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Who Will Stand In?

A star actress of a local theater has gone missing and the crew has been asked to aid in the search. She is no where to be found. Not wanting to postpone the show, Gemini suggests that they use a stand-in named Peppermint. Shinjiro balks at the idea for some unknown reason, and his motivation to find the actress intensifies.

During the battle with the Koumas, the party are in a certain town on a request.
The town is in uproar after a woman has vanished, and they have been asked to find her.
Shinjiro: I see, your star actress has disappeared. You must be worried.
Troupe Leader: Indeed. She has a habit of disappearing now and again but this time...
Troupe Leader: Damn! That selfish actress! Disappearing on the eve of our most important performance!
Shinjiro: H-hey, that's going a little far...
Troupe Leader: I'm sorry, it's just with these Koumas around, it's been a while since we've been able to perform.
Troupe Leader: Without her, we'll have no choice but to postpone the show...
Troupe Leader: Please! Keep the hopes of our patrons alive! Please find her!
Gemini: Don't worry! We'll find your actress for sure! C'mon Shinjiro!
Though they search for a few days, they find no clue as to the actress's whereabouts. The big performance is fast approaching.
Gemini: I'm sorry, sir. We haven't been able to find anything...
Troupe Leader: ...It can't be helped. Her skills as an actress are matched only by her ability as an escape artist...
Shinjiro: But if we don't find her, won't you need to postpone your show?
Troupe Leader: At this point I'd have to postpone either way... Thank you for your help anyway.
Gemini: ...
Gemini: ...Wait a minute! Haven't you thought of using a stand-in?
Vyrn: Wait, what? Do you know someone that could do it, Gemini? Why didn't you say something?
Gemini: Heheh, maybe one person. The actress who took New York by storm, Peppermint!
Shinjiro: ...!
Shinjiro: W-wait a minute please, sir! Don't give up on us yet! It might not come to that!
Shinjiro: That's right, (Captain)! It's not over yet, please keep up the good work, skyfarers!
The frantic look in his eyes made (Captain) agree without thinking.
Shinjiro: Thank you, just give us one more day! We can keep searching for the actress!
Shinjiro ran off in a state of agitation, the party watch him leave with confusion on their faces.
Troupe Leader: Thank you. You've been so kind.
Vyrn: Hmm... I'm not really sure what's happening, but we'd better get after him.
The crew follow after Shinjiro, keen to carry on their investigation.

Who Will Stand In?: Scene 2

The party finally tracks down the actress but she refuses to return. But when stand-in Peppermint is mentioned, the actress becomes furious that the troupe leader would dare use a substitute. To make matters worse, Peppermint is actually Shinjiro. She flies out of her hiding spot in rage.

The crew are trying to catch Shinjiro, who is investigating the missing woman with renewed vigor.
It seems she has been hiding in the forest, so, following Shinjiro, (Captain)'s crew proceed through the forest.
Shinjiro: ...She's definitely been here!
Vyrn: H-hey... Haven't there been reports of powerful monsters past here?
Gemini: Yeah, Shinjiro... Look at all these huge footprints, these monsters look even bigger than Koumas...
Shinjiro: That's why we need to look this way! Don't you think that makes it suspect? Somewhere that no one would look?
Vyrn: Huh? You've lost me...
Shinjiro: The rumors about the monsters started just a few days before the actress went missing!
Gemini: You think she started the rumors so no one would go near her hiding place?
Shinjiro: I'd bet on it. Look, these footprints... Man-made!
Gemini: That's our Shinjiro!
Shinjiro: OK, the footprints increase in number here, she's definitely this way!
Vyrn: W-wait! Wait! Don't rush off on your own!
Vyrn: Man, he's been acting strange since the idea of a substitute came up, he was so cool and composed before!
Gemini: Umm, well the truth about "Peppermint" is...
Vyrn: That'll have to wait! He's gone even further in, let's follow him!
Shinjiro enters an ancient stone building ahead of them.
The crew notice signs that a person had been living there recently, and begin a detailed investigation, when...
Woman: Eeek! Who are all of you! What are you doing here!
Shinjiro: You are the leading actress, correct? We were asked by your troupe leader to find you.
Woman: Humph! There's no way I'm going back! How am I supposed to focus on acting when those Koumas are still around?
Vyrn: Darn, well I guess we'll have to get the stand-in actress to help after all...
Woman: Did you just say... Stand-in! How could he... How desperate is he?
Woman: Some unknown actress from who knows where... The performance will be a mess!
Gemini: Don't worry about that! Peppermint is very popular in the New York theater circuit!
Woman: Grr... I don't care about that, I won't let anyone steal one of my roles!
Woman: But I can't return right now either. Why didn't the troupe leader come and try to take me back himself, hmm?
Shinjiro: ...Jeez, he was right about her being selfish... I don't want to take your part!
Woman: Huh...? How could you...?
Vyrn: What the? How could you be the stand-in actress, Shinjiro?
Woman: I don't believe it... Was he really going to ask a man to play my part? I won't allow it!
As she says this, the actress clenches her hands into fists and storms out of the building.
Gemini: Shinjiro! We need to go after her! We can't let her go back to town on her own!
Shinjiro: Yes, let's chase after her.

Who Will Stand In?: Scene 3

Still angry that her part might have been lost to Shinjiro, the actress gives a stunning performance. Even so, some interest in Peppermint remains. Coincidently, Gemini happens to have a blond wig and costume at the ready. Shinjiro's secret is revealed and the crew get a glimpse of a never-before-seen side of Shinjiro.

Woman: Hey! Were you really going to give my part to a man!
Troupe Leader: Wha—It's you! Where have you been all this time?
Woman: Whatever, that can wait! You'd better answer my question first! Were you really going to give my part to a man?
Troupe Leader: What do you mean? I have no idea what you're talking about!
Woman: Tch... Don't feign ignorance! Give me the script! I won't let you ruin this!
Woman: I'll show you. I'll show everyone! This performance will be remembered throughout the ages!
They practice until the performance the next day, and though she had grumbled, the actress gives an amazing performance.
Shinjiro: Phew... I didn't have to perform after all.
Gemini: Heheh, you seem relieved, Shinjiro!
Shinjiro: Definitely. And don't think I've forgotten you're the one who brought Peppermint up!
Gemini: Heheh, but I really like you in Peppermint's girly costume. If you got paid, we could have both made a mint, huh? Get it?
Vyrn: Still, it's almost too bad we couldn't see you perform, Shinjiro!
As they're talking, the theater troupe finish clearing up their performance, and come over to (Captain)'s crew.
Troupe Leader: I wanted to say thank you. We managed to finish the performance without a hitch, thanks to you.
Troupe Leader: But erm... I wanted to ask about Peppermint. I was interested in her acting ability after all you said about her.
Actress: Humph, would you quit it already? You see the guy with black hair? He's Peppermint.
Shinjiro: Ah, no... Please don't expose my secret!
Troupe Leader: Really? Hmm, now that I look at you, you do have quite soft features.
Troupe Leader: Hahaha! I suppose you could make a convincing actress!
Gemini: Hehehe, right? You're so cute, Shinjiro! How about dressing up again, for old times' sake?
Troupe Leader: How about it? Is this blonde wig about right, Gemini?
Gemini: Yeah! That's just right! Don't you think so, Shinjiro? It suits you perfectly!
Woman: Humph... Well, since he's so skinny, don't you think this dress would suit him?
Gemini: Eee! It's perfect! Try it on, Shinjiro, come on!
Shinjiro: Please excuse me, sir, Gemini. Help me, (Captain)!
The request revealed another side of Shinjiro to (Captain) and the crew.
They may not have seen the famous actress Peppermint this time, but there seemed to be another chance coming soon...