Scenario:Gemini Sunrise - The Samurai Girl from the Prairie

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The Samurai Girl from the Prairie

Now that the battle with Aoi Satan has concluded, Gemini and Shinjiro find themselves back in Phantagrande. The townspeople throw a banquet for the heroes but Gemini still feels down despite the festivities. Luckily, the crew is able to cheer her up. Gemini and Shinjiro join the crew to continue protecting the skies from the threat of Aoi Satan.

After a battle with Aoi Satan and the Koumas, Gemini and Shinjiro have been transported into the Phantagrande Skydom.
The two of them can't conceal their wonder at the new world they find themselves in.
Gemini: There are so many people dressed as knights and their ships fly through the air... This seems like an incredible place, huh, Shinjiro?
Shinjiro: Yeah. It's somewhat refreshing to see somewhere that has built lives around the development of magic and spiritual technologies too.
Townsperson: Hey! You're the heroes who saved this town!
Shinjiro: Well, I wouldn't call ourselves heroes... We were just doing our duty.
Gemini: Yeah, we're just glad everyone's OK, seeing their smiling faces when the battle was done...
Townsperson: Wow, I suppose such selflessness should be expected from heroes. Well, just allow me to say thank you.
Townsperson: By the way, miss. I couldn't help but notice that katana you carry, could you be one of those samurais?
Gemini: Huh? Samurai? Me?
Upon being called a samurai, Gemini's face turns a deep shade of red.
Gemini: I mean, err... Yes! I am a samurai! Please try to restrain yourself!
Gemini: With a single swing of my trusted katana, Red Sun... I shall smite evil! Hiyaaah!
Shinjiro: Ow! Why do I always get hit when you start daydreaming!
Gemini: Hehehe... I got carried away again...
Townsperson: Hahaha! What an interesting pair. Oh wait, I've got just the thing to express my gratitude. Please wait here a moment.
Then, the town that Gemini and Shinjiro saved held a banquet in their honor.
With the Kouma menace dealt with, the people of the town celebrate without a worry. But Gemini is muttering something to herself.
Gemini: Larry... I hope you're OK.
Vyrn: Huh? Who's Larry?
Gemini: A very dear friend. He's been with me since I lived in Texas. He moved to New York and even the Imperial Capital with me.
Gemini: Since the boss of the Koumas was brought here too, I'm sure the Imperial Capital is OK but...
Gemini: Larry might be feeling lonely all on his own...
Vyrn: Hmm, you're really worried about him, huh? I can understand, I'd be worried about (Captain) if we ever got separated too.
Vyrn: Hey, what kind of guy is Larry?
Gemini: Well, he's very kind, oh and he can run very fast. And he loves apples.
Vyrn: Really? Is it just me, or does Larry sound kind of like a horse?
Gemini: Yeah, you're right! He's a bit of a neigh-sayer but he's my mane friend, get it?
Vyrn: Oh jeez, I thought this Larry guy was a person!
Gemini: Hehehe, well, he is very intelligent.
Gemini: Whenever I'm feeling down he'll always come and cheer me up with a whinny!
Vyrn: Whoa, sounds like a nice guy to have around!
Gemini: He sure is, I hope I can introduce you to him someday.
They pass a while in conversation, then gaze out at the celebration.
Then, Gemini suddenly turns to (Captain) and thanks them.
Gemini: Thank you, (Captain).
Gemini: Honestly, I was a little scared. Seems like most of the things around here are things I'd never seen before...
Shinjiro: Haha, the same goes for me. I suppose we each have a hard time dealing with new environments.
Gemini: Yeah, it's hard not to feel like a lost child when you're in a place you don't know.
Shinjiro: Now that takes me back, poor little Gemini. Lost, about to cry, and tugging on my sleeve.
Gemini: Hey... Are you going to the Village? Can I come along too?
Gemini: I was heading there myself but I've gotten really lost.
Gemini: I'm begging you so please, don't leave me on my own, take me with you.
Gemini: Heheh, I was a little hopeless then. All alone and somewhere unfamiliar.
Gemini: But now I'm with Shinjiro and (Captain) too! So I know I'm completely safe!
Gemini: Thank you for letting me travel with you, (Captain)! I hope it's no trouble if I stay for a while?
  1. No trouble at all!
  2. Well...

Choose: No trouble at all!
Gemini: Heheh, thanks (Captain)! You're so nice!
Gemini: And thanks to you we got this delicious banquet!
Gemini: A delicious feast for your amazing feats, haha!
(Captain) may have no way of knowing the new environments that Gemini has dealt with in the past.
But as she carries on eating in good spirits, (Captain) picks up some of the food from the table too.
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Choose: Well...
Gemini: Wh-what! Oh no! Can I really not stay?
Gemini: Now I don't have Larry, I'll really be alone!
Gemini: I'll work really hard! I mess up sometimes but I try my best at cleaning...
Gemini: So please... Please don't abandon me!
Vyrn: Oh man, how long are you going to keep this up, (Captain)? It's cruel!
Vyrn: Come on, Gemini, do you really think we'd say no? You haven't been a problem so far, right?
Gemini: ...Really? I can really stay?
Vyrn: Jeez, you really ought to stop saying these kinda things, (Captain)...
Continue 1
Gemini: I like these people. Seems like it doesn't matter where you come from, or who you are, they'll accept you.
Gemini: That's why, I want to protect them too. We need to catch the Kouma boss, and quickly.
Shinjiro: Yeah. I'm counting on you, Gemini.
And so, the samurai Gemini Sunrise, and Shinjiro Taiga join the crew.
Though they had their concerns about the new environment, they seem relieved to find themselves among friends.