Scenario:Galadar - The Galadar Crudes

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The Galadar Crudes

Galadar receives an urgent message from his disciples, and returns to his workshop. There, he finds that some weapons he made in his early days as a blacksmith have been stolen! The party chases the thieves into the mountains. Galadar finds out the location of their hideout, and strikes a fault line with his hammer, collapsing the underground tunnels. After digging the thieves out of the dirt, Galadar offers to take them on as his pupils. His generosity and fairness impresses the crew.

Galadar not in crew

(Captain)'s crew were at the Knickknack Shack, preparing to head out on their journey once more.
They got some new equipment, but when they were preparing to leave, a voice called out from behind them…
???: Hey, you over there! You with the lizard!
Vyrn: I'm not a lizard! Anyway, what do you want?
Galadar: Och, I'm Galadar. I was just wond'rin if you could show me that new axe ya just picked up there?
Galadar examined the axe carefully, taking in every minute detail. Then suddenly, he exclaimed:
Galadar: Sorry ta spring this on ya so suddenly laddy, but would ya be willin' to part with this 'ere axe?
(Captain) and the crew were shocked. Galadar went on to explain:
This axe was in fact one that Galadar had made. He was ashamed of the low quality of the weapon, and was looking to take it back.
Lyria: But, this axe… Do you really need to take it back?
Galadar: Aye… Don't worry yerself tho', I'll throw a new one together for ya!
Lyria: It's not that… It's just, I never thought that this axe was particularly low quality or anything…
Galadar: By my shield! I would never've thought it by the looks of ya, but ye're a blacksmith too?
Lyria was not a blacksmith, but she thought that the weapon wasn't bad, she could just appreciate the work that had gone into it.
Galadar thought that the idea of Lyria seeing this was hilarious, and in between bursts of laughter, continued talking:
Galadar: Bahahaha! I have one more request for ya then! Take me with ya on yer airship!
And so, Galadar, a skilled craftsman with a hearty laugh, joined the crew.
There were still many low quality weapons that the famous craftsman, Galadar, had made when he was young…
They were referred to as Galadar Crudes, and were ironically quite sought after by collectors.
Vyrn: Woah, what's that flying over this way?
Galadar: Whits that? A wee pigeon?
Lyria: Ooo, it's a clever pigeon! He's got a letter!
Galadar: Oho, a carrier pigeon? Could be urgent!
Galadar: Bearded hammers! This be mighty important!
Galadar: (Captain)! Sorry wee one, but there's somewhere I want'cha to take me…
Hey Lyria… What did the letter say?
Vyrn: Hey Lyria… What did the letter say?
Lyria picked up the letter which Galadar had dropped and scanned it quickly.
Lyria: Hmm, I wonder what's happened…
Vyrn: Woah, Galadar! This is an amazing workshop!
Galadar: Och aye? It's a wee bit pokey, but I like it that way! Easier to keep hidden, ya know?
Senior Apprentice: Boss! Welcome back!
Junior Apprentice: Welcome back!
Lyria: Whoa, you surprised me! Galadar, are these your apprentices?
Galadar: Gahahaha! Well, I've got more, but these are the ma two best! I only let ma most trusted apprentices in here ya know!
Galadar: Anyway, anyway. What did ya call me all the way here for, laddy?
Senior Apprentice: Well… It's… We'll show you…
The apprentices showed Galadar what appeared to be an iron door, completely wrecked by something.
Galadar saw the door, and turned pale…
Galadar: Primal's beard! They got into the vault?
Senior Apprentice: The thieves guild… They must've got a tip off. They took everything they could carry and some things they couldn't.
Vyrn: Hey, apprentice-man! What was in the vault?
Senior Apprentice: Huh? Isn't it obvious? The Galadar Crudes!
Vyrn: Whassat?
Senior Apprentice: You don't know about them? They're the low-quality weapons that Galadar made in the past!
Senior Apprentice: Well, they're one-of-a-kind weapons from a famous craftsman. They command a high price, and thieves are often after them.
Vyrn: Ohh… So that's why you've got secret workshops hidden in these remote places…
Senior Apprentice: But it's a good thing you got here so quickly, boss. The thieves are still hidin' somewhere on the island!
Senior Apprentice: Yeah, they said they were gonna go and get some money for the road by robbing the town!
Mine Foreman: Master Galadar! We've been waiting for ya! You're worth a hundred of these weaklings!
Galadar: Bahahaha! Child's play! The villagers always give us a fair deal, so it's only right that we should protect 'em!
Mine Foreman: Right! All the lads are here, let's go!
Galadar: Och, hold ye horses. We need a plan. Where's their headquarters hiding?
Mine Foreman: Hiding? Oh, the thieves guild's hideout! I heard it's on the mountain… About half way up.
Galadar: Hmm, interesting… Up where they mine the ore?
Mine Foreman: Yup! Just up the road from where we work!
Galadar: Bahahaha! Well then, we don't even need to have a proper fight with 'em then!
Mine Foreman: Huh? What do you mean, Master Galadar?
Galadar: I can do it ma self! No civilians get hurt, and the thieves guild gets absolutely obliterated! Bahahaha! Ahahaha!
Vyrn: Hey, Galadar, you alright? You'll catch some flies if you keep laughing with your mouth that wide!
Galadar continued guffawing, already assured of victory. The crew stared on in amazement.
Galadar: Hmm… Och aye, that'll do nicely.
Vyrn: Hey, what're you doing down there on the floor?
Galadar was on his hands and knees, straining to hear something.
Galadar: Gahahaha! I heard somethin' good! Yeah… Should be around here.
As he said that, he pulled out his pride and joy, a colossal warhammer, and raised it to strike!
Vyrn: Hey hey hey, what are you doing, Galadar!
Galadar: Hrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!
Lyria: Oohhh… Everything's shaky…
Galadar: Oops, sorry there wee lassie! Didn't mean to scare ye. Y'alright?
Vyrn: What were you doing! Swinging your hammer like that… Don't you have enemies to hit?
Galadar: Shhh, be quiet, ya daft lizard… It should've reached 'em by now.
Vyrn: I told you! I'm not a liz? Huh? What's gonna reach who?
Lyria: I can hear something… Like a cracking sound!
Lyria: Woah!
A large fissure appeared in the ground. It ran straight up the mountain, and a cloud of dust sprayed out.
Vyrn: Hey! Isn't that the place where they said the thieves guild's hideout was?
Mine Foreman: Master, did you just whack the precise spot on the ground where a fault line lays?
Katalina: Impossible… It takes scientists years to work out where those are.
Galadar: I dunnea know about this "science", I just knew. Color, smell, sound, moisture of the mountain. That's what told me.
Vyrn: Really? That's super impressive, Galadar!
Vyrn: Hey, where are you going?
Galadar: Just have one more thing to do… Gotta dig up some ore!
Lyria: Ore? You're collecting blacksmithing materials now?
Galadar: Bahahaha! I told you, didn't I? There's not gonna be any casualties!
Lyria: Huh?
Galadar and his apprentices began to dig. Bruised and battered thieves began to emerge, scrambling, from the dirt.
Thief: Ugh… Why… Why did you save us? You're only going to hand us over to the army anyway! Curse you!
Senior Apprentice: Hahaha! Boss, looks like we've harvested all the dirt from around these parts!
Galadar: Bahahaha! They're still bonnier than you miners! I know just what to do next!
Galadar not in crew

Galadar: Hey, wee (Captain), are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?
  1. Yup, great idea!
  2. I have no idea.

Choose: Yup, great idea!
Galadar: Bahahaha! You know me so well, (Captain)!
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: I have no idea.
Galadar: Bahahaha! C'mon, it should be obvious!
Galadar is a crew member

Galadar: Hey, (Captain), are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?
  1. Yup, great idea!
  2. I have no idea.

Choose: Yup, great idea!
Galadar: Bahahaha! You know me so well, (Captain)!
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Choose: I have no idea.
Galadar: Bahahaha! C'mon, it should be obvious!
Continue 1
Galadar: A craftsman's spirit needs to be polished, like an impure piece of iron. These thieves are no different!
Galadar: Even the worst bit of scrap iron can make a decent sword, ya just need to put in the graft to polish it up good an' proper! Right?
The thieves looked on in admiration, finally understanding what Galadar meant.
They all gave up their old ways, and became apprentices in the workshop, honing a new craft: blacksmithing instead of thieving.