Scenario:Grea - Still Near and Dear

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Still Near and Dear

(Captain) and company visit the Mysteria Academy, where they're asked to chaperone a school excursion. They encounter Anne, who invites them to help her, Grea, and Owen shop for swimsuits.

The crew receives a request to protect and chaperone students on a school beach excursion.
Their first stop on this mission is the Mysteria Academy of Magic.
Vyrn: Either way, we haven't been here in forever.
Lyria: No, we haven't! Do you think Grea and her friends are all right?
Vyrn: There's nothing to worry about with Pianista and them.
Vyrn: Oh, hey! Them over there—it's Pianista and co., isn't it?
Vyrn points in the direction of Anne and Grea. Anne is smiling, while Grea seems a little taken aback.
Lyria: Grea! Anne!
Grea: Huh? Lyria! And (Captain) and all you guys too.
Anne: What? What are you all doing in Mysteria?
Lyria: We got a request to protect and chaperone the students on their beach excursion.
Vyrn: Yep! And today we came to get the nitty-gritty details.
Anne: Oh, okay! Eh-heh, looks like we're together again!
Grea: Thanks for coming, (Captain), Lyria, Vyrn.
Lyria: Of course!
Anne: So we're going to the ocean with (Captain) then! Eh-heh, I bet this is going to be a blast!
Grea: Come on, Anne. (Captain) and the crew are here on a mission, so stay out of their way.
Anne: I know, I know! But we should hang out when they're taking breaks and stuff.
Lyria: Please do!
Anne: Oh, that's right! (Captain), since you guys are coming on our beach excursion...
Anne: What sort of swimsuit do you think would look good on Grea?
Grea: Anne!
Anne: It's fine. Let's get their opinions too.
Anne: Well? So what do you think?
Lyria: Huh? I'm not sure what you mean.
Anne: See, I was telling Grea we should go shopping for a new swimsuit.
Anne: And we were wondering what swimsuit would look good on her...
Grea: Uh... Anne said that I'd look good in a bikini...
Anne: Yeah, you have a great figure, Grea!
Anne: Don't you think so, (Captain)?
  1. I do.
  2. I'd have to see first.

Choose: I do.

Anne: See, (Captain) says you'd look great.
Grea: Mmm... But I'd be so embarrassed in a bikini. I mean, everyone could see my belly...
Grea: And I'm not sure it would look good anyway.
Anne: Well, just try one on. Once you hear what everyone has to say, you'll know how it looks.
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Choose: I'd have to see first.

Anne: You have a point. There's no way of telling until she's actually in a bikini.
Anne: That's it then! C'mon, Grea, try one on!
Anne: Then we'll hear what everyone has to say!

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Anne grabs Grea's hand and begins walking toward town.
Grea: A-Anne! Where are you taking me?
Anne: Shopping for a bikini! Where else?
Vyrn: Huh? Shopping for a bikini? Don't tell me you're going all the way to Auguste!
Anne: Ahaha, we're not about to go that far!
Anne: Around the time of our excursion, the stores in town always start selling swimsuits.
Anne: We're going to go check them out.
Vyrn: Oh, so that's what you meant. My head almost spun! Thought you wanted to go all the way to Auguste or somethin'.
Anne: Yeah, so you guys should come along too, (Captain)!
Anne: It'll be good to see what other people think.
Anne: Oh, and Owen too.
Anne: I know he won't tell any white lies. I don't even think he knows how to lie in the first place.
Grea: Huh? You're making Owen tag along too?
Anne: Yeah! The more opinions the better!
Anne: So come on, Grea. Let's go!
Grea: Anne! Anne! Hold on! I said to quit pulling!
Vyrn: Pianista and her friend, they're just as close as ever!
Lyria: Hehe, they really are!
Anne's Voice: Hurry up, (Captain), or you'll get left behind!
Vyrn: We'll be right on your tail!
(Captain) and the others nod in affirmation and then rush to keep up with Anne.
Anne: The right swimsuit for Grea... The right swimsuit for Grea...
When the crew enters the store, Anne is inspecting swimsuits for Grea.
Lyria: Ahaha, Anne looks so serious!
Owen: Thank you for tolerating the whims of the princess, (Captain).
Owen: It's a deep and sincere pleasure for me to meet you again.
Owen then deeply bows his head to (Captain).
Vyrn: Ahaha, keepin' it cool as always, I see...
Owen: That's my one saving grace.
Anne: Ah! Hey, Grea! How about this one?
Grea: Uh... That would be so embarrassing. There's, like, no fabric there...
Anne: Then what about this?
Grea: I wouldn't look good in something so girly.
Anne: Oh...
Anne: Hey, Owen! What do you think of this swimsuit?
Owen: Well, it might impair the ability to move in the case of emergency.
Owen: Taking the excursion into consideration, something a bit easier to move in would be preferable.
Anne: No, I'm asking if you think it would look good on Grea!
Owen: Ah, my apologies. In that case...
Owen then looks back and forth at Grea and the swimsuit that Anne is holding.
Owen: If I were to speak honestly, I think that something with a bit more flair could be a superior match for Grea.
Anne: Hm... Hm... I see.
Anne: Then how about this one?
Owen: Yes, I think that would suit her very well.
Anne: How about it, Grea?
Grea: There's not very much fabric there, but... I think that one would be okay.
Anne: All right, so go try it on!
Anne: Then we can ask what everyone thinks!
Grea: Mmm... uh... um...
Anne: Huh? What's wrong, Grea? Your face is bright red!
Grea: I, uh... It's embarrassing to just have a swimsuit on in front of everyone.
Grea: I mean, Owen and (Captain)'s crew are here too.
Anne: What's the big deal? During the excursion, everyone's going to be wearing just a swimsuit.
Grea: Well, yeah, but still...
Anne: Go, go! Hurry up and try it on!
Grea: Aaah, Anne! You're always so pushy!
Anne pushes the back of Grea, who smirks as she enters the changing room with the swimsuit in hand.
Anne: So, Grea? Are you all changed?
Grea: Y-yeah.
Grea: Well, this is it. Uh... What do you think?
Anne: Wow!
Owen: Mm...
When Grea pulls back the dressing room curtain, a stunned expression crosses the faces of Anne and the others.
  1. It's amazing on you!
  2. You look so cool!

Choose: It's amazing on you!

Anne: Yeah, it's just like (Captain) says!
Anne: It's like it was tailored just for you.
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Choose: You look so cool!

Lyria: Ahaha, you really do. It's more stylish and grown-up than girly.
Owen: All the same, it's a superb fit for you.
Anne: I totally agree!

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Grea: Th-thank you!
Anne: But more importantly—
Anne draws close to Grea and pokes her in the belly with one finger.
Grea: Aaah, Anne, really?
Anne: You've got, like, the best figure, Grea! You're tall and thin, but you've still got that chest too. And your skin is baby smooth...
Anne: Sigh... Guess I've got to get into shape.
Grea: Anne...
Anne: What do you think, Grea? Want to try on a different one?
Grea: No, I'll take this.
Grea: I mean, everyone had such good things to say about it.
Grea smiles sheepishly.
Anne: All right, next comes my swimsuit. What to go with?
Anne: Hey, Grea. What sort of swimsuit do you think would look good on me?
Grea: Uh, yeah... The best one for you would be—
Grea seems to show a hint of joy as she starts hunting for Anne's swimsuit.
(Captain) and Owen gaze off at the two in silent glee.