Scenario:Garma - Twilight Battle

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Twilight Battle

One night, bandits board the Grandcypher. But their leader, Garma, decides to withdraw upon facing (Captain)'s defiant resolve. A few days later (Captain) and the crew run into him again, this time with an opportunity to repay his mercy.

One night, the Grandcypher sails through the sky on a gentle breeze.
Vyrn: Wha? The heck was that! Did we just hit something?
Scoundrel 1: Hehehe. Only little brats awake right now? That's some good timing.
Lyria: O-oh my gosh! There are a lot of strangers boarding the ship!
Lyria: Ack!
Scoundrel 2: Hey, hey. Just relax. We wouldn't want anyone getting hurt, right?
Vyrn: Lyria!
???: Nobody move a muscle. Now come this way.
Caught off guard by the sudden attack, (Captain) and company are gathered onto the main deck of the Grandcypher.
Vyrn: Darn it! These guys musta snuck along the side of our ship and hopped on.
Vyrn: Hey, dummies! What're you after? Are you empire lackeys?
Scoundrel 1: You're a mouthy little lizard, aren't you? Shut up unless you want me to shut you up.
???: Leave him alone. No one's going to hear anyone in the middle of the skies anyway.
Garma: I'm Garma by the way. You've probably figured this out already, but I'm a bandit.
Garma: I'm naturally here to take all the valuables on the ship, so don't try to stop me.
Garma: Make this easy and you'll get out of this fine. You won't be keeping your possessions though.
Vyrn: What! Just who do you think you are!
Garma: We're bandits, just like I said. Now behave yourself.
Lyria: E-excuse me!
Garma: Hm? What is it, girl?
Lyria: Um... Wh-why are you doing this?
Garma: Is that a trick question?
Garma: This is how I make a living. Isn't that much obvious?
Lyria: But... there are other ways to make a living, right? Like a job or something...
Garma: A job? Sorry to say, but this is my calling.
Garma: Besides, I don't know any other way to live.
Garma: I don't have a family, and as far back as I can remember, I've been a bandit. What else could I possibly do after all this time?
Lyria: That's terrible...
Garma: There's no need to pity me. I'm used to doing what I need to as a bandit.
Garma: It's not interesting or fun... But it sure beats death.
Lyria: ...
Garma: I think I've droned on for long enough.
Garma: Just behave yourselves. If you do, you'll keep your lives.
  1. No way.
  2. You've got to be kidding me.

Choose: No way.

Garma: Oh? You don't seem to understand the gravity of your situation.
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Choose: You've got to be kidding me.

Garma: Do I look like I'm playing games here? Or does this gun look fake to you? Should I show you exactly how real it is?

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Vyrn: H-hey now... (Captain), what are you doin'?
Garma: So you're not going to budge at all... Maybe your tune will change if we shoot you a few times. Or should we just knock that stubborn head off your shoulders?
Lyria: ...
Garma: ...
Garma: Hmph.
You lot, get ready to move. We're pulling out.
Scoundrel 1: Say what! What're you doing, boss? We haven't looted anything yet.
Garma: Forget about it. We're going.
Garma: I doubt these kids have anything significant on board anyway.
Garma: They don't seem inclined to give up without a fight either, and that just isn't worth the effort.
Garma: You kids got lucky this time. Next time though, you should think more carefully about when to put your lives on the line.
With that, Garma and his bandits depart.
Vyrn: Sheesh, what the heck was their deal!
Lyria: ...
A few days later, the crew stops in a town for a bit of shopping.
Vyrn: Huh? Is there something happening down that street over there?
Skyfarer: You! Just keep moving, bandit scum!
Garma: ...
Lyria: Oh! Isn't that...
Townsperson: Do you know him? I hope you don't, considering he and his little band of bandits tried to loot this town.
Townsperson: It looks like he's the only one who got caught though.
Vyrn: Oh-ho? Sounds like he got what was comin' to him.
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: Wha—
H-hey! Where're you going, Lyria!
Skyfarer: Sigh. You brought this upon yourself, you know?
Garma: ...
Skyfarer: Though sacrificing yourself so your men could escape seems pretty unusual for a bandit...
Lyria: Excuse me!
Skyfarer: Hm? What can I do for you, little girl?
Lyria: Um... This person is our friend, so could you please give him back to us?
Skyfarer: He's your what!
Garma: What are you doing?
Skyfarer: Little girl... Are you telling me you're a bandit too? Which means the rest of you are backup!
Vyrn: You serious? Lyria, what're you doing! We better be able to talk our way outta this!
Vyrn: I said wait! You got it all wrong! This guy got captured by the bandits, but he's actually one of us!
Lyria: Yes, exactly! Right, Garma?
Garma: ...
Skyfarer: Hmm... I dunno...
Somehow they do talk their way out of it and successfully rescue Garma.
Vyrn: Phew. Things were pretty dicey there for a sec.
Garma: Why... Why did you help me?
Vyrn: Shoot, that's right! Why did you help him?
Lyria: Because, well... he let us go that night we met. Right, Garma?
Garma: What do you mean? Aren't you forgetting that we attacked you?
Lyria: You say that, but... I don't believe you're such a bad person.
Lyria: That's why I feel like... You should have the chance to be something else besides a bandit.
Garma: ...
Vyrn: Are you tellin' me you put us in danger just for that?
Garma: ...
Garma: Since you're the one who saved my life, and you've put it that way, then I suppose I can't go back to being a bandit.
Lyria: In that case, why don't you join our crew?
  1. It'll be fun.
  2. You seem cut out for it.

Choose: It'll be fun.

Garma: What makes you so sure about that?
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Choose: You seem cut out for it.

Garma: I'm not so sure about that. Being a bandit is all I know.

Continue 2

Garma: But you did save my life, so I'll do whatever you want.
Lyria: Hehe! Then that settles it!
Vyrn: Oh boy. We really know how to pick 'em...
Garma: Hmph. It's not on me if you regret this decision later. You know who I am.
Lyria: That won't happen. Right, (Captain)?
Thus the former bandit Garma joins the crew on their journey.
Only time will tell whether bringing Garma on board will prove to be a good or bad decision.