Scenario:Garma - Twilight Battle

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Twilight Battle

During the night, bandits boarded the Grandcypher. However, Garma, the leader of the bandits, was not prepared for just how strong (Captain) and the company were, and ran off without stealing anything. Lyria stated that Garma did not look like such a bad guy. A few days later, she rescued Garma, who had been captured by skyfarers, and called upon him to join her order. Garma knew of no way of life other than that of a bandit. He said that since they had rescued him they could use him as they liked, and thus joined the party in its journey.

During the night. The Grandcypher advanced amid a quiet wind.
Vyrn: Ahh!? Wh-what the?! What the heck is going here?!
Scoundrel 1: Hahaha... Only little brats are awake? That works out great for us...
Lyria: Th-this is really bad! There’s a bunch of strangers on the ship!
Lyria: Ack!
Scoundrel 2: Hey hey... I don’t want to hurt you, so don’t resist.
Vyrn: Lyria?!
???: Don’t move... You too. You’re coming with us.
At their wit’s end with sudden onslaughts, (Captain) and company gathered on the main deck of the Grandcypher.
Vyrn: Dammit! Those creeps came up alongside our airship and came aboard.
Vyrn: Hey, dummies! What are you after?! Are you creeps the Empire’s stooges?
Scoundrel 1: Man that’s one mouthy lizard... We better not lose our cool...
???: Hey, knock it off. Anyway we’re on top of the skies. There will be no problem even if someone raises a fuss.
Garma: Ah, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Garma. You’ve probably figured this out already, but I am a bandit.
Garma: I am here to take all valuables on this ship. Do not resist.
Garma: If you make this easy, your lives will be spared. Now, I am going to help myself to your possessions.
Vyrn: What?! Just talking trash like that!
Garma: We are not selfish bandits. So behave yourself.
Lyria: Erm... excuse me!
Garma: Mmm? What is it, girl?
Lyria: Um... W-why do you do things like this?
Garma: What are you getting at?
Garma: This is how I make a living.
Lyria: B-but! But surely there is some other line of work you could...
Garma: Another... Another line of work? Sorry to say, but this is my calling.
Garma: I don’t know of any other way to live.
Garma: My family abandoned me. As far back as I can remember, I’ve been working as a bandit. What else could I possibly do after all this time?
Lyria: That’s terrible...
Garma: There is no need to pity me. I am dead set in this way of living, and I have readied myself for banditry as necessary.
Garma: It’s neither interesting nor fun... But it beats death.
Lyria: ...
Garma: Well, I have already said too much.
Garma: Again, behave yourselves. Do as I say and I won’t kill you.
  1. No way
  2. You gotta be kidding me

Choose: No way
Garma: You don’t seem to understand the gravity of your situation.
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Choose: You gotta be kidding me
Garma: Do I look like I am playing games here? Does this gun look fake to you? Shall I prove that it’s real?
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Vyrn: Hey, (Captain)...
Garma: So you’re not going to give an inch... Maybe I should shoot you now? Or maybe cut off your head?
Lyria: ...
Garma: ...
Garma: Hmph... Everyone, withdraw!
Scoundrel 1: Wha?! What are you saying, boss?! We don’t have any booty yet...
Garma: It’s fine. We’re going.
Garma: I doubt if these little punks have anything significant on board.
Garma: They don’t seem inclined to turn over anything without a fight... Dealing with their resistance would be too much of a bother.
Garma: You kids narrowly escaped death. However, from now on think carefully about when you should put your lives on the line.
Leaving on that note and nothing more, Garma and his bandit allies left the Grandcypher.
Vyrn: Ugh... What the hell was their deal?
Lyria: ...
A few days later, the party visited a town to go shopping.
Vyrn: Hm? What's happening? The crowd in the avenue seems more boisterous than usual...
Skyfarer: You...! Just keep moving! Bandit scum!
Garma: ...
Lyria: Hey... That guy...
Townsperson: Huh? You know him? He’s a brigand who ravaged this town...
Townsperson: It looks like only their boss was arrested.
Vyrn: I see... Looks like the time of reckoning has finally come for that rascal!
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: H- Hey! Where are you going, Lyria?
Skyfarer: Agh... Getting violent are we, you little...
Garma: ...
Skyfarer: Though sacrificing himself so his friends can escape is unusual for a bandit...
Lyria: Erm... excuse me!
Skyfarer: Hmm? What’s up, girlie?
Lyria: Um... That man is our friend! So please release him to us!
Skyfarer: Wha?!
Garma: What are you saying?
Skyfarer: So this bandit has even more friends?! This chick is a bandit too?!
Vyrn: Are you serious?! Lyria, what were you thinking?! We need to get our stories straight first if we are going to do something like this!
Vyrn: Hold up! You got it all wrong! This guy was our friend who had merely been captured by the bandits!
Lyria: He's right! Right? Mister Garma.
Garma: ...
Skyfarer: Hm... Uh, yeah? I guess.
Finally, after getting their stories straight, they succeeded in rescuing Garma.
Vyrn: Phew! I was wondering what was going to happen!
Garma: Why...
Vyrn: Oh... That’s right, Lyria! Why did you, all of a sudden...
Lyria: But didn’t Mister Garma let us go that night?
Garma: What are you getting at? We tried to raid your ship!
Lyria: Well, I don't think that Mister Garma is such a bad person.
Lyria: I think Mister Garma could live a life outside of banditry.
Garma: ...
Vyrn: Hey hey... You’re doing something so dangerous for a reason like that?!
Garma: Sigh...
Garma: Well if you put it like that, along with the fact that I narrowly escaped death, I guess there’s no way I can go back to being a bandit...
Lyria: In that case... Why don’t you become a skyfarer and join us? (Captain) would also be thrilled to have you!
  1. It would be fun.
  2. You seem cut out for it.

Choose: It would be fun.
Garma: Hm... Maybe I’ve knowing this all along...
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Choose: You seem cut out for it.
Garma: Hmph... I wonder. Ever since the day I was born, I’ve never done anything except be a bandit.
Continue 2
Garma: However, you did save my life. So do whatever you like.
Lyria: Hehe! That settles it!
Vyrn: Good grief... Our wacky fellowship is expanding once again!
Garma: Hm... Don’t regret bringing me into your order.
Lyria: Don't worry! Right? (Captain)?
Thus the former bandit Garma was welcomed into the party, which continued on its journey.
Would having brought Garma on board prove to be a good or bad thing? No one knew... yet.