Scenario:Galadar and Deliford - Way of the Craftsman

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Way of the Craftsman

Deliford receives a letter from his wife asking for money. However, every place he goes to find temporary work turns him down because of his age. Eventually, Galadar employs him as his blacksmithing assistant, with the ulterior motive of teaching him that increasing age does not mean decreasing capability.

One day Deliford receives a letter during his travels with (Captain) and the crew.
Seeing that it's from his wife, he hurriedly opens it and begins reading.
Letter: Your father's fallen down some stairs and hurt himself. He's in pain, but his life's not in danger.
Letter: However, he's staying in the hospital for now. I'm writing to see if you can send home some money to help out.
Deliford: Hmm... I have to do something...
Deliford sets out to find a temporary job that would allow him to send some extra rupies home.
However, his search gets off to a rocky start.
Deliford: Grr! Why... Why do all of these places discriminate based on age!
Deliford: Tch... They value youth. But is experience not at least equally precious!
Deliford continues futilely skimming through a variety of help wanted ads, but they all have an age limitation.
In a fit of frustration, the knight tosses his fists into the air and decides to head to the tavern to clear his thoughts.
Deliford: Sigh... What should I do...
I get it—these are hard economic times.
Deliford: Tch... But are there really no generous employers who would take a chance on a man from my generation?
Fist firmly clenched around his glass, Deliford grumbles to himself about the state of the world.
Spotting the dejected man from across the room, Galadar walks over and plops down on a neighboring stool.
Galadar: Gahaha! You've been sulking over here like a sad wee pup for hours now!
Deliford: Ah... Well if it isn't old Galadar...
Galadar: Come now, tell me. What's the matter? You've got such a sour look on your face.
Galadar: Mmm? Drinking's not gonna fix your problems. You've got to be in a good place before you take up the pint.
Deliford: Of course. I know that I shouldn't be here... But...
Galadar: Hmm... Not sure I'll be able to solve your problems, but if you want to talk about 'em, I'm all ears.
Deliford: In truth, Galadar, I...
Deliford explains his situation to Galadar and asks him for his advice.
Galadar throws his head back, his beard majestically swinging in the air, and lets out a boisterous laugh.
Galadar: Gahaha! You're worried about a tiny thing like that?
Deliford: What! Galadar, this is a serious matter to me! You shouldn't laugh!
Galadar: Aye, but it's not as serious as you think. Age limit, schmage limit. You should just go to one of these places and show them what you got.
Galadar: Heh-heh. Especially if it's mercenary work. Show 'em how strong you are, and they won't care that you're not some spring chicken!
Deliford: That's the problem. I'm an old rooster now. Not sure I have the strength of a younger man...
Galadar, seeing how dejected Deliford has become, furrows his eyebrows and begins to conjure up a plan.
Galadar: I've got it. Why don't you come work for me?
Deliford: ...!
Galadar: Gahaha! You don't have to look so surprised.
Galadar: Heh-heh. I've got a lot of weapon repair orders, but don't have the help I need to fulfill 'em all. That's where you'll come in.
Deliford: I don't know what to say... Thank you. Truly, from the bottom of my heart.
The following day Galadar and Deliford borrow the facilities of a local blacksmith.
Galadar lights a massive furnace, heats a steel ingot, and pounds it with his giant hammer.
Galadar: Hah! Hah! Gahahaha!
Deliford witnesses the master work, seeing not only the practiced strength of his arms, but the raw stamina and power inherent in his movements.
Deliford: Hmm. Galadar is certainly an artisan worthy of the name. What immense strength...
Deliford: (But only Galadar could do something like this. I could never hope to imitate him.)
Defeated by self-doubt, Deliford lets out a sigh.
Galadar: What's the matter? We haven't even started yet and you already look done.
Galadar: Here, you try swingin' the hammer for a bit.
Deliford: But... That hammer is colossal. I couldn't possibly wield it.
Galadar: Gahaha! Not to worry. You'll be using that little hammer over there.
Galadar points to a smaller hammer leaning against the wall. Deliford walks over and picks it up.
Deliford: (Hmm... I shouldn't have a problem with this weight. But I must seem pathetic...)
Deliford: (I shouldn't think things like that right now. I've been hired to do a job. So I have to do that job as well as I can!)
With Galadar guiding his actions, Deliford begins his tasks in earnest.
A few days pass.
Deliford is captivated by the sight of the repaired weapons, each tempered to the point of looking brand new.
Deliford: I can't believe it... All of these weapons were so shoddy before. This is definitely your work, Galadar!
Galadar: Gahaha! If you hadn't have been here to help, things wouldn't have gone this smoothly.
Galadar: Here, you've earned this.
Galadar hands Deliford his payment.
Feeling the weight of the rupies in his hand, Deliford bows deeply.
Deliford: I'm indebted to you... With this much, my family should be taken care of.
Galadar: Gahaha! Indebted? Not at all! You really helped me out!
Deliford: But all I did was watch you work and attempt to replicate your actions.
Deliford: I could never swing that massive hammer like you do.
Galadar: Gahaha! What are you talking about? The hammer you used was plenty heavy!
Deliford: The hammer I was using was heavy? Really?
Galadar: Gahaha! Guess you didn't notice after all.
Galadar picks up a smaller hammer from his tool box and hands it to Deliford.
Galadar: Here. This is the first hammer I ever used.
Deliford: Well, I suppose the hammer I was using wasn't as light as this one...
Galadar lines up a variety of hammers on his workbench with a cheeky grin.
Deliford: Incredible... You have so many of the same hammer...
Galadar: Heh-heh. Just try to lift them one by one.
Deliford steps up to the tools and begins picking them up individually.
He is surprised to find that a huge range of weights despite the similar appearance across the hammers.
Deliford: Wha... What is this!
Galadar: Notice that the last one is about ten times heavier than the spear you normally wield?
Deliford: It couldn't be!
Deliford rushes to the entrance of the workshop where he laid his spear. He reaches for it and is stunned to see that Galadar is correct.
Deliford: I can hardly believe it... Why does my spear feel this light?
Galadar: Gahaha! I was replacing your hammer with a heavier one whenever I had the chance.
Galadar: Heh-heh. I thought you'd figure it out, but you were so hard at work, you never picked up on my little scheme.
Deliford: So you were training me this whole time?
Deliford: It's unbelievable...
Galadar: Gahaha!
Galadar smiles broadly at Deliford before turning to leave the workshop.
As he walks away, Deliford bows deeply to the man in an act of deep respect and appreciation.
Deliford: Impressive... I was able to get this strong without realizing it thanks to Galadar.
Deliford: I can no longer use my age as an excuse—no way, no how am I losing to people half my age!
Deliford: Gaaargh! I've changed my attitude, so now it's time to change my life!
Deliford: Gaaaa—argh? I-I threw out my back...
Deliford now understands the importance of an adult being confident in his or her actions.
However, whatever he has learned from Galadar, it remains to be seen if he'll be able to translate that same confidence into action when push comes to shove.