad the towel will come in useful.
Lyria: Huh, the towel? What do you mean?
Flesselles: Before you set off, I gave you all a towel. I had you all tie them around your legs, but I think I'll take them back for a while.
As he says this, Flesselles starts to collect up the towels.
Flesselles takes out a pan and squeezes the towels into it.
A large amount of water comes out of the towels and fills up the pan.
Lyria: Wow, it's full of water!
Flesselles: My father taught me about this… If you tie a cloth around yourself and walk through the bushes, morning dew is easily collected.
Vyrn: Not bad! Hey, hurry up and give it here so I can drink it!
Flesselles: No, you cant have it yet, Vyrn. This water isn't boiled. You'll have to wait a little longer.
Flesselles deftly lights a fire and puts the pan on top, he then takes some bamboo leaves out from his bag.
He quickly toasts both sides of the leaves on the fire and a pleasant fragrance rises from them. He then throws them in the pan.
Lyria: Oooooo, something smells nice… What is it?
Flesselles: My father's secret recipe bamboo tea.
Flesselles: If you put bamboo leaves in, even if the water is a little dirty, it wont make you sick.
Vyrn: Hmm, are you sure that it's OK? I have never seen such leaves where we grew up…
Katalina: No, he is not mistaken. Because bamboo leaves don't rot easily, they also help you recover from exhaustion.
Flesselles: Hehehe, looks like you know your grasses, Katalina.
Katalina: Heh, I leaned a lot in my old days in the imperial army.
Flesselles: Right, it's ready. Here you go…
As he says this, Flesselles pours the liquid into cups and passes them to the crew.
The moment the tea touches their lips, everybody unwinds and smiles bloom on their lips.
Katalina: This is…
Vyrn: Ahhhh! This. Is. Delicious!
Lyria: Ooooo, it's warm… and sweet… I've never tasted anything like it!
Lyria: Heehee, Flesselles, you must be a really cool guy to know how to do this sort of stuff.
Lyria: It's hopeless to be in the scary mountains all alone, but if we're with you, Flesselles, I think even I will be OK!
Flesselles: I'm sorry, Lyria. But, can you be silent.
Lyria: Wha?
Flesselles: She will be deeply jealous… If she sees her husband being friendly with somebody who is not his wife…
Lyria: Hold on a sec! You're married, Flesselles?
Flesselles: No, that's not it. But… Ah, hmmm. Well how do I explain…
Suddenly they sense something strange, and Flesselles' expression changes.
With the discernment of a hunter born and raised in the unfeeling mountains, Flesselles glared as if to penetrate the darkness.
Flesselles: …She has set a monster on us. Lyria, get back, you have seriously angered her…

Attention Demander: Scene 2

(Captain) and the crew are told about the goddess of the mountains by Flesselles. In the tribe Flesselles comes from, there is a tradition that once a man reaches adulthood, there is a ceremony where he is married to the goddess of the mountains. It is an important ritual where the mountain's blessings of safe hunting are bestowed upon them. Flesselles hastens to speak as to not anger the goddess any further. However, as Lyria and the crew have grown close to Flesselles, the goddess's anger explodes once more.

The crew drive away the monster, and Flesselles slowly explains about her true identity.
Flesselles: When we in the archer tribe become adults and become solitary hunters, we are all married to the god of the mountains.
Flesselles: My father told me that us hunters become her husbands, and receive her divine protection when hunting in the mountains.
Lyria: Heehee, I see… So you're married to a goddess, what a lovely fable.
So, Flesselles warns the crew, and as to not offend her any further, and they hurriedly press on with their journey.
Vyrn: (Puff puff) Hey, let's take a little break…
Lyria: (Pant pant) Oooo, my tummy's all rumbly.
Katalina: …Lyria, I'm sorry. Because we were in such a rush to leave, it seems I didn't pack any food…
Vyrn: Awe man, not again.. What are we supposed to do now?
Katalina: I'm sorry. I really am, Vyrn…
A heavy air starts to form between the crew, but before it can stick, Flesselles' laugh is heard once more.
Flesselles: Hehehe, it's all right. Look, Lyria, look at your feet.
Lyria: Errrm, my feet? Do you mean, perhaps those acorns?
Flesselles: Hehehe, don't eat all of them. Just have a few and leave the rest.
Flesselles: If you don't, the monsters and beasts that eat nuts and seeds wont have any food, and will attack the village.
As he is saying this, Flesselles again takes out his pan and puts it on the fire.
He pours in the remaining bamboo tea, takes some rock salt and dried meat from his pack, and slowly stews them.
When the soup tastes as it should, he takes it off the fire, he then scatters some raw acorns on top and passes it to the crew.
Flesselles: Everybody who lives in the mountains knows that the best thing to treat somebody to is a salty soup.
Flesselles: As it warms not only your body but also your heart…
Lyria: Oooo yeah I feel it. So warm in my chest, ahhh, I feel sooo relaxed.
Vyrn: Heehee, Katalina, I'm sorry for get all hangry before.
Katalina: Vyrn, I… Don't worry about it.
Lyria: This is soooo great, Flesselles! You know all sorts of stuff about the mountains. I'm in awe of your knowledge of the wild!
Flesselles: Lyria! No! You can't get close to me! I said before it's a bad idea!
Lyria: Huh?
Lyria: Eeeek, what was that!
Eugen: Argh, here we go again… You've gone and angered the goddess again.
Rackam: Ergh, what a pain… This could be bad…
While everybody else starts to flapping around in a panic, Katarina alone remains calm.
Katalina: Everybody calm down. Where even is this goddess you speak of? I don't see?
Monster: Glorrrrrrrp!
Katarina is cut off by a rustling coming from behind a thick thicket. A giant bumbles out and starts to approach the crew.
Flesselles' eyes change, he no longer resembles the childish boy from before. He calls out into the mountains in a pure voice.
Flesselles: Oh goddess, please forgive me, for I have risked my life. Let me show you proof of my undying devotion to you, my love.
Flesselles: Oh, my love, my wife. Oh goddess of the mountains. Hear my voice, as true as the flight of my arrow, and smite this evil beast.

Attention Demander: Scene 3

(Captain) and the crew repulse various monsters and exit the mountains safely. Flesselles hold the descending ceremony of respect dedicated to the goddess of the mountains. After, Flesselles gets the girls of the group stand and swear an oath to the goddess that they will not stand between her and her husband, in order to subdue her jealousy.

It was hard to believe that the calm and lustrous shine of the morning could follow the battle of the night before.
The crew finally exits the forest and returns to the mountain road. They hold Flesselles' descending ritual with solemn expressions.
The ceremony goes off without a hitch, and when finally the chanting comes to an end, Flesselles' looks back, smiling.
Flesselles: …And that's about it. I have one thing to ask you, however.
Lyria: Errrm, like a request?
Katalina: That's fine, if it is within my powers, I will try to accommodate anything you ask.
Flesselles: Oh, great! I had been thinking of what to do if you were to refuse…
Flesselles: Right, OK, can you guys come here a sec…
Flesselles whispers something to Lyria and Katalina.
Lyria's face remains blank, her nods giving nothing away… she stands in front of the mountain shrine…
Lyria: Errrm… Goddess, oh, goddess. Please do not worry, I do not intend to take your husband.
Katarina too, approaches the mountain shrine.
Katalina: Erm, so… Right… Oh goddess of the mountains, I… do not wish to take this gentleman away from you, and stuff…
Katalina: Argh, Flesselles… I'm not saying I don't believe you.. But, is this all this really necessary?
Flesselles: K-Katalina! No! You can't say that in the middle of your chant of appeasement!
Lyria: EEEEEK!
Rackam: Ahh, Katalina… You've gone and angered the goddess again!
After that, Katalina managed to take the oath seriously, a thing that (Captain) and the crew thought would never happen.
Perhaps they will be avoiding the mountain path on the way back however…