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Fantasy and Reality

Lowain, Elsam, and Tomoi continue fleshing out the story of Tomoi and Freesia's great escape. The pair wander the skies in search of a new home, but thanks to Lowain's storytelling, they end up crash-landing on an island, and the force of the impact causes Freesia to lose her memories.

Lowain and the bros pass the time chatting about one of Tomoi's daydreams as they await the crew's return.
In the daydream, Tomoi and Freesia have succeeded in fleeing from the empire.
This is the tale of what happens after they make their daring escape.
Having fled from the clutches of the empire, Tomoi and Freesia finally find themselves out of harm's way.
They wander the skies in search of a new place to call home. But luck doesn't seem to be on their side.
Tomoi: Dang! The rudder's busted!
Freesia: Have we no choice but to plummet to our deaths?
Tomoi: Grab hold, Freezie! I'm not gonna let you die!
Freesia: Understood! I leave my life in your hands, Tomoi!
Tomoi: Whoaaaaa!
Thanks to Tomoi's death-defying steering, the pair manages to make an emergency landing deep in the mountains of a certain island.
They are knocked out by the crash, but luckily the force of the impact is cushioned by trees, and they manage to avoid serious injury.
Tomoi: Ngh... Where are we?
Tomoi: Oh, right. The rudder quit workin' all of a sudden, and we had to crash-land in some mountains...
Tomoi: ...!
Oh yeah! Freezie!
Suddenly remembering that Freesia had been with him, he scans the area in a panic.
But Freesia is nowhere to be found.
Tomoi: Heeey! Freezie!
Tomoi calls out to her, but there's no response.
Tomoi: (I bet she's hurt somewhere. But she couldn't have gone far...)
Tomoi: (...! Don't tell me she was caught by imps!)
Shivering in horror at the thought, he tears through the forest in search of Freesia.
Tomoi: Huff... Puff...
Tomoi: Freezie! Where are you? Answer me!
Tomoi: Dammit! I don't see her anywhere! I bet it really was those imps—
Tomoi: ...!
Who's there!
Tomoi spins around upon hearing a rustle in the bushes behind him.
He cautiously creeps over and peeks behind the bushes to find Freesia slumped on the ground.
Freesia: Eek!
Tomoi: Freezie!
Tomoi: I'm so glad you're okay! I was crazy worried—
Freesia: Stay away from me!
Tomoi is confused by Freesia's sudden exclamation.
Tomoi: Huh? What? Why're you so freaked out? You turnin' macho in the head or somethin'?
Freesia: Who... are you?
Tomoi: Huh?
Lowain: Something like that.
Lowain: Chick loses her memories, and the dude knows her past but doesn't tell her.
Lowain: Instead he just stays by her side and watches over her. How's that? Juicy, huh?
Elsam: Freezie's lost her memories! I never woulda thought of that.
Elsam: But, like, does your personality change when you lose your memories? I mean, she was all freaked out and squealin' and stuff.
Lowain: Chill out about the deets, bro. Ain't it just the perfect setup?
Lowain: Bohoy!
Lowain: So whaddya think, Tommy? The opinion box is open, so cast your vote.
Tomoi: Freezie turnin' all sweet, huh?
Tomoi: Yeah... Yeah, I dig it.
Lowain & Elsam: Aw yeah! Wahey!
Thanks to Lowain's storytelling, Tomoi and Freesia have met with misfortune once again.
What effect will this turn of events have on their life together?

Fantasy and Reality: Scene 2

The daydream continues with Tomoi and Freesia starting a life together in an abandoned house in the mountains. Having lost her memories, Freesia treats Tomoi kindly, but he misses her usual spunk and vows to help her recover from her amnesia.

Tomoi and Freesia live a quiet life in an abandoned house in the mountains.
Despite having lost her memories, Freesia was won over by Tomoi's kindness and grew to trust him.
Freesia: Here, Tomoi. Say "Ah!"
Tomoi: Ah!
Munch, munch...
Freesia: H-how is it? I tried making a salad from some grass growing near the house.
Tomoi: Gulp. Hmm...

(It just tastes like a bunch of weeds...)

Freesia: Really? I'm so glad! There's plenty left, so eat up!
Tomoi: K-kay...
Freesia: Oh no! You're looking a bit pale, Tomoi.
Freesia: You must be tired from working in the mountains. Oh, I know! I'll give you a massage!
Tomoi: That's super sweet of you!
Freesia: Thump, thump. How's that? Does it feel all right?
Tomoi: Haha. Is there anything you can't do, Freezie? That's just the right amount of force!
Freesia: Hehe. I'm delighted to hear it.
Freesia: I just want you to know, I'm extremely happy right now.
Tomoi: Hey, what's that about all of a sudden?
Freesia: I'm grateful to you for being so kind to a perfect stranger like myself.
Freesia: I'd do anything for you. I want to make all your wildest dreams come true.
Freesia: So feel free to give me any order you like. I'll do whatever it takes to make you happy.
Tomoi: Freezie...
Their life together is picture-perfect.
But for some reason Tomoi feels dissatisfied.
Tomoi: ...
Tomoi: ...
Tomoi: Ugh... Aaaaahhh!
Tomoi: Aaahh!
Lowain: Whoa! What's wrong, Tommy?
Elsam: That totally freaked me out... I think my heart almost stopped.
Tomoi: This is all wrong! That's not my Freezie!
Tomoi: Listen, dudes! Freezie's whole appeal is the sweet, sugary center hidden within that hard candy shell!
Tomoi: Freezie without her spunk is like curry without roux! I want nothin' to do with it!
Lowain & Elsam: R-right...
Lowain: D-dude, is it just me or is Tommy givin' off some crazy vibes today?
Elsam: Somethin' set him off. Ain't no stoppin' him now.
Tomoi: Freezie... I'll help you get your memories back!
Having realized his mission, Tomoi makes his declaration to Lowain and Elsam.
His passionate feelings for Freesia spur on further wild delusions in his mind.

Fantasy and Reality: Scene 3

As the daydream carries on, Tomoi and Freesia begin training to help restore Freesia's memories. But one day an imperial soldier in love with Freesia comes along and kidnaps her. Tomoi tries to save her but is defeated. Just as the soldier is about to deliver the finishing blow, Freesia's memories return, and she stands to face the soldier.

Tomoi has resolved to restore Freesia's memories, no matter what it takes.
After three days and three nights of brainstorming, the two finally embark upon Tomoi's fearsome training regimen.
Tomoi: Meaner, Freezie! Be meaner!
Freesia: You fool! Imbecile!
Tomoi: Still not mean enough! Let it all out!
Freesia: Loser! Scumbag! Maggot!
Tomoi: No! Make your gaze colder! Look at me like I'm a piece of trash!
Freesia: L-like this?
Freesia: Humph. Useless scum! I'll have you die for me! Muahaha!
Tomoi: Hngh!
Tomoi: My heart skipped a beat... Yeah! Just like that! That was freakin' awesome!
Freesia: Did I really say things like that before? It's hard to believe...
Tomoi: So? Remember anything?
Freesia: I'm sorry. Not a thing.
Tomoi: Haha! No sweat! Time for the next round!
Tomoi's training program consists of Freesia hammering him with verbal and physical abuse.
Her assignments range from hurling insults at him to striking him with a whip.
Tomoi: Don't hold back, Freezie! Smack me with that whip like there's no tomorrow!
Freesia: All right! Here I go!
Freesia: Take that! And that!
Tomoi: Ngh!
Freesia: ...!
Are you all right, Tomoi? Did I hit you too hard?
Tomoi: Haha, I can tell you're from the empire. That didn't even tickle!
Tomoi: Bring it on!
And so the rigorous training continues day after day, from dusk till dawn.
But one day, misfortune creeps back into their lives.
Freesia: Okay, time for another day of training!
Tomoi?: ...
Freesia: Oh, welcome home, Tomoi! You're already finished picking wild vegetables?
Freesia: Oh my, you look absolutely dreadful. Shall we save the training until after we eat?
Tomoi?: ...
Freesia: ...?
Freesia: Ouch! Let go!
Freesia: You're not Tomoi!
Imperial Soldier: Tch... Shut up! I advise you to come along peacefully, or else!
The soldier draws his sword and presses the blade to Freesia's throat.
Freesia: ...!
Imperial Soldier: Humph. So you finally decided to stop struggling. That's more like it.
The soldier places Freesia in restraints and leads her away.
Shortly afterward, Tomoi returns home from scavenging for food.
Tomoi: Honey, I'm home! Dude, I hit the mother lode today, Freezie!
Tomoi: Freezie?
Hearing no response, he tilts his head to one side in confusion.
Tomoi: That's weird... She still asleep?
Tomoi: Huh?
While wandering around inside the house, Tomoi notices a footprint on the floor.
Tomoi: This footprint... It's gotta belong to an imp!
Tomoi: Dammit! I thought somethin' felt fishy!
Having instantly deciphered the situation, he flies out of the house following the trail of footprints.
A short while later, Tomoi catches up to the imperial soldier in the forest and grabs him from behind.
Tomoi: Huff... Puff...
Hold it right there!
Freesia: Tomoi!
Imperial Soldier: Tch! That was faster than I expected!
Tomoi: Hang on, Freezie! I'll save you!
Tomoi: Dude! Why are there imps around here anyway? You can't tell me this deserted island's under your control!
Imperial Soldier: Of course it is. But I'm not here on orders from the empire!
Tomoi: Huh? Then what gives!
Imperial Soldier: I'm the same as you! I'm in love with Freezie!
Tomoi & Freesia: Huh?
Imperial Soldier: I've been miserable since the day she left!
Imperial Soldier: I abandoned my duties to search far and wide for any clues to her whereabouts, and now, at long last, I've finally found her!
Imperial Soldier: However she is no longer the same Freezie she once was... And you are the one who caused this tragedy!
Imperial Soldier: I cannot allow her to stay with you! I will see to it that she returns to the empire safe and sound!
Tomoi: You've got a lot of nerve runnin' your mouth like that. I do feel responsible for what happened to Freezie, but...
Tomoi: That's no reason for me to hand her over. She ordered me to protect her for life!
Freesia: Tomoi...
Tomoi: So give her back!
Imperial Soldier: Humph. What exactly do you plan to do without a weapon?
Tomoi: Won't know until I try! Don't underestimate the empire's smartest officer!
Tomoi: Yaaahh!
Imperial Soldier: Hyah!
Tomoi: That was close...
Freesia: Tomoi!
Imperial Soldier: See? She deserves better than rubbish like you! Haha! Hahaha!
Tomoi: I couldn't protect her... There was nothing I could do...
Lowain: Huh? You lost? Isn't this supposed to be the part where you beat the bad guy and save the day?
Elsam: Bummer. I was expectin' some kinda epic moment where you bust out with an awesome power-up or somethin'.
Tomoi: But, like... I can't lie to Freezie, y'know?
Lowain: Dude, this whole thing is a lie.
Elsam: Baha! He went there! 'Bout time!
Tomoi: I mean, we're talkin' about imps here! They've had tons of trainin' and stuff.
Tomoi: I thought we were tryin' to keep this realistic!
The Trio: Yeah!
Lowain: So do we let Freezie take care of it?
Elsam: That's a disgrace to all dudes.
Lowain: Then is it time for us to make our epic entrance?
Elsam: Nah, that'd be a total bummer. The context's all outta whack.
Lowain: Then I guess it's all up to Freezie...
After much heated deliberation, the bros decide to let Freesia handle the situation.
Tomoi: Huff... Puff...
Imperial Soldier: Hurts, doesn't it? But don't worry. I'll put you out of your misery.
The soldier slowly raises his sword and aims it at Tomoi.
Freesia: Stop! Anything but that!
Freesia: ...!
Augh... Urgh...
Freesia's head suddenly erupts with pain as countless memories rush into her mind.
Freesia: Aah... Aaaaahhh!
Freesia: ...!
I remember! I'm...
Freesia: Hyah!
Imperial Soldier: What! She broke the chains!
Imperial Soldier: That's what I get for binding them loosely, so as not to harm that soft, fair skin of hers!
Freesia: You'll have to kill Tomoi over my dead body! Say your prayers!
Imperial Soldier: Tch! I don't want to fight you, but you leave me no choice!
Imperial Soldier: Hyaaah!

Fantasy and Reality: Scene 4

The daydream ends with the imperial soldier being defeated and Tomoi and Freesia continuing their flight together. Caught up in the epic tale, Tomoi decides to confess his feelings to Freesia in real life, but he is firmly shot down. Fortunately he has his bros there to console him.

Freesia: Hyaaah!
Imperial Soldier: Urgh!
Freesia defeats the soldier in a flash and rushes to Tomoi's side.
Freesia: Tomoi! Are you all right?
Tomoi: Freezie... You got your memories back... I'm so glad...
Freesia: Fool! Worry about yourself instead of me!
Tomoi: Haha. So harsh... But I wouldn't have you any other way...
Freesia: You need to be punished for making me defy your order not to do anything crazy! I won't have you dying on me before then!
Freesia: (He's losing too much blood... He needs treatment immediately! But I don't have any medicine!)
Suddenly Freesia sees medicine being thrust toward her.
Imperial Soldier: Use this. There's still time.
Freesia: But why would you help me?
Imperial Soldier: I can't bear to see you in pain. That man's important to you, right?
Imperial Soldier: If you stay here, someone else is eventually going to come after you. Take my ship and use it to escape.
Tomoi: You're just gonna let us get away? They'll have your head...
Imperial Soldier: Worry not. I dedicated myself to the empire because Freesia was there, but with her gone there's no reason for me to stay.
Imperial Soldier: I know I can trust you to protect her. Don't make me regret this, Commander!
Tomoi: Heh... I don't need you to tell me. I'll protect her for as long as I live!
Thanks to the imperial soldier's help, Tomoi and Freesia are finally able to leave the island.
They soar through the skies toward nowhere in particular, whispering sweet nothings into each other's ears.
Freesia: I was so worried about you, Tomoi. For a moment I thought you were really going to die.
Tomoi: And leave my Freezie behind? No way. Unless it was for your sake, of course.
Freesia: Fool. I'll have you know that's not funny.
Freesia: Hey, what do you say we fly someplace where we can be alone? We can make it our own little heaven on earth.
Tomoi: Bahaha! Sounds awesome! We'll make our own little clan!
Freesia: I love you, Tomoi. Promise me you'll stay by my side and protect me forever.
Tomoi: You got it!
Freesia: Tomoi...
Tomoi: Freezie...
Freesia: Tomoi...
Tomoi: Freezie...
Having overcome yet another obstacle standing in their way, Tomoi and Freesia renew their vows to love each other for all eternity.
The future that lies before them will surely be overflowing with love and happiness.
Granblue Fantasy
The End
Lowain: And they both lived happily ever after. Now call over Korry, won't you, bro?
Elsam: Dude, that ending was too sickeningly sweet. I think I gagged a little.
Tomoi: So how was that? Love conquers all!
Elsam: That imp was a real bro. Maybe we've been wrong about those guys all along.
Lowain: That makes Tommy double the bro for earning his approval.
Tomoi: Right? I'm a total bro!
The Trio: A total bro!
Tomoi: Dude, Freezie's got me totally head over heels. I think it's about time I go see her.
Lowain: Oooh! Is this what I think it is?
Elsam: You finally gonna tell her how you feel?
The Trio: Wahey!
Caught up in their epic tale, the bros head off to pay Freesia a visit in real life.
They arrive at the prison to find Freesia resting.
Freesia: ...
Tomoi: ...
Lowain: Duuude. Freezie's even more of a babe than I remembered.
Elsam: Totally. What a hottie.
Freesia: You three are members of the Grandcypher's crew?
Freesia: I see. I do feel like I've seen you before.
Freesia: Do you need something from me?
Lowain: Dude, she remembered us! Now's your big chance!
Elsam: You got this, Tommy!
Tomoi: Y-yeah!
Tomoi: Freezie, I—
Freesia: Freezie? Are you referring to me?
Freesia: I'm quite certain we've never met before.
Freesia: And even if we had, don't you think that form of address is rather impolite?
Tomoi: Uh... Er... Um...
Freesia: If you've nothing to say, I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to leave. I'm still recovering.
Tomoi: Oh. Sorry...
Tomoi falls silent and takes his leave along with Lowain and Elsam.
The bros decide to drink away their troubles following Tomoi's complete and utter rejection.
Tomoi: Sigh... This sucks.
Lowain: Cheer up, Tommy. Not even a love machine like me coulda captured that babe's heart.
Elsam: Baha! Since when are you a love machine?
Elsam: But, dude, I'm impressed. That took some real guts, man. Even if you were shot down.
Lowain: Love is a long road, Tommy. Hang in there, bro.
Tomoi: Dudes...
Lowain: I think we oughta honor Tomoi's bravery. Whaddya say we have a toast?
Elsam: Dude, I'm down with that! Keep 'em comin'!
Tomoi: All right! Let's party till the sun comes up! See if you can keep up, dudes!
Lowain & Elsam: Wahey!
After being faced with the harshness of reality, Tomoi finds a new sense of appreciation for his bros.
And so the trio return to their peaceful everyday lives.