Scenario:Ghandagoza - Eternal Finship

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Eternal Finship

Cailana is sitting on the beach alone when a merry Ghandagoza appears and asks her why she's feeling down. After hearing that she fell off of her surfboard, the martial arts master is determined to teach her how to swim—with an albacore.

A lone girl, her head cast down, sits on a deserted beach.
This girl has been traveling the skies with her one true love, her surfboard, to pursue her one true passion, surfing. Her name is Cailana.
Cailana: Sigh...
Cailana: Man, what should I do... How'd it come to this...
Cailana: Whimper...
???: You there, lass. What are you crying for?
Cailana: I'm not in the mood right now. Just leave me alone...
???: Oh, you're lost out here, huh? That's most certainly a calamity. Come—let's get you back to the beach house and get you something sweet.
Cailana: A-are you trying to hit on me!
???: What? My intentions aren't that crass!
???: It's not the art of love that I'm committed to...
Ghandagoza: It's the art of the fist—haaah!
Cailana: Aaah!
Cailana is a crew member

Cailana: Ghanda? Dude, you scared me! What are you doing here?
Ghandagoza: Cailana! I should ask you the same thing!
Cailana: Sigh... Well, I...
Cailana not in crew

Cailana: I'm so sorry! Please don't eat me, Mr. Sea Monster!
Ghandagoza: What? Who's the sea monster?
Ghandagoza: I'm the fighter without rival, Ghandagoza! Haaah!
Cailana: Really? You're not one of those mean sea critters that sinks ships and stuff?
Ghandagoza: S-sink a ship? Absurd!
Cailana: You've got a point. Sorry... You're just so shady, and that head is so shiny, I straight up thought...
Ghandagoza: You too? Everyone I've met on this island has said that very thing to me!
Ghandagoza: Honestly, I find the whole matter to be quite a nuisance. One mustn't judge the strength of a fist by the gauntlet that covers it...
Cailana: Haha. You're a pretty funny dude.
Ghandagoza: So why were you crying? It'll help you feel better if you let it out—if you're comfortable telling me, of course.
Cailana: Okay, thanks.
Cailana gives the old man a shy smile and begins to explain.
She tells him about a big surfing tournament, one where she was wiped out while attempting to catch a tidal wave produced by Leviathan. She's been afraid to hang ten ever since.
Ghandagoza: A tie-dye way?
Cailana: No, it's pronounced tidal wave.
Ghandagoza: Ugh. The language of young lasses is mystifying.
Cailana: You've heard of surfing before, right? You hop on a board and just, like, catch the wind and let the huge waves take you.
Ghandagoza: Oh, so that's how it works!
Cailana: Yep! Finally get it?
Ghandagoza: I was expecting something a bit more complex. That doesn't sound very difficult.
Cailana: Whoa, Ghanda, really? You know a way to conquer such big waves?
Ghandagoza: Gahaha! Where there's a will, there's a way!
Cailana: (Whoa. He's definitely got a fighter's confidence. Spend every day focusing your willpower, and I guess nothing seems impossible.)
Ghandagoza: You just leave it to me. I'll be back soon with a first-class floatie...
Cailana: A floatie?
Cailana: Haha, no! Ghanda, swimming's not the—
Ghandagoza: Don't fret, lass! You'll be back to sailing like an iron frigate in no time flat! Gahaha!
Cailana: What! Wouldn't that sink?
H-hey... Where did he go?
Cailana peers in the direction Ghandagoza disappeared. A small giggle escapes from behind her shy smile.
Cailana: Haha. Even though that dude is basically a walking hurricane, he made me feel a little better.
Cailana: And, yeah, he's scary and loud like a storm. But you don't get nice waves without a little rough wind.
Ghandagoza: Heeey!
Cailana: Oh, he's back!
Cradling something large under one arm, Ghandagoza appears on the other end of the beach.
Ghandagoza: Kept you waiting, huh, Cailana!
Cailana: Haha. Look at how huge that floatie is.
Cailana: It reminds me of the one my friend used to swim with. It was dolphin-shaped and as big as her.
Cailana: I was so jealous. But now I'll get my chance to swim with one just like it—thanks a million, Ghanda!
Cailana rushes toward her friend, but her smile begins to fade as she draws closer.
Cailana: Uh... I don't think that's a floatie...
Cailana: The heck! This is a real-life albacore!
Albacore: Glub, glub!
Ghandagoza: Hey, quit resisting! I told you already, sushi's not on the menu tonight!
Ghandagoza: I just want you to teach this girl a thing or two about swimming!
Cailana: Ghanda, are you serious right now! There's no way this'll work!
Ghandagoza: What do you mean, won't work?
Cailana: A-heh...
Ghandagoza: I remember when I was but a young fighter who hadn't found his fins yet. All the older kids would make fun of me.
Ghandagoza: It was so painful that one time I sat watching on the shore as the others swam.
Ghandagoza: But then some budding young women walked by!
Ghandagoza: They held these large fish as they walked to the water, then jumped into the ocean fish-first and rode toward the sun. They looked so elated as they swam!
Ghandagoza: Gahaha! It was immediate enlightenment!
Ghandagoza: If you want to swim like a fish, then you've got to be one with the fish!
Ghandagoza: Behold! The secret in-fish-iation technique of the path of Eternal Finship. Are you ready to swim with the force of a whale? Gaaah!
Albacore: Glub, glub!
Cailana: The force of a what...
Cailana: Hold up, Ghanda! Why exactly are you making me, uh, hug an albacore?
Ghandagoza: Fear not! This is how I myself came to understand the ancient art of swimmery.
Cailana: Right, you yourself! Why do I—
Ever the stern instructor, Ghandagoza shoves the albacore into Cailana's arms and then mercilessly tosses the pair into the waves.
Cailana: Aaah!
After Cailana stops seeing her life flash before her eyes, she realizes the albacore is resting tamely in her grasp.
Cailana: (Huh? Don't these li'l guys usually thrash around a bunch? What's going on?)
In actuality Ghandagoza had previously wrestled the albacore into submission, forcing it to obey the fighter as its natural superior.
Now that another person has their arms wrapped around its body, the albacore dares not resist—lest it risk being knocked another rung down the animal hierarchy.
The pair begins to glide underneath the water, and Cailana slowly begins to feel something change inside of herself.
Cailana: (This is so weird. It's like it's trying to teach me that the sea isn't that scary. And I don't feel that afraid anymore...)
Cailana: (Which reminds me... I've heard of people swimming with dolphins before to heal their traumas and cure their fears, as if it's some kind of therapy.)
Cailana: (Hah, good grief. Ghanda must've known that all along...)
Ghandagoza: Gahaha! Good hustle, lass! Look at you swimming!
From that day forth, stories spread about the beach and a certain huggable albacore.
People sought this fish to help their children learn to brave the seas. And, guiding the tadpoles in an eternal finship, it did just that for many years after.